How to Use Portable Gas Grill

In summer, you really want to go out into nature and taste juicy ribs, fried sausages, kebabs, or grilled vegetables. Recently, gas portable grills are becoming more and more popular. You can use them both for outdoor activities and for cooking at home.

Types of portable grills

portable gas grill on wheels
They are moved by means of a cart with wheels. It also provides space for a gas cylinder and extra shelves for tools and products.
They are compact and lightweight, but productivity is not as high. They have no extra functions but are easy to carry. Some outdoor enthusiasts buy special bags to carry the device. This is convenient if you have to walk to the place of rest. The most economical tourists use regular bags or boxes.

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How to connect a gas cylinder to the grill

Before connecting the gas cylinder to the device, make sure it is safe and away from flammable substances and materials. The lid of the grill must be completely open. Otherwise, the gas may collect under the lid and explode. Also, before connecting the tank, make sure that the change knobs are turned to the “off” position.

gas cylinder

Then remove the plastic cap from the gas cylinder and connect the grill hose to the nozzle. The connection should be as tight as possible so that there are no leaks. Secure the coupling by turning it clockwise. Screw-in tightly, but not to the point where you can stitch the threads or prevent yourself from unscrewing them if necessary.

When the tank is connected to the grill, open the valve on it. If leaks are possible, you will smell gas. In this case, close the valve and do the connection procedure again. If there are no leaks, you can turn on the grill.

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Preparing the grill for operation

When the gas cylinder is connected, the device is ready for operation. Warm up the grill before roasting food.

portable gas grill preparing

Make sure the grill is clean and there are no oil or fat leaks anywhere. If they are, wipe the surfaces with a dry towel. Turn one burner to the largest position and press the ignition button. When the fire ignites, you can turn on the other burners and close the lid. Heat the appliance to the desired temperature.

Before cooking fat or pickled meat, it must be dried on a paper towel so that the droplets do not hit the burners and do not ignite.

Open the lid and put the food on the grill. After a while, you can enjoy the fragrant and delicious dish.

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Tips & Tricks of Using a Gas Grill

So, now that you are aware of the steps involved in the process of cooking up some great meals, here are some more tips and tricks for using a gas grill in the most desired manner.

portable gas grill 3

  • Prepare your meat for grilling well beforehand through marinades and rub recipes. It will add to the flavor when grilled
  • When grilling burgers and patties, avoid pressing them down for the sizzling sound or flipping them too many times. The less you touch, the more juices they will retain, promising a taste that stays with you for long
  • With ribs and steak, go for slow cooking and try to keep the meat a little bit away from the direct flames
  • No matter how hungry and anxious you are, wait for a good 10 minutes after the grilling is done to let the meat reabsorb the juices and get as tender and delicious as you want it to be

Last but not the least, always make sure to engage in safe grilling. So, keep a fire extinguisher at hand or around the spot to prevent rare but accidental situations from arising.