How to Empty a Portable Toilet

A portable toilet (bio–toilet) is a convenient and environmentally safe device. Such a thing can never be useful to you in everyday life or if you like to travel.

There are different types of toilets – which are suitable for cottages and apartments or outdoor use. Such models differ in size, performance, and other criteria.

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There are portable toilets with a peat model and a liquid one. Before buying such a device, we recommend that you read the care and use the manual where you will find out how to empty a portable toilet.

How to empty a portable toilet of a liquid model?

  • First of all, it is worth checking the condition of the drain valve (the valve must be closed). If it is open, close it before cleaning
  • Remove the protective limiter or unlock it (depending on your model) and remove the upper part of the device.
  • Take the bottom container of the portable toilet and move it to the waste disposal site.
  • Gently flip the container to the vertical position
  • Open the drain cover
  • Clean the container of waste and wash it with gentle detergents.
  • Assemble the appliance in the following order: close the drain cover, fix it with a protective limiter, check the drain valve.

Unlike peat toilets, liquid toilets need regular maintenance and cleaning – about the same as a regular toilet. Liquid toilets can be used in the apartment, because they are compact and do not pass unpleasant odors.

Remember! Aggressive detergents can damage the plastic – wash the portable toilet exclusively with gentle means.

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How to empty a portable peat model toilet:

  • Similarly to the first case, remove the protective limiter, remove the upper part of the device and take out the container by the handle.
  • Move the container to the waste disposal site.
  • Pour out or shake out the contents of the toilet (unlike liquid models, the filler of peat models is peat, which is clear from the name)
  • Now wash the container
  • Fill the bottom of the container with a layer of peat
  • Replace the container – close the lid and snap the protective stop.

It is not recommended to clean portable toilets with detergents that include chlorine and aggressive chemicals.

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An equally frequent question is how to eliminate the smell from a portable toilet. In order to eliminate the unpleasant smell, you need:

  • If you are the owner of a peat toilet model, this problem will not bother you in general, since the peat mixture eliminates the unpleasant smell, but if you want to achieve “perfect cleanliness”, the following points may be useful to you.
  • To eliminate the smell, you can use special cleaning compounds or septic tanks.
  • If you prefer not to use chemicals, then you can use the bark of coniferous trees or wood ash. The bark of coniferous trees has a sorbing effect – it will quickly and effectively remove an unpleasant odor.
  • Wood ash (you can use charcoal from the grill) is no less a good method. To eliminate the unpleasant smell, you need to pour a small amount of ash into the toilet after using it.

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Thus, we hope this guide helped you to understand how to get away fast with such an unpleasant task as cleaning of portable toilet.

F.A.Q. about the portable toilets

What special maintenance do you advise for the portable toilets?

If you want to prolong the life of your portable toilet we recommend using it regularly, and also using the cassette tank cleaning for the waste holding tank several times a year.

I do not have a drain or electricity in my holiday home. Can I use a portable toilet?

A portable toilet doesn’t require electricity or a drainage water system, so you can.

What is the maximum load for a portable toilet?

It depends on the model, but in general, this weight is about 400 kg or 881 pounds.

Get to know more about portable toilet prices here.

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