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15 Times When Portable Means Better

How often do we use the word “portable” when talking about home appliances? For many, it has become synonymous with miniaturization, but the Latin porto means “carry”, which indicates a broader understanding of the word.

Portability is first and foremost about ease of movement. And everyone understands convenience in their own way. Size is important to one, weight is important to another, and movement aids such as wheels, staples, and pens are important to the third.

Some emphasize the reliability of the design, allowing you to transport the washing machine many times. Someone tells about independence from engineering communications. In this article, we will consider both situations where you may need a washing machine and the most common items.

Frequent moves

Frequent moves are becoming more and more popular. It is much more interesting to live in different places and feel the atmosphere of each city or even country. But, living in any place requires basic things that we use in everyday life.

In this case, the basic stuff comes to the rescue. For example, one of the most common things in-home use is a portable washing machine, which can be easily transported even by car. Accordingly, you can also use a portable clothes dryer.

portable carpet cleaner

Also from this area, a popular item is the portable carpet cleaner. It is very popular among housewives, as it largely fits the cleaning process at home. A portable washing machine will help you always save time in the kitchen and do more important things while the appliances do the main job for you.

Office space

Domestic appliances are an important and integral part of any office space. But, it is not possible to install some items on a permanent basis in all rooms. Sometimes this is due to frequent changes in the office and even the size of the room.

That’s why you may need handy stuff. For example, you can buy a portable air conditioner, which does not need its installation on the wall. You can place it near a window and move it at any time.

portable business projector

You may also want a more compact version, the portable fan USB. It can be mounted on a table and even taken with you if you have the appropriate charger. This one is very handy. A portable business projector and portable scanners can also be part of your office.


A motorhome is also a kind of portable stuff, only in bigger performances. Owners of such mobile homes buy only portable things at least because of this need. In order for the house to work all the equipment, you need constant access to electricity. But, in a motorhome, this cannot be done in the usual way.

So you can buy portable power stations, portable diesel generator, or portable dual fuel generator. Also popular among owners of such cars as portable home appliances. Thus, in a motorhome, you can install a portable washing machine, portable clothes dryer, portable dishwasher, and much more.

portable clothes dryer

To maintain cleanliness in such a house is convenient to use a portable vacuum for cars. Besides, you will definitely need a portable tool chest, where you can put all the necessary tools for your car.

Ease of setting

Many customers prefer to install things because of their ease of use. For example, as mentioned earlier, the portable air conditioner has a wide variety of installation methods. It can be installed anywhere – near windows, walls, doors, and even fireplaces.

For a portable butane stove, you only need a socket and a flat surface. Portable hot tubs can be installed quickly and easily in any desired location.

portable butane stove

While regular hot tubs are installed once and cause a lot of inconveniences when moving them. For the same reason, customers prefer portable fire pits for your garden compared to conventional hot tubs.

Temporary or mobile business

Opening of beaches, accommodation of temporary fairs, amusement parks, and places for different types of recreation often need portable stuff. For example, portable canopies are often installed in such places.

Besides, they can even be used during a hike or a trip. They are very handy because they can be folded up and transported in the trunk of your car. Sometimes lighting is needed in territories where you can place a temporary rest area.

This is especially true for those types of businesses that operate in the evening and at night. In these cases, it is very convenient to use a stationary portable spotlight. It can be placed anywhere in your territory, it is easy to connect and carry.

a portable disc golf basket

For golf lovers and owners of temporary golf courses, the buy of a portable disc golf basket is the perfect solution. Place it where you and all other golfers will be. Soccer and lacrosse are also popular sports.

There is a great variety of portable items that can be useful. For example, portable soccer goal, portable lacrosse goal, portable full-size soccer goal, and even portable sports benches.

These are the most common situations where portable stuff is a necessity. Now let’s take a closer look at some home appliances and more.

Portable air conditioner

So, let’s consider the most popular option: portable air conditioner or split-system. The first good thing is that you can start to cool down immediately after buy. Just unpack the device and hang the hose-air duct through the window or other convenient place. This is a good option for a rented apartment or office.

Split-systems are more efficient, take less space under the ceiling, work much quieter. This device is called portable because it can be moved around the apartment, cooling a particular room. For example, the bedroom before going to bed or the living room while watching the show.

Portable air conditioner

Such conditioners are also called monoblocks. Its compressor hides inside, instead of being taken out into the outside block, as in a split-system. The standard set of modes: cooling, ventilation, air dehumidification.

Easy assembly of portable air conditioners. Even though it’s light, it’s still there. At the very least, you have to attach an adapter to a window or wall. It’s a plate with a hole in it that will take warm air out. It also has the advantage of being able to move the air conditioner from room to room and transport it.

Portable fan USB

Portable fan USB is compact, you can install it on the edge of your desk and make sure the heat doesn’t interfere with your work plans. One important factor when buying is stability, namely the platform at the base. It has to be heavy enough and flat enough.

The second factor of the fan is the power. Table fans generally do not exceed 1000W. This is quite enough for local ventilation.

The diameter of the fan. Fans with larger blade diameters create softer blowing that resembles a breeze of wind. Fewer lengths. For the same kind of blowing it will have to increase the speed of rotation, which results in increased noise.

Portable fan USB

Design. A portable fan USB is installed in a prominent position and will be very good if it will please you or at least not disturb and annoy you. Such fans have in addition to their main functions such as rotation, height and tilt change, built-in timer, power control.

Of particular importance is the possibility of automatic rotation and power control. These functions are capable of providing the necessary comfort. Choosing the power of the fan USB will create a cozy feeling, while rotation will create a feeling of the light breeze.

Portable washing machines

The main difference between portable washing machines is their low weight and dimensions. They take up much less space than their full-size counterparts. Unlike conventional washing machines, portable analogs can not only be built into a cabinet, but also put under the sink, and some – hang on the wall.

Portable washing machines

Portable washing machines are modest in size compared to standard washing machines, but a washing machine is not inferior to them. They are produced either with reduced width or with reduced depth.

If you take into account the size of a typical washing machine, a narrow model with a horizontal load type has a smaller depth. The same with a vertical has a smaller width. There are also truly compact washing machines available in stores, which are miniature in all three dimensions.

As already mentioned, the process of washing with portable models is no different from washing with standard machines. The operating principle of portable washing machines is like that of a standard machine. Dirty things are put into the drum, the washing powder is poured.

Portable washing machines 2

Then, the corresponding washing program is selected and the machine starts working. In addition to conventional washing, many washing machines have extra functions. Such as soaking, extra rinsing, delicate washing, and others.

Portable dishwasher

Modern home appliances – an indispensable assistant for any kitchen. Thanks to it, you can greatly ease and speed up the time spent at work. The dishwasher is one of the popular appliances.

For large rooms will not be difficult to choose a suitable model of appliances as built-in or not. But what if the kitchen area is very small? And in this situation, you can find a suitable solution – it’s a dishwasher.

What is a good technique for this? In terms of function and quality, it is as good as standard. But thanks to its compact size, it can easily fit in any free space in the kitchen.

Portable dishwasher

Portable dishwashers are very convenient for a small family of up to four people. They can be installed in any convenient place. Also, they can easily handle six or even eight sets of dishes in one go.

Small dishwashers are available in a wide range of shops. Everyone can find the right variant for themselves, both in appearance and functionality, as well as in price. Simpler and more cheap models of portable dishwashers use special built-in fans or condensation mode.

Unfortunately, this process cannot be called fast. More expensive appliances have special soundproofing material as well as motors and pumps with low noise levels. The more expensive the model, the quieter it runs.

The portable dishwasher has several modes among its convenient functions. Such as gentle, moderate, and intensive. The first one is suitable for delicate washing of fragile dishes: glasses, flutes, expensive glass. The second one is suitable for daily use, and the third one allows you to wash complex dirt.

Portable dishwasher 2

Functional models are equipped with extra programs: soaking, cheap washing, and others. Some models are able to recognize detergents and types of dirt.

Portable vacuum for car

To keep your health intact and the interior of the car – clean, release special vacuum cleaners designed for car interior care. Of course, they are not able to replace a full-fledged large vacuum cleaner, working from the network.

The capital cleaning with it can not be carried out: its power is not enough. But, the advantages of vacuuming for cars over ordinary ones are obvious. Firstly, the dimensions: the portable vacuum for cars, so it is called that it is convenient to clean the interior of the car.

Portable vacuum for car

It can always lie in the boot and thus be at your fingertips so that you can use it not only in the garage but also anywhere else. Besides, the vacuum cleaner in the car makes the cleaning process much easier compared to various alternative methods.

Most vacuum cleaners for cars have a similar device. When turned on, air starts to be sucked in through a valve located at the front. It prevents accidental dust from escaping during the cleaning process. As the dirt is sucked in, it enters the dust collector, which can then be removed and removed.

Usually, it is made transparent to control the amount of dust collected. It should be noted that many devices can suck up not only dry dirt but also liquids. In this case, the transparency of the dust collector is simply necessary to check the level of collected water.

Portable vacuum for car 2

This will help prevent it from getting into the “motor compartment” of the vacuum cleaner, which will lead to failure of the device. The dust bag is usually not in place. Finally, to prevent dirt from entering the vital organs of the device, one or more filters are installed.

Small greenhouses

Are you fond of growing some unusual variety, but it makes no sense to build a whole greenhouse for it alone? And the greenhouse is not suitable for the fact that the right conditions in it not to create?

Then it’s time to think about a small greenhouse: compact, smart, calculated exactly to the last nail for a particular culture. A small greenhouse is first and foremost a great way to grow plants and a mini-garden to ensure that seeds germinate in comfort. Small greenhouses can be installed anywhere. They will help to grow plants and vegetables in a very effective way.

Small greenhouses

Small greenhouses are a general term that covers a wide range of designs. Many gardeners use small greenhouses to plant their seedlings early in the season. Or install small greenhouses at home to grow plants that need high humidity.

Portable hot tubs

Portable hot tubs are a pre-assembled structure. It can be placed on any flat surface, and the dimensions depend on the specific model. Inflatable hot tubs are the most practical. They are easy to install and maintain.

Portable tubs have undeniable advantages. They can be installed on their own without tools. An informative instruction manual and a pump designed specifically for hot tubs are included.

So the air pressure will not damage the walls. The use of third party pumps, e.g. a car pump, is not recommended. The inflatable hot tubs are made of polyester with a silicone base, so the system can withstand the imposed loads.

Portable hot tubs

Most models have an integrated water heating system. In a few hours, it brings the water to a pleasant 40 degrees Celsius. Depending on the hot tubs, 120 nozzles can be built into the perimeter walls. They are equipped with hydro and air massage functions.

The first has an effect on the skin thanks to the rapid flow of water. Aeromassage in hot tubs is created by squeezing out air bubbles. A waterproof remote control is supplied to regulate the intensity and other parameters.

Owners also do not have to worry about water quality. One of the main advantages of portable mouth tubs is the presence of a chlorohydrin system. With its special salt composition, it disinfects water.

Portable generator

At present, the issues of ensuring reliable power supply are given special attention due to the unstable operation of power grids. Industrial production facilities use powerful autonomous power stations. Smaller consumers, including household ones, are turning their attention to modern portable generators.

Portable diesel generator. They are the cheapest option and can operate smoothly for a sufficiently long period of time. But, the air-cooled engine does not allow such devices to operate as the main sources of energy supply even for not very powerful consumers.

Portable generator

As backup power units, they are used frequently and show exceptional efficiency when operating in emergency mode. They are also characterized by a more affordable cost of operation due to lower consumption and low fuel price.

Portable gasoline generator. Such units ensure the operation of consumers like local lighting, electronics, heating elements, and so on. Buying a portable generator running on gasoline is worth a limited budget, high noise requirements. As well as the convenience and speed of starting at low temperatures.

Portable power stations

Modern people, no doubt, can not imagine their lives without electric energy. And this is not surprising, because absolutely all appliances must be connected to the electricity grid.

Portable power stations will be in great demand at all kinds of sites. By using them, it is possible not only to supply electricity to the object but also to get a higher quality voltage. This is especially important for sensitive appliances such as medical equipment or gas boilers.

Portable power stations

To select the best power station, it is very important to determine which type of power station is best suited to the application. Today’s portable power stations come in four types.

Gasoline portable power stations are a compact unit that can be started manually. The entire engine cooling system is then missing. This type of power station is most often used in the home.

Portable diesel generators can be used in addition to houses, also in production. Such a device can be started up by itself.

Stationary diesel generators are characterized by high power and large size. They are suitable for huge houses, as well as for serious production. Their main advantages can be considered ease of use, absence of noise at work, and durability.

Portable power stations

Gas power plants are of high quality and capacity. With their help, it is possible to easily provide various objects with voltage without any interruptions.

Portable baby swing

Riding on a swing is probably one of the favorite activities for children. The variety of accommodation options in our time will impress the most demanding consumers. Parents only need to choose the right model for their child and install or fix it very carefully. The delight and joy of any baby are guaranteed.

Swing is perfect for a variety of fun games for kids, which will be another advantage in the acquisition of such a thing. There are many types and features of each model. Here we will consider one of the most popular types – it is a portable baby swing, most of which have automated control and run on batteries.

Portable baby swing

Such models have become very popular among parents of babies from birth to one year. It is important for the baby to be near his mother and watch her actions. It is not possible to carry a baby in your hands all the time. Thus, a swing on batteries will be a great option.

Manufacturers of portable baby swings produce both standard versions. They are only swinging, and more modern. The latest models have music accompaniment, timer, and vibration. They are very compact and easy enough to handle. The more modern models are equipped with an electric saving function.

The standard version of these swings is compact and easy to move. The design also has two backrest positions, several swing modes, and a soft seat. The model range is constantly changing, and manufacturers offer more and more modern options.

Portable baby swing 2

The latest generation of portable baby swings is more energy efficient. Rocking is almost silent, and the rockers themselves choose the amplitude of rocking depending on the needs of the baby. The seat of such models repeats the anatomic structure of the baby. Whatever model chosen by parents, an interesting and comfortable stay in their baby is provided.

Besides the items discussed in this article, there is a lot of portable stuff. Reviews of the best products you can find on our website.