How to Vent Portable AC Properly

Portable AC is an excellent option for creating a comfortable environment in any place where there is no possibility to install a split-system. For example: in some houses, there are restrictions on the placement of condensing units on the facade of the building.

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How to install portable AC

In some cases, the use of portable or mobile air conditioner may be the only way out, in rooms with no space for drainage water discharge.

If you still choose a portable AC for your home, we recommend you to watch this informative video:

Installation of portable air conditioners in an apartment will not take much time. It will not require any special knowledge from the owner. Since externally such climatic equipment is almost like a small pedestal on wheels, it is enough to install it on a flat surface of the floor.

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It is also necessary to take to the street going with the device in a set of corrugated ducting. It is designed to dissipate heat and connect the device to the domestic electricity network. Everything, you can enjoy the coolness in summer, and in the cold season, the same device can work as a fan heater, heating the air in the home.

The first problem during installation is often due to insufficient length of the ductwork. It cannot be increased as the fan power is designed for a strictly defined hose length. That is why it is best to install this unit near windows, balconies, and similar places.

  1. Venting through a window

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It would seem that it is an optimal variant, but, it is impossible to lead the hose out through the window for nothing. As the work of the conditioner, in this case, becomes ineffective. To make the heat removal through the window it is necessary to buy a special plug with the outlet according to the size of the window itself.

Then having installed a plug instead of glass and having connected a duct to the outlet of the plug, your portable air conditioner will work perfectly. It will create a comfortable microclimate in your house.

  1. Venting through the wall

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This option is probably the most correct, in terms of air conditioner efficiency. But it also has many disadvantages.

It is not easy to make an opening in the bearing wall of the house, let alone in a rented dwelling or a house with restrictions on the location of various equipment on the facade. This option is relevant for small houses, especially wooden or frame technology.

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  1. Venting through a sliding door

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It also gives an excellent result if you use the plastic insert in the door, which comes complete with most models. As practice shows, such an insert does not need to be sealed or specially insulated.

  1. Venting through the ceiling

Venting through the ceiling

In some rooms, it is not possible to air out the window. In these cases, a drop ceiling can be used. For this, you will need a special venting kit and it is advisable to seek the help of an HVAC technician. Before choosing this accommodation option, discuss the matter with the room owner.

  1. Venting through the chimney

Venting through the chimney

If you don’t use your chimney, that’s another place you can install the vent hose. Just make sure there is no soot in the chimney and that the flue is open.

In general, these are the basic ways as the simplest and best vent portable AC. Sometimes there are cases where people use more sophisticated methods. But in general, the choice of how to install the vent depends on the particular room.

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The best option would be to call the appropriate installation specialist for the portable air conditioner. But if you choose to do it yourself, use these tips.