How to Use Portable Door Lock

In this guide, we will tell you how to use portable door locks correctly and for what purposes they can be useful.

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A portable door lock is an extremely convenient thing that allows you to stay safe in any room. Unlike conventional plug-in locks, a portable lock can only be installed indoors so that it cannot be opened with a key from the outside.

How to Use Portable Door Lock1

Such a thing will be very useful for any person, especially for a traveler. If you stay in an unfamiliar room overnight, or for a long time, then a portable door lock will become an indispensable security factor for you.

Portable locks are inexpensive and are sold in the public domain, so everyone can purchase them to provide themselves with additional security.

Moreover, these door locks come in different types and shapes, not only as regular latches but also in the form of ingenious devices that may include a password code to unlock or the solution to some puzzle.

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Before purchasing a portable door lock, manufacturers recommend thinking about what purposes you will need it for, and then, based on certain goals, choose a specific lock model. The most popular models are:

  • Latches. This is an ordinary mechanism that is installed on the inside of the door and is actually an additional ordinary lock. It can be opened and closed exclusively from the outside, so it provides additional security.
  • Puzzles. In stores, you can find portable door locks that are installed additionally between the door and the wall. However, such locks have a feature: you will need to solve a certain puzzle to open the door. Only you will know the solution to the puzzle, so no one else will be able to open the door.
  • Combination locks. This is similar to ordinary latches, but with a security system like safes: you will need to enter a password code to open the lock. It is also installed on the inside of the door.

The use of portable door locks differs from conventional ones only in that they can be both quickly installed and removed, without harm to the wall or door. Brief step-by-step instructions for use:

  • Use the ruler to place the lock exactly between the wall and the door
  • After measuring the distance, attach the lock with one side to the wall and the other side to the door (as close as possible to the doorway)
  • Snap the lock and stay safe.

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In general, some portable door locks may have their own features related to use and installation, therefore, users should read the instructions before using them, at least so as not to damage the door, and so that the lock works properly.

Also, any portable locks can be used to lock the door from the outside: to do this, follow the same steps as described in the instructions above.

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However, manufacturers recommend using only portable locks with a complicated opening system in the form of a coded password or a puzzle for closing from the outside, since ordinary latches can be easily opened.