3 Types of Portable Chicken Coops

Sometimes it is much more convenient to have portable chicken coops. This way you can always move to a new place together with your entire farm. You can read about how to make portable chicken coops in this article.

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Portable chicken coop on wheels

Of course, you will need a set of materials, without which the creation of a chicken coop will be impossible.

  • Plywood
  • PVC pipes
  • Wheels
  • Wire Mesh
  • Lumber
  • Pulleys
  • Handles
  • Mounting angles
  • Fasteners

The point of creating a chicken coop is simple. It should be a small house that has an entrance, as well as special places where chickens are placed.

Portable chicken coop on wheels1

Take plywood and use a hammer and nails to make a wooden box out of them, but leave openings for the door and windows. Although these will not be windows in the usual sense.

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Chickens need to have access to sunlight and fresh air even when they are in a portable chicken coop that can be transported. Therefore, large holes in the chicken coop should be covered with wire mesh.

The inside of the chicken coop should conform to an ordinary chicken coop. It should also not be too small, otherwise, the chickens will feel unwell during transportation.

Fix the wheels to the bottom of the structure. Now it is possible to attach a portable chicken coop to the car and go on affairs. However, keep in mind that chickens do not like high speed.

A portable chicken coop that can be carried on your own

This type of chicken coop is not intended for a large number of chickens. Of course, you can build a chicken coop for hundreds of hens according to this instruction, but you simply do not have enough physical strength to move it. And this is still a portable construction.

You will need the same materials that you used to build the chicken coop described above. Except for the wheels, of course.

A portable chicken coop that can be carried on your own1

Make a wooden extended pyramid frame. However, the lower part should be used as windows that will be covered with a chain link, and the top (as a roof) should be completely closed.

Now you need to make handles with which it will be possible to move a portable chicken coop from place to place. Attach two wooden handles to both ends of the structure (although metal ones will also work).

You should move the chicken coop along together. One person holds it from the front and the second one from behind.

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A small chicken coop for a small number of hens

The process of creating this construction will be even easier than described before because there will be no wheels or handles.

A small chicken coop for a small number of hens1

Take wooden plywood, chain link, and tools. According to the drawings, build a small chicken coop. Or you can repeat the hen coops already described in this article by simply reducing the proportions.

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It should be a barn designed for a maximum of five chickens. You should have enough strength to carry it yourself and put it in the cart and roll it.