7 Best Portable Restaurant High Chairs in 2023 (for Kids)

For families who constantly travel and visit restaurants or cafes, the issue of feeding their children becomes acute. In this process, an important element is a special chair for feeding the baby, because it is uncomfortable and almost impossible to keep him or her in your arms. Especially if the child is young and used to his or her home ritual.

Yet, you will find a solution in this review of the best portable restaurant high chairs for 2023. They are undeniably the leaders in their category.

Every time your baby wants to sleep we recommend using one of these best portable baby bouncers.

Our Top Picks:


Hook On Chair

  • Fit for Most Tables
  • Fold-and-Go Design with Carry Bag
  • Non-Slip Soft Handrails
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Baby-Seat-Booster-High-ChairBaby Seat Booster High Chair
  • Child Safety Belt
  • Detachable Food Tray
  • Non-Irritating Cushion
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Portable-high-ChairPortable high Chair
  • Height Adjustable Design
  • Safe & Secure
  • Anti-Slip Design
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1. Hook On Chair

This baby high chair can be easily attached to any dining table with handles and a special mechanism. Thanks to the serrated surface, it does not scratch the table or leave marks on it.

The high chair is suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years of age since it can support considerable weight. Thanks to its compact size, the high chair is easy to transport in the car and travel around.

The high chair on metal sturdy legs provides comfort, safety, and reliability in the design. The design is suitable for tables of 20 to 80 mm.

It is attached to them by means of supporting handles and a screw, which screws up and ensures that the chair is securely fixed to the table.

The high chair also has safety straps to secure the child while feeding or playing. It comes with a bag that can be used to transport and store the high chair when folded. It is lightweight and small enough to always take with you.

The aluminum clips provide your child with comfort and safety. The cover can be removed and washed in the machine. It has a pocket for storing baby items and toys.

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2. Baby Seat Booster High Chair

This high chair can be placed on the floor or attached to a normal chair. This is done using the strap, which is fixed at the base of the chair. It is easy to use, store and even transport.

The soft polyester cape is safe and non-toxic. There are special fixing straps on the cape, which ensure the safety and stability of the child. There is also a pocket on the cape for things and toys.

The chair on metal legs will stand securely and firmly on any surface. This makes it convenient to feed your baby at the table, on the floor, or sitting on the bed.

The high chair is also equipped with a special feeding stand. It is quickly and easily removed so that it can be cleaned of food debris. The seat cover is also quick and easy to remove and can be washed in the machine or by hand.

The highchair is suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old. It has a universal design, so it is suitable for girls and boys. The chair folds quickly and without the use of extra tools. When folded, it easily fits in a bag.

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3. Portable high Chair

This model has sturdy steel legs, providing stability and reliability for the entire structure. This seat is fastened with special fixation straps.

The cover on the seat is made of soft, safe, and pleasant to the body of the child. It can be removed and washed in the machine.

The seat cover itself also has fixation straps which allow you to hold the baby even when he or she is too active during feeding or playing. The chair can be attached to any place with fixing straps. It can also be placed on the floor.

The chair can be adjusted to the desired height. It has an anti-slip bottom construction that provides the child with security and stability.

The design can withstand a lot of weight, so it is suitable for children of all ages. On the cape, there is a pocket for storing toys.

The chair folds in half, so it easily fits in a bag with a handle. Due to this, it can be taken with you to visit, long journeys, nature and even to a restaurant. The cape is made of polyester, which makes it durable and reliable, and resistant to abrasion.

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4. Pozico Shopping Cart Cover

This cover will allow you to take your baby with you to the restaurant or anywhere else, as it easily attaches to a cart or chair.

The carrier can be easily folded up at any time and comes in a small pouch. It has no sharp or hard structures, which ensures the comfort and safety of children while they are in it.

The carrier is made of 100% polyester. This fabric is safe and non-toxic for children. It is lightweight and breathable, so your baby will be most comfortable in the carrier. It is also machine washable.

This carrier can be used on the high chair. It has a sturdy, secure rubber band that allows the carrier to be quickly secured to the cart or high chair.

It also has a built-in strap that will lock your baby in a comfortable position and prevent him or her from falling. This carrier can be used for children from 6 months to 4 years old. The sleek design makes it universally suitable for boys and girls.

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5. Solfres Dual-Belt High Chair Cover

It is a soft and comfortable cover that can be easily removed and washed against dirt in the washing machine. The cape is attached to the base of the seat with sturdy straps for extra security and baby safety.

The reinforced lock allows you to ensure the safety and stability of your child, even during activity. Thanks to the straps, the cover can be adjusted.

The fabric of the cape is absolutely safe and non-toxic. It does not cause allergic reactions or irritations. The fabric is also easy to clean from any dirt, even with a damp cloth.

The cover for the high chair is attached straps to the base and back of the seat. Its fixation is similar to the lap belt.

The cover is quick and easy to attach and remove. When folded, it becomes a small 22×22 cm square. It can easily be placed in a bag to take with you wherever you go. This is a universal cape, so it can be used for any chair.

It can be washed in a washing machine thanks to the strength of the material from which it is made. It is resistant to damage, so it is difficult to cut or tear. The cover guarantees durability and resistance to wear and tear.

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6. Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

This high chair can be adjusted according to the age and height of the child. It has 3 recline modes and 2 height modes.

This model has a soft waterproof cover that can be washed in the washing machine. The deep tray will not let your baby scatter food on the floor. All the chair’s accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.

Besides, the design folds quickly and easily, allowing you to store it in any corner of the room. The sturdy and secure strap is used to secure the baby. It can hold up to 40 pounds.

The design is quick and easy to assemble, making it easy to store and transport. The tray can be removed so your child can eat at the regular table with other family members.

The sturdy chair support provides your child with comfort and safety while feeding. The fabric covers the entire inside surface of the chair, including the leg area.

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7. FSROLTPI Hook On High Chair

This high chair is suitable for babies over 6 months of age. It will support up to 15 kg. The highchair fits a variety of dining tables from 20 to 85 millimeters thick. It has special straps to secure your baby and ensure his or her safety.

The table, which easily attaches to the chair, can be removed and washed. High-quality product, stainless steel handles provide durability.

The seat also folds quickly and easily to a compact size. Thanks to this, it can be transported and stored in any convenient place.

This design can withstand a lot of weight, so it is suitable for feeding children even as young as 3 years old.

At the back of the chair, there is an aluminum support, which ensures the safety of the child. There are also straps to secure the baby during feeding. The high chair handles do not leave marks on the table and do not slip, thanks to the rubber pads.

The seat has soft padding with pockets. They can be placed on napkins and other things you may need during the feeding of the baby. This high chair can be attached to any dining table thanks to the anti-slip-toothed clip. It protects the table surface from scratches and chips when attaching the high chair.

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How do you use a portable high chair?

Using a portable high chair is quite simple. Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. Place the portable high chair on a stable, flat surface outdoors or indoors.
  2. Fold out the legs and make sure they are spread out firmly and evenly on the ground.
  3. Open up the seat and secure it in place with the straps provided.
  4. Make sure that your child is securely fastened with any chest buckles or lap straps attached to the high chair, depending on its model.
  5. Test out whether it feels strong and secure by pushing down gently on either side of the chair just above your child’s knees; if it doesn’t feel sturdy, adjust as needed until it passes this test of stability.