7 Best Portable Baby Gates (Comparison & Reviews)

It will be an exaggeration to say that the portable gates are the most popular product for babies, however, their usefulness is underappreciated. It is a sad fact, but you can never protect your baby 100 percent of all the perils in your house.

However, baby gates can make your life easier in this sense. Are you thinking about buying one? Check out the list below and you will find a perfect choice for you. They will keep your baby safe from high stairs and other hazardous objects! Also, if you want to make your baby a little bit happier, you can use a portable activity center.

The best portable baby gates

Our Top Pick

Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate with Pressure-Mounted Fastening

The most versatile baby gates made from soft fabric and incredible secure - comes at a great price! 

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Other great portable baby gates

ItemDimensionsWeightMaximum height recommendationMaterial

North States Portable Traveler Gate

2 x 42.6 x 28 inches4 pounds28 InchesFabricSee Best Price


Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

34.1 x 3.9 x 3.4 inches3.7 pounds

 33" tall

Not SpecifiedSee Best Price

Baby Gate Magic Gate for Dogs, Indoor Outdoor Baby Gate

11.06 x 9.13 x 2.09 inches7.6 ouncesNot Specifiedfabric wovenSee Best Price


The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate

35.6 x 6.3 x 4.8 inches5.24 pounds27" inchesFabricSee Best Price


Babepai Retractable Baby Gate Wide Safety Mesh Gate

5.00 x 5.00 x 34.00 inches3.31 pounds34 inchesBlack mesh lining, Black plastic partsSee Best Price


The Navigate for Babies

45 x 3 x 31 inches7 poundsNot SpecifiedDurable nylonSee Best Price

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1. North States Portable Traveler Gate

The Portable Traveler Gate is the solution for families who like traveling. It is designed to block doorways, hallways, and other spaces you may travel to. Simply fold up the gate in it is own travel bag and you are ready to go! The Portable Traveler Gate is it is extremely lightweight and weighs only 4 pounds.

todd1You can install it easily and quickly, you do not need additional hardware or tools. To install it you have to click the metal bars into position and use the tension knob to fit in perfectly.

It uses the pressure mount method to be fixed to a wall. The simple structure, however, does not translate into simple usage as it requires more than one pair of hands to set it up.

It can secure rooms, halls, and corridors apart from the stairs too. The pressure mounts easily by using tension knobs to secure the gate in place.

It is easy to use – just adjust the extendable bars to the desired width, insert the bars into the fabric sleeves then use the tension knobs to tighten for a secure fit. To open the gate, press the button on the upper and lower quick-release latch.

The gate is made of a fabric mesh panels. Durable steel bars and lightweight mesh fabric are the ideal combinations. There are two horizontal and vertical bars which are further adjustable to give it a height of 28″.

todd2The bars allow the Portable Traveler Gate to fit openings from 25.2’’ to 42.6’’ wide. The steel bars at either side prove to be flexible while also giving the gate its durability that is required during traveling.

The gate is made of the best raw materials. The manufacture maintains high standards. Well-trained workers are dedicated to quality control and strive to provide you with the same level of superiority that they would expect for their own children and pets.

Designed with this in mind, this versatile gate is designed to provide to your baby safety place! The gate has a very reasonable price, many users give a lot of positive reviews, they satisfied with this product, and with the service that North State provides.

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2. Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

indoor1If your opening is wide, we recommend you to use this gate. It is a great alternative in comparison to the traditional plastic or wood gates and it’s simply just as efficient. It is extra wide to fit a variety of openings and will be a good solution for spaces of 38’’ to 55’’, also it is 33’’ tall.

It has the twist-to-tighten bumpers, the pressure-mount installation method does not require tools, sets up in seconds. The gate has non-marring rubber bumpers and will not leave marks on your home’s interior.

You can use The Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate in doorways, hallways, the bottom of stairs, kitchens, laundry rooms, bedrooms, and playrooms. Even you can fit it in old houses that have square walls.

The pressure-mount installation type with non-marrying rubber bumpers come in handy when traveling as you will be using it on other property, and it is important to not damage their place.

Well, what about traveling? Most importantly, the gate is only 6 pounds, so it is quite easy to pack and carry wherever you go. It comes completely assembled from the box so that you can use it immediately. This factor helps in the portability of the structure.


However, it works perfectly when it is just your baby that is confined by this gate as it can withstand those bumps. It is made of fabric and metal. The fabric is soft mesh netting, although it might cause a bit of chafing. The rods might cause a bruise if they land directly on the bottom rod, but then a lot of falls can cause bruising.

This gate is claimed to fit a custom set of specifications. It is definitely sturdy. But if you have a medium-sized pet, then this gate is not for you. If you plan to take the pet on your travels as well then, this gate may present an issue as the gate can easily be taken down by their force as the second gate.

The rod has more give to it than a hard floor. The fabric of the gate is machine washable, so you do not have to worry about staining it. It has neutral colors, (brownish tan and white), and will be good in any interior. The gate has an overwhelming number of good reviews on Amazon. Be sure, the quality is comparable to the price.

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3. Safety 1st Wide Doorways Fabric Gate with Pressure-Mounted Fastening (Natural)

safety1 The feature of this sturdy gate that is extra-wide gate stretches easily to cover wide spaces, making it perfect for areas where a regular-size gate can’t go the distance. Yes, the gate is stretching, it can fit in doorways and openings ranging from 38’’ to 60’’ wide. Covering this huge range of widths makes it a very versatile gate.

You can provide a baby or pet-friendly space in your home by using this 27-inch high gate. It has a pressure-mounted installation which allows for the on-the-fly setup. Because of the pressure-mounted design, no drilling or tools are necessary.

Also, pressure mounting means it is easier and quicker to put up thus adding to the portability factor – the gate is easy removal indoors and pass-through areas.


When you are wrapping it up you can put it in its carry bag. This bag is machine washable so there is that added convenience. The weight of the gate is 6.9 pounds.

The stain-guarded, machine-washable fabric complements any home decor. Also, the gate has a special carry bag, so you do not need a huge place to store it as you can just wrap it up and move along.

The gate has a soft translucent panel, so you can keep your eye on things behind the gate looking through to the other side. Many customers are satisfied with this product. But it is a bit expensive. It is your choice, because as the name of the company Safety 1st – safety should be in the first place!

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4. Baby Gate Magic Gate for Dogs, Indoor Outdoor Baby Gate, Portable Folding Mesh Dog Gate

This gate for baby and a small pet is working as an isolation gate, keeping the safety in the place where you want them to stay. You can easily install it for immediate use. There are no special tools are required. This mesh baby gate dog gate set includes an adhesive hook for easy installation and installation guides.

magic1It is an ideal solution to be placed anywhere in the house: doorways, between walls, stairs, bedroom, kitchen, dining, or even way outside (suitable position). Suitable for most ordinary family doors. Magic Gate is extending up to 40.4’’ width and 29.5’’ height, so measure your openings. It is also easy to be retracted when someone needs to pass.

This gate is a sturdy and durable mesh barrier. Must be installed between rigid surfaces such as plasterboard, timber, or hardware, so that it can be structurally sound.

The gate is light in weight (7.6 pounds) so that the portability is thus guaranteed. It can be lifted easily while not feeling much weight whenever you want to move it to another place. When you do not use it, you can easily fold it and store anywhere you want it also takes almost no space.

There is nothing unusual about the product design, the color is black. The product has been strictly tested before. It has high quality and durability. It made of tough, partially see-through woven mesh fabric. This top quality is not just cost-effective but also worth every dollar spent.

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5. The Stair Barrier Baby and Pet Gate: No-Drill Portable Banister to Banister Baby Gates

stair2We recommend this gate if you need a barrier for stairs. The Pet and Baby Gate Staircase Barriers are designed specifically for the stairs with banisters and meet strict US standards for stair gates and enclosures. You have to get the right fit first time – measure from the innermost edge of both banisters to find the right size baby stair gate.

It does install easily and is not causing any damage banister. The gate is relatively simple, to use and installation takes minutes.

Because of outward pressure, many types of gates put on banisters causing them to lean out over time. If you do not want to drill into the banisters – this gate is absolutely your variant. The plastic supports inside also make it surprisingly sturdy. Its great design allows you to strap three buckles on each side and tighten to any size pole.

The stiff inside planks provide the stability that allows you to roll away the gate off to the side where you can hardly notice it. The problem comes, when you have to get passed multiple times. The unbuckling and re-buckling process is quite time-consuming.


If this product had separate straps for the sides around each post so that you could tighten into place then you were able to unbuckle the gate from that point it would be a lot faster.

The gate is too tall to climb over it, there is not any type of opening to go through. The gate provides high safety to your baby or pet. It is a little expensive to buy such a gate, but it is cost its money.

The gate is made with a few layers of heavy cotton, such fabric of the gate is very durable and will last a very long time to much use.

The manufacture offers different colors of fabric, so you can choose it as home décor. An attractive stair safety solution, the fabric baby gate rolls neatly to one side when not in use. It is ideal for home and travel. The width of the gate is 36’’-42’’ and it’s weight is 5.24 pounds.

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6. Babepai Retractable Baby Gate Wide Safety Mesh Gate

babepai1 Safety Banister Gate for Baby and Pets is A secure way of cordoning off areas of the house where a baby might be unsafe, such as the kitchen, stairs, and pantry.

Retractable baby gates extend up to 54″ wide and 34″ tall, when you mount this gate very close to the ground, there is 0.59” between the floor and gate, and the gap between the wall and gate is 1.18”.

This wide baby gate is designed to adjust to any doors and stairs, perfect for the bottom of stairways, doorways, patios, hallways, deck, banisters, indoors, and outdoors use. No more tripping on metal bars of a traditional walk-through metal gate. The gate includes a full set of components for easy installation.

babepai2It comes with 2 sets of installation hardware for backup allowing the alternate usage at two different locations and angles. But we will give you one tip: please use heavy-duty zip ties (not included) to secure the hardware to the rails of stairs to avoid drilling holes to the banister.

Shaking and rattling the unit will not knock it over since it is securely fastened with screws.

This baby gate is built with high quality partially see-through woven mesh which is lightweight, durable, and scratch-resistant, and the mesh panel compliments any home interior. It has high safety performance due to the Double Locking Mechanism – twist clockwise to lock and counterclockwise to release the mechanism.

You can easily open and close it with one hand. The manufacture does not call this gate portable, but if you do not need it – roll it up in a second. Save time and space! A baby gate can easily move de-attached from the gate mount hardware, to stow away or moved to another location where another set of hardware installed. The weight of the gate is 3.31 pounds.

The manufacture creates the highest quality product at affordable prices, making the parenting experience easier. All parts are non-toxic and can be recycled.

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7.  The Navigate for Babies

navig2The NaviGate is a revolutionary new portable baby gate. The gate is compact and durable with top-line safety features. It is designed for providing you the most versatile gate you have owned.

It will be great for such openings as banisters, kitchens, islands, the bottom of stairs, sliding glass doors, french doors, deck openings, baseboard areas, and much more. The gate with its state of the art design uses telescopes on the top and bottom.

With the perfect design of this baby gate, you can have different widths at the top and bottom of your opening. It fits in almost every opening from 29.5’’- 45’’ in width. With its large silicon pads, the NaviGate will adhere to almost every type of surface and leaves no marks. The gate does not need any additional tools, attachments or assembly required.

The technology of double action locking and release mechanism makes for safe peace of mind that the gate will stay locked into place once properly secured.


The gate has a unique ratcheting system that makes it easy to put up and take down from any opening, in just seconds. The gate comes with a sturdy, padded carrying case for portability and storage.

The gate itself weighs just 5 pounds and folds down to 27″ x 5″ when collapsed. The bag has pockets with room for all of your other safety accessories.

You can see through mesh for airflow for your baby, also the gate provides sound ventilation, so be calm in the safety of your baby. Also, it is suitable for pets too. It is made of durable nylon, most marks will be removed after washing.

The NaviGate meets or exceeds the highest safety standards in the industry, set by the ASTM, JPMA, and APA. There are no many reviews on this product, however, it is still a good choice!

See Best Priceamazon.com/…fied-Technology/dp/B075ZC8MBD

FAQ for portable baby gates buyers:

1. How to maintain a baby gate?

Like any other product, with proper care, your gate will serve you throughout its life, so like any item in a house, a gate needs cleaning – wipe the dust and wash the removable fabric elements.

2. Is the gate safe for the baby’s health?

All baby gates models have been tested to meet the highest international requirements. Every day check the quality of the fabric and other elements. Checking the gate daily will help maintain its performance and safety, as well as notice any sign of damage.

3. We are renting a house and aren’t allowed to drill any holes. How to install a baby gate?

A portable baby gate will be the solution. Usually, it has a pressure-mounted installation which allows for the on-the-fly setup. Because of the pressure-mounted design, no drilling or tools are necessary and you will not damage the interior of a renting house.

4. How many baby gates do I need in my home?

You have to analyze all dangerous zones for your baby at your place. Such places like living rooms around plug points, extension cords, loose wires, electronics such as TV, kitchen, stairs, fireplaces – needs protection in any way, so think better where to install gates and then you will find the answer how many ones you need.