How to Make Spectra s2 Portable

Spectra s2 is an extremely useful gadget for breastfeeding moms. It would be so cool if the manufacturer could make it impossible to be carried on with them! But it turned out there are ways how to make Spectra s2 portable.

The easiest and fastest way

You will need duct tape and a battery pack. The battery pack must be 12Volts. By the way, this pack can often be found in the additional accessories for Spectra and you can purchase them all together. Moreover, make sure that your battery pack has the necessary ports where the wires from Spectra s2 could fit into!

Then stick the battery to the bottom of the device using duct tape.

How to Make Spectra s2 Portable2

Before going out with your new portable Spectra s2 do a test run and make sure everything works. Good luck!

Using the car adapter

You will need to buy a special adapter for your car and make sure the port in it fits the spectra’s wire.

How to Make Spectra s2 Portable1

Having your Spectra S2 in the car is actually very useful since you can pump right in the car without the necessity to go home. Moreover, you won’t have to do it in public restrooms anymore! And you can do that even if somebody else driving the car by just moving to the backseat.