6 Best Portable TV Stands (Comparison & Reviews)

A TV stand is an utmost necessity when it comes to mounting your TV set. Portable TV stands are a better alternative to hanging the TV on the wall, you do not need to drill it.

The portable TV stands can fit perfectly with any TV irrespective of its size. Also, it is perfect for people who need screens in different places. Any of the reviewed products guarantees you the best experience! By the way, if you are a movie lover, you can use a portable DVD player, so that you can always watch your favorite ones on the go.

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Not too expensive, but still an item of a high-quality, compatible with a number of TV screens, comes with a warranty from the manufacturer

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Other great portable TV stands that you can go for:



31.2 x 11.5 x 5.5 inches20.5 poundsMetalVESA hole pitch patternsSee Best Price



29.5 x 19.7 x 67 inches30.9 poundsMetal

with most 32 inch to 70 inch plasma lcd led flatscreen or curved tvs, monitors and displays

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Kanto MTMA65PL

22.52 x 31.81 x 74.8 inches38 poundsSteel

Not Specified

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Husky Mount

28 x 12 x 5.8 inches32 poundsMetal

Suitable for most 32 inch – 70 inches LED LCD TVs

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23.6 x 18.4 x 58.4 inches21.6 poundsMetal

Suitable for most 27-55 inches flat panel Screens & curved TVs with a max weight of 66 lbs

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1. Kanto MTMA65PL Height Adjustable Mobile TV Mount

KANTOMTM1 Installation: To setup this versatile portable TV stand you need to follow to online step-by-step instruction video and installation manual. You can do it easily and it will not take a lot of time.

The product comes already with all the mounting bolts, spacers, and washers you need to fit any flat-panel TV. VESA pattern should be from 100×100 to 600×400. It is provided with four quick-release wheels for smoothly rolling it between locations.

Along with a handle to improve maneuverability, simply step down on each pedal to enable the locking mechanism and flick up to unlock wheels. It also features hollow vertical tubes for integrated cable management, keeping your equipment and accessories organized and neat.

Supported TV dimensions: It can safely support televisions of up to 100 pounds. The mounting brackets fit most television panels from 32 to 65 inches. This stand is well designed with plenty of different mounting screws to cover most makes of TV. This is ideal for presentation rooms in schools, offices, and your home.

Adjustment: You can easily regulate the height of the stand. It features a telescopic main column that offers height adjustment. You can set any height from 47.2 to 59.1 inches from the floor. Also, it has an adjustable middle tray for your laptop, mobile device, or other gadgets. The tray can support the weight of products up to 10 pounds.


Materials and quality: Kanto’s mobile TV stand is made of high-quality durable steel with a powder-coated finish. Each of the 2-inches rubber wheels has a locking mechanism that you release by stepping on a lever. This ensures that the stand remains stable once the television set is where you want it.

Design: The design of the stand is sleek and minimalistic. This mobile TV stand will add a modern-classic view to your interior. It features an accessory tray and a top shelf for webcam, making the stand perfectly suited for web conferences. Its low-profile design lets it fit between doors and does not take up too much floor space.

Weight and dimensions: The own weight of this stand is 38 pounds. The stand’s dimensions are 22.52 x 31.81 x 74.8 inches. It is excellent holds most of the TV with it easy. Buying this portable TV stand you will get a fantastic quality, relatively lightweight but sturdy products for your TV or monitor!

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2. 5Rcom Mobile TV Cart Rolling TV Stand

5rom2Installation: The installation does not require any efforts. It comes with clear instructions and ample nuts and bolts for standard TV, everything that you need including even the tools. You can move around it easily wherever you need. The front wheels have lock mechanisms to stop the stand from moving.

Supported TV dimensions: This stand is compatible with most 32 inches to 70-inch plasma LCD, LED screens, or curved TVs, monitors, and displays.

This portable TV stand can easily support Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Philips, Hitachi, Toshiba, and more other screens. It supports a capacity of up to 88 pounds. Before buying this stand, please make sure the TV VESA pattern under 600 x 400 mm.

Adjustment: Available height adjustment range is from 43 inches to 59 inches off the floor. Mobile TV cart mounting plate has 5 levels of height adjustments from 51inch to 67 inches (1300-1700 mm) for optimal viewing experience. The media shelf is height adjustable from 9 inches to 29 inches (240-740 mm).

Also, the shelf can be removed if you do not need to use it. The most interesting feature is that the mounting bracket with safety screws can be tilted up and down by 15 degrees to provide the optical viewing angle for your tasks.

Materials and quality: the solidly built floor stand is well made, all parts are metal with a black powder-coated finish.

5com1The portable TV stand includes 4 pieces of heavy-duty 360° mobile solid casters. It is extremely stable and rolls around the floor effortlessly. The stand does not take a lot of space due to shorter hind legs, which allow the cart to be placed close to the wall.

Design: It is has a modern futuristic look, but also can fit with traditional decor. The shelf can easily hold your cable box, laptops, DVD players, streaming devices, and other equipment. The shelf weight capacity is 11 pounds.

Weight and dimensions: The dimensions of the product are 29.5 x 23.2 x 67 inches. The product weight is 30.9 pounds. It is a perfect portable stand for outdoor or indoor use!

You can use this TV stand in homes, offices, tradeshows, hospitals, schools, lecture halls, hotels, bars, stations, and anywhere you need to display the information. Highly recommended!

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3. VIVO Mobile TV Cart for 32-65 inch LCD LED Plasma

vivo1 Installation: To start using the stand, you need to build it. The package comes with more than enough screws, all the pieces, the manual, and has a 3-year warranty. You will not have problems with installation, but if you will have any questions with assembling the TV stand contact the manufacture.

Also, there is a video on YouTube to set it up. The threading of the details is good. They fit right and lockdown snug. The four locking wheels secure the stand from unplanned movement yet are easy to unlock, so you can easily move it.

Supported TV dimensions: it is suitable for TVs 32 inches to 65 inches. It is compatible with LCD LED flat screens and can weigh up to 110 pounds. VESA patterns should be 200 x 200 mm to 600 x 400 mm. The maximum screen height for this stand is 57.5 inches.

Adjustment: You can unhook the TV, adjust the height with the two clamps on the back two poles, and hook the TV back on. The total cart height reaches 60 inches. Max TV height is 57.5 inches (center). The shelf has quite a bit of vertical adjustment to accommodate different heights. Max’s shelf height is 27.5 inches.


You can optimize your viewing angle with +15 and -15 degree tilt. Simply loosen and tighten the bolt to adjust the flat-screen angle.

Materials and quality: the build quality and materials quality is excellent. The stand comes in a smooth black finish. It has a sturdy steel design.

The base of the stand is wide and provides an exceptionally stable platform to prevent any tipping or swaying of the TV. The wheels provide smooth mobility on both hardwood and carpet floors.

Design: The stand has a well-thought-out design. The bottom two poles on the column have holes in the back, so you can put your chords thru them for a better look.

The shelf is wide enough for about every size of TV/sound gear and very strong (19 inches x 11.5 inches and can carry up to 10 pounds). The mobility factor is very good, so you can move around to accommodate any furniture location changes.

Weight and dimensions: It weighs 35.2 pounds and the size is 29.4 x 13.6 x 7.1 inches.

You will be pleased with this stand! It is easy to assemble and is easily adjustable. It is a super-strong, stable portable stand, which you can use for home needed or rolling around the conference room, classroom.

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4. TVON Mobile TV Cart/Stand for 23-60 inch Flat Screen

tvon1 Installation: The installation of this portable TV stand can be called a clutter-free setup. It comes with an easy-to-follow manual that guides you through the installation process, and hardware is also included for convenient stand set up.

It is very simple to put all parts of the stand together. But if you have any concerns, the friendly customer support team will be happy to help you within 12 hours! You can install it stationary or roll it due to wheels, so it will be a portable stand.

Supported TV dimensions: This portable TV stand can fit most LCD LED Plasma Flat Screen or Curved TVs from 23 inches to 60 inches. It can carry weight up to 88 pounds. It is compatible with VESA hole pitch patterns from 100(w)mm x 100(h)mm to 400(w)mm x 400(h)mm.

Adjustment: You can adjust the height of the TV and media shelf. The stand has 9-level height by adjusting the tube and hook, so the height will be from 45 inches to 61 inches.

Besides, the stand design a heat dissipation function’s middle media shelf can be adjusted from 9 inches to 25 inches from the floor, offers more space to hold A/V equipment: games monitor, tablets, cable box, laptops.


Materials and quality: The manufacture gives a 5-year guarantee for this product. The best materials are used. It has a sturdy metal design with a black color finish. The wheels are also metal. There are 4 heavy-duty 360° mobile solid wheels with a locking mechanism, which will provide high safety and stability.

Design: The stand is smartly designed, it is made for a clean, sophisticated look. Beneath the TV mount, the features a middle metal base to hold your essential A/V components, DVD player, or gaming systems.

A wire management solution in the metal column lets you easily organize and conceal the wires and cables in the back of the tv cart. This also enables you to hide the wires and cables without going through the wall and making holes.

Weight and dimensions: The product dimensions are 22.3x 15.7x 45-61inches and the weight is 20.5 pounds.
It is an extremely stable TV stand and rolls around the floor effortlessly.

It is a perfect choice for any location like offices, homes, schools, churches, trade shows, etc. You will enjoy using this product!

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5. Husky Mount Mobile TV Stand with Wheels

Installation: You can easy assembly this TV stand, all necessary tools, like a regular wrench and 3 Allen wrenches, and instruction are included. The installation will be without any efforts because this product has precision construction, has perfectly aligned holes, all welds are durable.

husky1 Screws are different shapes for different parts, so you can not get them mixed up. You will take less than an hour to install the stand. The manufacture paid attention to every detail the customer would face in assembly and use. The stand provided by smooth swivel caster wheels with brake, so you can stop it and use wherever you need.

Supported TV dimensions: It Carries up to 132 pounds. The TV arms slide side to side to fit a wide variety of sizes. It fits up to VESA 600×400. This means the distance between the mounting holes on the back of the TV should not exceed 24 inches horizontally and 16 inches vertically. So it is suitable for most 32 inch – 70 inches LED LCD TVs.

Adjustment: The poles are 60 inches high from the floor. The TV arms slide side to side to fit a wide variety of sizes. It has adjustable TV mount heights. Max TV height is 58 inches (center) from the floor.

The TV plate is 26 is wide, so please make sure your TV or monitor is wider than 26 inches, otherwise, the plate will show behind it. Also, you can tilt it down for optimum viewing angle and for reducing glare. The shelf is adjustable too, Max shelf’s height is 27 inches from the floor.


You will pleasantly surprise by how heavy duty the steel is. The casters are of high quality too. The stand has a metal shelf, and it has 25 pounds of weight capacity. The product has a 25-year manufacture warranty.

Materials and quality: The base has a size of 36-inch x 30 inches for extra stability. It is a very sturdy construction and really well built, you can be calm for the stability of tour TV or monitor.

Design: It has a strict no-frills design, the color of the finish is black. It is provided by an adjustable shelf with a size of 19-inch x 12 inches, which will be perfect for a media player, notebook, or any other equipment that needs a flat surface. Integrated cable management channel inside the tube for neat display.

Weight and dimensions: The products weigh 32 pounds and have dimensions 28 x 12 x 5.8 inches. You will so happy that chose this portable TV stand! Check out this product and you will see a lot of good reviews about the ratio of price, quality, and security!

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6. FITUEYES Mobile TV Stand with Wooden Laptop Shelf

fitueyes1Installation: It comes with an installation manual and all needed parts, it is easy for you to assemble and hold your TV screens perfectly!

If you have lost the installation manual, you need just to follow the installation video on the product page. It will not take a lot of time. This TV stand with lockable wheels allows you to begin it use easy movability or stationary.

Supported TV dimensions: This portable TV stand is suitable for most 27-55 inches flat panel screens and curved TVs with a max weight of 66 pounds, like Sony, Samsung, Vizio, Sharp, TCL, Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Sharp TVs, and touch screen integrated machines. Before buying, please make sure your TV’s VESA is between 100×100 to 400×400 mm.

Adjustment: The stand has 6-levels of height adjustment (from 51.4 inches to 58.5 inches). Also, you can tilt 8 elevation angle and 12 depression angle, which ensures you a comfortable viewing sight.


Materials and quality: It has a solid steel base and structure, so it can support your TV sturdy and safe. Metal wheels have a high quality and have a long service life. The natural material of the shelf (wood) provides a smooth strong surface for objects lying on it.

Design: This stand is an easy and modern solution. It has a stylish black color finish. It will look good in various interiors. Safety Lock designed to protect your TV not falling down or slipping aside. This TV stand comes with a large wooden media shelf to hold your laptop DVR, DVD, Xbox component, etc.

There is no need to drill holes in beautiful walls, and you can keep wires and cables neat easily, organized at the back of this TV stand cart.

Weight and dimensions: The own weight of the product is 21.6 pounds, the dimensions are 23.6 x 18.4 x 58.4 inches.
This portable TV stand is specially designed for simple family life and office use. All in all, excellent buy, excellent value for the money and shipping, you really can not remain indifferent!

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FAQ for portable TV stands buyers

1. What is VESA?

VESA refers to the distance between the 4 holes on the back of the TV. It needed for fixing your TV or Monitor. Check the dimensions right to choose an appropriate portable TV stand.

2. Can wheels of a portable TV stand damage the floor?

The wheels are made of a smooth material, usually metal or sturdy plastic, and move without leaving a trace. Before sale, all stands pass a test for carrying capacity, so if you choose the right to monitor or TV, the weight should not be highly transferred to the support columns, wheels and damage the floor.

3. What if the size of my TV is significantly larger than the stand? 

You shouldn’t buy a TV stand that differs dramatically from the size of your TV, especially if the TV is significantly larger than the stand – depending on the material, it can create easily.