12 Best Portable Badminton Sets (Under $40, $60, $100)


Portable badminton sets are great for entertainment purposes or training due to its compact design and lightweight to be assembled on the beach, in the park, or even in the backyard. The portable sets can be fit into a carrying bag or box together with all the accessories. The number of shuttlecocks, badminton rackets, and … Read more

11 Best Portable Tennis Nets (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Tennis Nets

Tennis is a game that will help you improve your health and physical abilities, along with portable treadmills and other physical activities. But you can’t always find a tennis court nearby. In this case, the ideal solution is a portable tennis net. With such a product, you can organize your tennis court in any place … Read more

11 Best Mini Trampolines (Comparison & Reviews)

Mini Trampolines

Jumping is gaining popularity today. It is a kind of fitness, where a complex of sports exercises is performed on a trampoline. The classes are held in the fitness club under the supervision of a coach. Or, if it is not possible, you can exercise at home on your own via video from the Internet. … Read more

11 Best Portable Treadmills (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Treadmills

Treadmills are considered to be one of the most effective home training machines to keep fit. The use of specialized running machines provides the load on the muscles involved in a regular run. But a large number of options available on the market seriously complicates the choice. Our review of the best portable treadmills, based … Read more

8 Best Portable Soccer Goals (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Soccer Goals

To play soccer you need high-quality equipment. However, it does not need to be professional and cumbersome. For amateur players and frequent moves, the best portable soccer goals we have collected in this review will be suitable. Try also portable full-size soccer goals, if you want more professional stuff. The best option: The list of … Read more

4 Best Portable Dance Poles (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Dance Poles

Pole dance is beneficial for health, especially in terms of tone and conditioning. The use of poles at home as a workout is becoming a popular phenomenon. Buying your own dance pole is a great idea. This device will really improve your progress. By the way, if you are a part of such a kind … Read more