7 Best Portable Camping Wood Stoves (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable wood stoves are highly effective for creating a source of heat at the campsite, along with portable electric stoves. What’s more, it’s quite an economical solution. If you like to go hiking a lot, this device will definitely come in handy for you. That’s why we decided to review the best portable camping wood stoves, based on the main advantages of the models and the opinions of buyers.

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kampMATE WoodFlame Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

KampMATE WoodFlame Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

This stove has unique properties to perform and withstand higher and lower temperature extremes.

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KampMATE WoodFlame Portable Wood Burning Camping Stove

kampMATE WoodFlame Portable Wood Burning Camping StoveAccording to the manufacturer’s assurances, in creating this model of long-term combustion took into account all the shortcomings of existing structures.

The peculiarity of this model is a fine change of the traction and a special lock-in the ashtray. This prevents uncontrolled air suction. You can enter the smoldering mode, in which the furnace from a single load is stretched to 8 hours.

There is a jaculator to ensure the complete combustion of fuel. The chimney is led either backward or straight upwards.

The model is durable, as it has replaceable fuel protection. In its lower part above the cast iron grate, there are inclined intermediate steel sheets.

The popularity of this model is easy to explain. It has no obvious disadvantages. But at the same time, it supports long burning.

You can use any wood waste as fuel. This model is compact, suitable for installation even in a small room. It warms up the calculated air volume quickly. It withstands serious violations of operating modes, not recommended by the manufacturer.

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Zone Tech Portable Wood Burning Folding Camping Stove

The stainless steel camping stove will last long and be dependable. It’s compact, but it’s just as good as the heavier, larger models.

The stove folds up to the parameters of the book. It comes with a carrying bag so that there is a way to cook food regardless of the location of the camp. There are also a regulator and hose.

The stove is not selective in fuel: leaves, branches, dry paper, wood, charcoal, and alcohol. No more need for gasoline. Take the stove with you on camping trips, picnics, barbecues, hikes, fishing trips, and excursions.

The exterior of the design and square shape will provide stability on any surface, including kitchen appliances. The stove is perfect for camping and family vacations. Life on the go is no longer a challenge.

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CANWAY Camping Stove

CANWAY Camping StoveThis model is of combined materials. The body is of stainless steel. The place of connection of metal and vitrified clay parts comes with a heat-resistant seal.

The seal eliminates smoke leaks or glass damage during operation. The tightness of the furnace is ensured by extra argon welding.

You can use wood and lignite as fuel for this model, and there is a secondary burner.

Powerful cast iron stoves, which can easily fit into the interior of the country house. Large furnace, firewood of standard size is suitable. The heat from the body is transmitted by radiation.

Prolonged burning is not provided. But due to the massive furnace, it cools down within 2-3 hours with an average duration of burning on one bookmark 2 hours.

The design is simple. But the large area of the door glazing gives it a special charm due to the fascinating look of burning logs.

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VEVOR Wood Burning Stove

The portable stainless steel wood-burning stove will be a reliable camping kitchen. The aluminum top cover will not deform during use. It can be used on its own or for cooking over a campfire.

The design is compact and concise. The legs are folded, the chimney is fixed from the inside, and the shelves on the side walls are lowered.

The design is easy to carry and store. It is suitable for any type of tent and includes a general body, a hook for the fire, parts of the chimney, legs, and shelves.

It is convenient to use the stove not only in nature but also in small houses, even for heating.

The height of almost three meters will allow it to do so. The kit includes a bag, regulator, hose, and stand. The stove is environmentally friendly and easy to use.

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Lixada Camping Stove

Lixada Camping StoveIt is a steel furnace with a lining of fireclay ceramics and cast iron grate. You can use wood or lignite briquettes as fuel. There is a separate air inlet nozzle.

There is also a function of long-term combustion. You can rotate this furnace around an axis and watch the flame from anywhere in the room.

This portable wood stove has a function of long combustion. It limits the access of oxygen to the combustion chamber. The turning mechanism is step-by-step.

Moreover, it requires effort and the use of a special handle mounted under the furnace. This is a medium size model.

The ergonomic fuel door makes it easy to load natural fuel of different sizes. Besides, you can use cast iron cookware on this stove because it is strong enough to hold heavy dishes.

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Wood Stove, Wood Burning Stove

The portable wood stove is ideal for camping conditions. Adjust the combustion rate yourself – fast for cooking or slow to warm up the room.

A special compartment for ashes will ensure cleanliness. Heat-resistant glass with a graphic design is inserted into the design. Since the fire heats up a lot, there is an opportunity to see everything that happens inside the oven.

There are two cooking compartments. They can be used at one time. If you open the top lid, the fire will heat the cookware for cooking the first and second courses, boiling water.

Heating will take place in the upper part as well. The thermometer will help to determine the temperature mode.

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SOLEADER Portable Wood Burning Camp Stove

SOLEADER Portable Wood Burning Camp StoveThis portable camping wood stove has optimal dimensions. It has enough space to prepare a large amount of food. The described camping wood stove should be used only in open areas. Operation indoors is strictly prohibited.

It is important to use the construction in conjunction with the spark arrester and mounting feet. Lubricants like kerosene or gasoline are not suitable as fuel. Fire safety will be ensured by installation on an incombustible base.

It is forbidden to put fuel in front of the furnace opening, as well as pour out of the furnace unquenched coals. During its operation, the traveling stove should be 0.5 meters away from combustible materials.

The free space of three meters or more must be provided from the top of the structure. Hooks are to open the door or remove the lid.

The main advantage of the product over competitors – the presence of a built-in spark arrester. This makes it possible to fully protect themselves from the possibility of fire. Moreover, manufacturers describe it as a tent stove. It means that you can install it inside and not worry about the accumulation of smoke.

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FAQ for portable camping wood stoves buyers:

How close can furniture be to a wood-burning stove?

Conventional wisdom says that all combustible materials — woodwork, unprotected walls, furniture, firewood, that stack of old newspapers you use to start the fire — should be 36 inches from the stove. An unprotected stove pipe should be at least 18 inches from an unprotected wall or ceiling.

Can you put a wood stove in a tent?

Using a stove in your tent is known as ‘Hot Tenting’, and believe me, a good stove can make your tent very warm. However, you can’t put a stove in just any tent. The tent will typically need to be canvas or polycotton and have an opening for the hot flue pipe (the ‘chimney’).

Do wood stoves need fresh air intake?

Too often, wood-burning boilers and stoves are installed without a dedicated fresh air source. Stoves without a source of fresh air can badly pollute your home’s air with dangerous flue gases leading to asthma or other illnesses.

Is it safe to leave wood stove burning at night?

First of all, and most importantly, you need to make sure that leaving your stove on overnight is safe and does not pose a fire risk. A wood burner is far harder to keep going all night as wood burns quicker than coal. Allow enough air to enter the stove until the smoke stops and the fire is up to temperature.

What happens if the woodstove gets too hot?

Burning a wood stove too hot for extended periods of time on a regular basis can damage some components of the stove in the long run, while building fires too small for your stove can lead to an inefficiently burning fire.