9 Best Battery Powered Hair Dryers (Under $100, $150, $200)

In the modern rhythm of life, every lady simply needs to be able to quickly and easily style her hair, thus creating a beautiful hairstyle. For this purpose, an electric hair dryer is usually used, the process of choosing which should be taken with utmost responsibility.

In recent years, huge popularity on the market is battery-powered hair dryers, which can boast not only reliable work but also ease of use. That’s why we decided to collect the best-powered hair dryers in this review. Hair needs to be cleaned and styled, but also you need to take care of your home. To ensure that, you may use a portable vacuum cleaner.

Battery Powered Hair Dryers Under $100

This product category includes models that have basic functionality. With them, you can quickly and easily dry your hair. Some models have different styling attachments, which allows you to make beautiful styling.

Stylecraft PeeWee Dryer

Stylecraft PeeWee Dryer

6.9 x 3 x 7.7 inches1.1 pounds50 degreeshigh/lowSee Best Price

Free Standing Hair Dryer

11.5 x 9.9 x 6 inches2 pounds57 degrees

dual heat, cool mode

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New Eyelash Hair Dryer

6.7 x 2.6 x 7.9 inches1 pound45 degrees


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Stylecraft PeeWee Dryer

Stylecraft PeeWee DryerThis is a professional hairdryer that guarantees trouble-free operation and great results. You can adjust the speed of the device yourself by selecting one of the speed settings.

You’ll also be pleased to be able to choose from three temperature modes. This will help you better adjust to your hair type.

For example, very thick curls are better dried at the largest temperatures to finish styling faster. Thin hair can be damaged by too hot air.

This hair dryer allows you to quickly style your hair the way you want it to. This hair dryer has everything you need to get the job done.

The cold air mode is to fix the hair already finished. It also helps soothe the scalp after active heat exposure.

Also, this device will please its owners with the ionization function. It neutralizes static electricity, makes the hair smooth and shiny. Besides, ionization improves the efficiency of hair care products. The nutrients and vitamins contained in them are absorbed even faster.

This is a unique hair dryer that incorporates the latest technology to cut the risk of hair damage during drying. This device does not thin out the curls. It does not evaporate moisture from them and prevents cross-section of the tips.

The nozzles will help you create new hairstyles and amaze everyone with new images.

On the back of the hair dryer’s body, there is a removable mesh filter, which can be easily removed with one hand. Do not forget to periodically clean it from dust, small debris, and hairs, so that this device works properly.

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Free Standing Hair Dryer

This hair dryer works from a built-in rechargeable battery. It allows you to take the device for long trips, travel, and business trips. It can be used for both hot and cold styling.

Thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery, the hair dryer will work for 5 hours. Even at the end of the charge it will not reduce its power and allows you to make perfect styling.

The small-size hair dryer takes up very little space, so it fits even in a small bag.

It is quite light and easy to operate, which reduces the time for styling and morning gatherings. The hair dryer is suitable for all hair types. It can be used for both adults and children.

The device provides a drying with optimal temperature. Each owner of a modern hair dryer can independently regulate the supply of warm and cold air for the desired effect.

Also, the hair dryer guarantees safety and protection from damage to the hair structure. It allows you to give curls a fresh look, softness, and elasticity.

After drying with this hair dryer, hair is even more silky and pleasant to the touch. With them, you can create hair and styling of any complexity.

This hair dryer will be a perfect surprise for any woman and any man because it is made in a universal design and is suitable for every person.

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New Eyelash Hair Dryer Handheld Bladeless Fan

To simplify and improve the process of eyelash extensions, there is a mini hair dryer with a portable work system. It will help to make eyelash extensions a more pleasant and comfortable procedure.

A light and refreshing flow of air will help clients to soothe their eyes after the extension and the use of glue. The hair dryer also helps to remove redness, swelling, and undried areas of glue.

Thanks to the hair dryer after the eyelash extension procedure, the eyes don’t look red and tired. The eyelashes are more fluffy, they are not sticking together in one big lump and do not make you feel uncomfortable.

The hair dryer has a small power, allowing you to make the airflow as soft and light as possible. It also works without connection to electricity, which guarantees safe and convenient use.

It works on a built-in rechargeable battery. You need to charge the device every 5-6 hours. You can adjust the power of the device by using the button. It switches from low to medium and high after a few short presses.

The hair dryer is small, which allows you to take it with you to work, travel, and business trips. Thanks to its compact size, it is convenient and easy to use. With proper use, the device will serve its owner for many years.

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Battery Powered Hair Dryers Under $150

This price category includes products that have enhanced functionality. They have different temperature and speed modes, nozzle sets, and higher power. If you do not need a professional powered hairdryer, you can easily buy the model you like from this category.

Portable Wireless Charging Hair Dryer

Portable Wireless Charging Hair Dryer

7.48 x 1.77 x 8.27 inches1 pound50-70 degreescold wind, hot windSee Best Price

khukam Portable Camping Hair Dryer

9 x 8 x 2 inches1.3 pounds55 degrees

natural wind, hot air

See Best Price

Cordless Hair Dryer with Diffuser

11.02 x 7.48 x 5.7 inches3.08 pounds55 degrees

cold/hot wind

See Best Price

Portable Wireless Charging Hair Dryer

Portable Wireless Charging Hair Dryer This is another professional model in this review of the best hair dryers. The device is characterized by a high level of power and maneuverability.

Thus, it is perfectly suited for active use. The ergonomics of the device handle is universal. It fits very comfortably in both the male and female hands.

At the same time, the handle is slightly tilted back. It is for the convenience to dry the hair by yourself even easier. Nozzles have a slightly beveled shape.

It increases the speed of airflow without extra energy costs. They also make the styling process more comfortable and easier to brush.

The air filter is very easy to remove and clean if necessary. This makes it much easier to take care of the hairdryer motor. The power of the device is slightly higher than the average. The ionization system is activated together with the motor.

The hairdryer has a rather efficient motor with a reliable overheating protection system. Thus, it is able to operate continuously for eight hours. The overheating protection is implemented using a special technology.

It implies the installation of a special protective mechanism on the heating element. This not only cools the active motor but also prevents the case from heating during operation. Besides, this mechanism maintains the blowing air temperature at approximately the same level. This is very important for hair conditions.

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khukam Portable Camping Hair Dryer

The hair dryer allows you to create the perfect hairstyle in minutes. This hair dryer will be a great helper for professionals and amateurs who want to make beautiful curls or just a long-lasting style after washing your head.

The convenience of the hair dryer is in its work from the built-in battery.

This does not have to look for a place where there will be a power outlet, because the device can be used in any convenient corner of the room. It can also be used outdoors, in the car, and at work.

The hair dryer can be used to dry the hair of adults as well as children and even pets. The device has a speed and power controller, so everyone can choose the best option for themselves.

The hair dryer assumes the presence of a stand, which comes with the kit. With its help, the device can be placed on a shelf, dressing table, or in any other place.

The hair dryer makes your hair smooth, soft, and silky. Its optimal temperature does not damage the structure of hair, does not break its integrity, and does not spoil its appearance.

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Cordless Hair Dryer with Diffuser

A hair dryer helps you create the perfect hairstyle without damaging the condition and appearance of your hair. This device runs on a battery or rechargeable battery, which needs to be recharged occasionally.

This portable system allows you to use your hair dryer anywhere you want, including outdoors or in the car. The device is ideal for trips, travel, business trips, and camps.

The hair dryer comes with a stand and attachments. They help to make several styling options for every taste. The hair dryer gives you the ability to adjust the air speed that is best for you.

By changing the power and air temperature, the hair dryer can be used to dry the hair of children, adults, and even pets. When using this device, the curls are not damaged, do not spoil, and do not lose their healthy appearance.

After drying the hair remains soft, pleasant, and silky. No extra application of protection is required to use the hair dryer.

The cordless system of the hair dryer allows it to be used for a long time in any convenient place. The presence of a stand makes storing the device even more convenient and safe.

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Battery Powered Hair Dryers Under $200 

This category includes battery-powered hair dryers, which can well be classified as professional. They have high performance and power. There are convenient modes for styling and drying your hair. Also in the set, you will definitely find the necessary nozzles.


Solano Vero 1600W Lightweight Speed Hair Dryer

Solano Vero 1600W Lightweight Speed Hair Dryer

8 x 9 x 4 inches 1.2 pounds50 degrees

cold shot, far infrared heat

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Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer

16.54 x 3.94 x 6.3 inches4.05 pounds55 degreeshot/cold air (high/medium/low)See Best Price

Cordless Hair Dryer Wireless Blow Dryer

9 x 7 x 1.5 inches1.2 pounds50 ~ 60 degrees


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Solano Vero 1600W Lightweight Speed Hair Dryer

Solano Vero 1600W Lightweight Speed Hair DryerThis is one of the cheapest models in this review. This device successfully combines the original style and well-designed ergonomics.

It is especially noticeable in the ease of use of the device. The body is of rubberized plastic, to the touch a little rough, even from wet hands will not slip.

The hairdryer comes with only one attachment for the hub. It is universal – good for both long and short hair. If necessary, you can remove it altogether and dry your hair without it.

The number of airflow speeds and temperatures is standard here. The switching buttons are plastic with corresponding pictograms. The stroke they have a smooth, securely locked in the selected position, no special effort is required.

There is one button when you press it, the heating element switches off. The rear surface, where the flow is sucked in, is closed by a removable air filter made of metal. The weight of the device is small, but even thick and long hair dries quickly enough.

The handle is comfortable, slightly curved and the shape allows you to hold the hairdryer tightly in your hand. All buttons to control the hairdryer are in the front of the handle. You can comfortably change settings without taking your eyes off the styling.

This model will easily handle even long and very thick curls. The special mode significantly increases the airflow and dries your head at a phenomenal speed. The cold-blowing function will help you secure the paving in the final stage.

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Lylux Cordless Hair Dryer

Use this hair dryer for soft, manageable curls in a matter of minutes. This device is convenient because it works without connecting to a power outlet or electricity.

It has a built-in powerful rechargeable battery, which is enough charge for several long hairstyles. It takes about an hour for a full charge, after which the hair dryer can be used again.

This hair dryer has no negative impact on the condition and structure of your hair. Thanks to the ideal temperature airflow, the curls are protected from damage and drying out. Even with constant use, they remain soft and pleasant to the touch.

The hair dryer comes with a stand, so you can store it anywhere. It can be used anywhere, including outdoors, on the train, or in the car.

The hair dryer is ideal for long trips, travel, outdoor recreation, and so on. It is quite compact and lightweight, so it does not take up much space.

At the same time, the hair dryer helps to create a perfect style and hairstyle. To do this, the kit also comes with a nozzle that can be used to give your hair a new shape.

There are several speeds, which are changed after pressing the button. You can do both hot and cold styling.

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Cordless Hair Dryer Wireless Blow Dryer

This battery-powered hair dryer will make styling much easier and faster. You won’t need an outlet to turn it on, so you can use it anywhere, even outdoors.

Once the battery runs out completely, the hair dryer needs to be put on charge. The hair dryer is made in a laconic and maximally pleasant design.

Besides, there is a stand for the hair dryer. Thanks to the stand, the hair dryer can be placed on a shelf or a table with cosmetics.

This way the hair dryer will not be scratched and will not get damaged, which makes it possible to use it for a long time.

Thanks to the small size of the hair dryer, it easily fits in small bags and cosmetic bags. It is easy to travel with it and go on trips to the countryside. A full battery charge will provide several styles, so it is ideal for those who travel frequently and go on business trips.

This hair dryer allows you to adjust the air temperature and speed. Also, the device does not affect the quality of hair and does not damage its structure. It provides quality styling, soft and silky curls even with regular use.

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FAQ for battery-powered hair dryers buyers:

Can a hairdryer catch fire?

The hair dryer and power cord can overheat and catch on fire, posing fire, burn, and electrical shock hazards. Consumers should immediately stop using the hairdryers and contact Xtava to receive a free replacement hair dryer.

Can a hairdryer electrocute you?

At first, they were pretty dangerous to use – hundreds of people were electrocuted when they dropped their hairdryer into water-filled sinks and bathtubs. You don’t run the risk of electrocution, since there’s no source of current, but you can certainly damage the hairdryer if all of its components get wet.

What does it mean when your dryer smells like it’s burning?

The burning smell from your dryer may be lint buildup or another common problem—such as a failing thermostat, motor, or belt. A burning smell from a dryer is cause for alarm but not full-on panic. The first thing to do is to unplug the dryer and remove the clothes from the drum.

Can I use a hairdryer on the inverter?

A hairdryer usually requires over 1200 watts (equivalent to 120 phones) and is powered by 120 or 240 volts AC at currents of 10 amps or more. Even most power inverters aren’t capable of supplying this power.