How to Run a Well Pump with a Portable Generator

In this following guide, we will tell you how to run a well pump with a portable generator.

Powering a downhole pump with a portable generator will be a little more difficult than if you used a conventional one, however, it is still possible. Any user is able to do this independently, without the help of a professional – no specialized skills are required here.

The complexity of such a recharging process lies in the fact that there are a great many models of portable generators and borehole pumps, and not all of them will be suitable for each other.

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First, you need to remember safety precautions, since any generator, even with low power, produces carbon monoxide vapors, which can lead to risky situations if the generator is positioned incorrectly.

It should be understood that if the size of your portable generator is noticeably smaller than the size of the borehole pump, in this case, it is better not to synchronize with them, as this can lead to an overload of one of the devices and release a risky amount of carbon monoxide vapor from the portable generator.

Also, it is worth remembering that a portable generator requires a direct connection to a borehole pump, but these two devices need to be located separately: a portable generator on the street (so that your house is not filled with carbon monoxide), and a connected pump can be installed at home.

Secondly, each user must follow step-by-step instructions in order to successfully power the borehole pump and at the same time not create risky situations.

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Step 1

Check the compatibility of the models of your portable generator and the downhole pump (portable generators are often available in downhole sizes and their power may not be enough to power the downhole pump).

How to Run a Well Pump with a Portable Generator1

Step 2

As soon as you make sure that the models of your generator and pump fit together, start the generator. Remember that the portable generator should be located outside the house, and the borehole pump should be inside.

How to Run a Well Pump with a Portable Generator2

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Step 3

Borehole pumps are usually equipped with a charging wire that is connected to an outlet. Pull the extension cord from the downhole pump to the portable generator.

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How to Run a Well Pump with a Portable Generator3

Step 4

Connect the borehole pump to the extension cord and make sure that the charging process has started. Immediately after the downhole pump is charged, disconnect it from the portable generator so that both devices do not overheat.

Most models of borehole pumps are equipped with instructions in which manufacturers indicate with which devices mono-cut borehole pumps. Before recharging, be sure to read the instructions.

Also, a large number of models of portable generators have instructions, which can also be found on the Internet. These instructions will help you find out the power of your portable generator and determine if they are compatible with the built-in pump.

In addition, on the Internet, you can type into the search bar specific models of your portable pump and well generator, and there find information about their compatibility.