How to Clean Portable Sauna (Infrared Sauna Cleaning)

A sauna is a piece of rather expensive equipment that requires special care. Here you can learn how to clean a portable sauna.

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Cleaning technique 1

While you are in the sauna and enjoying the relaxing atmosphere, of course, you are sweating. It is okay. However, this can cause problems for sauna equipment. Drops of sweat that fall on a bench, seat, or back can leave ugly traces.

Therefore, you should get towels or special pads that will protect all sauna surfaces from sweat getting on them. This way, your sauna will be in excellent condition for a long time.

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Cleaning technique 2

If you use the sauna every day, then take from one minute to five to carry out a quick and short cleaning.

Since people usually wash in the sauna and take bath procedures, it is quite natural that the skin comes into contact with various surfaces and leaves its traces. And not just the skin.

It is unavoidable that there will be a lot of hair, dead cells, and other human secretions in the sauna.

Use brushes to take away all the hair that was left in the sauna after bathing. If it’s too long for you, then take a vacuum cleaner. It will cope with cleaning faster and with less of your effort. But the sauna will be clean.

Even though the sauna is always humid, this place also needs wet cleaning. Rinse the surfaces regularly with water.

There is also a way of cleaning with baking soda. However, be careful because sometimes it can spoil an object more than it can clean it. In case of the wrong using of baking soda, there is a possibility of dark spots that will damage the appearance of your sauna.

Cleaning technique 3

A good place should have a good smell. However, it is better not to use air fresheners, which contain too many chemical elements. Choose an organic air refresher.

High-quality scented oils will also affect the atmosphere while you are taking a sauna. Choose your favorite scent. Lavender, woody scents, vanilla – this will be the perfect way to improve the smell and give it freshness.

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Cleaning technique 4

As you probably know, a sauna is a place with a high level of humidity. Various microbes and bacteria love humidity and heat, so the sauna is a kind of paradise for them.

To prevent the appearance of a terrible army of pathogenic microbes, it is necessary to carry out regular disinfection. Otherwise, the sauna will stop being useful for health and can become a farm of diseases.

Buy high-quality sanitizers with a high proportion of alcohol to keep your sauna bright and clean.

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Cleaning technique 5

It is important to understand that a sauna is not a kitchen or a dining room where you can have a banquet. This is a place to relax your body and bathe.

Therefore, it is best not to bring food there, otherwise garbage and dirt are inevitable. In addition, food forgotten in the sauna can cause a terrible smell, cockroaches, as well as appearance of mold.