How to Connect Portable Generator to a House

If you’re looking forward to buying a portable generator for an additional energy supply, then you have you consider 3 things:

How to Connect Portable Generator to a House1
  • Size
  • Type of generator
  • Quality

And in this guide, we will tell you how to connect a portable generator to a house.

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The most popular choice is the large model that generates 7200 watts.

For the process itself you will need:

  • generator interlock hardware
  • 220-240 breaker – the generator power is going to come into that, and into your breaker panel
  • weatherproof outdoor plug
  • 240-volt extension cord

You will need the electrician to install the circuit into the electric panel of your house.

Another essential thing before connecting your generator is that it should or must be placed outdoors. Don’t do this in a garage or a basement!

Then you will need a drill to make a hole in the wall of your house to put in the cord. If you’re not sure about the place, you better consult with an electrician.

How to Connect Portable Generator to a House1

Then install the power outlet on the wall. The socket must match the kind of power outlet. Then connect your cord to the plug and the generator. Then set mounting bolts into the bricks (not into the mortar!)

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How to Connect Portable Generator to a House2

The electrician will use a template to drill 3 holes to allow the interlock switch to be attached.

How to Connect Portable Generator to a House3

Another essential point is how to switch on the generator after you install it. You first need to switch off all the electricity in your house. Then turn off your main breaker. Then push the interlock up. Then you can turn on the generator.

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How to Connect Portable Generator to a House4

All in all, you see that connecting the portable generator to your house is not the thing that you can do completely on your own. You will need a help of an electrician, otherwise, it can be dangerous for your life. So follow the guide, and follow all the safety measures!

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F.A.Q. about portable generators

Can I use my Portable Generator indoors?

Never do that – it can kill you immediately. The exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a deadly poison gas you cannot see or smell.

Can a Portable Generator burn me or explode?

Yes, it can, especially if it runs on gas. Don’t overfill the tank, and watch after the engine, because when it’s overheated it can also cause an explosion. Always allow room for fuel expansion.

Does my Portable Generator need to be grounded?

Yes, it is highly recommended for each portable generator. In case it’s not grounded, electrocution can happen.

Is it safe to use a portable generator when it’s raining of snowing?

Absolutely not, try to stay away from it in bad weather conditions.

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