13 Best Portable Water Ionizers (Under $100, $200, $400)

As people grow more concerned about what they put into their bodies, they are turning to alkaline water ionizers to purify their water. But, these machines, pitchers, and bottles do more than remove impurities from water. They make tap water rich with antioxidants that help boost the immune system, fight the aging process, and make people feel more energized.

We have observed customer ratings and reviews to choose the best portable water ionizers. We also have included products in a variety of price ranges so that you can choose the one that is best for your household needs and budget. Ionized water affects your health in a good way, but remember about the air quality and use a portable dehumidifier.

Portable Water Ionizers Under $100

This is the biggest category we have highlighted. It includes water ionizers, which have basic characteristics and are of high quality, and there are quite a few. If you need such a model for personal use, you will definitely find a suitable one in this category.

ItemDimensionsWeightHydrogen СoncentrationCapacity

DQXY Hydrogen Water Generator

DQXY Hydrogen Water Generator

5.87 x 4 x 6.24 inches1.65 pounds


2000mlSee Best Price

ALES Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle

ALES Alkaline Water Bottle

10.43 x 4.21 x 3.42 inches1.71 pounds


260mlSee Best Price

OKACHI GLIYA Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle


2.76 x 2.76 x 9.65 inches1.32 pounds


350mlSee Best Price

N.P Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator

N.P Hydrogen Bottle Generator

10.7 x 4.4 x 3.9 inches1.85 pounds


360mlSee Best Price

SANRES Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator

SANRES Hydrogen Generator

8.78 x 2.64 x 2.64 inches1.63 pounds


400mlSee Best Price

i-Water Classic Portable 600 Alkaline Hydrogen Ionizer Bottle

i-Water Classic Ionizer Bottle

3 x 3.5 x 10 inches1 pound


600mlSee Best Price

SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup

SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup

11.61 x 8.15 x 4.02 inches1.43 pounds


360mlSee Best Price

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DQXY Hydrogen Water Generator

DQXY Hydrogen Water Generator This is one of the most stylish representatives of this rating. He deals with the conversion of standard tap water into an immune stimulant. In fact, the user begins to use a full mineralized antioxidant.

The most useful such water is for small children, who are less likely to get cold when consumed regularly. Also, the manufacturer assures that regular drinking water coming out of this device prevents the development of cancer.

Besides, its use improves skin tone, which is facilitated by the normalization of pH levels in the body. Like any other water ionizer, this specimen fights the acidification of the body.

It is known that increased acidity causes stress, dust, a sedentary lifestyle, increased consumption of not the most useful products, and unhealthy ecology around people. This device has the simplest possible construction.

Its body has a bright liquid crystal screen, the information on which is clearly visible in all conditions. This model also boasts touch screen control. The ionizer is capable of passing through itself up to three liters of water per minute. You can easily understand the operation by reading the instruction manual.

To put it crudely, all you have to do here is select the water ionization level. To do this, you need to let the device understand what exactly this water will be intended for. For example, it may be needed to drink medicine, to quench thirst, or to prepare on its basis some dish. All these modes are painted in the form of icons. There are also three graphs on the display. Perhaps, this is one of the best ionizers on the market.

See Best Price

ALES Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle

ALES Hydrogen Alkaline Water Bottle This system has no analogs at the moment. It includes not only the ionization of water but also its saturation with oxygen, there is also a function of magnetization. This allows you to get a quality and taste the pleasant product.

This will have a positive effect on the gastrointestinal tract and other important systems of the body. This device has found applications of the latest scientific technologies to produce water with high natural qualities. And they are much higher than even crystal-clear mountain springs.

No chemical compounds are used here. Water is magnetized by rotating a permanent magnet in the device. This results in a so-called magnetic vortex.

The result is a change in the molecular structure. When used regularly, such water allows not only to normalize and speed up metabolism but also to restore sleep and calm the nervous system.

The filtering and ionizing element itself looks like a cube equipped with holes and grooves, passing through which the liquid is saturated with oxygen. As users say in their feedback, the water that has passed through all the ionizer systems is much better in taste and other qualities than usual.

See Best Price

OKACHI GLIYA Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

OKACHI GLIYA Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle This is not the most expensive design in our review. The price is quite affordable for most users, largely due to the decent dimensions of the product, as well as the lack of liquid crystal display.

For all its other qualities, the product is not inferior to the models of the more expensive price category. The electrolysis chamber contains titanium plates. They are additionally covered with platinum by special technology.

The connection process is very simple and does not take much time or effort. An automatic cleaning system is provided in the design. Thanks to this product will be convenient in the process of operation and unpretentious. At the same time, the device can be cleaned in manual mode.

The ionizer has a built-in filter, which removes all water contaminants, and trace elements useful to the body are skipped. Changing the filter is quite simple.

The model is also equipped with a pre-filter. The basic configuration allows you to connect the ionizer to the tap, to cut into the pipeline will have to buy an extra nozzle.

See Best Price

N.P Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator

N.P Hydrogen Water Bottle GeneratorWith the help of this device, it is possible to get water with alkalinity indices from pH 8 to 9.8. This is achieved largely due to the presence of semiprecious minerals inside the containers of the product.

The assembly of the device is of high quality, and it is also very convenient to use. Inside the case, there are two containers – one is at the bottom of the glass, the second is removable, it contains all useful minerals.

The products fully comply with the declared characteristics. All processes take minimum time – pH 9.8 is reached after 8 minutes of the device operation.

The upper cover can be easily removed if necessary, screwed back very tightly, there is no slightest hint of leakage.

As the main material from which this device is made, stainless steel acts. For extra protection against oxidation, it is coated with titanium anhydride.

See Best Price

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SANRES Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator

SANRES Hydrogen Water Bottle GeneratorThis model is for both home use and for the preparation of ionized water during travel. Thanks to the device you can get products with an alkaline pH of 8.5. This water is characterized by very high antioxidant qualities.

The volume of the tank is quite large. If necessary, the product can be placed in the refrigerator for cooling. The lid is airtight and eliminates not only leaks but also the penetration of foreign smells.

One of the important features of the product is the material from which it is made. The ionizer is of titanium. It is an absolutely safe and environmentally friendly metal. It has all the necessary international quality certificates.

This model is unique because the ionization of water occurs without electrolysis. The purifying and ionizing filter contains coal, tourmaline, magnesium, and elvan. In such a cartridge there is the production of active hydrogen, as well as the suppression of reactive oxygen.

This method allows you to slow down or prevent the aging process. With the help of water thus ionized, it is possible to significantly reduce the level of acidity in the blood, reduce cholesterol levels, remove it from the arteries and smaller vessels.

It is also worth noting that the device does not need to be connected to the network, and the replaceable filter is enough for a whole year with active use.

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i-Water Classic Portable 600 Alkaline Hydrogen Ionizer Bottle

i-Water Classic Portable 600 Alkaline Hydrogen Ionizer BottleIn this design, water saturation with ions is carried out using standard electrolysis technology. For this purpose, the device has two cathodes and one anode.

The largest volume of alkaline water is quite enough for several people. It is desirable to use water as soon as possible, as it loses its useful characteristics within 12-14 hours. The design is quite compact in size.

Thus, it will easily fit into the interior of a cramped kitchen. The very process of filtration and ionization takes only about 20 minutes. To do this, just pour water into the container and plug the device into the socket.

It is worth noting that the product consumes the least electricity. The manufacturer does not recommend to allow the device to function without interruption for 40 minutes or even more. Doing so may cause the power supply to overheat. If used correctly, the unit may last for approximately 5-6 years with a year warranty from the manufacturer.

The liquid glass is ceramic, it will accumulate sludge, the harder the water, the more sludge will form. Accordingly, this bowl will have to be cleaned regularly from plaque.

This is done simply – immerse the element in ordinary table vinegar, and then rinse thoroughly. The product has the international quality and safety certificates. It comes with a fuse to protect against overheating and voltage spikes. In case of need, it is very easy to change it.

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SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup

SAIKUN Hydrogen Rich Water Cup It is the most compact model in our entire review of the best water ionizers. It can be carried with you all the time if you need it.

The case is of high-quality stainless steel. It is reliably protected from scratches and other physical influences. The inner flask is of tourmaline, the effect of which on water improves its quality.

A mineral filter is supplied with the product. It includes such elements as calcium and other natural plan materials saturated with negatively charged ions.

The lid is carefully screwed, has rubber gaskets, which reliably protect against leakage. If desired, the user may additionally purchase a special bag.

Users note that the alkalinity indexes rise to 8.5 pH – not very high, but quiet enough for eating. Water from this device gets a pleasant taste, all processes take a least of time. It takes only 20 minutes. It retains all its useful characteristics during the day.

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Portable Water Ionizers Under $200

This is a category that includes goods of the average value. They have all the necessary characteristics, and some models even have extra functionality. At the same time, their cost is not overstated. Besides, they are perfect for a couple or small family.

ItemDimensionsWeightHydrogen СoncentrationCapacity

GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker

GOSOIT Alkaline Water Maker

3.5 x 3.5 x 8.9 inches2.27 pounds


1000mlSee Best Price

H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water Generator

H2 USB MAXX Water Generator

2.5 x 2.5 x 11 inches1 pound


400mlSee Best Price

Davidlee Portable Hydrogen-Rich Generator

Davidlee Hydrogen-Rich Generator

11 x 4.4 x 3.6 inches1.5 pounds


380mlSee Best Price

GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water Maker

GOSOIT Hydrogen Alkaline Water MakerThis model is characterized by the possibility of manual change. There are many modes of automatic ionization and saturation with silver ions. The total volume of the tank is quite decent for this equipment. It works very fast, all volume is processed within a few minutes.

Today, this model is one of the most popular among the products of this production. The creators of the device recommend changing the removable filters approximately once every six months if the product is used continuously.

The ionizer has an automatic shutdown system, which the user will be informed about by a sound signal. Some users note that the filters fail quickly, simply bust in the middle.

As noted by the manufacturers, this is due to the hardness of the water. At the same time, it is recommended to use the water that has passed through the ionizer within 24 hours, as in the future it will lose its useful qualities.

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H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water Generator

H2 USB Sport MAXX Hydrogen Water GeneratorThis model has excellent antioxidant properties. The size of the device is small, and the product itself looks very attractive.

The case is of quality plastic with a matte finish. On it almost no dirt, fingerprints, etc. are visible.

The device is for active use by several people simultaneously. The model is designed so that it works perfectly with both hard and soft water.

It has a quality filtering system that completely removes all harmful substances from the composition. This includes the removal of foreign odors, impurities, dyes, metals, and similar compounds.

A micro pliers filter is supplied as standard. But, users can also purchase an improved ceramic version with a longer service life if necessary.

See Best Price

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Davidlee Portable Hydrogen-Rich Generator

Davidlee Portable Hydrogen-Rich GeneratorBoth alkaline and acid water as well as water saturated with silver ions can be obtained with this device.

There is a special electrode for the latter. According to the manufacturer, the anode electrode has a large number of different sprays. Due to this, it is possible to ensure a long period of operation of the device.

The product does not need to be connected to water supply – inside there are two chambers where water is poured and the device is connected to the network.

The electrodes are of titanium. The design comes with an electronic timer – the whole process of ionization and filtration takes about half an hour. The device will notify the user about the end of the process, but it will have to be switched off manually.

Both acid and alkaline water can be prepared at the same time – a special membrane is for this purpose.

Filters are supplied with the device, but in the future, these consumables will need to be purchased from the manufacturer. The body of the product is of quality plastic. All elements are reliably matched to each other, so there is not even the slightest hint of backlash or suspicious sounds.

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Portable Water Ionizers Under $400

This category includes the most expensive products of our review, but their cost is not overstated. This is confirmed by many customer testimonials. They have wide functionality and many extra features.

ItemDimensionsWeightHydrogen СoncentrationCapacity

Buder Portable Water Ionizer Maker Cup

Buder Water Ionizer Cup

3.21 x 2.68 x 9.45 inches1 pound

up to 900PPM

350mlSee Best Price

Le Angelique 2020 Hydra - Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

Le Angelique Hydra Bottle

9.02 x 8.62 x 2.99 inches1.31 pounds


600mlSee Best Price

Qlife Q-Cup Hydrogen Water Generator

Qlife Q-Cup Hydrogen Water Generator

11.73 x 4.17 x 4.02 inches1.5 pounds

up to 1200PPB

350mlSee Best Price

Buder Portable Water Ionizer Maker Cup

Buder Portable Water Ionizer Maker CupThis model has a wide arsenal of features. In contrast to the above examples, the device is able to prepare silver water.

The control panel is on the cover of the device. This ionizer is not afraid of power surges, wet hands, improper use of the glass, high and low mineralization of water, fall and retry.

The device has received more than a few modes of silvering and ionization. Despite this number, this model is still very easy to operate.

Also, the manufacturer has tried to reduce the number of keys to a minimum. As a result, most often the owner of this device will use the arrow keys.

For the production of the body used durable food plastic, absolutely does not emit harmful substances to the human body.

See Best Price

Le Angelique 2020 Hydra – Hydrogen Rich Water Bottle

Le Angelique 2020 Hydra - Hydrogen Rich Water BottleThis device is a stand for the container through which the water flows. At the bottom of the front panel, there is a digital display, indicating the selected mode of operation.

There are three keys to it. The first one is responsible for switching the device on and off. The second one allows you to change the mode of operation or the degree of ionization.

The third allows you to start and stop the process. In this case, water does not pass through the entire device, but through a special filter, accumulating in a transparent container. And already from this container, you can pour water into another desired container.

This device mineralizes and softens the water. It is purified by the magnetic method. The water you receive is very tasty and you can get used to it very quickly. It feels good that it becomes enriched with oxygen.

This water reduces plaque, removes sleepiness, and improves the mood. The whole process takes a few minutes. Note that the first time you turn on the device, it may give out blue water. This is what happens when the ionizer is developed. Run the water through it three or four times, after which the coloring effect will disappear. And only then you can start the full operation of the device.

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Qlife Q-Cup Hydrogen Water Generator

Qlife Q-Cup Hydrogen Water GeneratorThis design is in a body made of matte white plastic. Users have no claims to the assembly. They all claim that there are no backlashes, foreign creaks, or other defects.

All main controls are on the bottom of the product. This allows you to get simply filtered water, or water saturated with acids or alkalis. The concentrate will be useful for washing fruits and vegetables, watering indoor and agricultural plants.

There is also a volume control button. You can insert the device into a liter, two-liter or three-liter can. The bottom of the product is a set of electrodes.

They will fall directly into the water. Their active surfaces are hidden behind plastic pads so that the user does not accidentally damage them during operation.

Water should be poured into the can strictly to the level indicated in the instructions. The ionization of water takes a least of time – 10-12 seconds. The end of this process will be indicated by an appropriate sound signal. The water is additionally decontaminated with silver ions. They kill all the harmful bacteria and are good for the body.

See Best Price

FAQ for portable water ionizers buyers:

What does ionized water do to the body?

Drinking a bottle of alkaline water every other day won’t significantly affect your body. However, if you drink a gallon of alkaline water daily, your body has to work hard to maintain its pH and that means that over time, your body will produce more gastric juices and digestive enzymes.

Is ionized water really better for you?

Some studies suggest that alkaline water might help slow bone loss, but it’s not clear if the benefit is maintained over the long term. Some say that alkaline water can help prevent diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. However, there’s little credible evidence to support such claims.

Does ionized water kill bacteria?

Acidic ionized water is a natural disinfectant, it kills bacteria with its strong acidic pH.

Is ionized water the same as distilled water?

Distilled water and deionized water are both fit to drink, but deionized water is purer. Distilled water conducts electricity, whereas deionized water does not. This is critical in certain applications such as laboratory experiments.

Do water ionizers filter water?

Unlike distillers or reverse osmosis units, water ionizers don’t filter out soluble minerals. This means that you are not getting the purest water possible. After all, EPA recommends 0-50 TDS as Perfect Drinking water.

How long does ionized water stay ionized?

How long does alkaline ionized water stay ionized? The Antioxidant (hydroxyl ions) will last approximately 18-24 hours. The higher pH (alkaline properties) will last approximately 1-2 weeks. The smaller molecule cluster size will last approximately 1-3 months.

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