5 Best Portable Jukeboxes (Comparison & Reviews)

Jukeboxes are known and loved for its design and classic 50’s style. It will be a perfect gift for your sophisticated music lover friend, or yourself, while also being an exceptional addition to home interior.

Jukeboxes featured in this list combine the best of old, and the new by providing a range of wireless options such as Bluetooth, or AM/FM to enjoy the music. Such a device will make any party more cheerful, along with a portable beer pong table.

ItemDimensionsWeightSpeaker TypeMounting Type

Soundesign 3161C

5 x 3 x 7 inches1.3 pounds

Alarm clock

Table typeSee Best Price

Crosley CR1120A-SI

3.46 x 6 x 6.38 inches2 pounds

Full Range Speaker

Table TopSee Best Price


11 x 6.6 x 12.7 inches6.78 pounds

Built-in speaker

Not SpecifiedSee Best Price


12.5 x 8.75 x 18.5 inches4.41 pounds

Not Specified

Not SpecifiedSee Best Price


6.85 x 12.09 x 15.35 inches7.35 pounds


Not SpecifiedSee Best Price

Other than their widened functionality in comparison to old, classic jukeboxes, they have thought through designs to give a truly genuine and classic style listening experience via LED illuminating lights and quality speaker systems.

While providing a wide functionality, these jukeboxes have a portable design and weigh just enough to be handled by a single person, some being mini sizes that fit a palm on one hand. We recommend you to view all of the listed jukeboxes as each and every one of them Is different and choose the one that suits your tastes best.

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1. Soundesign Jukebox Alarm Clock with Songs and Melodies

sounddesign1Soundesign jukebox alarm is a great substitution to your regular alarm, while also being a mini classic jukebox. Wake up to your choice of alarm bells or songs. Other than the functionality, you will be pleased with its multi-color design and convenience in use.

Each song has its own play button you can choose one of the four featured legendary country songs: “Crazy”, “Red Dirt Road”, “Stand By Your Man”, and “Friends in Low Places”. You can also play any of the songs on their own, or a short, medium, or a long medley of all the hits, therefore widening the range of choice.

It also has high, low, and medium volume control. The cool, retro-u-shaped design with lighting tubes and six flashing, colored lights, the Country Music Legends Jukebox Alarm Clock is a perfect gift for a country music lover.

For full functionality of this Soundesign jukebox, you will need three AAA batteries (included in the package). This Jukebox alarm weighs just over one pound, and sizes 5 x 3 x 7 inches, and will nicely fit on your bedside table.

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2. Crosley Diner Mini Jukebox

crosley1This Diner Mini Jukebox is a Bluetooth tabletop FM radio that allows you to scan and listen to your favorite FM stations just like in the old days. It is designed as a scaled-down tribute to the original diner fixture standing 6 inches wide x 6.5 inches tall x 3.5 inches deep allowing you to hold it on the top of your palm.

The built-in Bluetooth receiver enables you to stream digital music from your phone to the full-range speaker. The vintage design includes flippable title cards and a red light on top that light up when The Diner Jukebox Radio is powered on.

The sidebar has a volume knob, Bluetooth pairing button, and a USB power. Sized to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand or on your desk at work, this mini-tribute packs a punch with Bluetooth and a built-in speaker. The built-in full-range stereo speaker is packed in a body smaller than the original but still provides a great sound.

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3. Victrola Nostalgic Wood Countertop Jukebox.

Victrola Nostalgic Wood jukebox is a classic 50’s, old-time diner-style Bluetooth jukebox with a built-in speaker. It allows you to wirelessly stream music from your Bluetooth enabled device from more than thirty feet away. In comparison to Crosley Diner Mini Jukebox, it has both Bluetooth and auxiliary output.

victrola1The retro color-changing LED light tubing in five bright colors makes it a complimentary item in any home interior. The FM radio offers twenty presents, while also featuring a 3.5 mm aux jack for use with non-Bluetooth devices.

Having small 11 x 6.6 x 12.7 inches dimensions, and a lightweight design of about seven pounds, this desktop Jukebox allows listeners to get that old-time diner-style wherever they want.

The bright, silver design has a volume mode, function modes (FM, AUX-IN, or Bluetooth), an LCD display, while the LED tube has an on/off button to turn the LED lights on or off. The FM mode can be pressed and held to pre-set stations manually or pressed once to select a pre-set station between 88 and 108 MHz.

An aux port is located at the back of the jukebox, where a light mode switch, and AC power cord can be found to plug it into a wall outlet. A light mode function allows you to choose between mixed-light mode and a single light mode.

The mixed-mode will slowly transition through the five LED colors, while single light mode will remain on the single color, therefore allowing the jukebox to be adjusted for the environment or event. Victrola Wood Countertop is powered through a 120V AC input.

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4. Pyle Bluetooth Jukebox Speaker System

Enjoy the best of the old, and the new, with the Pyle Retro jukebox speaker system. Pyle offers a classic style jukebox with modern technology built-in Bluetooth for wireless music streaming.

pyle1Similar to Victrola, the Pyle Jukebox has Bluetooth and auxiliary, but also offers USB and RCA outputs, giving you more convenience and breadth of choice for connection. The USB flash and SD memory card readers allow for instant music playback for MP3 digital audio files.

Pyle works with all of the favorite Bluetooth devices, i.e.: iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet, MP3 player, and more, and provides a Bluetooth wireless range of more than thirty feet as Victoria jukebox. The rear RCA (L/R) output connector jacks enable you to connect additional external devices.

Pyle allows us to connect even more devices via the 3.5 mm AUX input jack or simply turn on the FM/AM radio and relax. The FM/AM radio jukebox also has built-in stereo speakers and illuminating lights LCD digital display panel.

Enjoy illuminating lights around the frame of the jukebox for a truly genuine and classic style experience. The construction takes 12.5 x 8.75 x 18.5 inches of space, being slightly bigger than other jukebox models in the list, but is still lightweight and portable weighing just over four pounds.

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5. ION Bluetooth Jukebox Speaker

ion1ION retro jukebox speaker is constructed as a wooden cabinet with illuminated retro-styled multi-color trim. It allows you to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player, phone, tablet, or computer, while an integrated USB port lets you charge your smartphone or tablet, making this jukebox speaker super convenient.

1/8 inch input allows connecting other phones and music players. The price is reasoned due to the high-quality, room-filling stereo speakers that deliver rich, full-bodied acoustics to give you a genuine and unforgettable experience together with retro-styled illumination trim that changed colors when powered on.

To clear out, this is the only jukebox with a stereo speaker, as others offer just a classic speaker system. In addition, it has an iPad holder for extra convenience during Bluetooth connections. So far, this is the heaviest jukebox from the list, weighing slightly over seven pounds, but is still lightweight enough to be portable.

Jukebox Bluetooth from ION is a fantastic sound system that will take just 6.85 x 12.09 x 15.35 inches of space on your desktop or living room providing timeless style and great sound to make every song a classic.

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FAQ for portable jukebox buyers

1. Do these Jukebox work with a coin or bill acceptor?

The jukeboxes featured in this list are not classic jukeboxes. They play music via Bluetooth, AUX connections, and some offer AM/FM radio. Therefore none of these five have a coin acceptor and only have an on/off button.

2. Can I select records to play?

If you mean playing songs listed in the flip panel cards, only Soundesign Jukebox Alarm provides such a feature. Other products have the flips to show only and play songs from your phone, tablet, or radio.

3. How is it powered?

All jukeboxes are powered via an electric cord, except Soundesign Jukebox Alarm that comes with included three AAA batteries.

4. How do I turn on and off the LED lightings?

The LED lights on the jukebox turn on and off with the jukebox. However, some manufacturers allow switching the colors, and brightness of the lights. In most products, LED lights can be switched off manually.

5. Can I make a jukebox playlist?

As these are Bluetooth jukebox, you cannot make a playlist on it. However, you can always make a playlist of songs on your device that will then be played on the jukebox in the order you have placed them on your phone, iPad, or tablet.

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