10 Best Portable Dog Baths (Comparison & Reviews)

Dogs are majestic creatures. They’re our most loyal companions, they bring joy and fun to our lives. However, owning a dog requires a higher responsibility. Among all the pets, the dog is probably the most difficult one to take care of it. If you decided to get yourself this furry friend be ready that you will need lots of additional tools.

For example, you will need special crates, fences, and especially a bath for your dog – mostly for bigger breeds. They love to run everywhere and roll in the dirt. It can happen that after a short walk your dog looks like a bunch of mugs. But the portable bath makes it really easier – with this item you can wash your dog everywhere (even if it doesn’t like bath that much).

Best Portable Baths for Smaller Dogs



12 x 9 x 2 inches3.25 Pounds

Not Specified

premium PVC & MDFSee Best Price


9.09 x 7.36 x 5.03 inches2.66 Pounds32 inches in diameter and 8 inches deep

waterproof nylon

See Best Price


12.72 x 12.36 x 4.02 inches5.09 Pounds32 Inch x 8 Inch

waterproof nylon cloth

See Best Price


13.11 x 12.76 x 4.92 inches15.5 Ib63x11.8inches

High-grade industrial strength PVC material

See Best Price

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1. Juegoal Fold Dog Pool Foldable Baby Dog Pet Bath

juegoal2If you’re looking for a simple option and don’t want anything extra fancy for your dog, then this bath is a nice choice to go for. Of course, even judging by its price you could tell that this item is not the best one in terms of durability and reliability, but it is a great simple and easy tool for serving the purpose that it has.

You can easily use it during the summertime in the backyard. The bath folds up and assembles easily. The item comes in 3 different sizes, so you can simply choose one that is suitable for your dog – the bigger the bath is, the bigger the price.

And even though it might sound a little bit strange, but you can use this bath both for dogs and toddlers – since it is not that deep, it is completely safe for everyone. What is more, it has a non-slip bottom – an additional safety measure. For smaller dogs, choose the smallest size of this bath.

The dog bathing pool can be folded into a small portable size, easy to store and carry around. You can take it with you if you, for example, going to visit your friend’s pool party or something like that. Or you can even take it with you if you’re traveling.

Another unusual usage of this pool is using it as the fish pound or just a decorative pond in your garden. Considering the latter, you can first dig the raw for the pool and then place the pool into it so it would look like a real pound, you know.


After showering your dog, just open a sealed drain to empty water. And it is better to dry out the pool before folding it up – this way you will avoid the emerging of the mold on it and nasty smell. You don’t want next time your dog smelling like mold, right?

The pool is made of plastic – you will need no pump when you want to assemble it again – it can be assembled literally in 2 minutes. After the bath, just open the drainage valve to let the water drain and dry out, then fold it up.

The only thing you should be concerned about with this item is that you don’t let your dog bite it – it can easily make a hole and then the water will sink in.

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2. Generic Portable Dog Pool/Folding tub

The main advantage of this item is that it comes in 4 sizes – thus it will be suitable for any dog, starting from the Dog breed ending with the Yorkshire. Just like the previous item, this one is also super easy to fold up and assembly – you won’t need a pump and long hours of pumping the air, just take the pool out, unfold it and it will get its shape automatically.

generic1However, it is fair enough to add, that this item is more reliable than the previous one. Durable foldable panels are made of waterproof nylon cloth to prevent leaks. Made out of the top-quality plastic, this bath will bring the SPA effect to the bathing of your favorite pet.

When it’s time to clean the pool or fold it up, you need to easily unscrew the cover drain pipe to empty, and quickly pour water. What is more, this pool is made out of eco-friendly materials so it’s fine for cats, dogs, and everyone’s around. Moreover, the manufacturer provides a guarantee for the product – such a pleasant surprise for a budget item.

By the way, this bath/pool is also good for the fact you can use it not only in your backyard but in your apartment as well. Because of the diversity of sizes, you can choose the more compact one and let your dog enjoy the bath even in the city.

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3. NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool

Nhiles1 One more alternative to the pools above – a bath from NHILES. It comes in 3 sizes and it is suitable for bigger dogs. And just like previous cases, the assembly is feasible here – you just take it out of the box and the construction pops up on its own.

The item is made out of plastic and the barrels are made out of the soft plastic which is easy to fold up. And foldable panels made of waterproof nylon cloth keep from leaking. Cool-down material gives your pet a fantastic spa experience.

Plus, the pool is easy to drain – you can see it on the picture that there is a special lid that you can unscrew and drain the water out before cleaning and drying the bath. By the way, the fact that this pool is made of the top quality eco-friendly materials means it is vulnerable to damage, especially scratching.


Don’t forget to cut the nails of your dog before placing it inside, especially if you have a big dog. And just like in the case with the bath from Juegoal, you can use this pool not only for your of but also for your kids during the summertime – it is completely safe.

Because this bath has the thicker walls, it is more long-lasting, even though the price for it is not that higher than for the 2 items we had on this list before. So if you want a qualitative dog bath that will serve you a good time and at the same time you don’t want to invest that much into it – this is the choice for you.

For the better convenience of usage, it is recommended to acquire a portable shower for your god as well.

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4. Scurrty Foldable Dog Pet Bath

scrutty1 Apart from the cute name this item is excellent in all aspects. It is reliable, safe, sturdy, and easily foldable. First of all, it is made of the high-grade industrial strength PVC material, built-in 0.45cm thick high-density fiberboard. There is no need for inflation, just take that out of the box and assemble.

Once again, this dog bath has a non-slip bottom – so it is safe both for the pet the owner who is going to stand in the bath while washing the dog. You don’t want to fall into the dirty waters, right?

By the way, for such a high quality and thick pool, it weights comparatively light, so it is easy to relocate it at any time – for example, you can place it in your backyard, and when the rain starts, you can swiftly move it under the roof so the bath isn’t overflooded.


However, the one thing you should be extremely careful with this item is that you need to take care of the nails of your pet before letting it into the bath and cut them down. There are lots of cases when sharp nails cut the bottom of this particular pool and then all the water drained.

The advantage of this item is its size. Even though it comes just in one size, it is a medium one that will be suitable both for medium and large dogs. You can use this bath for tiny dogs as well, however in this case watch out the pool is filled with water only at 1/3.

The item is easily foldable. Scrutty pool is a great solution for the hot summers – this way you can always have a pool with cool water in your backyard.

The pool is made out of eco-friendly materials so it is great for the whole family usage. You can use it for bathing of toddlers as well. The drainage valve on the side allows the quick leakage of water so folding it up won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

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Best Portable Baths for Big Dogs



15.2 x 13.6 x 6.3 inches13.3 Pounds

3 Large Dogs + 2 Kids

Durable Thicker PVC Material & Deep Textured Nonslip BottomSee Best Price


13.86 x 12.05 x 3.54 inches8 Pounds47.2x 11.8Inch

PVC and Fiberboard

See Best Price


12.87 x 10.83 x 4.37 inches6.05 Pounds120cm(47.2in) in diameter, 30cm(8in) in height

EN71,ASTM standard

See Best Price

5. Nbrand Blue Foldable Dog Pet Bath Pool

scrutty1This bathing tub is already bigger in size than the previous one. It is also foldable and it has higher walls. Its other advantage is that it can be folded up into a very small size so it is extremely easy to carry around. It is not only easy for you to take out, but also space-saving for storage at home.

The pool is made out of eco-friendly top-quality materials, so it feels really lightweight, but it is quite sturdy and reliable. Moreover, here you don’t have to worry that the bottom is going to be scratched because it is made out of thick materials. Still, if your pet has claws on the paws, it is recommended to cut them down.

Moreover, the item itself is versatile and just like all the pools of this type, can be used in a variety of ways: for bathing dogs, for kids to swim, for summer fun for the whole family, like a fish pound, as a regular pound, and this is not even it, since we don’t mention its storing purposes.

The draining pump provides easy leakage of the water. In general, it is fair enough to note that this item is not that popular on Amazon yet, so by buying it you might discover some other advantages or disadvantages. But from the first sight, it looks very promising.

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6. Gimars Not Collapsing Dog Bath Pool

gimars1 Are you ready to have the real fun? It is the hot summer outside and you’re looking for a way to cool down? Do you have a dog? And maybe, not just a dog but a huge family/group of friends? Then it is a perfect idea to get this pool and make a party. This pool is truly large and it will be not just a great dog bath, but a fun tool for everyone.

You can wash your dog there and you can just chill in this pool together with your pet. Moreover, you can install it in your backyard and leave it like this, so the dog runs around it, in it whenever it wants – let it become the natural habitat and new exciting toy.

Just like all decent dog baths, this one also has a non-slipping bottom so feel free to jump, run, play and do all the activities in this pool – it is totally injury-proof even for toddlers. The height of it is not that great, but it is not recommended for the small breeds of dogs.

The item is made of 0.45 mm 6P environmental PVC material. In total, the bath is big enough to git in 3 large dogs or 2 kids – so it is a perfect option for the summer house. The important tip is to fill this bath at 2/3 in case you don’t want the water to spill out. This tip is even more significant if you’re going to wash your dog in here.


Just fill in the water, your pup will happily splash around for hours and hours of fun. The pool comes with a secure plug, that is extremely easy to unscrew, even though the grip of it is really tight – so no leakage is expected.

The drainage hole can quickly drain and refresh the water. Let the pool dry before storing, the sides walls try to fold vertically like an accordion. By the way, one feature that distinguishes this item from the rest is that it comes already folded – if you were planning to carry it through all the town, we must disappoint you here.

However, the advantage of this pool is you won’t have to waste your time assembling it, though this type of shape may cause some difficulties for storage.

Don’t buy this item for an apartment in a big city – it is a perfect bath for a private house with a large garage. And, to be honest, this is not the best decision to buy this particular bath if you just have one dog, not 2 or 3.

And just like in the case with the generic pool, you should cut the nails of your dog before you let it into the pool – the fabric is pretty vulnerable here too.

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7. Wodwild Foldable Dog Pool

From this list, you could have probably noticed that the main disadvantage of dog baths is they come in only one color – where is the diversity? Finally, here we have something in an alternative color, however, this particular item also comes only in one variant – red.

redswim1Apart from the color, this item is also remarkable for its size and reliability. It is large enough to fit 3 big dogs or 2 kids. So you can swim there together with your dog during the summer days – and this pool can store a huge amount of water!

And just like all the decent pools we review before, this one is also easily foldable and it is assembled in the exact same way as the products coming before it. In order to get rid of the water inside that pool when it needs cleaning or you want to remove it, just unscrew the drainage lid and let the water sink in.

One unusual usage of this pool is that you can take it with you for example, to a river or a sea and sit in it during swimming. It can carry 2 kids or a kid and a dog so using it as a boat is quite possible – just make sure you don’t lose control of directions.

Concerning the bathing aspect – you can basically bathe a dog of any size here. The only thing you need to keep in mind, in this case, the level of water should be absolutely safe for your dog (you don’t want any incidents, right?).

What is more, do not use it on sharp stones or on sharp objects, because of the weight of filling water, it will damage it if operated for a long time. Plus, don’t try to lift the pool when there is water inside – you will damage the item so it is not recoverable. It would be also mentioned that the vinyl bottom o this pool is not thick enough – unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t overlook this aspect.

And by the way, another little disadvantage of this item is the smell of the rubber – keep that in mind especially if you’re going to buy this pool for the apartment. The best option here is to keep it outdoors.

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Best Portable Luxe Baths for Dogs



35.5 x 21.6 x 35.5 inches13.8 Pounds

up to 40 pounds

marine grade PVCSee Best Price

Flying Pig

19.25 x 37.25 x 35.25 inches20.2 Pounds150 pounds

 heavy duty plastic

See Best Price

Flying Pig

26 x 38 x 57 inches80 Pounds190 pounds

16 gauge 304 stainless steel

See Best Price

8. Furesh Elevated Folding Dog Bath Tub

furesh1 If you want to bring to your pet the ultimate luxury SPA experience, look no further than this bath. It is available not in all the colors and despite its high price, it is almost always sold out. This bathtub is suitable for small breeds of dogs only and it is standing on high feet.

Honestly, even humans could get jealous of this fine design for gods – from the outside, the bath is framed with the patterned fabric, and all the exterior details are made in one elegant style. Moreover, this item is super comfy in usage for the following reasons:

  1. It provides the 360 degrees access to your pet
  2. It is standing at the same level as your hands are so you won’t have to get down hurting your back in order to wash your pet
  3. The water is conveniently drained into the bucket or to the hose if you unscrew the lib at the bottom of the tub

What is more, nothing stops you from draining the water out of the bathtub, cover your pet in a towel, and make all the grooming procedures in the same tub. The height of the item is 36 inches. Two side pockets store shampoo and other bathing or grooming essentials within easy reach.


However, as it was said before, use this item for small pets only – up to 40 pounds, if you don’t want to break this construction. The basin is made of marine-grade PVC, and it is extremely lightweight and easy to carry around.

And, the best feature of this particular bath that makes it stand out from all the other previous items – it is resistant to the scratches of pet’s nails, so you can safely place dogs and cats in there even if their nails aren’t cut.

The frame is made of stainless aluminum tubing and weighs less than 11 lbs total, yet supports more than 150 lbs together with the water and remains steady and safe during bathing and grooming. Plus, it comes in a package with a high chair/hanger, where you can put the towels and accessories of your dog while you’re washing it.

Another convenient feature of this Furesh Bath Tub is that the legs of the item are foldable – it will take you around 5 minutes to assembly the whole construction and otherwise. By the way, there are even special belts that can hold the collar of your dog while you’re washing it. The bathtub comes in 2 colors – grey and blue.

See Best Price

9. Flying Pig Portable Bath Tub

flyingpig1Another fancy bathtub for your dog that is similar to Furesh. Overall, it more a simple design and fewer elements in its construction, however, it is made out of better materials. The bathtub has a capacity of 150 pounds max. Because it is made out of lightweight high-end materials, it is sturdy and lightweight at the same time.

This aspect allows you to move this tun from place to place easily. By the way, the cool feature here is that you can regulate the height of this item using the leverages in the legs. They are not foldable, but it is compensated by the fact you can regulate the height of this item.

Another essential fact here is that if the previous bathtub by Furesh was suitable for small dogs only, this one can fit in bigger dogs, for example, a Dalmatian or Labrador. The item comes in two colors – white and blue.

And once again, because it is lifted at the level of your hands, it saves your back from the additional tension while bathing your dog. The drainage system is made just like in the real bath – but make sure you have an object for the water to sink in. What is more, this bathtub is just perfect to use together with a portable shower.

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10. Flying Pig Grooming 38″ Stainless Steel Dog Pet Bathing Tub

flyingpig2And for those who want to go all fancy for their dogs or maybe for those who work as the pet groomer – this bathtub is an absolute leader on the market. It doesn’t look that aesthetic and easy to handle as the two previous bathtubs, but that’s wasn’t meant to be its advantage.

Its remarkable feature is its functionality. Here you can wash, groom and clean basically the dog of any size (not taking into consideration super large dogs of course). If you’re truly ready to invest in a top-level portable bathtub then go for this item.

It is made of steel, so its bottom is scratch-resistant. The legs are made of stainless steel as well, and here you can regular their height as well. Another advantage of these models is that it comes with a faucet and hose, a sprayer and a hose, a shampoo rack, restraint eyelets, and a green rubber floor mat.

Plus, the backsplash and side splashes can be removed for greater versatility and feature waterproof seals when it is assembled for normal use.

The item can hold a capacity of 190 pounds weight max. Just before buying, keep in mind, that this particular bath is much heavier and bigger than all the listed items in this article and you will probably need additional transportation means when you want to move it from place to place.

Obviously, you can’t travel with this bathtub. An interesting thing that despite the fact that this item is heavy and has a higher price – it is also often sold out.

See Best Price

FAQ for portable dog baths buyers

1. Are the big bathtubs safe for smaller dogs? 

It depends on the level of water that you put inside the bathtub. Of course, if you’re going to fill in the huge pool with a 50-inch water level, it can be dangerous for your tiny dog.

2. Can I use the spray hose in the bathtub/pool? 

For sure, it is even recommended.

3. How wide apart are the legs and will the regular bathtub for dogs fit into an average size bathtub?

Usually, there is no problem to place such a bathtub in a medium-size apartment. However, if you live in an extra small place this is the reason to think twice. A bathtub would easily fit into a medium-size tub.

It is better to keep it outside the tub, right next to it as the drainage hose is long enough to extend into the bathtub. We use the extended spray attachment on the shower to wash/rinse the dog. This is a very comfortable height and saves a lot of stress on your knees and back.

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