13 Best Portable Drill Presses (Comparison & Reviews)

It is not always possible to solve the drilling problem with a drill. You need to hold the tool and the workpiece at the same time, which affects the accuracy of the work. To eliminate this shortcoming will help you to use a drill press. With its help, you can make various holes, increase their size, threading, and perform other operations. If you use a drill press outdoors, you may also need a portable generator.

Here we have collected for you the best portable drill press, which not only perfectly performs their work, but also have a fairly compact size, which allows them to be easily transported.

This item has the best price and quality:

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Milescraft 1318

Milescraft 1318

With the Milescraft DrillMate portable drill stand, you can drill straight holes, angled holes, on the edge of a board or even round stock.

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Milescraft 1318

Milescraft 1318 This portable drill press has the most attractive price in the budget category. But, the quality of workmanship and the materials it is of corresponding to more expensive equipment.

The work surface has a vise for fixing parts. The chuck spindle stroke is enough for most drilling jobs.

Despite the rather modest power of the asynchronous motor, the machine can maintain a high speed.

There are 5 speeds available, which are determined by the belt position. Made of metal, this reliable and inexpensive drill press is deservedly in demand. It is considered the most attractive tool for the home.

This model is suitable for boring and countersinking of various parts. It can make both through holes and blind holes. This option is notable for its reliability.

You can select the drilling depth on the handle of the device. Mount the machine on a workbench to make it easier and more comfortable to use.

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Wolfcraft 4525404

Wolfcraft 4525404This model has universal qualities. It allows you to drill, countersink, and drill holes in different materials. An experienced operator can perform the most complex work by changing the speed modes.

The device looks stylish, which allows you to use it for home or garage. Lightweight allows the owner to move this device to the most convenient place.

With the adjustable base, you can speed up drilling and create a comfortable working environment.

The main advantages of this model are the affordable price, versatility, and mobility. Due to its spectacular appearance, it will fit into the interior of the home workshop or garage.

This option is on the table, is compact and relatively low cost. The safe and reliable device that has a laser sight, vice, and protective glass.

This machine is quite often chosen for home use or a small production. It drills neatly and easily withstands even heavy loads and is able to keep working at high speeds for a long time. It protects the craftsman from flying chips thanks to its protective cover.

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VEVOR Magnetic Drill Press 1100W

The electric magnetic drill was created for fast and precise work. It can be used in industrial production and steel shops.

550 rpm will give you an excellent performance. Can only be used with a full tip. Coolant reservoir and pin are also included.

The power output is 12,000 N. The solid base makes the body sturdy during operation and prevents unnecessary movement.

There are thermoregulation holes that keep dust particles out. The handle has an anti-slip surface. The control panel is simple and easy to use.

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WEN 4208

WEN 4208It is a powerful and convenient machine, which you can use at home and in small production.

The model is quite popular due to the fact that it allows you to work with different materials, even with steel.

This device can cope with almost any materials. In general, it is to work with large parts. You can adjust spindle retraction. There are only 5 speeds.

This model stands out for its high drilling accuracy. Using a properly sharpened drill, it is possible to get a neat hole.

Thanks to these properties and affordable prices, this drill press is not only a great option for home or garage. It is also suitable as a professional tool. The device copes with the processing of materials such as metal, wood, plastic.

The manufacturer has provided protection for the operator from chips. It is a transparent shield. Thanks to the vise are able to securely fix the workpiece. The ergonomic handle allows a smooth feed.

Buyers highlight such advantages as high precision and precision processing.

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VEVOR Magnetic Drill Press with 1-1/3 inch Boring Diameter

The magnetic electric drill bit is a handy tool to work with. It attaches to metal with a magnet and does not move from the set position.

It ensures reliability, safety, and long life. A double aluminum dovetail rail is used.

The rocker-type lifting bar with an anti-slip function allows fast operation and less energy consumption.

The anatomically shaped handle does not tire the hand of the craftsman. The tool is used for work in steel construction, machine building, shipbuilding, bridge construction, power plants, and railroad construction.

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Mophorn 1200W Magnetic Drill Press

Mophorn 1200W Magnetic Drill PressIt is a simple and reliable desktop model, which will be the optimal solution for your garage. It is well protected, capable of generating high speed, and easy to use.

The proper level of protection for the master is ensured by the presence of protective glass.

The model also has a vise and allows you to tilt your desk. This makes it easy to drill a hole in almost any workpiece. By the way, you can use the machine for polishing engraving.

This model has a wide range of possibilities for processing blanks from different materials. Thanks to the speed change you can choose the optimal combination of speed and feed.

Easy to work provides a rigid frame, while the machine is quite light and mobile. The manufacturer has taken care of the operator’s safety at work.

There is a transparent screen to protect against chips. You can fix the working table at different angles. It expands the capabilities of the unit.

Customers agree in their feedback that this drilling machine is an excellent option to equip their home workshop or garage. It combines power and quiet running.

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VEVOR 750w Magnetic Drill Press

This is an excellent portable magnetic drill. The power of this drill is 750 W which makes it possible to drill with hard materials.

The thermal management system prevents overheating and prolongs the tool’s lifetime. All outlets have anti-dust protection.

A stable iron base secures the drill during operation, preventing unnecessary movements. The ability to adjust the drilling speed will keep the drill in satisfactory condition for a long time.

Handles are covered with anti-slip rubber, making them easy to use and carry. The drill is already widely used in applications such as drilling, power plant and railroad construction, and shipbuilding.

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Hougen HMD904

Hougen HMD904 It is a compact model, perfect for use in a small workshop or garage. It has a vise and is very inexpensive.

The unit perfectly copes with metal, plastic, and, of course, wooden parts. Besides, it knows how to boring, drilling, and countersink blanks.

Buyers note that this is a good and even beautiful machine. Thus, it can be considered functional and convenient.

This device allows making precise and safe holes in different materials.

Despite not being the most powerful engine, the 5-speed belt drive provides fast chuck rotation.

The presence of a locking device that limits the depth of the drill dive. As well as laser marking provides high accuracy of work.

A distinctive feature is also the ability to adjust the spindle play. Usually, this feature is present in professional equipment. This together with the laser sight and LED backlighting allows you to work with high accuracy.

With this device, it is possible to perform countersinking or metal milling. You can also perform grinding and polishing works. This wide functionality makes this model the best choice not only for garages or home workshops but also for service centers.

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ANQIDI Electric Bench Drill Press

The electric bench press drill is versatile. It is used to drill or expand metal or other materials.

The drill is applicable in mechanical engineering, instrumentation, and mass and retail production of parts.

The power of the drill is 480 watts. Drilling diameters range from one to ten millimeters. Despite its portable size, the drill is sure to get the job done.

The motor design is built to last. It can operate with imported bearings and at high temperatures.

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WEN 4214

WEN 4214This good press is compact and suitable for use in small rooms.

The model comes with a protective glass. It has a complete vise and allows you to tilt your desk at the right angle for comfortable work.

The motor does not need frequent maintenance throughout its entire life. As buyers say, it is a compact and easy to use model. It is perfectly suited to perform simple work.

A simple change of the depth of the drill is on a scale located at the front of the equipment.

The spindle has almost no backlash. Thanks to the bearings and V-belt transmission the accuracy of work is at a high level. The motor is protected against overloads.

Moreover, it is able to work effectively without interruption for quite a long time. The high quality of performance and the optimal price range make this model of the machine a rational choice.

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Mini Electric Bench Drill Press

A high-quality portable drill is a sought-after tool. Its design is durable and resistant to cold and hot temperatures, moisture, corrosion, and rust.

The tool works accurately and is used for machining wood, iron, plastic, aluminum, and so on. Softer materials are preferred.

The instrument is easy to use. It combines simplicity and efficiency.

The motor works economically and makes little noise.

The drill is adjustable: set the tightness and accuracy with a special knob.

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Milescraft 1097 ToolStand

Milescraft 1097 ToolStandThis is one of the best vertical type machines. This model allows the production of high-precision holes.

You can adjust the speed through a convenient digital controller. There is a stabilization system that allows the machine to maintain a high speed for a long time. There is also a laser marker to ease the work.

This is one of the most popular models on the market. It is suitable not only for home use but also for use in a small production workshop.

The high quality allows you not to worry about the serviceability of the device for a long time. The model allows you to do many jobs with jewelry accuracy. This device has only two speeds.

This press has a variable speed change. This makes it possible to set this parameter as precisely as possible according to the task at hand.

The rotary mechanism adjusts the tilt of the worktable surface to 45° to the left or right side. Spindle immersion depth limitation allows for non-drilling of the set value.

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FETCOI 340W 110V

The portable drill is easy to use. It weighs about 5 kilos. Its operation is stable and optimized: the speed is high and the noise effects are low.

According to reviews, the device rarely needs repairs, and it serves for many years.

During work, the tool does not create unnecessary movements thanks to the dive stand. It allows you to carry out all manipulations with high accuracy.

It is possible to adjust the speed with a special switch. Main applications: plastic, aluminum, resins, and other non-corrosive materials.

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FAQ for portable drill presses buyers:

Do drill presses need to be guarded?

With a drill press, the operator must be protected from the rotating chuck and swarf that is produced by the drill bit. Specially designed shields can be attached to the quill and used to protect this area.

Should you wear gloves when using a drill press?

Do not wear gloves, rings, watches, or bracelets while working with a drill press. You should not set speeds, adjust, or measure work until the machine is completely stopped. Do not force the drill with extra pressure.

What is the main purpose of the drill press?

Drilling machines, or drill presses, are primarily used to drill or enlarge a cylindrical hole in a workpiece or part. The chief operation performed on the drill press is drilling, but other possible operations include: reaming, countersinking, counterboring, and tapping.

Can you use regular drill bits in a drill press?

If by hand drill you mean an electric drill held in the hand then yes, such drill bits should be ok in a drill press. These bits have a very aggressive twist and would not be suitable for use in a drill press, mainly because they would tend to grab the work.

What do the numbers on a drill mean?

In simple words, the numbers on your drill refer to how much torque will be applied to a fastener such as a screw. Once that particular torque level is reached, the power drill will stop driving the fastener or turning at all.