8 Best Portable Closets (Under $40, $80)

A portable wardrobe is a perfect assistance to gather your numerous clothing items together. Do not have enough space for storing your things? A portable closet will take care of it.

This is the best option to keep your clothes clean and safe and protect from unpleasant odors, damages of dirt and dust. For this option, portable washing machines will also help you. You can easily store your portable closets anywhere – in bedrooms, living rooms, or even bathrooms.

There is a great number of different models and brands of high-grade portable wardrobes, but how can a person pick the best one? In the article, you can read about the top-8 portable closets, and opt for such a model, which is the most suitable for you.

Best Portable Closets Under $40

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialsAssembly Required

Whitmor Compact Clothes Closet

15.75 x 34.25 x 42 inches2.35 pounds


NoSee Best Price


34.6 x 17.7 x 66.14 inches7.92 poundsIron, Non-woven Fabric, PP


See Best Price


23.6 x 11 x 3.3 inches5.74 poundsnon-woven fabric, steel pipe and PP connector


See Best Price


19.75 x 36 x 64 inches8.2 PoundsIron


See Best Price

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1. Whitmor Compact Clothes Closet

whitmor1 This portable wardrobe is easy and quick to assemble. Compatible with any spaces – home use, workplaces, and dormitory. It is extremely lightweight – only 2,35 pounds. Classic design, comfort, and cheap price! Organize your clothing items in the most convenient way. Incorporated shelves help to sort your things.

The manufacturer stands firmly behind the product quality and its durability. The stable metal frame provides safety and long-lasting use. The breathable fabric ensures easy maintenance and cleaning.  This model enables you to hold your clothing items safe and sound. Protects from the harm of dust and dirt settling.

Keep your clothes and accessories neat and clean all the time without effort! Easily shifts from a bedroom to a guest room. Find the best place to keep your portable closet and put all the necessary things in it. Ideal mobility! The basic model complements the interior of your room.

Compact, spacious, and easy to use. Searching for a better option for a portable wardrobe? Order this model as soon as possible – it will totally suit you.

Key features:

• Removable roll-up cover
• Highly lightweight
• Easy assembling
• Included 5 shelves and the garment rod
• Durable metal frame and breathable fabric
• Easy to move
• Great load capacity

See Best Price

2. SONGMICS 34 Inch Portable Clothes Closet

songmics1SONGMICS 34 Inch Portable Clothes Closet is a multifunctional and basic model, which fits anywhere – home use, dormitory, and even workplaces. Ideal load capacity – holds up to 50 pounds. Store your clothes in peace of mind!

You decide what is best for you. This portable closet offers you four assembly options – install it according to your wishes. Put anything you want in this portable wardrobe – dresses, shoes, accessories, or even outer clothing. Provided comfort!

Take it anywhere you want. It is extremely lightweight and easy to carry. Do not worry about wasting time and effort on installation – it will take only a few minutes. Breathe new life into your bedroom or office place! The manufacturer provides high-quality materials and satisfies the customer’s needs.

The waterproof non-woven fabric keeps your clothing items safe and clean, protecting from dirt, mold, dust, and insects. Durable construction bears all your clothes and accessories and ensures to serve you for the longest time.

The convenient and stable model saves space and keeps your garments neat and clean. You will be pleasantly surprised by its price. Noce item to go for.

Key features:

• Compact size
• Stylish design
• Waterproof material
• High bearing capacity – up to 50 pounds
• Safety strap
• Four assembly variations
• Included sections
• Solid iron tubes provide safety
• Lightweight – only 7,9 pounds
• Easy to maintain and clean

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3. YAYI Canvas Portable Wardrobe

yayi1YAYI Canvas Portable Wardrobe is perfect for any occasion – home use, office rooms, garage, and basement. It is extremely lightweight, and easy to move anywhere you want. Keeps your clothing items neat and safe! Provided safety and stability. This portable wardrobe is equipped with steel pipe and plastic connectors.

The integrated sections help to place your garments according to your needs. Offers easy access to your clothes and accessories. No need to worry about maintaining your portable wardrobe – just wipe it with a wet napkin. This model offers easy cleaning and convenient to use.

Velcro and zipper fastenings protect your clothing items from dust settling and keep it clean for a longer period.
Move anywhere you want. It is easy to assemble and dissemble. Shift your portable closet from your bedroom to the laundry room without effort.

Modern, spacious, and universal. Allows you to keep anything you want – from clothes and shoes to books and accessories. Looking for a compact basic model at a reasonable price? You will not be wrong if you opt for this model. Highly recommended!

Key features:

• Velcro and zipper fastenings
• Compact and smart design
• Comes with included sections
• Great storage capacity
• Easy to clean and maintain
• Waterproof and dustproof material
• Four storage bags on the cover

See Best Price

4. Whitmor Portable Wardrobe Clothes Closet Storage Organizer

whitmor2Whitmor Portable Wardrobe is a modern and stylish model for any occasion – home use or outside. Ideally suits any rooms and takes up a little space. The manufacturer provides only high-grade materials. The breathable fabric cover protects your clothes and accessories from dirt, insects, dust, and moisture.

Suitable for all materials and types of clothes – home and casual. Store your warmed and light clothes together. Keep your garments neat and organized! Shift your portable wardrobe anywhere and whenever you want. It is extremely lightweight – only 8,2 pounds. Keep it in your bedroom or easily take it on your vacation.

The stable construction provides durability and security. Sturdy steel frame, a heavy-duty steel rod with a bungee cord system supports up to 50 pounds of your clothes. Great even for using even on nature – it is resistant to temperature changes.

You do not have to waste your time and effort while assembling or dissembling this portable closet – it will take several minutes. Washable foam fabric allows you easy to maintain.

Ultimate comfort! Safety, universality, and elegant design – the major characteristics of this model. If you are searching for the high- grade model for any occasion, this variant will definitely fit you!

Key features:

• Maximum weight capacity – up to 50 pounds
• Adapts to any placement – home use, garages, cottages, or basement
• Protects from mold, moisture, insects, and dust
• Only high-quality materials
• Durable construction provides protection
• Temperature changes-resistant
• Convenient wide see-through window

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Best Portable Closets Under $80

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialsAssembly Required


22.5 x 11.9 x 3.3 inches6.29 pounds

Breathable Fabric

YesSee Best Price


32.76 x 11.65 x 4.65 inches11.75 poundsFabric


See Best Price


49.21 x 17.32 x 63.78 inches12.1 poundsMetal + Non-woven fabric + Plastic (connector)


See Best Price


44 x 19 x 71 inches13.27 poundsIron, Cotton


See Best Price

5. Hicient Portable Clothes Closet

hicient1Hicient Portable Clothes Closet is a classic model, which ideally suits any occasion – bedrooms, bathrooms, workplaces, or garages. Decorates your room and makes it more comfortable! Do you suffer from a great number of clothes and accessories, and do not know where to put all of them?

This portable wardrobe solves all your problems with clothing. Place all your garments as you find the most appropriate. The included sections allow you to sort all things according to your wishes. The manufacturer ensures using only high-grade and durable materials. Waterproof and breathable fabric offers easy cleaning and maintenance.

The stable construction provides stability and great load capacity. Now you do not have to worry about your portable closet falling because of the clothing heavyweight. Keep any garments as you wish – dresses, outer clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories.

Hicient Portable Clothes Closet stores all your clothing items safe, protecting it from dust settling. Keep your clothes clean and tidy. Moreover, this item perfectly fits in your interior. Stylish, modern, and spacious – the main characteristics of this model. Looking for a universal and simple-to-use portable wardrobe? Choose this option, and you will be extremely pleased.

Key features:

• Suitable for any areas
• Sturdy construction
• Easy to assemble
• Zipper fastening
• Lightweight – 6, 29 pounds
• Only high-grade materials – coated steel frame and resin connectors
• Integrated shelves
• Double door

See Best Price

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6. Whitmor Portable Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organizer Closet

whitmor3Whitmor Portable Wardrobe ideally adapts to all occasions. Put anything you want and do not worry about its load capacity, it can hold up to 50 pounds! You do not have to worry about the cleanness of your clothing items all the time.

This solid portable wardrobe reliably keeps your clothes away from moist, dirt, dust, bugs, and so on. Store your garments safe and sound! Perfectly complements your placement. Easily move your portable closet from one room to another or take it outside.

Suitable for office use, garages, and home use. This closet is resistant to temperature changes. This model meets your needs with maximum effectiveness! Only high-quality materials. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel and provides great stability and a long period of use.

The breathable fabric cover offers easy cleaning and helps your clothes to stay fresh and clean as long as possible.
Do you have so many clothes and do not know where to store them? This stylish wide model helps to get rid of such a problem. Affordable price for a perfect model. Hurry up to take it!

Key features:

• Ideal weight capacity – up to 50 pounds
• Easy cleaning
• High-grade materials
• Sturdy construction
• Classic design
• Convenient see-through window
• Resistant to temperature variations
• Easy to shift
• Maximum protection and stability

See Best Price

7. GHQME Portable Clothes Closet

ghqme1GHQME Portable Clothes Closet fully complements your interior. The elegant design of this model allows making your placement cozy and beautiful. Keeps your garments away from dirt and dust, making it fresh and clean.
This model has a metal frame, which is strong enough to handle whatever you put on it.

The plastic connectors and waterproof non-woven fabric offer safety and easy maintaining. The manufacturer insists that used high-grade materials will serve for a long period of use. Ideally declutters your space – you do not have to waste too much time and effort. Easy to assemble and mount without any tools.

Keep this portable wardrobe at any place and easily move it from one room to another. Compact and simple!
GHQME Portable Clothes Closet comes with several integrated shelves and selections, which enable you to store anything you want – clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, blankets, and pillows.

Comfort and universality – these words describe our model. If you are looking for a basic model, which adapts to your apartment or workplace – this option will perfectly fit you. Highly recommended!

Key features:

• Smart design
• 3 pull-out drawers, 5 shelves, and 2 hanger rods
• Durable waterproof and dustproof materials
• Only high-quality materials – metal, plastic, and breathable non-woven fabric
• Easy to use
• Great for extra storage
• Sturdy powder-coating metal frame

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8. Honey-Can-Do Portable Wardrobe Storage Closet

honey1Honey-Can-Do Portable Wardrobe Storage Closet is a high-end model, which ideally decorates your interior. The soft beige color fits in any areas – bedrooms, basement, office use, and even bathrooms. Convenient and elegant!
The manufacturer ensures long-lasting use and insists on using only high-grade materials – 30% cotton.

The breathable fabric protects your garments from dirt and makes it safe and neat. Provided easy cleaning and maintenance. The stainless steel frame ensures maximum stability and bears everything you put there. No need to worry about yourself and your beloved ones’ protection.

This model is the best option to store your clothes neatly and have quick access to them. The simple and compact shape of a wardrobe saves space. For your convenience, the portable closet comes with two integrated drawers – place your clothing items in the most appropriate way!

The combination of safety and magnificent design. Provides great value for the price. Looking for a classic but high-quality model? Then, check this model on the website – this variant will totally suit you!

Key features:

• Easy to move
• Great load capacity
• Only high-quality materials – 30% cotton
• Two embedded retractable drawers
• Easy setup
• 43-Inch height
• Double-door closet

See Best Price

FAQ for portable closets buyers

1. Are portable wardrobes enough stable to keep a big number of heavy clothes?

Yes, they are. But every model has its personal maximum weight capacity. Check it before buying and find the most suitable one.

2. Can I buy a portable closet for home, or is it only designed for traveling?

The majority of people buy a portable wardrobe for home use. You can bring it anywhere you want as well as it keeps up little space and easy to move.

3. What are the major features of a high-quality portable closet?

First of all, it should be light and portable. The fabric should be breathable and provide easy cleaning. The durable material of your portable wardrobe must be able to withstand the heavyweight of your garments.

4. Is it possible to create more storage place in my portable closet?

Yes, you can easily make more space by folding and placing your clothes inside the wardrobe instead of hanging them. Besides, while assembling your portable closet you can mount shelves in the most appropriate way for you, or add a few more storage racks to satisfy your needs.