13 Best Portable Dog Crates (Comparison & Reviews)

A dog crate is an integral part of any journey if you have a pet. It will ensure its safety and convenience. We considered a range of, including size, material durability, comfort, portability, and average customer reviews. Based on this information, we have collected the best portable dog crates for you. If you travel by RV, you may also need special portable dog fences.

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Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Collapsible small dog crate is easy to set up, fold, store, and transport. Equipped with wheels and carrying handle.

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Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Diggs Revol Dog Crate This crate will give your dog a sense of peace of mind and protection. The model is of impact-resistant plastic.

It has a unique thoughtful design, rounded shapes, looks quite concise and compact.

So, the main feature of the model is an open roof with swing doors. This feature makes it possible to sit inside any animal.

Even those that simply can not be forced to climb into a carrier through a standard side door.

Also, the open-top gives a greater viewing radius to the curious pet. On the roof, there are two snap locks, a folding ergonomic carrying handle, and many ventilation holes. Also, openings for ventilation are provided on the back of the structure.

On all parts of the box is a metal lattice-door, which will turn the carrying clipper into a kind of booth. In such a cabin, the animal will be able to get some privacy to rest. If you use this model as a sleeping place, do not forget about soft textile bedding for your pet.

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Petmate Plastic Dog Kennel

Looking for a compact and comfortable carrier for your pet? Want to find a quality design at a reasonable price? Pay attention to the novelty of the company-manufacturer Petmate.

The modern Ruffmaxx Dog Kennel Pet Carrier is great for comfortable and safe transportation of your pet, even over long distances. 

Safe and durable plastic is perfectly washable with common cleaning products. The container can be used for a variety of animals, as a complete treatment takes a few minutes.

It is suitable for both cats and small dogs. The largest weight of the pet is about 25 pounds. The entire set consists of the carrier itself, a comfortable and sturdy handle, and bolts for increased safety.

A convenient and secure latch on the front allows you to quickly open the carrier and get your pet out. The wide mesh windows let you observe your pet and allow for air circulation.

Two color containers are available for purchase. Great design will make your pet’s trip comfortable and relaxing, thereby reducing his stress level. Put our expertise in pet products to work for your pet.

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2PET Foldable Dog Crate

2PET Foldable Dog CrateThis model is both a comfortable travel bed and a functional device for transporting your pet. The model has a cute design.

Due to the optimal configuration, the bag does not look bulky. But, it looks very neat and aesthetically pleasing.

All around the perimeter this dog crate closes with a secure zipper. When folded, this bag becomes absolutely flat.

The model is of quality material, so it is as unpretentious as possible in care. To clean it, just wipe the surface with a wet cloth.

Due to the upper handle and the shoulder strap to be fastened, this bag is incredibly mobile for dogs. And the special ventilation holes on the top ensure the necessary air circulation. Besides, the model is well ventilated through the mesh front door. Through it, your pet can see the world around him.

This safe and comfortable carry allows you to transport your pet comfortably. Besides, this product is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

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Vibrant Life Large Portable Dog Kennel

Master a new level of comfort with pet carriers from Vibrant Life. Pets experience significant stress when transported in closed boxes and bags.

This carrier is a compact and convenient way to take your pet with you. You can use the product for short walks in the park, trips to the vet, or longer trips. Your pet’s comfort is assured.

The bag does not take up much space and fits into a travel bag when folded. You will be able to assemble and fold the product yourself at any convenient time. It does not require any extra tools.

Lightweight and compact, the carrier allows you to minimize all the negative aspects of traveling with your pet. The mesh panels allow you to check your pet’s condition and communicate with them. Besides, the mesh panels allow fresh air to flow in.

The zippered door makes it easy to put the pet in the bag and take it out. The pet will not be able to get out of the carrier on its own. The unique design and bright color will draw attention to your pet, and the durability of the product and excellent quality will be a nice addition.

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Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for PetsThis hard frame carrier is rectangular in shape. The model is very easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

If you are looking for a quality model at an affordable price, then this dog crate is what you need.

All around the perimeter of the body are evenly placed holes for ventilation. The door itself is also plastic. It is on strong hinges and securely latches on the lock, which will not let your pet escape.

Inside the design provides a fairly deep protective pallet. It will prevent the dog from coming into contact with wet things during long trips.

The carrier is also quite capable of becoming a secluded sleeping place at home or, for example, in a hotel. For the owner’s convenience, this dog crate comes with a folding top handle.

The product has a hard bottom, which does not bend under the weight of the animal.

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SportPet Small Collapsible Plastic Pet Kennel

Functional carrier from the company SportPet will help turn the trip with your pet into a real pleasure. Comfortable shape, quality plastic, and top-level security.

For your convenience, it folds up and takes up little space. It is perfect for miniature and medium-sized cats and dogs. The largest weight of your pet is about 20 pounds.

Quality plastic is safe for animals and people and has no extraneous odor. You will be able to wash the carrier with common detergents in minutes. A handle is provided for even greater transport comfort.

There are mesh windows on the sides, which allows you to watch your furry friend and communicate with him. The air will be unobstructed inside, and the pet will be able to watch what’s going on.

The door is made of durable metal and has a twist lock. The pet will be completely safe and you can easily open the lock if needed.

The kennel is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for travel on public transportation, and in a private car. A quality carrier will help you forget the hassle of transporting pets forever.

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MidWest iCrate Starter Kit

MidWest iCrate Starter Kit This portable dog crate is primarily to transport the pet in ground transport and airplanes. The model meets all the necessary standards.

This carrier is of plastic and has a strong construction with a reinforced bottom. The metal grille door is complemented by a robust stainless steel lock to prevent unintentional opening.

Among the design features stands out practical top folding handle for the convenience of the owner. There is also a side perforation for ventilation and stable non-slip feet at the bottom.

This is a quality, convenient, and comfortable for the transportation of your pet model. In operation, this dog crate is not deformed. The product is easy to clean.

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SportPet Soft-Sided Medium Pop Open Pet Kennel

Pet carrier from SportPet allows your pet to feel comfortable and calm during the whole trip. Soft-Sided Medium Pop is absolutely safe for your pet. Every detail has been thought out.

The compact format makes it easy to travel with the carrier on public transport. You can put the construction on any car seat. Yet, it is spacious enough so your pet will feel comfortable and won’t be cramped.

The walls of the carrier are represented by a thick fabric that is resistant to damage. To place your pet in the bag you can use the doors on the front or side. With a zipper, they are easy to adjust and allow air to get in.

Extra windows made of durable mesh allow your pet to be aware of what’s going on outside. The bottom part of the carrier consists of a comfortable waterproof dog bed. It can be easily removed and washed.

If you wish, you can assemble the carrycot so it doesn’t take up space in the house. It comes with a handy storage and transport bag. A comfortable handle allows you to move the carrier without inconvenience. Use the carrier for any pets under 50 pounds.

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Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet Kennel

Aspen Pet Porter Heavy-Duty Pet KennelThis is a popular portable crate for transporting dogs of any size. Its removable cover is securely held on snap locks. Large perimeter vents and a metal mesh door give the pet a good view.

The manufacturer offers a large size range of such carriers. It makes the box suitable for pets of different breeds. Also, owners have the opportunity to choose the color of the tray that they like most.

This product is suitable for transporting dogs of small and medium breeds. The body is of durable plastic of high quality. The door is in the form of a lattice.

Also on the side walls are grille inserts for better ventilation. Included with a bowl, which is attached to the grille door. The body has fasteners in the form of screws and latches. This gives greater reliability during transport. Also, for more convenience in transporting the animal, there are wheels.

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SportPet Designs Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog Crate

SportPet Designs Plastic Wire Door Travel Dog CrateThis dog crate is of light plastic, which is perfect for transporting your pet. The manufacturer offers several sizes to choose from. So any size animal will be comfortable in the box.

Despite its lightweight, the plastic is quite strong. It can withstand long journeys and provides high rigidity for carrying.

The inlet handle does not unbuckle and does not fall off on the move, so you can be sure of the safety of your pet.

At the bottom of the container, there are stable wheels. They prevent the carrier from sliding on smooth surfaces.

The removable lid has ventilation holes all around the perimeter and 2 hinges for fastening the seat belt in the car. Hold the cover on a pallet of convenient swivel locks. The plastic door also holds due to these fasteners.

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ScratchMe Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable Bag

ScratchMe Pet Travel Carrier Soft Sided Portable BagThis model of the dog crate has a stylish and elegant appearance. It will not leave indifferent owners of any breed of dog. For easy transportation, there are handles and shoulder strap.

The top and sides of the product are of mesh material, which provides enough air penetration. Pet landing can be done both on the top and side. Everything is locked with a zipper.

The bag has two pockets, one of them on the button and the other on the magnet. Inside there is bedding, which is attached to the velcro.

Also at the bottom of the bag has metal legs, which will protect the product from dirt.

The bag material is resistant to frequent washing, does not leave stains, does not spoil from the sun. Due to good breathability, the pet will not be stuffy.

The form of carrying is maximally thought over and equipped with many pockets.

The materials used are resistant to wear and tear and are not afraid of water. There are ventilation nets on the sides and on the top. At any moment, the upper ventilation insert can be closed with a zipper. Each zipper on the carrier has extra protection that prevents accidental opening.

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MakeUp4ever Portable Folding Car Dog Soft Crate

What could be easier than putting your pet in a carrier from the manufacturer MakeUp4ever and going on an exciting journey. The container is designed for those who care about their pet’s comfort during transportation.

By purchasing this carrier bag you can be sure of its high quality and durability. This model is an example of the fusion of years of experience and love for animals.

The 4 sides have mesh windows. They can be either open or closed. Use them to keep an eye on your pet and ventilate the container. Your pet will feel more confident if they can observe what’s going on outside.

The corners are protected by a durable material, which greatly increases the durability of the product.

The carrier bag is assembled with two taps and does not require much storage space. Use the bag at home and outdoors, on road trips and hikes.

Stylish color and high-quality fabric will be a nice bonus. Choose the size of the carrier based on your pet’s height and weight. There are 3 different options available and for the best choice, measure your pet first.

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Diggs Revol Small Dog Crate

This is a professional pet carrier at the best price. The Diggs Revol Small Dog Crate is a comfortable pet carrier for all kinds of pets.

It is suitable for safely transporting cats, small to medium sized dogs, as well as some rodents and reptiles.

The frame consists of durable plastic, which is easy to clean and has a long service life. There are mesh windows on the sides of the carrier. Observe your pet, communicate with him and give him a good view.

Two comfortable and secure doors provide comfort for you and your pet. The lock on the doors are easy to open, but your pet can’t do it without your help.

The carrier can be stored fully assembled: it takes only a few seconds to assemble. As extra features, it is worth noting the divider inside, which is convenient when transporting several animals.

A special opening at the top in the form of a hatch makes it possible to quickly contact and dispense treats. If necessary, you can use the small wheels. The design is equipped with 3 convenient handles to make transportation as convenient as possible.

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FAQ for portable dog crates buyers:

Can I use a pet carrier as a crate?

A plastic pet carrier is also a good option for crate training. This is the kind you most often see used for airline travel. The drawback to this kind of crate is that it is enclosed on three sides, so it does not let in as much light as a wire crate. The crate should not be too large.

What is the difference between a dog crate and a dog kennel?

The terms dog crate and dog kennel are often used to mean the same thing. They are usually larger and heavier than the carrying crates. Plastic pet carriers are meant to be used to transport your pet.

Should you cover a dog crate with a blanket?

As with crate training, a gradual introduction is the best way to get your best friend used to a covered crate. And because a properly trained dog considers her crate a safe and happy space, you should never place a blanket or cover over it to punish her. Instead, offer a covered crate as an opportunity to wind down.

Do dogs prefer wire or plastic crates?

Wire kennels and plastic crates are both very good products for dogs and cats. Today’s wire kennels offer convenience and versatility features that usually make them a better choice for most pet parents.

What should I put in my dog’s crate?

So you add a few things to make it nice for your dog or puppy. The things you could put in a crate include bedding, toys, and sources of food and water. But not everything is suitable and some things can even be dangerous. Also, a puppy will need and want slightly different things to an adult dog.