9 Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs (Comparison & Reviews)

For millions of people who are in permanent or temporary need of wheelchairs, scooters, and other assistive means of transportation, wheelchair ramps are irreplaceable providing safe and reliable access to and from home, vehicle, office, and other places.

There is a wide range of styles and sizes available on the market nowadays, while wheelchair ramps can range from permanent to portable, depending on their intended purpose. By the way, any transport on the wheels requires the tires to be always inflated. A portable air compressor will help you to maintain this.

Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs Under $100



7 x 60 x 36 inches12.87 Pounds

660 pounds

MetalSee Best Price

Drive Medical

25 x 16 x 4 inches14.88 Ounces

600 lbs

MetalSee Best Price

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While permanent wheelchair ramps are applicable to its user’s home in case of longer-term immobility, portable wheelchair ramps are ideal for short-term needs, or even providing a wheelchair ramp is nowhere to be seen.

They are also useful for providing temporary accessibility in holiday homes when visiting friends and family, or any other places if you are in a place inaccessible to steps and bumps.

Such portable wheelchair ramps are often installed over curbs, steps, porches, slopes, and uneven surfaces. They are often brought into action to move heavy mobile equipment in and out of the vehicle.

What is more, they are definitely more affordable than their more permanent counterparts. In addition, they are also usually shorter, light, and can often be folded to make storage and transport easier.

1. MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ramp/Threashold Ramp

mabis1Fiberglass construction

The MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ram is deservingly on this list. This versatile ramp is lightweight and portable, constructed with strong, durable fiberglass that allows it to be used in any weather conditions, and boasting a weight capacity of six hundred pounds.

Weighs between eighteen and thirty pounds

The unique design of this ramp is incredibly lightweight, displaying one of the only alternatives to aluminum for a portable ramp, while this ramp accommodates enough strength to safely support wheelchairs, canes, walkers, scooters, and power chairs all without effort.

Fiberglass makes this ramp safe and reliable even for the beach or in freezing weather, while aluminum is traditionally not well suited to these conditions.


No need to assemble

Each ramp provides a lightweight solution to comfortable and convenient access to any area. This ramp’s versatile, the high-quality design comes pre-assembled, making your ramp ready to use right out of the box, without any tools or assembly required. This product is also available in multiple sizes to cover a wide variety of areas and purposes.


The textured non-slip top surface, rigid fiberglass, and raised edge protection are what counts when you decide to invest in the MABIS DMI Healthcare Portable Wheelchair Ramp.

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2. Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp with Carry Handle and Travel Bag


If you’re looking for a compact wheelchair ramp that is compact, easy to transport, and doesn’t cost arm and leg then this one is a great choice for you.

drmed1Additional elements

As you can see from the name of this item, it comes together with the suitcase for the ramp, which is quite authentic for this category. Now you can always quickly fold your ramp and put in into a case without having any issues with the transportation.


The product is made of metal, so it is extra sturdy and reliable, and, what is more important, this is the lightweight item. The perforated slots on it keep water from collecting on-ramp.

What is more, this ramp can hold up to 600 lbs, which is more than decent for such a budget item. Taking into consideration the fact that the average wheelchair weighs around 400 lbs, these 600 lbs are more than enough. This 2′ long ramp allows for up to a 4″ rise in surface height.

The only drawback of it is that the selection of sizes of this model is very limited. It basically comes in one size and many users complain that they wish it would come in more various types than just one.

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Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs Under $120



24 x 30 x 4.5 inches16 Pounds

800 lbs

AluminumSee Best Price

Drive Medical

49 x 16 x 4 inches1.82 Pounds

600 lbs

MetalSee Best Price

3. Suitcase Trifold Portable Wheelchair Ramp by EZ Access Ramps

EZacc1Compact storage and easy portability

The EZ Access Ramps Trifold Portable Ramp worthily tops the rankings of portable wheelchair ramps, because it offers the best combination of versatility, safety, and value. The ramps triple design enables its compatibility and makes it easy to carry around, while the non-slip tread ensures reliable non-slip mobility.

Durable, lasting through any weather conditions

The aluminum construction is lightweight but strong enough with a raised edge on the sides for safety and easy mobility across the ramp surface. Its durability in all weather conditions is covered by high-quality materials.

In addition, this product is equipped with a bottom adapter plate that contributes to a smooth transition from the ramp to the ground or landing surface.


Weight capacity up to eight hundred pounds

This ramp is strong and durable, supporting up to eight hundred pounds of lifting capacity even with center hinge folds. The brackets have the patented EZ-Access hinge at the bottom for effortless movement when opening and closing the ramp.

The upper adapter plate is three ” long, with an additional upper lip extension that extends the lip by three” to nine “for use on a van or SUV bumper.


Featuring a safe slip-resistant surface, a bottom transition plate for a smooth transition on and off the ramp, and a tri-folding design the suitcase Trifold Portable Wheelchair Ramp by EZ Access Ramps is a convenient option for those who are in need of a ramp.

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4. Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp

drivemed1One item by this brand has already been presented on our list, and here we have one more item that has more capacity this time, and, what is more important, comes in several sizes.

Best for traveling purposes

The Drive Medical wheelchair ramp is the only one on the list that has its own carrying case. So if you are soon to travel, be sure to consider this ramp.

Other ramps may have durable nylon handles to make it easier to move the access ramp, but Drive Medical takes it to the next level. One of the best features of this ramp is that it is easily foldable – so any person with any physical abilities will be able to use it and carry it with them.

Extremely lightweight

The ramp weighs just a little bit more than twenty pounds. While the cover makes it easier to carry, it protects the ramp from dust and water that can ruin it.

Resilient against water damage

While this powered medical ramp does not have the traditional non-slip surface seen in other portable wheelchair ramps, it is the powered medical portable ramp that has perforated grooves to keep water out. This makes it a good choice for outdoor access, but still should be used with caution after a storm.


A carrying case that is included in the package and perforated slots to keep water out is what makes the Drive Medical Single Fold Portable Wheelchair Scooter Ramp an outstanding option while choosing a ramp.

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Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs Under $150



22"Lx17.75"Wx35.5"H33.07 Pounds

 330 lbs

Aluminum, PlasticSee Best Price


39 x 18 x 7 inches15 Pounds

800 Pounds

Not SpecifiedSee Best Price

5. HOMCOM 6ft Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp

Best for narrow entrances

Tiny boutique doors and narrow room entrances are easily navigated with HOMCOM’s portable wheelchair ramp. It measures two inches thinner than the standard thirty-inch ramp, which still can be too wide even for minivan sliding doors. HOMCOM enables you to handle narrow rapids and entrances.


Folds to fit into vehicles

The HOMCOM ramp folds into four compact panels. With side handles, it is possible to take it with you like a suitcase from your car to the sidewalk. The tri-fold design makes this ramp simple and easy to fold up into a compact unit and store in a vehicle or at home and set up and teardown takes only seconds.

Adjustable for different cases

The hinge in the middle also marks a slight angle to the ramp, making it a little more flexible for stairs or oddly shaped obstacles. It is primarily intended for home and building use, but it can also work with various types of vehicles.

Comes in sizes up to 10 feet

The HOMCOM ramp can hold up to six hundred pounds and is two to ten feet long. And while it is quite portable, large ramps will be slightly more difficult to carry around in a complex form. They are best suited for long walkways or vans.


Its flexibility and convenient size would absolutely make you fall in love with the HOMCOM 6ft Folding Aluminum Wheelchair Ramp. Because of its durable materials, this wheelchair ramp will serve you a good time.

See Best Price

6. Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp

prairie1Easy carrying options

Prairie View Industries specializes in all types of mobile ramps, so it comes as no surprise that they are on the list. The portable ramp weighs about thirty pounds in its heaviest condition. A padded handle is also included in the package to make it easy to carry.

Convenient length size

Prairie View Industries’ portable access ramps are the only ones that don’t have options over five feet in length. Generally, the longer the ramp, the higher the incline it can handle. Moreover, the shape of this ramp provides enhanced stability for the wheelchairs – and there is a guarantee that it won’t slipover even when it is placed in a wrong position.


Effortless portability

However, while it is considerably small, its size is not a complete drawback. Ramps of this size are ideal for house entrances, sidewalks, or small stairs. And while Prairie View Industries’ ramps are shorter, they are also easier to carry and come with you to errands and meetings.


But, what is to be remembered, is the weight capacity of this ramp, because it varies depending on the type of mobile device which will be used. If it is a single axle wheelchair, then the PVI ramp can handle up to four hundred pounds in total. If it is a two-axle wheelchair, which will be used, the ramp can support eight hundred pounds.


A carrying handle and its size will make traveling with the Prairie View Industries SFW330 Portable Singlefold Ramp enjoyable.

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Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs Under $170



24.4 x 36 x 4 inches51.6 pounds


RubberSee Best Price


37.5 x 15 x 9.25 inches35.1 Pounds


AluminumSee Best Price

7. Electriduct 4″ Rise Rubber Power Wheelchair Scooter Threshold Ramp

electriduct1Efficiently shaped

This one ramp is made of harsh rubber so it has no sharp edges and has a shape that is easier to transport in general. It is presented in several variations – is bigger, more narrow, and wider sizes.

Safety first

And even if it’s made out of rubber, don’t think that this is going to be slippery during the rain or other situations when the surface gets wet. There are special ridges on it that prevent any slipping. It is designed for scooters, wheelchairs, and carts for easy transitions from uneven levels.


This is also an important part worth mentioning – since this ramp will be delivered completely new, be prepared that it is going to emit some rubber odor especially during the first days of usage.

Mainly it has great reviews from customers on Amazon since it is so easy to handle and it is quite a compact item. Moreover, since it is made out of rubber it won’t vulnerable to corrosion or breakage. It is safer to use in general. It also comes at a more or less reasonable price which makes this item even better.

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8. Gardhom Wheelchair Ramps for Steps

gardhom1Antiskid Aluminum wheelchair ramps come in larger sizes from five to ten feet that make them better for steeper inclines. If there are several steps to climb up to your home or car doorways which are far from the ground, and Antiskid Aluminum access ramp is a good choice.

Lightweight and durable

It weighs around thirty pounds, while its weight capacity changes based on the type of mobility device used. If there is a two-axle wheelchair or scooter in use, the Antiskid Aluminum can handle up to six hundred pounds. But it can only take three hundred pounds for single-axle devices.

Compact folding design

Like the HOMCOM wheelchair ramp, the Antiskid Aluminum can be folded into a suitcase design for easier transport possibilities. What should be mentioned are the sharp metal edges, which should be paid attention to.


Its convenient design, available 10 feet height, which makes steeper inclines accessible, are the reasons, why you should take a look at the Wheelchair Ramps for Steps, gardhom 6FT Extra Wide 31.3′ Folding Portable Traction Antiskid Aluminum Loading Ramp.

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Best Portable Wheelchair Ramps for Stairs Under $270



40 x 16.38 x 8.5 inches35 Pounds


Premium aluminumSee Best Price


36 x 36 x 6 inches7 Pounds

800 lbs

Foam with traction coatingSee Best Price


3' x 37" x 3.5"24 lbs

1000 lbs

All-aluminumSee Best Price

9. VENDAV Wheelchair Ramps

vendhav1Lightweight construction

Grabbing a high position in ranking regarding its outstanding versatility and innovative, folding design is the Portable VENDAV Wheelchair Ramps. This ramp is available in a wide range of sizes and styles.

The ramps are preassembled DecPac fiberglass and wherefore are ready to use right out of the box to provide immediate access for a doorway, front porch, curb, or minivan.

Accordion-style foldability


Using weather-resistant, lightweight laminate with foam core construction which is strong, durable, and easy to maintain, these ramps withstand more than six hundred pound weight capacity, while varying in weight from just about eight to almost forty pounds, making them simple to carry and transport.

Their compact accordion-foldability ensures easy setup and take-down, and they can be stored in a vehicle to ensure access wherever it is required. A built-in handle adds convenience and ease when transporting the ramp from one place to another.

Non-slip, textured surface

All of the DecPac ramps care equipped with a textured, non-slip surface to improve traction, with a rubber, ridged grip bottom that stays in place without damaging flooring.

The edges feature bright safety tape marks, while the MP (multi-purpose) ramps come with an option of an edge barrier to prevent users from accidentally rolling off the edge. The personal ramps have three panels, while the longer MP ramps have four panels, providing the perfect size for every customer.


With easy assemblage, its folding style, which makes it easy to carry around, and extremely high weather maintenance the Portable VENDAV Wheelchair Ramp is a choice to be considered.

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10. VersaRamp 6″ High Lightweight Foam Threshold Ramp for Wheelchairs

versa1High-End Materials

This ramp for the wheelchair is made of solid foam with a strong, high-traction coating that doesn’t have the harsh look of metal and is much more durable than wood or plastic.

Lightweight, but sturdy

Among all the items presented on this list, this one is probably the most sturdy one, and, at the same time this is the item with one of the largest weight capacities – it can hold up to 800 lbs. Moreover, this ramp is extra durable and resistant to scratches and other types of damages.



Moreover, the materials used for this wheelchair ramp are resistant to moisture, which means it won’t suffer from corrosion, as it often happens with other items in this category which are made of metal.

Easy cleaning

What is more, this wheelchair ramp won’t only scratch the surfaces like floors and stairs, but it also super easy to clean – you can do that even with the wiping cloths.

No assembly

You can use this item right out of the box since it requires no assembly. Here you can choose from seven sizes to accommodate a maximum rise of 6 inches. Plus, the neutral gray color of this item blends beautifully with any environment.


The item is made in the United States and it has a patented design – if you ever decide to purchase it you will see how convenient and sophisticated in usage it is. Being more precise: the inner core here is 100 percent solid, and then there is a heavy-duty foam that can easily withstand daily wear and tear.

By the way, you should always calculate the weight of the wheelchair before you are using any ramp. However, in the case of this one, you don’t have to worry that much, because, as it was stated earlier, it can hold up the weight up to 800 lbs, and the average wheelchair weighs around 400 lbs.

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11. GATEWAY 3G Solid Surface Portable Ramp by EZ Access Ramps

EZacc1Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction

The GATEWAY 3G Solid Surface Portable Ramp by EZ Access Ramps are made with corrosion-resistant aluminum that won’t be damaged with time or weather conditions, making it a dependable solution for portable access for a long period of time.

While it is heavy due to its design which gives this ramp a 1,000-pound weight capacity, that is higher than any of the other ramps can display.

Self-adjusting transition plates

Self-adjusting transition plates on both ends of the ramp handle soft or uneven terrain, while the extra-wide platform has raised lips on both sides to prevent users from running over the edge. The solid, seamfree surface includes permanent pressed ribbing for exceptional multidirectional movement and safe slip-prevention.

ezacc2Multiple lengths

Available in several different lengths, the GATEWAY 3G can come with two different kinds of handrails to enable specific support for all heights, or without handrails at all. Its standard almost forty-inch width covers most mobility devices and wheelchairs.


This product is simple and fast to set up and takedown with two-line handrails for different custom heights, which makes the GATEWAY 3G Solid Surface Portable Ramp by EZ Access Ramps a unique and agreeable selection.

See Best Price

FAQ for portable wheelchair rams for stairs buyers 

1. How do I choose a perfect ramp for me?

Choosing the right access ramp requires a little physics, but no need to worry, just a tiny bit of it. It basically comes down to the raise vs length rule. To put it differently, the steeper the incline, the more ramp you’ll need.

2. Does weight play an important role in picking a ramp?

Surely, it does. The ramp will need to withstand your weight plus your wheelchair or any other mobility device weight. What is more, to consider is whether your device distributes your weight more evenly across the ramp or not.

3. How do I generally know which ramp will be suitable for me?

Over and above ramps that fold up or come apart are the most preferable, but a wise piece of advice would be to consult your doctor or physical therapist before even starting to look for a ramp.

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