10 Best Portable Alarm Systems (Comparison & Reviews)

The ability to protect yourself is definitely on the list of vital skills for everybody. Still, the best defense is to prevent an attack at all: try not to walk on deserted small streets with poor lighting and put portable lights in your house yard. Everyone knows this for sure. Therefore, we will proceed from the situation that it was not possible to avoid an unpleasant walk.

If you think that someone is following you, then immediately turn into the nearest store, cafe, or other open places. When everything is closed, you will have to change your route and go to the nearest major street.

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Best Portable Alarm Systems Under $15

ItemDimensionsWeightNoise Level (dB)Battery Type


7.4 x 5 x 1.02 inches2.88 Ounces


Replaceable A23 12V batterySee Best Price

Safe Sound

0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches1.06 ounces

> 120DB

AG13 button batterySee Best Price


5.45 x 1.06 x 1.33 inches5.9 ounces


3*AAA Alkaline batterySee Best Price

If there are few people around, a portable alarm button, legal self-defense device, will save you. We’ve prepared a list of the most helpful items so it is up to you which one to choose.

1. SABRE Personal Alarm for Runners

sabre1 The work of modern alarm systems is based on the use of wireless communication channels. This allows their owners to move freely, play sports, run or drive a car. You won’t forget such a thing on the shelf with a bunch of keys, so it is suitable for absolutely everyone – from kiddies to senior citizens.


Actually, it is a keychain device with the wrist Velcro bracelet. You can adjust the length according to your wish: if it is more convenient to wear the band on the arm, you are welcome!


To activate the sound alarm you should pull the metal ring.


Battery life

The battery is inserted into a special compartment with terminals. The matter is that A23 batteries last long but cannot be recharged — as this may cause a fire or even an explosion.
For you to always know the device is ready to work there is a test button.


If you get into trouble, people will find out about it a few blocks away with an ear-piercing 130dB siren. This siren will definitely attract the attention of passers-by and may frighten the criminal.


Although this model is the cheapest and the simplest, the company has half a century of experience in manufacturing products for self-defense.

See Best Price

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2. Personal Emergency Security Alarm Lipstick by Bamfive

safesound1 When danger lurks around every corner, this is the case when lipstick really becomes a girl’s weapon. This compact and stylish device is available in classic black and delicate pink. With it, any girl or woman will feel confident!


It is a compact and lightweight device, a non-disposable item that can be reused. Due to its unique shape and appearance, you can put it in the pocket, and provide more protection when walking alone at night.


Do not confuse it with your regular lipstick because opening the lipstick cover activates the alarm! The advantage is that to stop the yelling, you should close it back. Not so complicated, right?


Battery life

Alkaline batteries are the most common type of portable power sources. This model uses miniature batteries AG13. Because of their size, they can be easily swallowed by children. Do not leave the device unsupervised!


The large-decibel personal safety alarm, with a close-range test volume of more than 120 dB, can help grab the attention of the people around, so in the event of an emergency, you can be sure you have the best self-protection at hand.


We have a complete and excellent after-sales service team, we are committed to providing you with quality after-sales service. If you have any questions, leave a message, we will promptly reply to your question.

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3. MCCC Safety Self Defense LED Flashlight

mccc1Dark streets are not the best place for vulnerable people. Even the entrance to your home after sunset can be as frightening as a horror movie. Portable alarm buttons disguised as something really unexpected will help you avoid unpleasant situations. What most abusers do not expect is a trick from a flashlight! It is suitable for all ages – students, the elderly, and children.


This is not to say that this device is very easy to use, since the Automatic alarm function may cause difficulties for the older generation. The green button is for turning on, but the red button is for calling for help.

It will produce both the shrill and strobe light. Hold down this button and when it glows three times, the automatic alarm system is activated when the device falls. Of course, this device is larger than the usual buttons, but it can also be used as a regular torch.


Battery life

Three tripe-A batteries are designed for both lighting and signaling, so you need to monitor the charge. You should replace them and properly discard them. A piece of pleasant news is that they are included in the package along with a lanyard.


Audible120dB Auto-alarm certainly will help to attract the attention of others and find support in times of crisis.


Made of Aircraft Aluminum Alloy, the construction is sturdy and does not deform when falls. But for warranty information, you have to contact the seller straight.

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Best Portable Alarm Systems Under $20

ItemDimensionsWeightNoise Level (dB)Battery Type


4.96 x 3.46 x 1.26 inches2.4 ounces


Replaceable BatteriesSee Best Price


7.3 x 3.9 x 1.3 inches7.2 ounces

140 db

6 PCS*LR44, 110mA, 6VSee Best Price


2.5 x 1 x 1.25 inches1.58 ounces


3x alkaline heavy duty LR44 batteriesSee Best Price

4. MaxxmAlarm Portable Personal Security Alarm

maxxmm1Portable alarm buttons can help prevent crime or call for help from relatives or bystanders in the event of unexpected health problems: injuries, fainting, and heart attacks. This concise panic button is available in six luxurious colors.


A special feature of this model is a clever way to turn off the siren, which is not so easy to guess if you do not read the instructions. This option is no bigger than a key. Although a Matte Finish looks waterproof, it is not, so prevent it from falling into the liquid.


You can utilize a flashlight with light-emitting diodes to ride a bicycle or run during hours of darkness.


Battery life

This option needs four LR44 batteries and you get it ready work right out of the box. A continuous run time is one hour.


With a 130dB Alarm, you can provide yourself with safer protection when you run alone on a night or a hike.


It is airport friendly and approved by the Transportation Security Administration. The package consists of three auxiliary tools: a breakaway lanyard, carabineer, and a screwdriver to replace the batteries. In case of any trouble, you can use a one-year warranty.

See Best Price

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5. KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm

kosin1High authority

KOSIN has been helping to prevent assaults, harassment, and housebreaking as well as identify emergencies since 2019. This model has been staying firmly on the market among the best, with 4.7 stars on average and being #1 Amazon’s choice among Security Horns and Sirens. It will certainly scare the bad guys away!

A successful purchase

The matter is that you make one order and get six keychains for a reasonable price to protect your whole family or in case you always lose things! It has an incorporated LED lights and a grenade-style pin with a lanyard to on or off the siren.


Battery life

The manual says you won’t have to change the batteries (3 AG13/LR44) for a year if they are not used. But the longest button operation time is one hour and a half. In case you need LED light, it will serve you for a day working without interruption.


The emergency alarm can make a loud sound (up to 140dB) to draw people`s attention when you are in trouble at distances more than six hundred feet.


The manufacturer is proud of the quality of the product as the device is made of durable ABS plastic. It can work in extreme weather conditions or after falling many times. It is not subject to corrosion and voltage.

See Best Price

6. Mace Brand Wearable Personal Protection

mace1It’s the perfect companion for such activities as walking, running, hiking, camping, nights out, and a must-have as part of an emergency road kit. Still, we must warn you that apart from the alarm, there are no other features on this item. It is designed to be robust and lightweight, yet elegant.


Perhaps this one is of the easiest to use. Grab it in case of emergency and unclip you’re your coat, belt, or bag. The spring-loaded clip will immediately shrill. To end the sound, close the clip again. Illuminate your path with a wide beam LED flashlight.


Striking sound, provided by a small speaker will surprise you with its power. If you disagree, contact the seller free to get the necessary info or apply for a twelve-month warranty in case standby time has expired earlier than stated.

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Best Portable Alarm Systems Under $80

ItemDimensionsWeightNoise Level (dB)Battery Type


6.61 x 3.7 x 0.91 inches3 ounces


3 LR44 button batteriesSee Best Price


5.79 x 3.98 x 2.28 inches4.6 ounces

130 db

140 mAh lithium batterySee Best Price


0.59 x 0.59 x 2.64 inches0.44 ounces

Not Specified

rechargeable built-in batterySee Best Price


3.75 x 2.25 x 0.44 inches1.5 ounces

Not Specified

Rechargeable batterySee Best Price

7. Stinger Personal Alarm Emergency Tool

stinger1Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee with a multi-functional keychain, which is not intended for injuring attackers! You’ll ask why it has a razor then? Let’s figure this out!

Survival rate

This item is created not only to spook punks but also to increase the chances to survive in a car accident. Thanks to a seat belt cutter and a glass breaker, you and your kith and kin will be able to escape the auto as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to break windshields or laminated glass.


When the seller states it is loud, he really means it as the device is equipped with a 140 dB siren. Do not hold it near your ears as it can damage your eardrums! It is powered by 3 LR44 button batteries that are included in the package.


This product is made according to American drawings. If you are dissatisfied, you may apply for a one-year warranty.

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8. Loud Personal Alarm by Flyoukki

130db This model resembles item number five on our list as instead of one device you will have several. Finally, we have found a waterproof model.


Unlike other plain-looking personal alarms, this option is wonderful to be subtle and stealthy as it is easily confused for a tiny USB or a Bluetooth device. Soft pastel colors are perfect for schoolgirls, students, and women. This is a non-lethal way of self-defense and a great deterrent to any would-be offenders.


It does what it says i.e. produce a 130 dB alarm sound if an emergency occurs and lightens the way in poor visibility conditions.



Unlike the rest of the list, this item has two ways to be activated: It is possible either to press the SOS button or pull a pin for quick access.

Battery life

Another point to this model brings a USB rechargeable battery. Now you do not need to buy spare ones as you can use the same lithium battery multiple times.

See Best Price

9. Alphahom Care Go Smart Personal Alarm

alphahom1We live in the age of smart technologies when a voice assistant on a gadget can help us find the alarm button. The perfect defense mechanism to prevent kidnappings and abductions of young children and teenagers.


This is a new step in safety products, as this item not only produces a loud voice but also connects to your mobile phone and allows you to find a person on Google Maps.


This device can send signals to an unlimited number of people; just specify them in the contacts. Critical Alerts are compatible with iOS while Android supports Care Go. Moreover, due to GPS tracking, you may immediately rush to help your protégé. False alarm rate equals zero as it requires special movement to start working.

Battery life

Let’s do a count. 1 year of standby time for 1 hour of charging. Isn’t it a bargain?

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10. KATANA Safety Wallet

katana1We all want accidents to happen as rarely as possible. But when we do not use a thing for a long time, we begin to think about its usefulness and necessity. So that customers do not have such questions, the manufacturer has prudently added a compartment for credit cards and driver’s licenses, which can now always be carried with you.


In its appearance, the device resembles a phone grip, it is easily attached to any smartphone. The principle of operation is like an old-fashioned grenade – take out the plate, and the siren will howl.

Battery life

Some incredible terms are presented. The brand claims the battery lasts more than two years in regular operation mode.


The main issue with this option that it provides a one-month free subscription, but after it, you have to pay a small fee to be able to contact safety service. But it is worth purchasing as the service responds any time you send then an alert.

See Best Price

FAQ for portable alarm systems buyers

1. Can I use the same keychain multiple times?

Yes, you can. Most devices are designed to be used several times.

2. The technical specifications indicate decibels, so how do you know how loud the device really is?

Certainly, the sound is measured in a completely different way, as opposed to distance. A person, in the daytime, can hear sounds with a volume of 10-15 dB or higher.

For comparison, people talk with a volume of 40-45 dB, a human cry reaches 85 dB, and the sound of an airplane engine at the start – 130 dB. This pain threshold has a depressing effect on the new human system and a destructive one on the auditory system.

3. Why choose the alarm button from the list of self-defense tools, and not a stun gun?

Let’s think logically. The disadvantages of stun guns include the fact that people have different health, different hearts, and the use of this device may cause sad consequences.

Moreover, if the attacker is wearing very tight clothing, the stun gun may simply not work. Finally, the alarm button can be activated faster than pulling a shocker out of your pocket. Sometimes, we only have a few seconds.

4. Probably it is better to use pepper spray?

If a jet of pepper spray hits the face, the attacker will be blinded for a few seconds and lose the ability to make decisions and act. The desire to continue the attack will be significantly reduced.

However, practice shows that in a stressful situation, the can is often dropped, they do not have time to spray it, or they themselves become victims of its contents

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