6 Best Portable Tabletop Fireplaces (Comparison & Reviews)

Could it be that the only place you have for fixing the fireplaces is the tabletop? We introduce you to the best portable tabletop fireplaces. These are smaller, more compact but still able to heat your areas and foods well.

With so many manufacturers engaged in the production of these items, finding the most suitable one for your use is never really easy to make. Your only way forward is to gain appropriate guidance to that end. We are here to help you with just that. By the way, a portable air ionizer will also become an indispensable part of your home.

High-quality portable tabletop fireplaces and their comparison of the main characteristics:

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialPower Source
Portable Ventless Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Portable Tabletop Fireplace

9 x 5.5 x 10 inches3.5 pounds

stainless steel, ceramic


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HY DESIGN Rectangular Tabletop Fire Bowl

HY DESIGN Tabletop Fire Bowl

16.14 x 9.84 x 5.51 inches6.98 pounds


bioethanolSee Best Price

JHY Design Tabletop Fire Bowl

JHY Design Tabletop Fire Bowl

8.25 x 8.25 x 11.5 inches4.54 pounds

silver, metal, wax

bioethanolSee Best Price
Urban Eco Co Table Top Fire Bowl

Urban Eco Co Table Top Fire Bowl

5.9 x 5.9 x 11.8 inches3.29 pounds

glass, stainless steel, ceramic

bioethanolSee Best Price

Bond 50857A Lara TableFire Firebowl

Bond Lara TableFire Firebowl

20 x 7 x 8.1 inches15.95 pounds

glass, stainless steel 

gas poweredSee Best Price

Regal Flame Veranda Ventless Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit

Regal Flame Fire Pit

8 x 20 x 10.75 inches9 pounds

stainless steel, glass

bioethanolSee Best Price

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Portable Ventless Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace

Portable Ventless Bio Ethanol Tabletop FireplaceThis small tabletop fireplace is beautiful to look at so it will fit in with any decor you have. It can sit safely on any table in your home, and if you want to go out on the patio and enjoy the crisp fall air you can carry this little heater with you.

You get the beauty of fireplace flames without the cost of care required by a fireplace.

This ethanol fireplace will burn for about one hour on each refill. You simply refill the ethanol holding tank with about 2.4 ounces of clean-burning fuel and your set to enjoy the dancing flames and added warmth this appliance has to offer.

This Bio Ethanol Fireplace weighs only 3.5 pounds so it is easily moved from room to room. You can set it on a table without fear of it producing smoke or fumes because it is fueled by ethanol.

You do not need to have batteries or any other external power source to operate this device. Cleaning up after use is nothing more than wiping the surface area periodically when you dust. The heater does not make ash and does not have empty fuel cans for you to dispose of. It is easy to use and backed by a 3-year warranty against malfunction and defects.

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HY DESIGN Rectangular Tabletop Fire Bowl

HY DESIGN Rectangular Tabletop Fire BowlThe JHY provides a truly modern solution to keep warm, despite the compact size outputting quite a fierce heat radius. The stainless steel dual layer burner boasts a 0.6-liter capacity and requires bioethanol.

It burns clean to provide warmth, thus not needing a ventilation system. At the largest capacity, the flame is bound to last for up to 4 hours depending on environmental conditions.

It outputs 3900 BTUs and it caters to spaces of up to 400 square feet, so you can basically use it in any room of your home.

The dancing flame it produces ranges in height from 7 to 17 inches. As it is viewable in 360 degrees due to the see-through design of the included side panels, it helps enhance the ambiance where you place it.

Speaking of, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors. So there are no limitations in terms of placement, even being able to warm up the seating area in the porch with it.

It measures 16.14” in width by 9.84” in height by 5.51” in depth and weighs only 6.98 pounds, making your task of relocating it whenever needed an easy one and ensuring it won’t take up much space where you do place it either.

Lastly, we mention that you can return it within the first 14 days after you make the purchase. Then, receive your money back in full if you are displeased with it for any reason.

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JHY Design Tabletop Fire Bowl

JHY Design Tabletop Fire Bowl The tubular tower design of the Black Eden makes it a stylish addition to any decor. As it measures only 8.25 inches in diameter by 11.5 inches in height, it complements the scenario without drawing too much attention to it.

As glass is what isolates the flame, it will be viewable from any spot in the room so that you may look at the 12-inch high flame as it provides warmth to keep you feeling comfy.

Depending on the exact temperature in the room and the climate, the flame should burn for up to 60 minutes when it is at its full capacity.

You can rely on it to keep an area of up to 250 square feet warm, the 2000 BTUs it outputs providing it with this impressive capability. Another impressive stat is that it is good for use indoors, as well as outdoors, so there are no limitations to when and how to use it.

Alas, the fuel is not included with the purchase, but this isn’t an issue considering that it’s not high priced anyway. We end by underlining the fact that the manufacturing company ensures 100% satisfaction, taking their trust in the product released as far as to give you a full refund if you decide to return it within the first 30 days after purchase if you are displeased with it.

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Urban Eco Co Table Top Fire Bowl

Urban Eco Co Table Top Fire Bowl Outside the core role of heating your spaces, this fireplace will also serve to make your ambiance appear more beautiful to behold with the naked eyes.

That is due to its elegance and breathtaking appearance.

When strategically placed indoors, the item is really able to give off decorative ends.

Unlike many other fireplaces, this one runs on only clean bio-ethanol fuels.

That makes it less likely to dirty your interiors by way of excessive soot.

Its exterior on the other hand bears a distinctive shape.

It also enables easier handling and appropriate transportation. A set of glass screens will aid with illumination.

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Bond 50857A Lara TableFire Firebowl

Bond 50857A Lara TableFire FirebowlMainly wary of the smoke outputs that bedevil the interiors of your rooms? You want to work with a smokeless fireplace of this kind.

Its task of heating the fuel sources is pretty effective and less likely to even emit some odor in the course of its use.

To add to the above, the fireplace is operable at the simple push of a button.

You need not possess the extremely huge technical expertise to be able to achieve that end hence.

A control knob also exists for your simplified adjustment of the flame output. It also negates the hassles that you may have to put through.

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Regal Flame Veranda Ventless Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit

Regal Flame Veranda Ventless Indoor Outdoor Fire Pit Wanting to illuminate your interiors for durations that are longer? Pick and make use of this specific tabletop fireplace.

Its reservoir is large enough to hold the fuel that can heat your objects for 2-3 hours on end.

That is not all though as the exterior of the structure itself is also elegant.

You may hence deploy it for your decorative and elegant décor.

Adding to the many added benefits, the item runs wholly on clean bio-ethanol fuels.

That makes it less inclined to cause any smoke or odor to fill up your interior spaces as is the norm with many other items of its kind.

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FAQ for portable tabletop fireplaces buyers:

How does a tabletop fireplace work?

A tabletop fireplace works by drawing its fuel from an internal reservoir. Once you light it, the fireplace will burn 100 percent of its fuel, leaving you with no soot, ash, or mess. Simply place it on the tabletop, light it, and start enjoying the warmth on a cold evening.

What is the difference between denatured alcohol and ethanol tabletop fireplace?

There isn’t a big difference between denatured alcohol and an ethanol tabletop fireplace. That’s because denatured alcohol can work in place of ethanol and vice versa.

Are tabletop fireplaces safe?

When properly used, tabletop fireplaces are safe. Never leave an open fire unattended at any time. Make sure to monitor children and pets around the units.

Will my fireplace give off any smell when it’s burning?

Ethanol fuel does have a slight smell to it, but should not be very strong or distracting.

Do they require a lot of cleaning and/or maintenance?

You will need to clean your tabletop fireplace occasionally, based on the amount you use it. To clean the fireplaces, first, make sure there is no fuel in them and that there is no debris or dust in the burner. You can wipe them down with a soft, damp cloth. Never use anything abrasive, or any harsh chemicals. Never clean while the unit is on or hot.

How do you add fuel?

Pour ethanol fuel into designated areas slowly, using a funnel. Never add fuel while the unit is still burning or hot. Fill no more than 3⁄4 full. Use only a long lighter to ignite. Initial ignition may have a high flame close lid halfway to light.

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