9 Best Portable Baby Chairs (Comparison & Reviews)

Baby chair is an integral part of children’s inventory and the market offers a range of different seats. There are three main types: boosters, high chairs, and hook-on chairs.

The booster seats have four legs for on the floor use, however, some can be attached on the adult chair and be boosted up to the kitchen table. High seats are standard baby chairs that have a seat with high legs and usually offer more stability. While the hook on seats takes less space by allowing it to be clipped on the table.

The ultimate leader:

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Summer Sit ‘n Style Folding Booster Seat

Enhanced mobility and cool design are packed together with a great, foldable shape - easy to adjust everywhere

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Other great portable baby chairs:


Hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat

15.59 x 7.01 x 6.89 inches4.19 poundsToddlerSeat - fabricSee Best Price


Summer Pop ‘n Sit Booster Seat

15 x 14 x 15 inches0.07 ounces

6 Months – 4 Years

BPA free tray, seat - fabricSee Best Price

Serene Life Baby Seat Booster

15.0’’ x 14.2'' x 15.4'' -inches2.75 pounds6 Months - 3 YearsNon-Irritating Fabric MaterialSee Best Price


Fisher-Price Booster Seat

15.6 x 13 x 9.3 inches6.09 poundsNot SpecifiedDishwasher-safe feeding traySee Best Price


Liuliuby Portable High Chair

11 x 4.1 x 3.2 inches8 ounces6 months+soft fabricSee Best Price

VEEYOO Hook On High Chair

13.8 x 11.8 x 11 inch (L x W x H3.54 poundsNot Specified600D Waterproof Polyester FabricSee Best Price

TCBunny Hook On High Chair

17 x 13 x 11 inch (L x W x H)6.39 poundsChild up to 33 PoundsSoft and easy to clean denim fabricSee Best Price

Phil&teds Clip-On High Chair

13.78 x 13.39 x 3.15 inches3.80 lbs3 months to 3 yearsAluminum frame with padded back supportSee Best Price

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1. Hiccapop OmniBoost Travel Booster Seat

hiccacop1Hiccapop Omniboost seat is a perfect chair for any occasion: restaurants, weekend camping, beach, and many more. It is lightweight (just 4.19 pounds) and easy to fold, therefore being great for travel. The rear pocket for spoons and bibs and a shoulder carry bag for sanitary storage adds convenience during travel too.

Moreover, the wide, stable base and removable tip-over prevention “duck feet” features superior tip-free stability by increasing stability and distributing the weight evenly on soft or uneven surfaces. The Hiccapop’s restraint system and ergonomic design will keep even the most energetic toddler in place and fully secured.

The buckles are also easy to be released using one hand which is very convenient for a parent who usually has multiple things to do at once. Any stains or splashes can be effortlessly wiped clean or machine washed by sliding the cover off the frame, while the dishwasher safe and BPA-free swivel tray can be detached from the seat to be cleaned.

As the baby grows, the tray can be removed from the seat which can be boosted up to the kitchen table to eat with everybody else as it can be strapped into any type of adult chair if needed. Can be used by children from six months to three years.

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2. Summer Pop ‘n Sit Booster Seat

sumpop1This 2 in 1 activity floor seat and booster is durable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is portable due to an innovative pop and fold design that allows easy and compact fold or open with no extra tools required.

Together with the included carry bag, it is a space saver for storage (just 15 x 14 x 15 inches) or a high chair and a floor seat for travel. A seat back-pocket is a perfect place to store wipes or baby’s favorite storybooks. What is more, the removable, dishwasher safe BPA-free tray makes cleaning up and packing up possible.

While a wipeable fabric on the seat makes this Summer Pop ‘n Sit chair convenient for everyday use. Here you will also find three-point safety harness and chair straps that allow safe fasten to an adult chair make sure the baby is secure and comfortable in the seat for babies aged over six months and up to four years or 37 pounds, whichever comes first.

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3. Summer Sit ‘n Style Folding Booster Seat

sumsit1The new innovative Sit ‘n Style booster seat offers parents a versatile and easy to use feeding and booster seat all in one. Baby is secure and safe with the three-point restraint system, while the dishwasher safe feeding tray allows easy clean up after dining. The item also has the sleek and compact design folds flat for storage and portability.

The seat becomes a booster seat by easily detaching the tray and fixing the seat on an adult chair using the chair straps.

Moreover, the removable tray folds flat underneath the seat and a one-hand easy carry handle makes it great for on the go use or carrying multiple items at once. The chair weighs 4.1 pounds and takes minimum space both open (13.75 x 4.75 x 16.75 inches) and folded flat.

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4. Serene Life Baby Seat Booster

SereneLife offers indoor and outdoor toddler portable seat booster with a folding design and effort-free quick setup makes it great for travel to a park for a picnic, camping, and more.


The total assembled chair size is 15, 15.4, and 14.2 inches in length, weight, and width, respectively, and weighs just 3.4 pounds making it one of the lightest baby booster seats on the market. This compact baby booster comes with seat cushion, child safety belts, a food tray, and a travel bag.

Backseat storage allows keeping your kid’s toys to be played whenever needed. The seat is equipped with a locking a child safety belt and strap to attach on a chair to prevent any serious injury from falling or sliding out. The booster seat can be used both for eating and playing due to the detachable food tray.

It is suitable for babies, infants, toddlers aged six months to three years old. Comfort comes first in any baby products and therefore the Serene Life seat made with non-irritating cushion for babies’ sensitive skin.

The sturdy baby chair has environmentally friendly construction and stain resistant, removable seat cushion for easy and fast cleaning suitable for babies from six months up to 37 pounds weight.

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5. Fisher-Price Booster Seat

fisher1It is a great travel friendly feeding solution for your baby. Due to no crevices that could potentially trap crumbs, the seat is easy to clean and the feeding tray fits perfectly into the dishwasher. The height of the chair can be adjusted to comfort the baby as they grow and allow a custom fit to any table.

Additional features include adjustable three-point restraint, a snap-on lid for the feeding tray with a built-in cup holder. Taking a seat at the table is another milestone in baby’s growth as toddlers get to observe and build the social skills together with adults and learn manners, listening, and most importantly communication skills.

To get the baby seated up to the kitchen table, simply strap the seat to the chair. The seat can be easily folded to carry on the go with an over the shoulder strap. The 6.09 pounds seat is space-saver and takes only 15.6 x 13 x 9.3 inches.

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6. Liuliuby Portable High Chair

lili1With Lliuliuby, any regular chair can be transformed into a high chair for your baby making it perfect for mealtime on the go. It is easy to use, lightweight (0.5 pounds), and compact – all you need to do is just unfold and strap onto the chair.

The three height-adjustable harness straps allow it to be adjusted to perfectly suit your baby from six months and up, while the additional side loops at the waist ensure maximum security for smaller babies.

And the seat of this item has a universal fit due to the adjustable back straps that allow the portable high chair to fit almost any chair of any height and seat back up to 21 inches wide.

The seat will not slide or shift on the chair back due to anti-slip pads along the top seat strap. Machine washable cushion pad and harness straps made from soft fabric provide extra comfort and protect the baby’s neck. To use the high chair, the baby has to be able to sit unassisted.

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7. VEEYOO Hook On High Chair

hookon1An easy twist tight coupling is both fast and secure and allows you, baby, to seat on the adult table. VEEYOO features an adjustable safety belt to keep your child safe in place and a storage pocket at the back that is perfect in restaurants or vacations. It is space-saving and lightweight (just 4 pounds) therefore being convenient for travel.

Here you will also discover the removable and waterproof fabric and thickened seat pad give comfort and easy cleaning, while multi-needle sutured fabric avoids no fabric crack. A five-point harness structure features a portable table clip on the table chair to prevent standing up and slipping down.

The hook on the highchair can be used for table 0.79 to 3.15 inches thick and ensures no damage to tables due to the non-slip support handrails that leave no marks or pinch fingers. Depending on the table, the clip can be tightened up and firmly fixed in the right position. The chair is 13.8 x 11.8 x 11 inches assembled and 13.8 x 11.8 x 2 inches folded.

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8. TCBunny Hook On High Chair

bunny1The main advantage of this item is a sturdy construction features steel clamps, non-slip grip pads, and aluminum back support that come with a seat cushion and oxford fabric, offering security and comfort. TCBunny five-point safety harness keeps both legs and waist secure on a chair for children aging 6 to 36 months or up to 37 pounds.

The exclusive harness will prevent your baby from the potential danger of standing up while the T shaped bodyshell prevents slipping down from the seat.

Fold Flat storage feature allows the chair to be compactly folded and easily fit int diaper bags, purses, and stroller, while the lightweight structure (just over 4 pounds) makes it perfect for travel and storage, it will take minimum space in the car trunk, therefore, allowing it to be taken wherever you go.

An additional convenience is featured by machine washable waterproof cover that unlike other clip-on chairs is easy to remove from the chair. The collapsible seat fits most types of tables between 0.8 to 3.3. inches thick, therefore being suitable both outdoors and indoors.

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9. Phil&teds Clip-On High Chair

lobster1Phil&teds offers a superlight and compact clip-on chair due to aluminum frame with padded back support and a four-point safety harness system with shoulder pads. It is a portable high chair that is safe and strong, offering an adaptable dining and easy cleaning.

Robust aluminum “lobster” clamps and non-clip grip pads allow the chair to fit the tables from 0.8 to 3.75 inches. A dishwasher safe tray and travel bag can easily fit into diaper bags, stroller gear baskets or purses makes the seat convenient and hygienic.

While globally safety certified design can hold up a child from three months to three years up to 37 pounds. It is fast to set up by simply picking the chair up by the frame or pack down by flipping the clamps inwards.

Phil&teds clip on the high chair takes 13.78 x 13.99 x 3.15 inches of space and weighs only 3.8 pounds. The brushed stainless steel frame and easy care fabrics are not only strong and durable but also stylish.

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FAQ for portable baby chairs buyers:

1. Which type of baby chair is the best for travel?

It depends on the travel type. If it is an outdoor activity and dining, most of the bouncer chairs are great for that as they can usually be transformed from on the ground chair to a bouncer seat. High chairs with flat fold features or hook on chairs are perfect for the trip to restaurants or guests.

2. What are the recommendations for baby chair use?

Most baby chairs of all three types are suitable for babies from six months and up to 37 pounds. However, any chair requires the baby to be able to sit unassisted for safety reasons.

3. What are the main distinctive features between the three types of baby chairs?

Booster seats are much lighter and smaller in dimensions than high chairs due to their construction, and small legs. High chairs are more solid, stable, and therefore heavier than other alternative chairs and usually have more adjustment options than boosters. The clip-on chairs take the least space but cannot flat fold for convenient travel.