7 Best Portable PA Systems with Wireless Microphones (Under $200, $400, $500)

Portable PA systems with wireless microphones can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, parties, karaoke, music performances, presentations, business conferences, and other events. Such systems are quite light and easy to use. Modern PA systems have excellent features, high performance, and quite a budget cost. In this review, we have collected for you 7 best portable PA systems with wireless microphones, among which you can choose the best model. By the way, if you are a music lover, you may try a portable music player, so you can enjoy your favorite songs anywhere.

Portable PA Systems with Wireless Microphones Under $200

Devices in this category and are suitable for infrequent use. They are quite compact, have basic characteristics and functionality. You can use them at conferences, speakers’ presentations in small rooms, and similar events.

ItemDimensionsWeightOutputPower Source
Pyle PWMA200

Pyle PWMA200

11.8 x 7.1 x 4.3 inches6.6 pounds


battery-powered, AC, car powerSee Best Price
Pyle Pro Portable PA

Pyle Pro Portable PA

8.5 x 10.75 x 16.75 inches1 pound400 W


See Best Price
Pyle 800 Watt Portable Wireless PA

Pyle Portable Wireless PA

12.4 x 13 x 26 inches21 pounds800 W

Battery Powered

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Pyle PWMA200

Pyle PWMA200The PWMA200 wireless speaker system is ideal for events where you need to move around with a microphone and keep the good sound quality.

It comes with a wireless loop microphone. It works from a distance of up to 30 meters, and a wired handheld microphone.

It is a compact and lightweight amplifier for easy transportation and use. It is battery powered, so you don’t need to buy new batteries all the time.

Simply plug in the AC adapter and charge it for further use. DC 12 ~ 15V jack also allows you to run the speaker/amplifier on the car’s power Broadcast music and news with built-in FM radio.

The PWMA200 has an input jack for wired microphones. It comes with a wired and wireless microphone (loopable headset). This gives you versatility for all occasions and complete freedom of movement.

Playing music

Play music and record from your iPod or other devices. The system supports players and other external audio devices using the Jack AUX audio input. All you need is a 2-way 3.5mm stereo cable. What’s more, you can listen to your favorite radio stations directly through the system with the built-in speaker and FM receiver.

The PWMA200 is easy to take with you wherever you go thanks to its small size. Hook Up for extra speakers and extra sound power. With a built-in 3.5mm audio jack, you can connect extra speakers for more coverage and loud sound.

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Pyle Pro Portable PA

Pyle Pro Portable PAThe Pyle Pro PWMA170 is an ultra-compact, lightweight, active two-way speaker system. It delivers a powerful, clear sound with exceptional ease of use.

The system is for sounding speeches and presentations and can also be used by fitness instructors. When developing the series, the goal was to outperform similar systems and even larger ones.

The speaker installed in Pyle Pro provides best-in-class sound pressure and frequency response. The system is capable of broadband Bluetooth 5.0 streaming.

This allows you to play backing tracks and video soundtracks. You can play background music during pauses or intermissions.

Two combined XLR/TRS inputs allow you to connect microphones or line-level sources. An XLR output is available to connect the two systems in stereo mode. Three of the four EQ presets simulate typical settings for basic types of performance: music, vocal, and speech.

The fourth preset have flat characteristics. There is a bass boost, an automatic feedback suppressor, and a ducking function. An ultra-light, durable polypropylene cabinet with ergonomic handles allow you to transport the system quickly and effortlessly.

Suitable for any purposePyle Pro Portable PA 2

When it comes to living music, Pyle Pro is ideal for small spaces such as cafes.

In addition to the included Pyle Pro wireless system for stunning vocals, the built-in mixer lets you connect guitars, keyboards, and other instruments together.

The Pyle Pro is also suitable for karaoke. Use Bluetooth and wireless USB/Microphone channels at the same time and enjoy unforgettable karaoke.

Ideal for use in fitness rooms and group sports activities. Pyle Pro easily provides power and performance to small yoga classes and dance studios.

It is also the first choice for more intensive fitness classes, including outdoor activities. Use Bluetooth or 1/8-inch Aux-stereo output to include your favorite tracks for your workout. Or take a wireless microphone so your group can hear workout instructions or words of support and motivation.

High-quality components, versatile functions, convenient transportation, and the manufacturer’s dedication to premium sound make this model an unrivaled single system solution for large numbers of people.

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Pyle 800 Watt Portable Wireless PA

Pyle 800 Watt Portable Wireless PAPWMA1090UI is a portable PA/car entertainment system with all the latest and greatest features. It comes with an iPod dock connector that charges your iPod or iPhone.

It also allows you to play your favorite music through a powerful 800-watt speaker. It has four ¼” inputs on the front panel. Each of them has its own volume control, which provides a full sound balance.

You can also connect any other digital music player with a retractable 3.5mm cable to listen to AM/FM radio. You can also connect an SD card or USB flash drive here to listen to MP3 and WMA files.

What’s more, this device can be fully wireless. It runs on a battery of up to 5 hours of life and includes two microphones. It is a wireless portable microphone and a wireless lavalier microphone.

All this is played through a powerful 10-inch three-way speaker. It also includes a woofer, midrange driver, and a tweeter for full-scale sound.

Adjust your sound with the bass and treble controls and apply the effect with an echo knob. The telescopic handle and charming wheels make transport easy and convenient. Works on 110V or 220V.

Play and charge your iPod – compatible with iPod Nano. With the built-in iPod docking station, all you need to do is move your iPod directly to the docking station. Now you’re ready to play your favorite songs. And that’s not all – this device also charges your iPod while you’re listening.

Besides, this device comes with an SD card and USB support. So you can enjoy downloading your music collection through the system’s powerful speakers.

MicrophonePyle 800 Watt Portable Wireless PA 2

This device comes complete with a wireless microphone and headset. It works up to 100 feet away, giving you the freedom to move around as you please.

You can listen to your favorite radio stations directly through the system thanks to the built-in FM receiver.

Automatic scanning functions for quick station search, and presets for saving stations.

The amplifier has a telescopic handle and wheels with castors for easy carrying. Because the amplifier is battery powered, no electrical outlet is required to operate it.

The PWMA1090UI also has many external inputs. Four inputs with a ¼” plug for two wired microphones, a CD or MP3 player, a guitar, and any other external audio device.

There is a 35mm speaker stand on the bottom of the device. This way, you can improve the sound of your event by putting the speakers at the optimal listening level.

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Portable PA Systems with Wireless Microphones Under $400

This category is characterized by goods with average indicators. Devices here have improved characteristics and are suitable for medium-sized rooms. They are quite powerful and have some additional features, which are described in more detail below.

ItemDimensionsWeightOutputPower Source
Samson Technologies Expedition XP106w

Samson Expedition XP106w

13 x 20 x 13 inches16.06 pounds

100 W

battery-powered See Best Price
Behringer MPA100BT

Behringer MPA100BT

9.49 x 9.02 x 14.69 inches18.74 pounds100 W


See Best Price

Samson Technologies Expedition XP106w

Samson Technologies Expedition XP106w The Samson XP106w rechargeable portable RA is filled with incredible features. It features a Bluetooth connection and a built-in 4-channel mixer.

It also includes a USB wireless digital system for professional performances anywhere.

This versatility makes Samson XP106w an excellent solution for conferences, tourist groups, parties, and various mobile events.

In the XP106w, a 6-inch bass driver and a 1-inch speaker provide pure full-spectrum sound.

The 100 watts Class D lightweight amplifier is perfectly compatible with the speakers for high efficiency and low charge consumption.

The rechargeable battery allows continuous operation for up to 20 hours. It also provides mobility and the ability to deliver quality sound anywhere.

The system comes with the Samson Stage XPD1 USB 2.4 GHz digital wireless system. It contains a wireless USB bus-based receiver and a Q6 portable dynamic microphone capsule with a range of up to 30 meters.

This frees the speaker or artist from cable restrictions when using the XP106w. Combining the Samson Stage XPD1 with 20-hour battery life and Bluetooth® connectivity makes the XP106w a totally wireless portable solution.

More features

The 4-channel mixer in the XP106W allows you to connect in several ways with separate level control:

  • 1/4-inch XLR for microphones and other microphone type devices
  • 1/4 inch channel for connecting guitar and other linear devices
  • 1/8 inch channel for connecting MP3 player, keyboards, and so on
  • USB wireless channel for using the Samson Stage XPD1 system
  • Bluetooth channel to stream music from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop

Besides, there is a line output to connect several systems together to make the sound even more voluminous. Use the Music/Speech switch to optimize with the played music or speaker equalizer. Samson Technologies Expedition XP106w 2

The XP106w is ideal for teachers, instructors, and lecturers. The Stage XPD1 system allows speakers to create dynamic presentations and engage the audience.

Besides, 100 watts of power can provide medium to large audiences with great sound.

At the same time, its lightweight design, comfortable carrying handle, and 20-hour battery life make the XP106w ideal for tour guides and mobile trainers.

Backyard party, a picnic for the company or just relaxing in the pool. The XP106w will provide stunning music for any outdoor event.

Simply establish a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone or tablet and the party is ready.

Use the wireless system to make speech, toast, or announcements for your loved ones and friends. With 20 hours of battery life, you can use this device at least all night.

With the XP106w, your voice can be heard at any meeting or presentation. The XP106w will provide a powerful, full-spectrum sound to convey an opinion on the subject under discussion.

Speakers can use a wireless system or 1/4 inch XLR. 1/8-inch Aux-stereo input can be used to amplify the sound of an MP3 player or computer presentation. The XP106w is quick and easy to set up, so you can get started right away.

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Behringer MPA100BT

Behringer MPA100BTThe Behringer EUROPORT MPA100BT is a portable speaker system with a Behringer ULM300USB radio microphone.

With it, you can play music, sound instruments, vocals, and voice. The device is notable for its autonomous operation.

So you can use it in almost any installation. The built-in power is enough to sound a medium-size room.

For audio playback, the speaker comes with a 6-inch woofer and 0.75-inch tweeter.

They are capable of sounding the frequency range from 65 to 18 kHz. The unit comes with a quality Class D amplifier, which offers the largest power of 100 W.

A switch with two Music and Speech modes is provided for sound correction. They are differently tuned equalizers for the most legible and pure tone.

The model offers many ways to switch with different audio signals. Besides, there are two inputs on Combo Jack/XLR connectors with independent volume controls. They can work with microphones and instrument signals.

Phantom power functions are not provided, so only dynamic microphone models are supported. There is an input for an external audio source implemented on the 1/8″ Jack TRS connector. It also allows you to receive audio from an MP3 player or smartphone.

There is also a possibility of audio streaming via Bluetooth. Finally, there is a general output volume knob. The speaker can be powered by the mains or by a rechargeable battery. It can provide up to 20 hours of operation time. It will take approximately 6-8 hours to charge and the rest of the charge is displayed as built-in LEDs.Behringer MPA100BT 2


The ULM300USB handheld wireless microphone operates in the publicly available 2.4 GHz RF band and has an output power of 10 mW.

This allows it to function correctly in space up to 60 meters away. The sounded frequency range is between 10 Hz and 20 kHz.

Built-in ADC provides audio transmission in 24-bit format with a 48 kHz sampling rate. This allows getting high-quality sound at the output.

The microphone is powered by two AA batteries. The operating time from which can reach 8 hours. A USB-receiver is also supplied.

You can connect it to the USB-A port located on the back panel of the speaker. This port is also equipped with the ability to distribute power to other devices (not exceeding 1000 mA).

In general, this model is a portable speaker system with a built-in 4-channel mixer. This mixer allows you to start audio from mobile devices and receive instrument and microphone signals.

The loudspeaker features the simplest possible interface available to any user, the function of autonomous operation. Also, this device has a small size and weight, which provides the necessary mobility.

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Portable PA Systems with Wireless Microphones Under $500

This price category of products includes more professional models, which are excellent for large rooms and even outdoor areas. They can be used at concerts, parties, music shows and so on. These models have different degrees of protection from weather conditions, they are more practical and durable.

ItemDimensionsWeightOutputPower Source
Denon Professional Commander Sport

Denon Commander Sport

20.16 x 8.88 x 17.64 inches34.5 pounds

120 W

battery-powered (lead acid)See Best Price


24.13 x 7.32 x 13.35 inches26.5 pounds100 W


See Best Price

Denon Professional Commander Sport

Denon Professional Commander SportDenon Commander Sport is a portable loudspeaker system designed to sound vocals or musical instruments.

For example, an electroacoustic guitar or synthesizer, in open areas. It is also a perfect device for DJs.

The model is distinguished by the presence of moisture and splash protection IXP4, which allows its use in all weather conditions.

The set comes with a radio microphone. Thanks to this, you will be able to sing and play parties of accompaniment simultaneously through this column.

An 8-inch woofer and 3-inch tweeter provide quality and clarity across the full range of sound frequencies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The largest output power can reach 120W.

This will allow you to play or play music at a high volume level enough for weddings, celebrations, and parties. The input signal can be processed with the built-in reverb to give it depth and volume. Microphone/instrumental input is made on Combo Jack/XLR connector.

There is an AUX input, made on the 1/8” Jack TRS, in which you can connect a smartphone, tablet, or player. The audio signal can also be transmitted via Bluetooth, the range of which here are 20 meters.

You can also play the audio signal from an SD card by plugging it into the corresponding slot. The front panel contains controls such as volume, 3-band EQ, pause, rewind, and others. There is an LCD display that shows the charge level, signal source, and song information being played.

MicrophoneDenon Professional Commander Sport 2

The radio microphone works in RF spectrum 584 – 608 MHz and has up to 16 channels. It is powered by two AA batteries.

The power supply to the speaker itself comes from the mains or from a rechargeable 12V 7 Ah battery.

It provides continuous operation time up to 40 hours. It is possible to switch two of these speakers in series using the line output on the 1/4″ jack TRS.

What’s more, there are two USB-A ports for connecting a flashcard and charging.

In general, Denon Commander Sport is a powerful portable speaker system. For it, you can find many applications and in each of them, it will show its best. Having a microphone with a transmitter in the set allows you to hold entertainment events and public performances.

Rich switching capabilities ease the convenient connection of musical instruments, wired microphones, and external audio sources. For convenient transportation, there is a retractable handle, and on the bottom, there are two movable wheels.

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BEHRINGER PA System PPA200BEHRINGER PPA200 is a masterpiece of engineering in the field of portable sound amplification systems.

This system combines functionality and amazing sound quality in a compact, portable package. The PPA500BT is easy to install and configure, and its power is much larger.

The 6-channel system mixer has a large number of inputs – two microphone inputs, two instrumental inputs – for your MP3 player.

It makes the PPA200 ideal for parties, school events, corporate parties, presentations, musicians, and weddings.

Built-in Bluetooth allows you to download music from your smartphone, player, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

This powerful device also features world-class effects from KLARK TEKNIK and the proprietary BEHRINGER FBQ Feedback Detection System.

This is necessary to get crystal clear sound with no crosstalk and no dynamic noise. Even a high-level microphone is included as well as all accessories and cables that you may need. So you don’t even have to buy anything – everything will be in one box.

Extra features with Bluetooth

We know that your music lives on your phone, computer, or tablet, so the developers decided to ease the task of playing music through the PPA500BT.  This way gives you unlimited access to various radio channels, multimedia providers, and so on. Control the music at your party without getting up from your seat with your phone or tablet.

The PPA200 has a built-in connection to the ULTRALINK ULM wireless microphone series. No wires give you the largest freedom and mobility without the need to connect any cables.

Besides, you don’t have to mess around with the wires or stumble on stage. Thanks to the built-in transmitter, which operates in the 2.4 GHz band, you can achieve the high-quality sound.BEHRINGER PA System PPA200 2

The ULM wireless system is a combination of professional-quality sound with easy setup and an intuitive interface. Freeing yourself from the wires, you will feel free even on stage.


KLARK TEKNIK is recognized worldwide as one of the most prestigious British audio companies with 40 years of history and the greatest awards.

The company designed and built the legendary DN780 Reverberation Processor. It is considered by sound engineers around the world as an industrial standard.

BEHRINGER is proud to use KLARK TEKNIK effects on its products. The 24-bit KLARK TEKNIK processor comes with 100 excellent presets. They include traditional chorus, reverb, flanger, pitch shifter, and many more. All with one goal in mind – to give your performance the final professional touch.

For over 20 years, BEHRINGER has designed and manufactured the most successful FBQ Feedback Elimination processors. Now anyone can own them and enjoy the benefits of their technology. The developers have equipped them with the revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System.

In this way, your audio system will be fully protected from interference and dynamic noise. It allows you to fully concentrate on your performance. When the system detects feedback, the indicator lights up. It will show you which fader needs to be lowered to overcome the feedback. It’s easy!

You have everything under control

BEHRINGER PA System PPA200 3Channels 1-2 comes with proprietary high-end Invisible Mic Preamps. They have achieved great popularity for their unsurpassed quality of work.

Besides, each channel has its own special dual-band EQ (Low and High Frequency).

Panorama and Balance controls allow you to place the signal anywhere in the stereo panorama. Besides, there is an effect mixing regulator.

The PPA200 portable audio system has absolutely everything you need. Lightweight, 500W six-channel amplifier mixer with +48V phantom power supply. You can equip it with two microphones, two stereo or four mono music instruments as well as your audio player.

Besides, you get a two-band channel equalizer and a five-band graphic equalizer with the revolutionary FBQ Feedback Detection System. Two high-quality loudspeakers and the XM1800S perfectly sounding microphone (with all cables and accessories) complete this powerful and versatile system.

The PPA200 Portable Sound System may look too small and lightweight, but it is really very powerful and versatile. The 500W internal stereo amplifier is capable of producing rich, room-filling sounds.  The high power 8-inch woofers provide excellent bottoms and “readable”, clear midrange. The 1.35-inch aluminum compression driver will give you crystal clear sound.

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FAQ for portable PA systems with wireless microphones buyers:

Can a wireless mic work with any receiver?

The short answer to this question is no. A wireless receiver can only demodulate the signal from one active mic-transmitter at a time. But you may use one transmitter or the other, as long as only one transmitter is powered up at any time.

What do you need for a wireless microphone system?

Wireless microphone systems are comprised of three fundamental components: the microphone, the transmitter, and the receiver. Typically, a wireless system will feature one of three mic types: handheld, headset, or lavalier. The former is your standard, archetypal stage microphone – usually a dynamic or condenser.

Can you plug a microphone into a speaker?

However, it is certainly possible to connect a microphone directly to a speaker. How to plug a microphone into a speaker: To physically plug a microphone into a speaker, we must identify the speaker’s input connector and then simply use the proper cable adapters to send the mic output signal to the speaker input.

Do microphones need an amplifier?

If you are using a mic, you need a pre-amp. Microphones produce weak signals (mic level) which must be boosted up to line level. This is what a pre-amp does. It may be integrated into the microphone or the mixer or the audio interface or a stand-alone unit, but there is one somewhere with any microphone you use.

What is phantom power on a mic?

Phantom power, in the context of professional audio equipment, is DC electric power transmitted through microphone cables to operate microphones that contain active electronic circuitry. It is best known as a convenient power source for condenser microphones, though many active direct boxes also use it.

How to connect a wireless microphone to a speaker?