9 Best Portable Green Screen Kits (Comparison & Reviews)

The green screen seems like an innovative product. It is mostly used by streamers and content creators, as well as LED lights. Nowadays people use YouTube a lot and green screens can be suitable for YouTube users. These products are used by artists, recording interviews and so much more. Below is a guide for your reference that can help you in finding the different features and specifications however, you should check the detailed description to find more information. Check out such best green screen kits to buy from.

The best choice:

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Webaround Big Shot Gen2 Portable Webcam Background

Webaround Big Shot Gen2 

This is an affordable, collapsible and portable green screen background for use with a webcam. It is perfect for those working from home using video conferencing platforms, content creators and gamers streaming.

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Other excellent portable green screen kits and the comparison of their main characteristics:

Webaround Big Shot Gen2 Portable Webcam Background

Webaround Big Shot Gen2

56 x 1 x 56 inches1.8 pounds

green screen 

steelSee Best Price
Emart 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop Background

Emart Photography Backdrop

14.88 x 10.94 x 1.81 inches1.85 poundsgreen muslin backdrop, 4 backdrop clipsmuslinSee Best Price
Neewer Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible Backdrop

Neewer Chromakey

27.17 x 27.17 x 2.76 inches1.08 pounds

blue & green collapsible backdrop, carry bag

steel, fabricSee Best Price

Chromakey Green Screen Kit

Chromakey Green Screen Kit

35 x 10 x 10 inches18.71 pounds

backdrop support stand, chromakey green screen, ac adapter, shoot through umbrealla, lightstand, carrying case 

fabric, steelSee Best Price

Andoer Photography Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

Andoer Photography Umbrella 

35.28 x 11.42 x 8.11 inches18.5 pounds

white umbrellas, black/gold umbrellas, light bulbs, light stands, E27 socket, backdrop, backdrop stand set, carry bag

nylonSee Best Price

Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background

Neewer Background

12.6 x 12.6 x 35.83 inches29.6 pounds

light stand, single head light holder, umbrella, musline backdrop, backdrop clamps, background stand support system, carry bag 

nylon, aluminumSee Best Price

ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey

ePhoto Chromakey

37.3 x 14.6 x 13 inches33.55 pounds

light bulbs, tripods light stand, light heads, softboxes, boom arm with sandbag, stand for boom arm,background support stands, cross bars, green screen, deluxe carrying case

muslinSee Best Price

Elgato Green Screen MT

Elgato Green Screen MT

82.68 x 2.76 x 3.15 inches11.88 pounds

green screen

polyesterSee Best Price

ePhoto 10' X 12' Video Photography Studio

ePhoto Video Photography Studio

40 x 6 x 6 inches9.73 pounds

chroma key green backdrop, sectional cross bars, supporting stands, carrying cas

muslinSee Best Price

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Webaround Big Shot Gen2 Portable Webcam Background

Webaround Big Shot Gen2 Portable Webcam BackgroundThe product looks amazingly simple. It’s essentially a circular collapsible green screen that opens to a diameter of 56-inches and straps onto the back of your office or gaming chair. Using a chair as your support has two consequences, you can fill the video frame with a smaller green screen and you don’t need large and expensive backdrop support.

The front of the Webaround has sewn-in mounting straps. For easy storage the Webaround and folds down to a small circle and fits into a 21-inch high carry bag (including handles).

Being 56-inches in diameter this is an ideal personal green screen solution that works well for gaming, video conferencing, and online course creation. Not only does it function well as a webcam green screen, but it also collapses down to take up very little storage space.

The built-in spring steel frame opens the Webaround to its circular shape and keeps the material flat. Although some tiny wrinkles remain in the material these probably won’t affect your ability to remove the background. If you do need to get those wrinkles out you can use a steamer or an iron.

The front side includes universal mounting straps to firmly attach the product to most office and gaming chairs. The straps are 12” long and are elasticated. If you need the straps to be longer, Linda at Webaround can send an extra piece of the elastic.

Depending on the design of your chair, the Webaround may need some adjustment. You can straighten the product by using the front and back strap. Then use the integrated stabilizer to push the bottom of the Webaround away from the back of the chair, so that it is vertical and flush with the chair back. Not only does this help maximize the visible area of the green background, but it also helps reduce shadows that may make background removal tricky.

Keeping the Webaround clean shouldn’t be a problem and it’s unlikely to need much cleaning. But if your Webaround does need a clean, get a damp cloth and wipe the soiled areas until clean again. Once you’re done leave the Webaround open until it is completely dry.

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Emart 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop Background

Emart 6 x 9 ft Photography Backdrop BackgroundThis is a woven 100% cotton green screen cloth that’s 6x9ft in size. Now, obviously, this muslin backdrop cloth has to be folded up to be mailed to you. So inevitably it will arrive with fold lines or creases in the cloth.

Make sure you do remove the wrinkles otherwise your software will have difficulty keying the green backdrop. You may even find that just leaving the cloth to hang will help pull-out the creases.

Whichever wrinkle removal method you use, try to leave the cloth hanging between video meetings or videos. If you can do that you won’t have to repeat the wrinkle removal every time you set up the backdrop.

This backdrop has one edge folded over and stitched to form a pocket. If you’re using a backdrop stand you can slide the crossbar through this pocket. But you could use a curtain pole or a long wooden dowel as a crossbar that’s held up at the ends on wall hooks.

Being one piece of material, the fabric is completely seamless. So no worries about seeing lines are too difficult for the software to key out. The cotton material is also non-reflective, so it won’t have shiny areas like some synthetic materials.

The edges have been properly hemmed and finished to make the cloth more durable, preventing fraying and tears. If the cloth should become dirty it’s safe to dry clean and is machine washable.

Four backdrop clips are included with the cloth. These are fairly light-weight and only meant to hold the cloth flat from the sides. If you’re thinking that you can use them to keep the cloth under tension to stretch out any wrinkles, forget it. But, they are absolutely fine if used for the purpose intended.

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Neewer Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible Backdrop

Neewer Chromakey Green Chromakey Blue Collapsible BackdropEstablished in 2010, Neewer is a multinational business that regularly introduces new products for individuals with a creative streak. When you are starting out, you will find almost all the accessories you’ll need from Neewer’s cost-effective audio, photo, and video catalog.

The balance between good quality and affordability has led to their products gaining ground among media content creators needing to equip their home video studio.

This Neewer backdrop uses good quality thick muslin. So, the material is non-reflective and less likely to show any shiny areas. The green screen backdrop is reversible, you can use it either as a blue or green screen, simply by turning it around.

This is an advantage because it gives you more flexibility in what you can wear. For instance, if you are wearing a green blouse one day you can use the blue side of the backdrop. If another day you’re wearing a blue suit you can use the green side.

The blue/green material is stretched and sewn onto an oval flexible metal frame that will stretch the material more-or-less flat. When opened up the background is 5’x7’, with the corners rounded rather than square. But folds down to a circle that’s a little over 2ft in diameter. This can be stored in the provided black circular carry bag with a zipper.

Although the metal rim stretches the material flat the creases don’t all completely disappear, but it’s not really a problem. This is especially true if you light the background from the front and not the sides, since the creases are less likely to create shadows.

Easy to set up

The collapsible backdrop is easy to set up. Once taken out of the carry bag, the steel spring frame that is sewn into the material, will pop open the backdrop within a few seconds and then helps to keep the backdrop’s shape. Once opened out, it’s just a case of hanging the backdrop from a stand or support. It’ll take you a matter of seconds.

One of the short sides of the frame has a velcro buckle, which is handy for hanging the backdrop on a stand. Of course, it could also be used to hang the background from a wall hook, or other fixture. If you don’t want to spend anything on a support stand you could just lean the backdrop against a wall, since the steel rim will maintain the screen’s shape.

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Chromakey Green Screen Kit

Chromakey Green Screen KitCarrying top quality products for the lowest prices, Fancierstudio is another powerful company in the industry. It has always strived to ensure that each and every one of their customers are happy with their purchases.

This Chromakey Green Screen Kit has pretty much all it takes for anyone wanting to make quality youtube videos or to take beautiful photos.

Complete with a lighting and backdrop support system, this kit is very practical and reliable. It comes equipped with two 105 watts 5500k perfect daylight color fluorescent bulbs ideal for video and photography.

The heavy-duty backdrop support system is simple to adjust, being able to go up to 8ft height and 10ft wide, and has four sectional bars. The kit also contains two 7ft height light stands and two 33” shoot through umbrella reflectors for convenient light diffusion. The seamless chroma key green muslin backdrop included in this pack is made of 100% cotton and is fully machine washable.

Considering the quality of the materials and such, the kit works efficiently as it will help you get shots exactly how you want them. If we are taking into account the price of this set which is quite low, then this kit is perfect for starters although advanced users should probably look towards the more expensive models.

The quality of the light bulbs is not outstanding but is on par with what you pay for. All things considered, this kit can supply everything you need to get you able to significantly improve your photography and video shoots.

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Andoer Photography Umbrella Continuous Lighting Kit

Andoer Photography Umbrella Continuous Lighting KitThis is really one of the best sets you can buy. It is like many others a complete Chroma key green screen kit with reliable lighting and a decently constructed backdrop support system.

Fancierstudio made sure that you won’t have any issues with the setting up and the managing as the kit is surprisingly compact and as such it helps to save some space.

The disadvantage to that might be that it’s a bit difficult for more people to be on the set at the same time considering is only six feet across when fully set up.

The lights are bright enough and do their job efficiently. Despite the low price, Fancierstudio offers decent quality to those looking to practice their photography and digital graphics.

It won’t stand a chance against the more expensive alternatives out there but for a more casual user, this really is a great kit that shouldn’t be missed.

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Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background

Neewer 2.6M x 3M/8.5ft x 10ft Background A fantastic kit for both professionals and amateurs alike this Neewer branded green screen background comes with a lot of different perks and useful accessories so you can start shooting video or photos in no time.

What customers like the most about this kit are the quality of every little part that’s included. The lights are bright and have a very appropriate color for most shots, the clippers have just the right grip and the green backdrop itself is perfect both in color and the quality of the material.

It is super easy to set up, so it makes it easy for you to start doing your job in a professional manner. For the price, they’re asking we consider this to be one of the best buys in its category so we definitely recommend it.

For more info about each piece of accessory included in the package head over to Amazon and find out if this is the perfect kit for you.

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ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey

ePhoto 10 x 20 Muslin Chromakey With an extensive selection of professional photo and video equipment. ePhoto is on a mission to provide quality supplies and affordable prices along with top-notch service to their customers.

Their Chromakey Green Screen Background Support Stand Kit stands as proof of their devotion to satisfy the needs of any studio or photographing enthusiast.

This premium video photo light kit has lots of interesting components that are well made and reliable to assist you in your projects.

The softbox can be used to soften the light, the studio light bulbs operate with 4 Day-light and the lights can be easily controlled with a handy ON/OFF switch. One thing that ePhoto does well is in the ease-of-use department, the kit can be set up in minutes to offer you professional results immediately.

Considering the price of this set, some users might fear that it won’t work well but it’s quite obvious you get a decent product for your money. If your projects are not extremely demanding you’ll manage just fine with no issues, this is one of the best choices because of its affordability and ease-of-use and not because of the sturdiness of the materials.

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference regarding what is really your project about and how much you’re willing to spend. ePhoto did a good job with this kit and for those on a budget is a very solid recommendation.

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Elgato Green Screen MT

Elgato Green Screen MTThis green screen looks very much like a ceiling or wall-mounted projector screen. In fact, if you were to switch out the green material for a reflective white material you would have yourself a great projector screen.

That said, this is a superb space-saving green screen design. Mount it on either a wall or from hooks in your ceiling and you’ll have a high-quality green screen backdrop available whenever you need it.

The Elgato Green Screen MT is a self-contained screen in a mountable metal case. The case is almost 83.5-inches wide and 3.15-inches x 3.74-inches in profile. The whole unit weighs 11.9lbs.

The actual screen is 74.8-inches wide and 78.74-inches tall. So that’s large enough to cover most people’s height and out-stretch arms if standing just in front of the screen. The fabric is 100% polyester (Dacron® by DuPont) which ensures it will withstand repeated set up and take down and deliver a wrinkle-free surface. The chroma green is designed to give you the cleanest key available.

The Green Screen MT can be wall-mounted using two screws. The corners of the unit include a couple of metal ceiling mount loops so that you can hang the unit from ceiling hooks. Whichever mounting method you use you will save yourself valuable floor space and avoid any trip hazard.

Once mounted, you can pull down on the handle to unroll the amount of green screen you need. When you let go, the precision roller drive automatically locks the screen in position. When you call it a day, tug the screen handle and the roller lock will release and the screen will automatically retract into the metal case. Nothing could be simpler.

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ePhoto 10′ X 12′ Video Photography Studio

ePhoto 10' X 12' Video Photography Studio There’s no denying the fact that in this day and age if you want to get more quality shots you need some proper equipment. Choosing a green screen background kit can be a potential solution especially if you have in mind some projects that could benefit from the chroma key effect.

This list is finished with a smart deal by ePhoto, a kit not as fully featured as the others but an excellent deal nonetheless due to its small price. Certainly, this one is an option for those who need a green screen that’s very portable and fits a smaller home studio.

ePhoto offers a simple support system constructed from lightweight aluminum but don’t let that deceive you into thinking this one is flimsy.

The construction is surprisingly sturdy and ideal for any location where space is limited. Setting up the kit is not hard and considering how easy is to adjust the width, you can hold canvas, muslin, and paper background easily.

A basic screen, perfect for beginners, admittedly a bit thin but one that does its job well enough to satisfy most hobbyists. You just need to make sure you buy some clamps for tightening the screen up.

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FAQ for portable green screen kits buyers:

What fabric is best for a green screen?

Composite Components Digital Green and Digital Blue backing fabric is a nylon-spandex material that stretches tight and smooth when hung in a frame correctly. This material travels well with minimal wrinkling and optimum coverage.

What should I look for when buying a green screen?

Make sure if you’re using a green background that your subject isn’t wearing any green clothing. The three most important considerations with green screen photography are the size of the object you’re photographing, the location of your shoot, and the choice and size of the green screen backdrop.

What can I use instead of a green screen?

Black, gray, and even white seamless backdrops are popular green screen alternatives for digital still photography. One of the most important aspects of working with chromakey in still photography is the use of materials that are polar opposites: green and red, blue, and yellow.

Do green screens need to be wrinkle-free?

Foam-backed screens are virtually wrinkle-free but more costly. If you have opted for a fabric green screen, you can get rid of wrinkles by spraying it with water or a handheld steamer. Try to stretch it tight as it dries to reduce the lines that may cause shadows in your background.

Can I use a green sheet as a green screen?

You can use anything for green screen backgrounds such as poster boards, a painted wall, sheets and fabrics, and more, just as long as the color is flat and completely uniform. However, we recommend using a proper green screen background. You can find these sheets at various craft stores or online.

Why is the green screen better than blue?

When using a digital camera instead of film, you obtain better results from a green screen shoot because of the cleanness and luminescence of green over blue. Using green instead of blue results in less noise when keying out the footage.

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