12 Best Sink Hose Sprayers (Under $50, $30, $20)

Sink hose sprayer is a great extension of the regular sink faucet that offers extra functionality of your bathroom or kitchen sink. It can be used for hair washing, puppy pet shower, baby bath rinsing, buckets filling, sink cleaning, and many more as the extendable hose allows reaching anywhere in the bathroom.

Hose sprayers are also great for individuals with limited mobility, disabled, inflexible, elderly, or recovering from surgery due to its convenience and ease of use. Manufacturers have added additional features such as spraying modes, filters, and divert systems to provide maximum comfort for users. If you want to use this stuff outdoors, a portable water pump will also help you.

Best Sink Hose Sprayers Under $50



9.92 x 6.65 x 2.91 inches1.85 pounds90 InchesStainless SteelSee Best Price


SmarterFresh Sink Sprayer

10 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches2.4 pounds86-Inch


See Best Price



15.07 x 10.07 x 3.66 inches1.47 pounds59 Inches


See Best Price



11 x 7.1 x 2.8 inches1.6 pounds10 Feet


See Best Price

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1. MINGOR Sink Hose Faucet

mingor1 The showerhead of the sprayer has three adjustable modes. Designed with a large water channel without water flow restriction, the pulse, pulse plus shower, and shower modes, all produce a strong water spray.

With the usage of this item, the water feels soft, gentle, and comfortable enhancing the experience from MINGOR sink sprayer use, while great boosting water-saving shower reduces water consumption. Moreover, here you will find the three-way divert function allows us to switch water from the faucet aerator to hand shower without detaching which is convenient and quick to use.

You need to push the handle forward for faucet aerator discharge water, backward for a handheld shower, and upwards to 90 degrees to allow water discharge from both two outlets. Other than that, the hand shower provides three spray modes regulated by a button featuring pulse, shower, and combined modes.

A simple push on/off button and a detachable shower head are easy and convenient to control the hand shower and a metal handle strip turns smoothly and operates easily.


The elastic recoil hose length is ten feet which provides more flexibility and convenience for use while being just over one feet when it shrinks which is good for storage and space-saving. An included brass metal shower holder is easy to install with adhesive glue and makes no harm to the wall.

The MINGOR sink hose sprayer is built from one-piece solid brass body material. It is heavy-duty, wear-resisting, rustproof, and leak proof.

This bathroom sink hose sprayer comes with all the needed accessories in a full set. It is perfect for washing hair, puppy pet shower, baby bath rinsing, buckets filling, sink cleaning and many more as the sink sprayer attachment is functional to make the job fast and easy. It is only suitable for the round sink faucets with removable aerators.

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2. Smarterfresh Sink Sprayer

smarter1 With SmarterFresh any cleaning job can be done quickly and effectively as you can extend the reach of the faucet (86 inches) to anywhere in the bathroom. It offers a flexible application choice from adult washing to baby rinsing to hair washing to pet bathing.

Here you can also find the included faucet diverter enables the transition from sink to the regular faucet with the flip of the lever that doesn’t require unscrewing or removal of the sprayer. This saves time and enhances the durability of the sink sprayer attachment.

This faucet sprayer set is a great benefit for individuals with limited mobility, disabled, inflexible, elderly, or recovering from surgery. It is simple and easy to install as everything is included in the package and no plumbing required therefore installation can be done by a person with any level of technical abilities.

Made from a premium 304 stainless steel braided hose and solid brass faucet diverter, this sink faucet rinser is made to keep strong water pressure and ensure a stress-free cleaning process, while three function hand shower uses durable ABS with silicone nozzles.


The hand shower has multiple functions that include an on/off setting to pause for a moment to reach for the shampoo and can also be used as the sprayer set to clean the tub, shower, or toilet. The SmarterFresh sink sprayer only fits with faucets with removable aerators.

The male threaded adapter measuring male bottom and top and additional adapter availability free of charge enables the sprayer to be installed on a range of different bathroom faucets.

Package includes PEX shower hose, faucet diverter, male threaded adapter, and hook holder/ wall mount. The product has a lifetime guarantee that covers leaks, manufacturing defects, and loss of water pressure issues.

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3. Hibbent Store Sink Hose Sprayer

hibbent2The multipurpose sink hose sprayer is perfect for hair washing, filling buckets, washing dogs, elderly care, rinsing newborns, and more. A functional hand shower comes with three mode sprayer with a high-pressure handheld shower head with an on/off switch in hand.

The showerhead allows you to adjust the three modes by one button: rainfall, massage, and jetting spray way, each mode offering a special shower experience for you. Plus, the jetting mode gives water in a fine dense, and uniform way that will make the skin feel gentle and comfortable.

The rainfall model is a comfortable and delicate interrupted water drop that will make the skin feel under the rain. And the massage mode offers a spray way in which not a single spray intersects resulting in a remarkably powerful, sensual experience. A freeholder is available that fits nearly every handheld sprayer wand, bidet, or showerhead.


Being perfect for shower, tub, family pet clean it is designed for maximum convenience. Switch from regular shower to dog shower with no hassles to make showering your dog fast and easy. The on/off setting on the hand shower allows you to pause for a minute to reach for the shampoo or when it is time to scrub.

An included extra-long 90-inch hose made of stainless steel with a coil design is flexible and doesn’t kink, attached with one normal washer and one mesh water.

Hibbent Store hose sprayer is easy to install by simply screwing it onto the shower hose, and only fits with a removable aerator. One male to the male adapter is included to ensure hose attachment is compatible with your faucet.

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4. KLLEYNA Sink Faucet Hose

kleeyna1KLLEYNA faucet hose sprayer features a switchable water outlet and five feet shower hose enough to stand far away from the sink when using the shower that is also great as a substitute for sink side spray. Therefore, it is great for cleaning, rinsing, washing your hair or dog in the sink, and bathtub.

A handheld shower features of water flow control and stop water-saving function makes rinsing, filling, and cleaning easier and efficient, especially for a toddler, baby, disabled, and pets.

A solid brass tap splitter with one water inlet and two outlets redirect water from the faucet spout to the sprayer, while a strong brass construction made in one piece ensures the quality and durability of the product. The four spray settings allow choosing the one that works for the current needs.

This item also includes a jet mode with spouting water is perfect for cleaning, rinsing, and washing, while power rainfall mode creates a steady stream of water that rains over the body bringing a relaxing spa showering experience.

The sprayer also has two massage modes: gentle massage provides torrent water to quickly relieve muscle tension and removes tiredness, and power massage works like a waterfall shower which can rinse shampoo or soap out thoroughly and rapidly.

kkleyna2What is more, the KLLEYNA sprayer is easy to install, simply unscrew the current aerator from the faucet, attach on the diverter, then connect the hose with the sprayer. After that, switch on the faucet to check the water flow between the faucet and showerhead.

The product is also suitable for kitchen utility faucet, salon, laundry room faucet, and garden sink nozzle. The set includes a portable handheld showerhead, a three-way faucet diverter with aerator and two adapters, plus an extra-long five feet stainless steel hose of G1/2 connector with a suction cup holder.

The shower head holder can adjust the angle during showering, and install by vacuum suction cup which allows you to place the shower arm at any desired height, while an extra-strong suction cup sucker provides good airtightness and strong adsorption capacity.

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5. Hausun Handheld Shower Head

hausun1Hausun showerhead features universal connections that allow it to easily fit any standard shower plumbing fixture offering a jet nozzle for multiple spray patterns, a spray mode adjustment lever, a water-saving switch button, and polished chrome finish.

Tangle-free stainless steel and extra-long hose (6.5 feet in length) enable maximum flexibility and convenience for showering on a stable shower chair, bathing children, or pets. The handheld showerhead with an on/off switch allows pausing the water flow when needed during shampooing or scrubbing instead of turning the faucet off, therefore avoiding water waste.

The showerhead features multiple sprays with five modes that include saturating spray, massaging spray, bubble spray, and two combination sprays (saturating and massaging or saturating and bubble), therefore giving a different natural SPA experience at home.

Hausun faucet hose sprayer offers hassle-free installation as everything is included for easy installation. The strong brass nuts and insert prevent cracking during installation, while the internal pipe is heat and cold resistant.

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Best Sink Hose Sprayers Under $30


SmarterFresh Quick Connect

11.2 x 8 x 2.3 inches1.1 pounds48 InchesStainless SteelSee Best Price



10.3 x 5.9 x 3.5 inches1.36 pounds10 Feet


See Best Price



7.7 x 5 x 2.5 inches12 ounces4.5ft


See Best Price



5 x 3.6 x 9.6 inches1.25 pounds6.5 Feet

Brass, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

See Best Price



9.84 x 5.31 x 3.46 inches1.71 pounds78 inches


See Best Price



9.17 x 5.24 x 3.15 inches15.9 ounces4.9 Feet


See Best Price

6. SINLOON Sink Faucet Rinser

The SINLOON faucet rinser is designed for hair washing, washing dogs, elderly care, rinsing newborns and etc. This sink faucet hose sprayer is a set of handheld showerheads, a telescopic shower hose, shower head holder bracket and a faucet diverter valve with brass thread connect.

sinloon1The handheld shower features water flow control, a water-saving function that makes rinsing and cleaning much easier and efficient. SINLOON premium showerhead provides powerful spray performance even under low water pressure. Moreover, this drill-free shower head holder bracket can be installed for added convenience during use.

What is more, this all-metal, heavy-duty, and wear resist quality ensures the durability of the product, while a shiny polished chrome finish adds brilliance to the bathroom. The faucet hose sprayer is easy to install with no screws, no-drill, and no harm to the wall surface.

A three-way faucet valve diverter and solid faucet splitter with one water inlet and two outlets redirect water from the faucet to the sprayer. With the shower hose being long enough to use at a distance is a great substitute for sink side spray, the elastic recoil hose is stretchable and extendable to 4.5 feet for flexible and convenient use.

In addition, it is made of premium plastic, non-toxic, high-pressure resistant, and durable while being just over one feet long when shrank to provide easy and space-saving storage.

Therefore being a great tool for cleaning, rinsing, filling a bucket, or washing your head or dog in the sink and bathtub. The hose sprayer is suitable with universal round faucets.

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7. KLLEYNA Sink Sprayer

killens1KLLEYNA sink sprayer is an upgraded sprayer set for home with shower mode and nozzle spray mode being convenient for kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and bathtub faucet attachment. It is great for hair washing, dog shower, and other utility cleaning.

Featuring a 360-degree faucet sprayer head with two water flow modes provide powerful jet and shower spray. An all-round swivel aerator covers the whole sink and saves water. The handheld shower head with three settings offers a soft skin touch through a large nozzle shower area.

Three-way shower modes including a jetting mode for a massage and atomizing shower feelings, rainfall mode for an enjoyable shower experience, and bidet sprayer for high-pressure cleaning of the floor, bathtub, sink, and toilet. ABS plastic body and stainless steel filter together with sleek chrome finish feature heat resistance and durability.

The shower spray set contains full attachments for easy and fast installing: a handheld showerhead, water diverter with two adapters, faucet aerator, and ten feet telescopic shower hose. In case the product doesn’t fit with your faucet, the manufacturer offers additional adapters.

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8. Smarterfresh Sink Faucet Sprayer

smarterfr1 This sink faucet sprayer is ready to use for a range of applications from sink showering, hair rinsing, baby washing, and pet bathing to all-around bathroom cleaning. Just extend the reach of the faucet to reach anywhere in your bathroom as the 48-inch hose gives plenty of lengths.

The hand shower has an on/off setting to pause the water flow to reach for a shampoo or pause for a scrub. a quick connect adapter attaches to the bathroom sink faucet and allows to use of the faucet as normally and set the appropriate water temperature through the handles of the faucet.


A premium build quality ensures a stress-free use as the solid brass and 304 stainless steel construction prevents any leaks or cracks. It includes all the parts in the package and is simple to self-install with no plumbing required, and additional adapters are available free of charge.

Once the adapter is connected to the faucet, you can easily clip the hose in and out whenever you need to use or detach the hose and sprayer just as easy for quick storage.

The SmarterFresh sink faucet sprayer fits only sinks with removable aerators. The product has a lifetime guarantee that covers leaks, manufacturing defects, or loss of water pressure situations.

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9. JIANAN Sink Sprayer Hose

This functional sink hose sprayer comes with a hand shower head, faucet diverter, recoil hose, shower head holder, and three pp filter cotton. JIANAN faucet hose sprayer is great for cleaning, rinsing, filling a bucket, or washing your hair or dog in the sink.

The 78 inches shower hose is long enough to enable standing far away from the sink or washbasin during use, being a great substitute for sink side spray. Showerhead features four modes for different purposes: jetting mode, rain mode, and mixed-mode, while also allowing a handheld use.

A handheld mode is great for washing washbasin, toilet, or floor drain. The premium quality of the sink sprayer attachment set is made from solid brass and 304 stainless steel to prevent any leaks and ensure a stress-free utilization.


The extendable hose feature of the JIANAN faucet sprayer allows extend your sink by 78 inches, just attach to a faucet and save time on filling buckets, wash tools, or any other cleaning job.

Brushed nylon braided nickel flexible metal with a stainless steel shower provide the durability of the product. The pp cotton filter softens the water and removes chlorine, fluorine, chloramine, ammonia odor, sulfur, and sediment, other than that it filters up to 99.9% of lead, chromium, rust, iron, and other heavy metals making the water on the outcome safe for baby rinsing or use on sensitive skin.

The accessories are all included in the package and the sink sprayer is extra simple to install. JIANAN sink hose sprayer can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, shampoo bed, or bathtub.

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Best Sink Hose Sprayers Under $20



9.06 x 4.72 x 3.94 inches14.1 ounces4.9ftABSSee Best Price



42.50 x 1.75 x 6.50 inches9.6 ounces3 Feet


See Best Price

10. Danco Sink Sprayer

danco1The multipurpose portable handheld sink sprayer creates ease of use for washing hair, bathing baby, washing dog or vegetables, and even for hand washing clothes or other items in the kitchen sink. Danco Easy Spray is the perfect faucet extender when you need extra reach.

Three feet hose allows extra reach, while flow control lets to manage water flow from light to full and a full spray pattern creates a full and strong spray for reliable performance. The easy on/off toggle switch allows you to control the water flow from light to full, depending on the needs.

Moreover, the Danco Easy Spray attachment with a long hose is perfect for anybody with small children, while a detachable feature is convenient during hair wash. It includes a dual thread aerator to replace the current aerator and is compatible with a ¾ utility faucet and can be added on to your outdoor garden hose without the need of the included aerator.

In order to install the sink sprayer, remove the old aerator from the faucet spout and install the new aerator included in the package, then align tabs, gently push the adapter up into the aerator and turn to lock the hose in place. It is also quick to store with the removable hose, just gently push up on a hose and turn clockwise.

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11. UHAPEER Basin Handheld Shower

unhapper1 UHAPEER basin shower set is ready to use basin faucet shower made of ABS plastic, including a sprayer head, 1.5 m recoil shower hose, adjustable angle shower head holder, three-way faucet diverter, and a set of universal adapters. It is great for hair washing, baby bathing, pet shower, fruit rinsing, countertop cleaning, or buckets filling.

Featuring three gears spraying setting, it allows to freely switch to three different spraying modes such as pulsing, rainfall, and mixed flow, achieving more thorough cleanliness, while a high-pressure water flow produces gentle and comfortable water.

Here the pulsing mode comes with a powerful spray and dense water; rainfall mode is a comfortable and uninterrupted flow with smooth water providing a rainy feel; the mixed-mode produces smoothing and strong water at the same time giving a special experience. An additional button enables quick turning off the flow.


A brass body construction and three-way diverter can redirect water from the faucet spout to the sprayer. The flexible recoil shower hose is explosion-proof and anti-winding, made with telephone wire design, therefore being great for storage.

Apart from that, the telescopic hose can be extended to almost five feet long for convenient rinsing at a distance from the water source. A chrome-plated stainless steel nut, high-grade ABS plastic material prevents rusting, corrosion and provides resistance and durability of the product. UHAPEER basin shower is designed to fit around faucets only.

With a set of adapter accessories, the handheld shower diverter is easy to install on the kitchen or bathroom sink faucets, and the holder stand can be installed on any dry and smooth surface such as tiles. The stand adapts to most of the hand sprayers, bidets, or shower heads with no drills and no screws required.

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12. USLICCX Sink Handheld Shower

usilixx1 The USLICCX sink faucet hose rinser sprayer comes with a set of handheld showerhead, telescopic shower hose, shower head holder bracket and faucet diverter valve with brass thread connect. It is perfect for hair washing, washing dogs, elderly care, rinsing newborn,s and more, simply connect to the existing bathroom or utility sink.

The remarkable feature of this item is that the showerhead has two water pressure modes such as bubble spray and soft spray modes. The water pressure can be controlled through handle bidet sprayer buttons to achieve more cleanliness and bring healthier personal life.

It is also possible to switch water flow between faucet and sprayer enabling the use of a hand-held shower and regular sink without need to remove the sink hose every time. A lightweight shower head allows adjusting between soft spray and bubble spray mode, being also suitable for those with wrist medical problems due to its lightweight.


A brass body construction and polished chrome greatly withstands daily rust, corrosion, and tarnish, while engineering-grade ABS material ensures quality and durability.

The 3.5 mm thickened joint is easy to clean and crack proof; explosion-proof and anti-winding hose ensure the longevity of use and flexible recoil telephone wire design makes USLICCX shower easy to store despite the long hose length (five feet).

It can be easily installed on any smooth surface, drill-free, perfect for different height issues of adults and children, and has a convenient adsorption control switch.

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FAQ for sink hose sprayer buyers

1. Do I need to have a specific faucet to install the sprayer?

Most of the sink hose sprayers are designed for round removable aerator faucets and are not suitable for pull-out faucets, spout, or bathtub faucets. Please look individually for every product and manufacturer.

2. Is shower head a good replacement to help with poor pressure?

It is unlikely that showerheads would enhance the pressure as the pressure is driven by the input of the water source. It is also important to note that the length of the hose will affect the pressure at the output too. It is advisable to use the hose sprayers for their purpose.

3. Can I install a sink sprayer without a plumber?

The sink hose sprayers listed in the article do not require a plumber and most do not involve any drilling or screwing.

4. Do I remove the whole sprayer attachment every time I need a regular sink mode?

The majority of the products feature a divert system that allows switching water from faucet aerators to hand shower without detaching the whole construction.