4 Best Portable Dual Hose Air Conditioners (Comparison & Reviews)

The air conditioning is the thing that will save you from the problem of hot and humid rooms. An ordinary portable air conditioner may not be enough when you are trying to cool a large room. But, in the case of a portable dual hose air conditioner, the efficiency will amaze you. To make the air fresher, you can also use a portable evaporative cooler.

Such air conditioner comes with two hoses, one of which is an exhaust hose, and the other is an intake hose. These models are designed to be more energy-efficient than conventional air conditioners. In this article, we have reviewed the best double hose air conditioners, which are characterized by high quality and stable performance.

This item has the best price and quality:

Our Top Pick
Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

Portable and easy to set up, this model offers cooling relief for any area where excess humidity and heat cannot be remedied by traditional air conditioning.

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The list of the other great portable dual hose air conditioners with a comparison of the main characteristics:

ItemDimensionsWeightOperational modesNoise level
Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

17 x 29.5 x 16 inches60 poundscool, dehumidify, fan52 dBASee Best Price
Whynter 11,000 BTU

Whynter 11,000 BTU

17.3 x 30.5 x 15.4 inches65 poundsauto, cool, dehumidify, fan56 dBASee Best Price
Whirlpool 14,000 BTU

Whirlpool 14,000 BTU

15.6 x 17.9 x 39.3 inches74.5 poundscool, dehumidify, fan52 dBASee Best Price
Haier HPND14XHT 14, 000 BTU

Haier HPND14XHT 14, 000 BTU

15.25 x 17.75 x 29.44 inches75.1 poundsauto, cool, dehumidify, heat, fan 50 dBASee Best Price

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Watch this video to see how each system works, and decide which type is right for you:

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

Whynter Elite ARC-122DSThis device creates a special microclimate in the room. The air conditioner is suitable not only for domestic use but also for installation in office premises.

Thoroughly filters the air, producing its heating or cooling. The products come with castors. The product does not need condensate removal. For this purpose, there is a special container for its collection.

The water level is monitored by a special sensor that will notify the owner when the tank is full. This device is controlled from the panel on the case, there is also an infrared remote control.

This portable dual hose air conditioner has three speeds and there are many extra features. For example, it automatically diagnoses and alerts the user when a malfunction occurs.

The model is automatically restarted when the power supply becomes available. Besides, there is a timer function, sleep mode. In terms of noise level is approximately in the middle. It does not work very loud, but also not too quiet.

If necessary, you can place this device anywhere in the room. It comes with two flexible corrugated hoses. Thus, you can easily connect the model to any window. In this case, the hose is of polymer materials that can withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees.

During the development, an automatic blow direction control system was installed. Besides, you can choose from four intensity levels. There is a special built-in timer from 1 to 12 hours. There is a night mode, when using this device you can not hear at all.

The device for energy efficiency belongs to class A. Thus, it consumes a small amount of electricity. As the refrigerant, the gas type R410A is used here. It is absolutely safe both for the human body and the environment.

Unlike other similar devices, this air conditioner will not drain the condensate. Water accumulates in a special container. When it fills up, the unit automatically switches off and beeps accordingly. The capacity of the product is quite enough to work effectively in a medium-sized room.

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Whynter 11,000 BTU

Whynter 11,000 BTUThis model belongs to the monoblock class. Up to 300 cubic meters of air passes through the device per hour. Electricity consumption is insignificant – the unit belongs to class A.

The air conditioner comes with a reliable electronic control system. It is complemented by a modern touch panel. The set comes with remote control. It is very easy to understand because each button has a corresponding icon.

The dimensions of this device are insignificant. For comfortable movement on the floor, there is a set of chassis. The compressor has reliable noise insulation, so it works quite quietly. On sale, you can find modifications of this model. They differ from each other only by power indicators.

This is one of the most compact models, and it looks quite interesting too. Many users give preference to this air conditioner due to its very comfortable use. Besides, it is quite easy to control its functional part.

The device works on air conditioning, ventilation, and drying. In particular, it does not provide a container for condensate collection, as it is in the form of steam is led outside the room.

Besides, the design also has a reliable thermostat. It monitors the temperature in the room with an accuracy of several tenths of a degree. This allows you to create the most comfortable conditions for finding a person there. This is a three-speed air conditioner and the timer works not only on power off but also on power on. Electricity costs will be minimal even if this unit is used around the clock.

This air conditioner will be perfectly suitable for installation in an apartment. In the night mode, the products function absolutely silently. The model is for efficient work in a room with an average area.

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Whirlpool 14,000 BTU

Whirlpool 14,000 BTUThis is one of the best models of portable dual hose air conditioners designed for year-round use. The design of the equipment is reversible, so it’s easy to switch between modes of operation.

On top of the design, you can find a special electronic control panel. In addition to the necessary buttons, it has LED indicators. They will inform you about the need for maintenance, possible malfunction, and so on.

It is easy to set the actual operation mode because all buttons have intelligently clear icons. It is quite natural that the design comes with remote control.

The drainage system is versatile. Moisture either accumulates in the pallet or is drained together with warm air. There is a drain hose in the kit.

You can use this model is a multifunctional product for air conditioning. Use it dehumidification and ventilation in the room. Due to its low weight and compact dimensions, the structure can be easily moved from one room to another. Installation and connection take only a few minutes.

Drainage is not required for the full operation of this model. Instead of a tank, this air conditioner comes with the latest effective system of removal of excess moisture. A special pump delivers moisture to the condenser of the product. In the future, water vapor is diverted through a duct, which is the unit.

There is a comfortable sleep mode. Even during night hours, the set temperature in the room will be maintained in strict accordance with the algorithm. All elements of the design are in the case quite tightly. This allows you to give it the smallest dimensions.

In case of malfunction, its cipher will be on the electronic board and on the control panel. You can find the value of the error cipher in the instructions to the device. If the power has been switched off, the air conditioner will automatically start when the power supply is resumed.

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Haier HPND14XHT 14, 000 BTU

Haier HPND14XHT 14, 000 BTUThis model is for installation in various domestic premises, apartments, and even small offices. The device will be really indispensable where it is not possible to install the usual split-system.

Besides, the device will be suitable for rooms, where you need the air conditioner temporarily. The device does not have a camera for collecting condensate. Moisture itself evaporates when hitting the heat exchanger.

It is quite natural that you can use the device not only for heating or cooling the air. It is for dehumidification and ventilation of the room. A compressor is here as the main working part. It works with safe refrigerant.

The products consume a small amount of electricity. It practically does not load the network. But at the same time, the device ensures efficient operation of all its functions. There is a convenient control panel on the case and infrared remote control.

This model has a unique liquid crystal display. It turns on only when the device itself is activated. There is a special mount for the remote control on the top panel. The functional side of the device is quite familiar.

It is air conditioning, ventilation, and dehumidification. The blinds, through which the flow of cooled air exits, work in automatic mode. The products function almost silently. Even in the immediate vicinity of the unit will not be heard that its motor rotates. This has been achieved due to the high-quality soundproofing system of housing.

The products have an attractive and stylish appearance. This allows them to blend in seamlessly with the interior of any room. The condensate formed in the process of equipment operation is removed automatically. There are built-in chassis, the set includes a corrugated pipe with a set of adapters.

This device consumes the smallest possible amount of electricity. The consumer is provided with the highest level of comfort. Many owners note and a quite stylish appearance of products.

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FAQ for portable dual hose air conditioners buyers:

Is a dual hose portable air conditioner better?

A second hose sends all of the warmed air outside of the home. For larger spaces, the dual hose A/C unit is a better choice. The dual hose machine eliminates the negative air pressure problem but also costs a bit more. This air conditioner operates more quickly than the other and also requires more electricity.

What is the advantage of a dual hose portable air conditioner?

The advantages of the dual house design are in its ability to cool an area more efficiently and quickly while requiring less work for your portable air conditioner. An additional consideration in your choice of hose design is the lifespan of the unit’s filter.

Can I use a portable air conditioner in a room without a window?

A window is usually the most convenient way for portable air conditioning to vent, but there are other ways. For example, you can attach the exhaust tube to an air vent. Maybe the best idea would be to install a small vent leading directly outside.

Is it dangerous to not vent a portable air conditioner?

Yes, but unless you are venting the heat the A/C is removing, you will not be cooling the room. In fact, the compressor and fan inside the A/C generate some heat and will overall increase the temperature of the room. If you cannot vent a portable A/C, you are better using a portable fan.

Is a portable AC better than a window unit?

If you’re not committed to always cooling the same room or space, then a portable air conditioner is a better option than a window AC since it’s mobile and can be installed in other rooms relatively easily.