11 Best Small Greenhouses (Comparison & Reviews)

Cultivation of plants is a troublesome and rather time-consuming process. It is very important to provide them with the right microclimate, the necessary conditions for growth and development. At the same time, everyone wants the plants to develop as quickly as possible, and wind and cold did not threaten them.

Such tools provide the plants with warmth by covering them from all sides of the wind and draught and installed in a well-lit place. Warm air accumulated under the film is not carried away by air currents in an unknown direction. Also, you can use a portable heater in case you need more warmth. If you like to grow plants, you will definitely like one of the models in this review of the best small greenhouses.

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Home-Complete HC-4202

Home-Complete HC-4202

This versatile gardening rack is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. The 8 sturdy shelves provide plenty of room for plants and gardening supplies.

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Home-Complete HC-4202

Home-Complete HC-4202This model has been on the market for almost two years. Immediately after its appearance, it gained popularity among gardeners. The structure is of a profile pipe.

The width of the greenhouse is quite enough for growing plants. Designed for small areas. If necessary, you can buy extra sections and increase it. There is an arched form of construction.

On sale, there are also extra strengthening kits. They increase the strength of the structure.

You can install this model on the ground itself, as well as on a wooden or concrete foundation. Soil before installation should be leveled.

The hothouse has won a special place among buyers for its high strength. The roof here can withstand a large amount of rainfall.

The basis of the frame – metal with galvanized, the thickness of the wall profile – 1 mm. This allows you to maintain a balance of strength and weight of the structure. There are doors at each end. To get into the greenhouse, you do not need to go around it.

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MTB Outdoor Portable Greenhouse

MTB Outdoor Portable GreenhouseThis model is for use in spring and summer. It has excellent quality and some advantages compared to similar structures. The greenhouse is rigid and reliable enough.

This is largely due to the availability of extra elements in the kit. They will strengthen the frame. There are Shelter Lock stabilizers as well as Cross Rail cross-type laths.

The tent is additionally stretched with the Ratchet mechanism. It will be perfectly resistant to strong winds.

The tent itself is of unique ClearView materials. They can withstand tensile loads well and do not deform over the entire life of the tent.

This material passes through enough amount of ultraviolet rays well. Its thermal conductivity is low.

Thus, even at night hours, there will be quite an acceptable temperature. Also, the humidity regime will be at a normal level. This will prevent the overcooling of plants.

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HomGarden 4-Tier Weatherproof Mini Greenhouse

The versatile HOMGARDEN 4-Tier garden structure will help you save space and create a unique garden even in a small area. The metal frame is strong and hard-wearing.

The special net for protecting your plants from pests and animals has a weight of 10 kg. The lower shelf can be removed to create the necessary air circulation.

This greenhouse is a standard of quality. It lacks the disadvantages of large greenhouses but retains all the basic functions. Grow vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the most comfortable conditions.

With the HOMGARDEN 4-Tier you have 4 spacious shelves at your disposal. So you can grow your own plants and store gardening equipment. Use the two zippered swing-out doors to ventilate your greenhouse and check the level of humidity. 

In case of inclement weather, use a waterproof cover to further protect your plants. The mini greenhouse installation instructions are designed for a general audience, so you’ll have no problem assembling the structure yourself.

The weight of the kit is 10.16 pounds. A handy bag allows you to store and transport the greenhouse without any problems. The professional greenhouse will make a great gift for gardening enthusiasts.

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Zenport SH3212A Garden Cold Frame Greenhouse

The garden frame greenhouse SH3212A from the manufacturer Zenport is excellent for use in the personal backyard. The model is durable and optimally shaped to make gardening easier and more enjoyable.

You won’t have to call in expensive professionals to maintain the greenhouse. You will be able to install your greenhouse yourself in a matter of minutes.

The greenhouse has optimal sizes for use in the garden, on the balcony, or terrace. It does not require much space and allows you to carry out quality care of plants. The construction is notable for longevity thanks to the steel frame and plastic cover.

The frame is painted green, so it blends in easily with any interior. Transparent plastic is absolutely impermeable to water, which makes it possible to create optimal temperature conditions.

For displaying plants and controlling humidity levels, there are hinged windows that are attached to the lid with a zipper.

The set consists of a clear waterproof plastic cover with zippered hinged panels and a green steel frame. The structure weighs less than 4.4 pounds, making it easy to transport to the desired location.

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DIYAREA 8’x6′ Pop Up Greenhouse

Unique greenhouse combines thoughtful design and versatility for the greatest comfort. Now it’s even easier to create optimal conditions for plant growth.

Use the Portable Greenhouse at home and outdoors. Grow all kinds of flowers, fruits, and vegetables, and have fun with your hobby.

The greenhouse is based only on high-quality materials, which do not emit toxins and have no side odor.

The robust frame allows you to safely put heavy pots with plants. The polyethylene cover has a double layer of material in each corner for increased durability.

Thanks to the simple functionality you can assemble and disassemble the greenhouse yourself in a short period.

The product is easy to carry in a special bag that comes with the kit. The size of 8*6 inches is ideal for the garden, and for enclosed spaces, such as a balcony or terrace. 

The greenhouse will help you maintain optimal climatic conditions at any time of year. Waterproof polyethylene will help to protect plants from heat, scorching sun in summer, and from snow and wind in winter.

The greenhouse is equipped with 2 hinged doors and mesh windows to provide ventilation and observation.

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Pure Garden 3-Tier Greenhouse

Pure Garden 3-Tier GreenhouseThis model is on the basis of a frame of profile pipe, which is a rather powerful construction. Despite the fact that it is not equipped with special metal amplifiers, it is very strong.

It is in disassembled condition. But, you can assemble it quickly and easily. The connections are all smooth, resulting in a flat shape.

All elements are perfectly fastened without the need for extra tools. The model is for both ground and foundation installation.

This type of greenhouse is more focused on professional gardeners. Rather than the average owner.

Despite the large volumes, greenhouses of this type are quite compact and do not look too bulky. Extra tie-ins are in the frame.

They not only give it stiffness. They can also contribute to the installation of ventilation, heating elements, or lighting.

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ZENY 3-Tier 8 Shelves

The Zeny 3-Tier 8 Shelves portable greenhouse will help you get a good crop and make plant care much easier. It has enough space to grow a large enough crop.

The greenhouse has 8 spacious and sturdy shelves, so you don’t have to worry about the space available. Make the most of all the available space.

A zippered hinged door allows you to easily get inside and maintain the desired temperature regime without extra accessories. The racks are at different heights so your plants won’t get in each other’s way.

No matter what the weather is like today: your plants will be safe. The translucent cover, made of firm plastic, lets you see what’s going on in the greenhouse and protects your plants from any unfavorable elements. Now your potted plants are safe from direct sunlight, snow, and strong winds. 

The solid steel frame is a guarantee of reliability and durability. Extra ropes and stakes are available for extra safety. They are convenient to use in windy weather. Use the greenhouse in your garden, balcony, or greenhouse and get the best results.

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Home-Complete Mini Greenhouse

Home-Complete Mini GreenhouseThis design is on the basis of a metal frame of a round pipe. The internal volume here is quite large. The frame has a coating DuPont.

Besides, the perimeter of the base of this design also has a reinforced frame. This greenhouse comes with one door with a strong and convenient locking mechanism.

This model has a waterproof tent. It protects the structure from the penetration of excessive UV rays. The structure is in such a way that you can turn the tent if necessary, giving access to fresh air.

This is very important in the case of the cultivation of planting material. Fresh air allows you to temper the seedlings well, make them resistant to cold and disease.

This greenhouse can be harvested in record time. The whole process will take about an hour of your time.

The frame is of a profile pipe with increased thickness. This allowed reducing the size and increasing the reliability of the greenhouse.

Classic design allows you to maximize the use of the entire greenhouse space. It is possible to place extra hanging structures in the upper part of the arch.

A coating is of modern polycarbonate. It is distinguished by high thermal conductive and insulating qualities. Increased size allows you to effectively distribute the space inside. Thus, you can combine the traditional landing using a “pyramid”.

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Pratico Outdoors Mini Pop Up Greenhouse

The Practico Outdoors Pop Up Mini Greenhouse is a compact structure for growing plants. The greenhouse is great for all fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Use it to protect your plants outside, in your greenhouse, and on your balcony. The small size allows it to be installed even in small rooms.

Thanks to the transparent lid made of durable PVC, you won’t have to worry about weather conditions. The greenhouse lets in heat from the sun and keeps it inside, but prevents the passage of harmful UV radiation.

Besides, strong gusty winds and hail will not damage your crops. The greenhouse will help in the control of pests and close access to the plants by pets.

The greenhouse is easy to assemble and fold, and it is convenient to carry. Both frame and cover are made of safe materials and are easy to clean.

The kit consists of a set of steel rings, a waterproof cover, 4 stakes for reinforced fixing, and a handy bag. With the purchase of The Practico Ourdoors Pop Up Mini Greenhouse, you can get a real gardening experience with a minimum of time and money.

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Bloom 63537 Large Walk-in Greenhouse

Bloom 63537 Large Walk-in GreenhouseThis model has increased strength. It is well suited even for installation in fairly remote areas. The frame is of galvanized profile pipe.

You can use such a greenhouse all year round to grow any plants. The increased strength of this model is achieved by installing extra metal amplifiers.

The design is groundless, it is dug into the ground, but you can also make the foundation yourself.

The optimal structure of the frame allows you to cope with high natural and artificial mechanical loads.

The special coating allows you to achieve the largest capacity for sunlight and to keep heat.

The set includes the necessary fasteners for assembly. There are also extra grunt trailers to ensure a stable position in all situations.

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Harupink Mini Greenhouse

The Harupink Mini Greenhouse 2 Tier is a great example of a professional approach to gardening. Grow your plants for the largest benefit and without major expense.

The transparent cover features two layers of durable and hard-wearing plastic. The high quality of the materials guarantees long-lasting use of the product.

It is easy to clean and safe for people and plants. Approximate dimensions are in the range 69*49*92 and may have a slight error.

The transparent cover is versatile and applicable to almost all 2-story frames. It allows you to receive and store heat from the sun’s rays.

The door allows you to watch what is happening and create the necessary circulation of air masses. It opens and closes instantly and effortlessly. You can set it up, take it apart and take it with you when you need it.

This greenhouse allows you to make plant care fast and productive. You won’t have to worry about bad weather and pests. Install the Harupink Mini Greenhouse 2 Tier anywhere. A garden or a small terrace is great for this purpose.

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FAQ for small greenhouses buyers:

Where should a small greenhouse be placed?

Rather than putting it in an exposed area of your garden where it could blow over, try and choose a position next to a wall or fence. For extra support, you could position other containers on either side.

Do greenhouses have to be in the sun?

Generally, a greenhouse should get full sun, especially during the winter. Site your greenhouse to avoid shadows from buildings & trees, since many plants do best in full sun. However, in especially sunny climates, high altitude areas, or for shade-loving plants, partial shade can be better.

What can I put in a mini greenhouse?

In Autumn time cuttings from fuchsias and geraniums can be taken to provide plant material for next year. Salad crops such as lettuce can be planted in the mini greenhouse to ensure a steady supply during the winter months. Vegetables such as Spring cabbage can be grown on ready for planting out.

Are plastic greenhouses any good?

Plastic greenhouses are very popular, as they are easy to put up, easy to clean, can be very cost-effective, and come in a good variety of shapes and sizes. However, despite an initial higher cost, wooden greenhouses are well worth considering.

When should I start plants in my greenhouse?

Because of this controlled environment, you can actually start seeds in greenhouses anytime. However, if you are starting plants, which you plan to transplant into gardens outdoors in the spring, then you should start the seeds in greenhouses 6-8 weeks before the last expected frost date for your location.

Should a greenhouse have a floor?

Greenhouse floors need to have excellent drainage. Floors can be made of concrete, stone slabs, brick, sand, or even dirt. Gravel floors provide excellent drainage and can be used in conjunction with a weed barrier to keep weeds from growing up through the rocks.