11 Best Portable Water Flossers (Comparison & Reviews)

A water flosser is a more gentle, comfortable, and convenient way than the traditional flossing that your dentist always goes on about. In fact, water flossers reach areas of the mouth normal flossing can’t. There is a problem though. Many water flossers need mains power which means you are potentially restricted in terms of where and when you use them. Thankfully the portable water flosser exists and after hours of research, we can conclusively tell you which are the best and why. Below is our list of the best portable water flossers, what customers like about each flosser. To keep your oral cavity absolutely clean use only clean water with the help of portable water filters.

The best option:

Our Top Pick
Waterpik Wp100 Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik Wp100 Ultra Water Flosser

This model is the most recommended by dental professionals. It features ten pressure settings, a contemporary design, a covered reservoir with in-lid tip storage and six unique tips.

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Other excellent portable water flossers and the comparison of their main characteristics:

ItemDimensionsWeightJet TipsReservoir Capacity
Waterpik Wp100 Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik Wp100 Water Flosser

8.7 x 6.8 x 5.7 inches 1.9 pounds



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Cordless Water Flosser Collapsible Professional Dental Oral Irrigator

Cordless Dental Irrigator

2 x 2 x 6 inches1.07 pounds5


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Water Flosser Cordless, X-WAVES 4

Water Flosser X-WAVES 4

9.37 x 3.7 x 3.43 inches1.06 pounds


230mlSee Best Price

Panasonic DJ10-W Cordless Dental Water Flosser

Panasonic DJ10-W Dental Flosser

2 x 2.7 x 8.6 inches1.15 pounds


165mlSee Best Price

Waterpik Ultra Cordless Plus Water Flosser

Waterpik Cordless Flosser

5 x 3.19 x 9 inches 1.42 pounds


200mlSee Best Price
Waterpik WP-660

Waterpik WP-660

5.88 x 6.63 x 9.25 inches2 pounds7650mlSee Best Price
Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser

Philips Sonicare AirFlos Flosser

3.31 x 5.35 x 9.25 inches1 pound1


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Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

5.4 x 4.4 x 6.8 inches1 pound2450mlSee Best Price
Dental Water Flosser for Teeth for Children & Adults

Dental Water Flosser for Teeth

9.5 x 2.5 x 2 inches1 pound


150mlSee Best Price
Panasonic Cordless Water Flosser

Panasonic Cordless Water Flosser

1.9 x 2.8 x 7.6 inches1 pound


120mlSee Best Price
New and Improved Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra

Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra

3.31 x 5.35 x 9.25 inches1.1 pounds


60mlSee Best Price

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Waterpik Wp100 Ultra Water Flosser

Waterpik Wp100 Ultra Water FlosserWaterpik WP-100 is a stationary device for the whole family, regular use of which will help you to visit the dentist’s office less often and make your teeth dazzling and gums healthy.

This device very carefully removes plaque and cleans the remaining food particles from between teeth with a pulsating stream of water.

Jet pressure force can be adjusted up to 10 levels. This way, each member of the family will be able to choose the best mode for themselves. This is especially important for people with weak and bleeding gums.

At the top of the irrigator is a 600 ml water tank. This is quite a good indicator, although the body of the device is oversized.

The handle of the irrigator is attached to the front panel, not to the side, as is usual in such devices. This solution makes the device even more compact.

In this case, the cord is carefully wrapped in a special compartment at the bottom. The manufacturer advises filling the tank with filtered water, rather than conventional tap water.

Easy operationWaterpik Wp100 Ultra Water Flosser 1

Using the Waterpik WP 100 Ultra irrigator is not difficult at all. In the case of the device is an off/off key and a rotary switch for water pressure level.

On the handle itself, there is a “pause” and a button responsible for changing the nozzles.

In addition to full tooth brushing, the Waterpik irrigator is a great benefit to your gums.

A jet of water with the largest rate of 1200 pulses per minute massages them, gently cleans even deep gum pockets, stimulates blood circulation, and simply “wipes out” the pathogens that cause tissue inflammation.

An oral irrigator is simply necessary for those who are more susceptible to gum disease – pregnant women, smokers, diabetics.

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Cordless Water Flosser Collapsible Dental Oral Irrigator

Cordless Water Flosser Collapsible Professional Dental Oral IrrigatorThis irrigator is to give you a radiant and healthy smile. It is a rather compact stationary device, powered by a network. You will not have any difficulties with the operation of this device.

The on/off switch is on the handle and the water jet pressure regulator is on the case. Start at the smallest mark and gradually try to zoom in based on your feelings. Practice shows that the initial sensitivity of teeth and gums to water pressure will go very quickly.

One useful feature is that this irrigator has a built-in pressure force sensor that will respond instantly if you press too hard on your teeth. There is also a two-minute pause time timer every 30 seconds. These will remind you to move to another area of your mouth.

Use the irrigator twice a day – morning and evening immediately after brushing, and your teeth will be white and your gums healthy.

The work of this irrigator is based on innovative micro-bubble technology, operating on the principle of mixing air and water.

A special micro-filter is built into the device to purify the airflow with which the water is saturated on its way to the nozzle. Then, the microbubbles enriched with oxygen, not only clean the interdental spaces and massage the gums but also kill harmful bacteria that can cause inflammation. As a result, you get a charge of freshness and vigor for the whole day.

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Water Flosser Cordless X-WAVES 4

Water Flosser Cordless, X-WAVES 4This device is powered by a built-in battery and is able to work for about 30 minutes on a full charge. This equals approximately 2-3 weeks of regular hygiene procedures.

The entire control of the irrigator is at the front of the handle – on/off buttons and mode switches. There are indicators displaying the selected cleaning mode as well as a charging indicator. If it blinks, it is time to recharge the device.

The volume of the water container empties in about 40-60 seconds of operation. To refill the water container, use the special opening with a slamming lid on the bottom of the container.

If you do not forget and clean your mouth with an irrigator as well as a brush, twice a day, after a couple of weeks you will notice positive changes in the health of your teeth and gums.

This oral irrigator has another important advantage: the automatic shutdown function. If, for example, in a morning rush you forget to turn off the device from the network, it will shut down after 2 minutes on its own. This is for security reasons, and also allows you to significantly save battery power.

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Panasonic DJ10-W Cordless Dental Water Flosser

Panasonic DJ10-W Cordless Dental Water FlosserThis is professional equipment that guarantees your comprehensive oral hygiene. The irrigator works on the principle of water ripples.

The jet of water under high pressure carefully and purposefully washes away plaque and food particles stuck in the gaps of the teeth, gently massages the gums, and makes breathing fresher.

The capacity of the irrigator tank is fully expended in a minute and a half under the condition of cleaning at the largest pressure. Such a period of time is just enough for a one-time full oral hygiene.

The manufacturer notes that the maximum time of continuous use of the device should not exceed 10 minutes. After that, it is necessary to switch off the device and let it “rest” for 1 hour.

The body of the irrigator will remain fully functional and safe in case of accidental drops of water on it. The irrigator has several levels of change of the water jet pressure.

Change is smooth and occurs by turning the switch located on the front panel of the device. It is recommended to set the lowest head at the first use. The same smallest level is shown to all people with hypersensitivity of teeth, bleeding gums, and children. Over time, you can gradually increase the power of the head until you choose the most comfortable for yourself.

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Waterpik Ultra Cordless Plus Water Flosser

Waterpik Ultra Cordless Plus Water FlosserOral irrigator Waterpik WP-450 – is your best assistant for oral care. Its principle of operation is based on a powerful jet of water – 1200 pulses per minute.

This pressure easily cleans even the most hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity – narrow interdental spaces, dental pockets.

Simply point the jet perpendicular to the teeth or gumline and move slowly along the tooth row. If you wear braces, pay special attention to them.

The irrigator is to work for about 1 minute from a fully filled 210 ml tank. This amount of time is enough to walk all over the mouth.

The Oral Irrigator comes with a set of 4 interchangeable nozzles. Standard, orthodontic, tongue cleaner, and a nozzle for cleaning implants, dentures, and dental bridges. With this equipment, quality oral hygiene will become even easier and more accessible.

Two cleaning modes

The Waterpik WP-450 irrigator has a switch on the body that allows you to choose between two modes of oral cleaning. These modes differ in the force of water jet pressure:

  1. Normal 517 kPa. For regular cleaning of teeth and gums.
  2. Soft 207 kPa. Designed for people with sensitive teeth and gums or simply for those who feel that the first mode is not comfortable for them.

In any case, the manufacturer does not recommend pressing the tip of the nozzle too close to the teeth and gums to avoid overdoing it.

How to extend the life of the deviceWaterpik Ultra Cordless Plus Water Flosser WP450 1 ea

Waterpik WP-450 dental irrigator will serve you for more than one year, the main thing is to observe the simple requirements for its care.

If you add a mouthwash to the water tank, remember to rinse the tank thoroughly after the procedure. One minute under running water will be more than enough.

Then add warm water to a clean reservoir, point the nozzle down to the drain, turn on the irrigator, and let it run until it is completely empty. These simple steps will help to avoid clogging the nozzle.

Never fully lower the irrigator into the water and always turn it off before cleaning. To clean the body, simply wipe it with a soft cloth and a small amount of non-abrasive detergent. The removable water container should be washed in soapy water by hand or in a dishwasher.

The Waterpik portable irrigator is powered by a rechargeable battery. It takes 8 hours to fully charge and can last 5-7 days on a single charge, depending on the regularity of use. But, it should be noted that the largest allowable operating time without stopping is 20 minutes.

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Waterpik WP-660

Waterpik WP-660The most important function of this model is 10 settings of water flow pressure – from the level for a child to the position for rinsing dentures. The capacity is enough.

In addition to pressure change, the manufacturer has introduced 2 modes of operation in the device – “floss” and “massage”. The first one replaces the floss by washing out the rest of the food and brushing hard-to-reach places.

The second focuses on gum hydromassage. It prevents bleeding and all kinds of inflammation and improves the microcirculation of periodontal disease.

Besides, there are 7 silicone nozzles for different cleaning zones: tooth enamel, tongue surface, and so on.

The largest part of the structure is a water container. It takes exactly 90 seconds to grab its volume. If you take it for the whole family, be sure (do not neglect it) to get hygienic replacement nozzles for the irrigator. Usually, they are sold separately.

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Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric Flosser

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Rechargeable Electric FlosserThis portable irrigator with one nozzle and three modes of operation is ideal for a daily dental cleaning. It works on the principle of microbubble technology.

Its round head nozzle easily penetrates the interdental space, cleans the tongue and gums.

The body of the irrigator, made of white plastic, is equipped with a performance indicator and battery level indicator. The charger is supplied with the device.

As noted by many users, the irrigator is able to work about half an hour from the battery.

Place it in the bathroom on a special stand and use it every day to clean your teeth from food debris, bacteria, and bad breath.

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Waterpik Water Flosser for Kids

Waterpik Water Flosser for KidsChildren are terrified of the dentists and everything connected with them. Often, children even brush their teeth with great reluctance. And on a daily basis to take a child’s floss is almost impossible to make.

With the irrigator problem is solved – the water flow is not felt even in the most sensitive areas, and the procedure itself is likely to be a pleasant entertainment.

We chose a specialized model from Waterpik as a child model. It has a bright design and a reduced size. In a child’s hand, such an irrigator will lie much more comfortable.

The set also includes multi-colored nozzles and stickers for the device, which together with the catchy body make the formidable irrigator attractive for a child. We also took care of safety: the case is much better sealed so that there is no risk of water ingress.

The WP-260 has 3 pressure modes built into it. After the child gets used to the child’s irrigator, you can alternate procedures with a more powerful “family” model.

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Dental Water Flosser for Teeth for Children & Adults

Dental Water Flosser for Teeth for Children & AdultsSafe Power Floss irrigator perfectly cleans the mouth, removes food remains and bacteria from hard-to-reach places, cares for the gums, and removes bad breath.

The principle of using this device is as simple as possible. The jet of water penetrates into the pockets of the gums and the space between the teeth, which is impossible to reach with a brush or floss. The device has a reservoir for 50 ml and one nozzle.

Despite the fact that this model does not abound with extra options, the irrigator does a great job. The body of the device is of durable plastic.

The irrigator itself can run on both mains and batteries. And thanks to its compact size, you can easily take the device with you on a business trip or vacation. The device is always ready to work. As users note, it does not leave any passes and quickly clears hard-to-reach places in the mouth.

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Panasonic Cordless Water Flosser

Panasonic Cordless Water FlosserThis irrigator model boasts micro-bubble technology. Unlike conventional jets, small water jets are saturated with air bubbles. Thus, plaque and impurities are removed without residue, providing a bactericidal effect.

The model has three modes: Jet, which knocks out food remains from the interdental space, Regular AirIn for massage and gum cleaning, SoftAirIn, which provides a complex massage of the mouth.

The irrigator also features two rotating nozzles and a wireless charging system.

While the rubberized body lies comfortably in your hand. The compact model fits easily even in a small bag, so it’s convenient to take the irrigator with you on a trip.

It is an ideal device for one person, as it has only two nozzles and a tank capacity of 130 ml. But the device is perfect for travelers. It allows you to clean your teeth for those who do not have the opportunity to use the stationary device for a long time due to the inaccessibility of the outlet. The battery runs on a single charge for about 10 days, using twice a day, fully charged in 8 hours.

The device is small but powerful and functional enough. The liquid is supplied under pressure up to 590 kPa. Thanks to the double water-air pump, the irrigator works in the jet mode, standard cleaning, gentle micro-bubble cleaning.

Panasonic EW1211A waterproof housing is easy to clean. The Wireless Charger has a nozzle storage case and wall-mounted fastener.

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New and Improved Philips Sonicare Airfloss Ultra

New and Improved Philips Sonicare Airfloss UltraIt is a compact and stylish model, which not only perfectly cleans every millimeter of the mouth, but also massages the gums, and is recommended for sensitive teeth.

The distinctive feature of this model is that it uses the latest Microburst technology. The air jet is mixed with the tiniest drops of water and delivered under high pressure.

This does not damage the enamel and mucous membrane. There are three modes of operation, and the mouth can be completely cleaned in just one minute.

The design is well thought out. The body of the irrigator lies comfortably in the hand, and the liquid can be conveniently filled through a wide opening. Built-in battery, though it takes a long time to charge, holds a charge for more than a week.

The compact portable irrigator operates on the Microburst principle. It combines the effects of a directed jet of compressed air with the tiniest water droplets for deep cleaning of gaps between teeth. Water is supplied to a 150 ml tank by manual or automatic spraying.

Philips AirFloss Ultra HX8432/03 operates in three modes: single, double, or triple microburst each time a button is pressed. Complete with two nozzles AirFloss Ultra, increasing the power of microbubble technology. Powered by a rechargeable battery. Up to 14 days of operation time on a single charge with systematic use. You can take the charger from any Philips Sonicare brush.

Suitable for people with problematic gums, because it not only cleans teeth but also provides a gentle oral massage, strengthening the mucous membrane.

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FAQ for portable water flossers buyers:

Are cordless water flossers any good?

In this blog, we will analyze and report the best cordless water flosser picks in the market. A recent study shows water flossers can be very effective for the teeth, gums, plaque, and overall oral health. Using a water flosser reduces the gums bleeding by more than 93 percent.

Are you supposed to floss your molars?

Some people have a routine of brushing their teeth first and then flossing. However, it’s generally recommended to floss and then brush your teeth. Flossing helps lift and release food and plaque stuck in between your teeth while brushing removes these particles from your mouth.

What happens if you never floss?

Not flossing your teeth contributes to bacteria buildup and gum disease. Even if you don’t get a mouth infection, this bacteria and inflammation can increase your risk of other conditions like heart disease, stroke, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Does flossing weaken teeth?

If done improperly, flossing can cause damage to gums, teeth, and dental work. Sometimes, flossing can also cause harmful bacteria to be released into your bloodstream which could lead to an infection.

Is it bad to floss after every meal?

No, you can’t floss too much unless you’re flossing incorrectly. You may need to floss more than once a day, especially after meals, to clean out food or debris that’s stuck between your teeth.

How soon after eating should you floss?

Brushing immediately after a meal may increase the risk of enamel erosion, so it is actually best to wait at least 60 minutes after eating to brush your teeth.

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