11 Best Mini Trampolines (Comparison & Reviews)

Jumping is gaining popularity today. It is a kind of fitness, where a complex of sports exercises is performed on a trampoline. The classes are held in the fitness club under the supervision of a coach. Or, if it is not possible, you can exercise at home on your own via video from the Internet. In this case, you will have to buy a home simulator. To facilitate your choice, we have collected the best mini trampolines in this review. By the way, if you are a regular training lover, you should definitely have a portable treadmill, that you can keep even at home.

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BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline

BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline

This model consists of an adjustable handle, which is suitable not only for adults but also for children. It can be easily stored at home.

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The other high-quality mini trampolines and their comparison of the main characteristics:

ItemDimensionsWeightMaterialMax Load

BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline

BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline

31.9 x 16.1 x 4.8 inches22.45 pounds

steel pipe, oxford cloth

330 pounds See Best Price

Ravs Mini Trampoline for Kids Adults

Ravs Mini Trampoline for Kids Adults

31 x 15.25 x 4 inches22 poundssteel, rubber, PP500 poundsSee Best Price

BCAN 38" Foldable Mini Trampoline

BCAN 38" Foldable Mini Trampoline

29.53 x 14.17 x 3.94 inches14.77 poundssteel, PP, rubber300 poundsSee Best Price

DARCHEN 450 lbs Mini Trampoline for Adults

DARCHEN Mini Trampoline

40 x 28 x 10 inches20 poundssteel, PP450 poundsSee Best Price

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina Folding Trampoline

36 x 36 x 8.75 inches14 poundssteel, rubber250 pounds See Best Price

SereneLife 36" Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline

SereneLife Portable Trampoline

28 x 14 x 5 inches14.11 poundselasticized fabric150 pounds See Best Price

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle

40.5 x 40.5 x 44.5 inches21 poundsmetal250 pounds See Best Price


JUMPWOW Mini Trampoline

31 x 16 x 5 inches16.4 poundsrubber, steel, PP300 pounds See Best Price

ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder

ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder

24 x 8.5 x 36 inches19 poundsheavy-duty frame, PP, PVC 100 poundsSee Best Price

Balanu 40 Inch Mini Exercise Trampoline

Balanu 40 Inch Mini Exercise Trampoline

38 x 7.2 x 7.2 inches16 poundsrubber, iron220 poundsSee Best Price

SereneLife 36" Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline

SereneLife Portable Trampoline

31.2 x 16 x 4.7 inches20.26 poundspolypropylene264 poundsSee Best Price

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BSPORTY Foldable Trampoline

BSPORTY Foldable TrampolineThis is a comfortable enough model. All exercises are performed on this special octagonal single-grip trampoline. You can adjust the handle of the simulator individually to your height.

What is jumping fitness on a trampoline? It is a combination of aerobic loadings, exercises to form and strengthen basic muscle groups, and a stretching complex.

The main advantage of jumping is the low traumatism of the joints and lumbar spine.

Thanks to good cushioning, the trampoline creates a “water on land” effect. To achieve sustainable results, it will be enough to stick to the schedule – training in a day.

This is an effective and fascinating way to fight against excess pounds.

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Ravs Mini Trampoline for Kids Adults

Ravs Mini Trampoline for Kids AdultsThis is high-quality sports equipment, designed for group and individual activities.

The construction of this trampoline uses rubber harnesses. Their increased thickness makes the trampoline absolutely silent when used.

The manufacturers of trampolines know for sure that not all trampolines are the same. They are convinced that spring-loaded trampolines are outdated long ago. While remaining unreasonably dangerous. This trampoline has no traumatic elements.

The base frame is of high strength galvanic steel of the highest quality. This makes the frame of this trampoline extremely strong and durable.

During a jumping session, calm steps, wiggles, and balance exercises alternate with intense sprints and high jumps. Due to these intervals, the heart rate remains high throughout the session. Thus, the person does not need to rest and spends a lot of calories.

Classes are held with cheerful music, so the training is fun.

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BCAN 38″ Foldable Mini Trampoline

BCAN 38" Foldable Mini TrampolineThis is one of the latest developments in trampolines. The trampoline has an extended service life.

Due to the replacement of the spring mounting system with elastic high-quality rubbers. Jumping on such a trampoline is almost silent unlike jumping on spring trampolines.

Manufacturers of trampolines know for sure that not all trampolines are the same. They are convinced that spring-mounted trampolines are outdated long ago. While remaining unnecessarily dangerous. There are no traumatic elements.

The hexagonal base of the trampoline, made of high-quality polypropylene, provides a stable and high rebound. The set includes a removable holder. You can adjust it to any height by three-level height change.

Handrails coated with PVC foam to protect the holder from corrosion provide better balance. It also provides flexibility and coordination during workouts. The holder also guarantees safety during jumps.

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DARCHEN 450 lbs Mini Trampoline for Adults

DARCHEN 450 lbs Mini Trampoline for AdultsIt is a frame trampoline with a strong steel frame and six legs galvanized on both sides. It ensures balanced contact with the surface and thus reduces the risk of swinging, tilting, and tipping.

The strong bolts connecting the posts and the frame are responsible for safety. All main metal elements are galvanized, so they are protected from rust.

A mesh is supplied, which is fixed in eight points and provides 360-degree protection. There is also a ladder, which you can use to climb the trampoline quickly and easily.

All construction elements are inflatable and absolutely safe. The soft walls and the bottom do not cause injuries in case of a collision with the outer and inner sides.

Vinyl is used as the main material. It is absolutely safe, has no sharp smell. It also does not enter into chemical reactions with external stimuli.

The set includes components for home repair in case of damage by foreign objects or animals. You can use the trampoline outside or indoors without the risk of deformation due to high and low temperatures.

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Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline

Stamina 36-Inch Folding Trampoline This model is for daily use. It is intended for both adults and children. All materials used in the manufacture are protected from ultraviolet, moisture, temperature changes.

Thus, you can install the product outdoors. The model is distinguished by its reliability. The frame is of galvanized two-millimeter steel. Jumping cloth is of wear-resistant permatron.

The protective mats consist of four layers and are coated with PVC. A ladder, pegs, and lower protective net are supplied to prevent children, animals, and objects from getting under the canvas.

The trampoline is in the form of a ring with soft inflatable walls that can withstand the load on the tear when a person falls.

The weight of the complex is 18 kg, so it is stable and can accommodate two users at once without risk of tipping over.

All elements of the construction are soldered together using a special adhesive. This material is not afraid of water or sun, which ensures constant operation in street conditions.

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SereneLife 36″ Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline

SereneLife 36" Inch Portable Fitness TrampolineIt is a large trampoline with six legs at the base. The model withstands heavyweight thanks to the reinforced frame. Metal elements are of double-sided steel coated with cold galvanization.

The springs have increased protection against stretching and wear. This increases the service life of the entire product. Included is an internal protective grid made of durable nylon.

The entrance is zipped and has external locking latches. The ladder is also included in the delivery set.

Six legs are securely fastened to the twelve side posts, creating a rigid and robust structure. It can withstand heavy loads in amateur and professional use.

The perimeter springs provide uniform tension at any point. This eliminates distortion and overturning during jumps.

This model is quite stable and can withstand side loads when falling on the mesh. For complete protection against overturns, extra floor mountings can be used.

The mat is of permatron, which is the best material for trampolines today. Reinforced lightning eliminates the possibility of opening even in contact with a falling person.

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Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with Handle

Marcy Trampoline Cardio Trainer with HandleIt is a large trampoline with a protective mesh, which is connected to the inner side of the protective curb. According to users, the mesh here is soft, so it does not hurt the skin.

The product is assembled quickly and easily. All fasteners and assemblies are made securely. The advantages include the possibility of installation on any surface. You don’t need any extra elements.

The main feature is an optimized design of the frame. All stands have a curved shape and extra ribs on the upper edge. This makes it possible to effectively pull the mesh inside, eliminating contact with the posts when they fall.

The springs are around the perimeter behind the mesh. So the user does not have direct contact with the springs, no matter where he jumps.

The mesh is of nylon and has the necessary elasticity and strength. It gently dampens the fall and smoothly returns the user to the work surface.

All metal elements are reliably protected by covers and anticorrosive coating. It assumes stationary street use in the commercial field.

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JUMPWOW 40″ Foldable Mini Trampoline

JUMPWOW 40It is a frame trampoline. The atypical design is as safe and reliable as the more familiar round/rectangular counterparts.

To prevent the jumper from falling out, there are special arcs of fiberglass. The base has four twin-type legs made of strong steel. All metal elements are of galvanized steel.

A soft-filled perimeter guard allows the entire area to be used for jumping without the risk of injury from springs.

The springs made of specially coated steel are corrosion-free and ensure an even stretch over several years.

Anti-slip tips are provided for a stable position on hard surfaces.

The low weight of the construction allows easy transfer of the trampoline without prior disassembly.

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ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini Rebounder

ATIVAFIT 36-Inch Folding Trampoline Mini RebounderThis trampoline is of materials that are resistant to environmental influences. The metal frame, frame, and other parts are of galvanized steel. There are four legs at the base, providing stability against swinging and tipping.

The jumping fabric, like the previous models, is of durable wear-resistant permatron. A four-layer PVC-coated protective mat securely covers the frame and springs. A staircase and special pegs for extra fixing are in the kit.

An internally positioned protective mesh handles loads and softens contact with the posts.

The props and supports are attached to each other for the largest reliability under strong side pressure.

The zipper provides comfortable entry/exit and extra safety during jumps. Perimeter protection of the mat prevents the toes and fingers from getting into the mechanical springs.

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Balanu 40 Inch Mini Exercise Trampoline

Balanu 40 Inch Mini Exercise TrampolineThis is a budget miniature trampoline. It is perfect for installation in a room. The frame of the product is of steel and the cloth for jumping from permatron. The protective mesh will prevent the jumper from falling outside the canvas.

This model comes not with springs, but silent harnesses. They provide a smoother and softer rebound. As users note, the trampoline has a high quality of assembly and well-thought-out construction.

This trampoline is notable for its increased safety. All elements are softly filled under the protective covers.

The springs around the perimeter have soft protection. It allows you to jump safely all over the field, eliminating injury to legs and hands during contact.

The nylon mesh guarantees complete protection against falling out even at the highest jumps, and it has good elasticity.

The legs are of thick plastic, which makes the weight much easier without reducing stability.

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SereneLife 36″ Inch Portable Fitness Trampoline

SereneLife 36" Inch Portable Fitness TrampolineThis model has an increased number of springs, so that jumps become more powerful. The construction is quick and easy to assemble and disassemble. This model eliminates the problem with rolling covers.

Now they remain in place due to the installed fiberglass rod. Flexible straps are to effectively protect body parts and clothing from getting caught in the moving elements.

The large working area allows a variety of pairs of exercises.

A large number of stands allows for evenly stretching the protective net, preventing sagging when holding the body.

The mat is of permatron. It provides an optimal balance of stiffness and kickback for comfortable jumping by adults of different weights.

A large number of springs ensure uniform stretching of the fabric, eliminating tears. The springs are protected with an extra soft layer, making the trampoline absolutely safe.

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FAQ for mini trampolines buyers:

Are mini trampolines safe for adults?

Caution patients to avoid using either mini- or full-sized trampolines at home. Children and adults are both at risk for various injuries, including lacerations, sprains, strains, and fractures.

Should you wear shoes on a trampoline?

The reason why bouncing without shoes or sneakers is preferable, is because you would lose part of the benefits of Rebounding when you wear shoes/sneakers. You would lose the stimulation of the proprioceptors, sensory receptors, on the sole of our feet.

How do I choose a mini trampoline?

Pick a mini trampoline with a material that you feel comfortable bouncing on. If you prefer to jump barefoot, for instance, choose a surface that doesn’t irritate the soles of your feet. Accessories like stability bars offer users new to trampoline training a helping hand with balance.

How long should you jump on a mini trampoline?

How long you jump each session is really up to you and your fitness level. You may get many benefits with as little as 15 to 20 minutes of exercise on a mini-trampoline. But, if you’re just starting out with rebounding, you may want to begin with shorter workouts and build as you adjust.

Does trampolining tone you up?

Jumping on a trampoline exercises the whole body, and the g-force that bouncing produces helps to build muscle and burn fat quickly. Intense, repetitive jumping means that your muscles contract and release more frequently than almost any other exercise. This increases their strength and tones them at the same time.