10 Best Portable Toilet Seats for Toddlers (Under $10, $20, $30)

Potty training for a child can become dire enough, so you probably don’t want your child to take a step back at any time. Children have a tendency to get attached to things, they recognize at first sight. So they will turn to the pot they are already used to, even while traveling.

While it is clear that due to various circumstances, you can’t carry your usual large pot around with you, so that leaves only one possibility open- disposable diapers on the road. While there’s nothing wrong with that, you’ll most likely postpone your child’s skills development as you’ll be forced to re-potty-train it when you come back. By the way, you may need a portable baby activity center to make your toddler happier.

Best Portable Toilet Seats for Toddlers Under $10



9.1 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches2,4 ounces


food-grade PC,food-grade silicone,food-grade ABSSee Best Price


8.19 x 6.81 x 2.2 inchesNot Specifiedup to 60 lbs


See Best Price


13.50 x 15.00 x 3.38 inches12 ouncesNot Specified


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So in order to ensure consistency, buy the best portable potty for your baby. It is really as simple as that. With a portable toilet seat, children won’t have to resort to diapers, even on the road. With that in mind here is a collection of the best portable toiletries for your offspring.

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1. ONEDONE Portable Baby Child


This 500ml portable urinal will be of help if there’s no public toilet in sight.

Aesthetically pleasing

They come in pink and blue for boys and girls respectively.

Strong seal

The ONEDONE Portable Baby Child features reliable seals that prevent leakage. They are also easy to clean, as all you have to do is remove the inserts, throw out the urine, and rinse it out.

In addition, it is made of eco-friendly and durable material.  Supplemental to all its assets it is also reasonably priced, which undoubtedly should make you want to give it a go.

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2. PITAYA Travel Portable Folding Potty

firares1Foldable design

To make your child move to a regular toilet can become a tough task as it frightens the baby with its size or the fact that its ass doesn’t fit on the toilet seat.

This folding toilet seat is the perfect solution for all the difficulties mentioned above. Its foldable design reduces the gap and makes the children feel safe. The whimsical design is also helpful as it has a tendency to excite children.

Light and portable

This seat has a weight of 11.2 ounces, which is quite light.

Non-slip silicone pads

The included silicone pads ensure the safety of the child, no matter how much they move on the seat. If used in a public toilet, you will simply have to wipe the silicone pad with wet wipes and pack it away.

These are equipped with tabs that fit perfectly to the edge of the toilet seat to stabilize the pillow. What is more this portable and super light pot comes with wet wipes. That is why it might be just one right waiting for you!

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3.Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat

munchkin1It has handles on the side

The Munchkin Sturdy Potty Seat is designed to be safe and is intended for use by both boys and girls. Moreover, the side handles increase the durability as they are attached to the seat with non-slip rubber.

No matter how much the child fusses over the seat, the rubber holder will remain steady. So you don’t need to worry about your child going to the public toilet.


This pot seat has a weight of just 12 ounces, which makes it light enough to carry around without feeling superfluous. The material is a soft plastic, which has no unpleasant effects on the skin and is easily kept clean. In addition, this seat is simple enough to install even for your child, which makes it an option to consider.

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Best Portable Toilet Seats for Toddlers Under $20


Potty Training Seat

15.39 x 11.81 x 3.5 inches4.9 ounces

Not Specified

non-slip materialsSee Best Price


9.8 x 9.57 x 2.8 inches13.6 ouncesup to 50 pounds


See Best Price


5.9 x 4.7 x 4.3 inches0.634 ouncesNot Specified

Not Specified

See Best Price


12.64 x 10.04 x 6.81 inches1.1 poundsNot Specified


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4. Potty Training Seat for Boys and Girls

potty1Oval and round-shaped

This potty training seat has a remarkable color, which suits both the boys and the girls. With its help your child will switch to a regular toilet more effortlessly, significantly reducing the time it will use for portable pots.

Non-slip with a splash guard

Your child’s safety is provided by non-slip splash protection which will be of use when using the toilet. Soft silicone padding is comfortable and can be adjusted to any shape of any toilet bowl.

Adhesive free storage hook

You won’t be in need of storage hooks separately, as there is already one sticky hook in the package.

Portable and easy to keep it clean

This Potty Training seat cover only weighs 5 ounces for easy carrying it around wherever you like it. There won’t be any urine splashes due to its splashguard. This potty trainer is easy-to-clean thanks to its convenient material, which means it will stay hygienic even when traveling.

The splash guard and anti-slip rubber with extra storage equipment make the Potty Training Seat a choice to consider when buying a portable toilet seat.

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5. Kalencom Potette Plus 2-in-1 Travel Potty


Comfortability is important for potty training to be successful. That means that the child must feel comfortable sitting on the potty. That is also why Kalencom Potette Sneakers are made of soft plastic with a soft bottom. The simulator will not move due to its sides that are securely fastened, even if the child is too much in motion.

Disposable liners

Three absorbent disposable liners are included in the package. They can hold up to 5 ounces of liquid. That makes it 15 ounces, which is light and small enough to be carried comfortably in a bag. Wipe it with a damp cloth for another time usage.

Handles up to 50lbs

As it can hold up to 50 pounds, it is perfect for children over 15 months. This non-slippery portable toilet seat will be a marvelous solution, as it can be converted into a folding trainer seat.

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6. Zensuno Foldable Portable Disposable Potty

zensuno1Handles up to 52kgs without deformation

It’s no secret that emergencies might occur even if your child is over the age of three. the Zensuno Foldable Portable Disposable Potty is disposable and can be used by children aged 4-6 years, as well as for car trips when you are on the road for hours without a toilet in sight. The corrugated cardboard makes it biodegradable and easy to fold.


It can be folded up into a tiny piece, which means it takes up little space and can be stored without effort. Although the seat is strong enough for children of different ages, it is advisable not to make too many adjustments or movements while sitting.

Two sizes and extra think to avoid leakage

The pot is available in two sizes for different age groups and weights, so check the label before purchasing in order to pick the right size. A very thick silt bag can’t be punctured, so you won’t have to worry about leaks until you’re ready to dispose of the waste.

No leakage, durability, different sizes and biodegradability as an afterthought can be a powerful motivation to choose the Zensuno Foldable Portable Disposable Potty.

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7. BABYBJORN Smart Potty

babybjorn1Small and portable

When traveling, it is understandable, if you go for a light and practical pot. The BABYBJORN Smart Potties turquoise dish is not only easy to wash, but it is made from eco-friendly materials and can be leveled to facilitate waste disposal.

The removable bowl inside the pot is adjusted in a way so it is easy to clean, and the non-slip material on the bottom sticks it to the right place even when the child is unruly and constantly moving.

Has a splashguard

BABYBJORN Smart Potty has a simple design with the idea that it shouldn’t stand out so that the child doesn’t fuss when it has to sit on a potty different from the one it is used to at home. With the BABYBJORN Smart Potty, you also won’t have too many splashes around you thanks to its dish design.

Light and durable

BPA-Free and PVC-free plastic does not overheat and do not react with the skin which makes it useful for the child and environmentally friendly. The material is also durable, so this pot is a long-term investment, as it can be used by more than one child for a long time.

To make it new again just change the internal mudguard. Its size, weight, and splash guard make the ABYBJORN Smart Potty a convenient option both for the parents and the child.

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Best Portable Toilet Seats for Toddlers Under $30


My Carry Potty

10.24 x 9.25 x 5.98 inches1.85 pounds

Not Specified

non-slip materialsSee Best Price


10.08 x 9.53 x 5.31 inches1.96 poundssuitable for babies under 2 years old

PP material

See Best Price

711TEK Potty Training Seat

15.5 x 13.7 x 5.5 inches3.2 lb1-7 years boys and girls

PP + TPR + Sponge + PVC

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8. My Carry Potty – Bee

carrypotty1Lightweight and foldable

This product features eco-friendly material that is harmless for your baby. The dimensions are 10.25 “L x 9.25” W x 6 ″ while weighing 1.87 pounds. These numbers make it quite small and easy even for a two-year-old to carry it around.

The watertight lid to prevent any odors

To ensure there is no odor leakage, this pot has a lid that closes tightly to prevent the issue mentioned before.

Has a handle

The handle is a pleasant addition for easy crossing and no one will even know what you are carrying, thanks to its animal print design. That means you won’t be in need of an extra bag for the pot.

Easy and agreeable to useIf emptying the pot causes you to much stress, just wrap the potette bag around the edge of the pot before the child uses it.

The material is easy to clean using only soapy water and a towel. This pot can’t be taken apart, so you’ll have to lift it all up to make it empty. Given its almost non-existent weight, it won’t be a hardship. With its features the My Carry Potty – Bee is versatile in usage on the road and at home.

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9. ONEDONE Portable Travel Potty

This One Done potty is the ideal choice for your child, especially when you are far from home.

onedone1Eco-friendly material

The pot is made of eco-friendly polypropylene, featherweight, and features a handle for carrying. That means you won’t have to pack it separately. More importantly, no one will actually know what it is you have with you, because of its design, which is so aesthetically pleasing.

Just the right size and portable

This portable pot displays the size of 9 * 9,9 * 4,1, which makes it perfect for children three years and younger. It has a durable little removable bowl that is feasible for emptying and is easy to clean.

It fits a child’s bum just right

The ONEDONE Portable Travel Potty will be satisfying even for the most fastidious children who refuse to sit down for potty training. It is impossible for the soft plastic to crack, so you can stop worrying over the plastic protrusion which might cause damage to your baby.

To make the whole affair less messy, you can use a lining, if you are not a fan of emptying pots. The pot is also equipped with anti-slip material to make the pot as stable and safe for children as possible.

Portability, eco-friendly material, and flawless size are the pros that make the ONEDONE Portable Travel Potty the right choice for you!

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10. Potty Training for Toddler Toilet Seat

potty2Anti-slip pads ladder

The Potty Training for Toddler Toilet Seat with a chair is a perfect motivator to make potty training more agreeable. Its anti-slip pads will ensure your child’s safety.

Can hold up to 75lbs

This seat is claimed to withstand a maximum of 75 lbs. Since it is made of sturdy and durable plastic, this seat will last for a long time and will survive numerous ascents and descents.

Splashguard and the little ladder

The toilet seat features also a non-toxic material to avoid any damage to your baby’s skin. The potty learning won’t become a messy affair, as there is a splash guard on the lid, which makes it impossible for urine to enter the toilet.

In addition, there is a seat, which has a small backrest convenient for a child, which is securely attached to the toilet to prevent any accidents. Undeniably added to the pros listed above the little ladder makes it fun and enjoyable for your child to use the toilet, which might motivate you to choose the Potty Training for Toddler Toilet Seat.

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FAQ for portable toilet seats for toddlers buyers

1. Does it matter whether I want a portable toilet seat for a girl or a boy?

To some products yes, it does. Be sure you read the description carefully, as some toilet dishes are more adjusted for the boys, as they can better aim for the opening. Nevertheless, there are enough seats which are agreeable for both the boys and the girls on the market.

2. Does it matter how old my child is in retrospect of choosing a toilet seat?

Your child’s age is not really important. However what is crucial, its weight and height. Some portable toilet seats might be too low for your child and some might not endure its weight! So be confident to know your child’s dimensions, when buying a potty!