9 Portable Indoor Propane Heaters (Comparison & Reviews)

The indoor propane heater, along with a portable electric heater, can be used for various purposes. The process of heating the air medium is performed in various ways: by radiation or heat generation.

Taking into account the fact that this kind of equipment is used in domestic conditions, particularly in residential buildings, most models operate in a completely safe mode. They do not release into the room harmful substances in the form of fuel combustion products.

Convectors dissipate heat by means of high heating of heat-conducting elements. They are subdivided according to the implementation method:

Gas convectors
Gas convectors
Such heaters can have a closed and open combustion chamber. Closed-type models for gas combustion take air from the street and lead the combustion products to the same place through a special pipe laid through the wall. Models with an open combustion chamber are not very suitable for living spaces.
Catalytic gas heaters
Catalytic gas heaters
Devices of this type operate due to oxidation of substances on the catalyst surface, which generates a large amount of heat. The process is virtually silent and flameless. The catalytic combustion method is more reliable, efficient, and safe.
Ceramic gas heaters
Ceramic gas heaters
Such heaters work by means of directed heat radiation and heat not the air but the surface of walls, objects, and people present in the room. Here is a source of heating is a gas burner. The use of ceramic plates makes it possible to achieve complete combustion of fuel and eliminate harmful emissions.
Heat gas guns
Heat gas guns
They have a cylindrical shape and operate on the principle of a fan heater, in which the role of the heating element is a gas heat generator. They are powered by cylinder gas and the power is usually regulated by a reducer.

In this review, we focused on the main features, which helped us to collect the best portable indoor propane heaters for you.

This item has the best characteristics:

Our Top Pick
Mr. Heater F232000

Mr. Heater F232000

The Mr Heater F232000 is approved for indoor and outdoor use, with many customers choosing it as a safe, efficient camping heater.

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Mr. Heater F232000

Mr. Heater F232000It is a compact, mobile, and versatile model of a portable indoor propane heater. It is a simple and safe heating solution for camping, a shop, or a small room.

This model looks very beautiful, provides excellent warming up, according to reviews. It also has moderate energy consumption. With the smallest power, this device is enough for 3.5-4 hours.

The device is well thought out in every respect. It has a strong ergonomic handle made of metal profile and a well-painted case.

To activate it, you must first remove the safety ring. This is how the manufacturer protects users from the spontaneous release of the gas mixture.

For safety reasons, the heater comes with a pressure relief sensor and a setting device.

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Hunting Buddy® Portable Heater MH12HB

This heater will provide warmth for years to come. It runs on liquid propane. Its power allows you to heat a large enclosed space.

The heater itself is quite compact, which makes it the most convenient and easy to use. You can take it with you on trips to have access to heat at any time and season.

The heater is completely safe because it has a special safety sensor built into it. It minimizes the risks of fire during the operation of the device. Thanks to the sensor, you can not worry about the operation of the heater and turn it on even at night.

This powerful heater will last for years and keep its performance in pristine condition. The device is started by means of a knob lever installed. The temperature can be adjusted to the most suitable mode.

Also, the heater is completely silent, which allows you to enjoy comfort and warmth anywhere. When the oxygen level is low, a trip sensor is triggered. It also activates if the heater is accidentally dropped.

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Dura Heat 360 Degree

Dura Heat 360 Degree The main feature of this model is its simple design. Hence the low cost of the device. You can even buy it for heating your own terrace.

Some difference in power with the “older” street models did not affect the coverage area. The manufacturer guarantees up to 5 meters in diameter.

Based on customer feedback, this model meets the challenge at a high level. But the instructions need the user to be very careful when monitoring the operating mode.

You have to exclude overturning and it is strictly forbidden to use the indoor heater. Even the covered terrace is a mandatory need for the absence of any obstacles to the movement of airflows.

In a tourist tent every inch of the area on account, and the miniature size of this heater is just right. Unlike most analogs, its body is entirely of metal. This excludes the melting of elements.

The device comes with an overpressure valve and gas cylinder heating plate. All this ensures continuous operation of this device even in cold.

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Portable Radiant Propane Heater MH125LP

To provide an enclosed room with warmth and comfort, you can use this portable unit. It serves as a powerful heater to provide warmth and comfort in large areas and enclosed spaces.

It covers about 300 feet, allowing you to take the unit with you on long trips and travels. You won’t need electricity to use the heater, as it runs on propane.

Besides, the unit guarantees warmth and comfort at any time of the year.

The heater is convenient thanks to its compact size and small footprint. It is easy to take it with you anywhere, as it is quite lightweight.

For added convenience, the creators of the heater installed a handle on it. This allows you to carry the unit from one place to another to heat the entire area.

The product is also equipped with safety sensors that are triggered in case of an emergency. They automatically shut off the heater, reducing the risk of fire and breakdown. This ensures safety and comfort at any time of the day or night.

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Mr. Heater F215100

Mr. Heater F215100Features of this device allow you to quickly start the heater, warm it up, and maintain a comfortable temperature.

This portable heater is a burner, located in a steel reflector. The key feature of the device is its connection to the cylinder in two ways. You can do this through a threaded and collet connection.

There is a special adapter for this purpose. Besides, together with the heater, the customer gets a convenient case for transportation.

The model is steadily standing on 3 supports. After turning it on and switching to the operating mode, you will feel the heat almost instantly.

Heat-resistant enamel covers the body of this model. Furthermore, this peculiarity keeps its aesthetic appearance for a long time. There are 2 parts of the legs. It provides the possibility of a compactly packed heating device.

The model is professional and suitable for heating rooms of different sizes. It warms not the air, but the surrounding objects and people.

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Big Buddy® Portable Heater MH18B

Create a warm and cozy atmosphere in any room with this portable propane heater. It is easy to use and store. It can be used for heating any area.

The heater provides warmth all year round. It is quite powerful and of high quality, which allows using the unit for a long time. Also, the heater does not need electricity, because it runs on propane.

To guarantee the absolute safety of the user, the unit was supplemented with special protection.

In some dangerous situations, the sensors automatically actuate and turn off the device. This prevents possible fires and other troubles.

The small size of the heater makes it most convenient and easy to carry over any distance. That is why you can take it with you on any trips and long trips.

Despite its small size, the heater is powerful enough to provide heat to the entire surrounding area.

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Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free Propane Heater

Mr. Heater Corporation Vent-Free Propane HeaterThis model differs from its analogs by some important features. It has automatic support for a set temperature, ease of operation, and full autonomy.

You can carry out the last function on the condition of using liquefied gas fuel.

The design provides the expectation of high efficiency and safety in operation. The heater comes with the combustion product concentration controller.

Besides, it has a bypass to regulate the height of the flame and a backdraft safety.

This device combines the functions of heater and burner. It quickly creates a comfortable microclimate in a small room. Convenient and reliable fasteners prevent overturning during operation.

This is an excellent option for those who during hiking or long walks in the country at least to heat a small tent.

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Vent Free Blue Flame Propane Heater MHVFBF20LPT

This propane heater is a great substitute for an electric heater. It runs on natural gas, which allows you to save the environment and save money on its maintenance.

The heater is easy to use in any environment. It comes with stands, so it can be placed in any corner of the room. You can also hang the heater on the wall or put it on a shelf.

The heater allows you to control the temperature in the room and adjust it to your liking. Besides, the heater is powerful enough, so the whole room is heated evenly.

Also, the unit has special sensors for protection against possible accidents. They automatically actuate if the heater is damaged or if the oxygen level is insufficient.

The heater is small, so you can take it with you on trips and travels. Also, it will not take up much space in a room or any other room.

The heater will serve its owners for many years, guaranteeing warmth, comfort, and coziness at any time of year.

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ProTemp PT-18PNCH-A

ProTemp PT-18PNCH-AYou can connect this model to main or cylinder gas. It has a function to maintain a constant temperature and a self-diagnostic system.

In case of activation of any of the alarm sensors, the device switches off immediately. The developers have also provided protection against the accidental start of this device.

To control it, you need to use a specific sequence of buttons. For the largest energy-saving, it is better to use the EcoFlow mode. For example, the height of the flame is automatically adjusted.

This device provides high thermal power during operation. It can handle the heating of large areas. This model is effective for local heating.

Due to a well-thought-out security system, you can use the device in residential areas. For example, there is platinum spraying on the heating panel to avoid leakage of CO2, gas control, the cut-off sensor in the event of a fall, and adjust the power.

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FAQ for portable indoor propane heaters buyers:

Are portable propane heaters safe to use indoors?

Used properly, indoor propane heaters are safe. Install carbon monoxide detectors in your home or space where you use your indoor propane space heater. Never leave an indoor propane heater unattended. Turn the heater off when you leave the room.

How do vent free propane heaters work?

Ventless gas heaters are room-heating furnaces that do not vent air to the outside of the house. Instead, the oxygen that is needed to fuel the combustion process for heat is taken from the air inside of the room in which the unit is placed, and the resulting heat is vented back out directly from the unit.

Do indoor propane heaters smell?

The propane can burn when there is an open flame source in the room. It is the chemical added to the propane heater for detecting the leak. The chemical smells like rotten eggs. However, people do not have to worry about it since high-quality indoor propane heater is designed to leave no odor.

Can propane heaters explode?

Propane tanks do not explode. They do not implode and nor do they rupture or come apart on their own. In fact, bringing a propane tank to the point of “explosion” is a tremendously difficult and time-consuming task that’s not as simple as most people think.