5 Best Portable Blood Pressure Monitors (Comparison & Reviews)

For people with heart problems who need to constantly monitor their parameters, like diastolic and systolic pressure, pulse rate, and irregular heartbeat detection, it is very important to find a high-quality and high-precision device. Also, a blood pressure monitor is an important tool for runners. If you are a part of this activity, use a portable treadmill.

And if the blood pressure monitor will have a compact size and portable design, it provides reliable service in any environment, whether you are at home, working, or away on vacation. How to make the right choice among variants of portable blood pressure monitors? I Hope, these recommendations will help you!

The best portable blood pressure monitor

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The big display is comfortable for usage by people with bad vision, all the essential information presented on the screen. Moreover, the item is quite affordable.
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Other great portable blood pressure monitors

ItemDimensionsWeightBattery TypeUser memory


Not specified1.1 poundsAAA alkaline batteriesDouble 99 memory groupsSee Best Price


Pyle Health

6.65 x 5.98 x 3.54 inches1.31 Pounds

 4 x 'AA' Batteries

4 Person MemorySee Best Price


7.51 x 4.13 x 3.11 inches1.01 Pounds4 AA batteries2 usersSee Best Price



126mm length * 96mm width * 60MM height1.17 PoundsDC6VNot SpecifiedSee Best Price

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1. MIFXIN Blood Pressure Monitor Automatic Wrist Sphygmomanometer

mifixin1 The product was developed by cardiologists to help anyone to manage and track blood pressure. You can easily use it!  It is pretty simple for you to put our monitor on your wrist and make you feel comfortable. But follow please some recommendations.

Drinking alcohol or coffee, eating, smoking, exercising, and bathing in 30 minutes should be avoided before you take a measurement. If you are under a stressful state, better do not take a measurement. You should avoid the nervous mood during the measurement.

To start using the product you should tie up the strap on the exposed skin of your left hand. You need to place the monitor on the center of the wrist. Leave 1-1.5 cm between the strap and your hand. Then take 3-4 deep breaths, make sure that your body is fully relaxed as well. Keep your feet flat on the floor and avoid talking or moving.

It can safely and accurately measure your blood pressure. Its safety and accuracy have been clinically validated, the product has FDA certification. The manufacture gives a twelve-month warranty for the product.

The cuff will be ideal for people who have a circumference of the wrist around 13.5-19.5 cm.


After it starts the measurement using the ON button. Such steps, which are given by the manufacture, provide correct results. The manufacture guarantees high-accuracy! This blood pressure monitor has undergone the technical individual test for guaranteed accuracy.

The cuff is made of high-quality material, so it will not rub you, even if your doctor recommends you use it twice a day. Because tracking over time, it helps you understand better heart health, and the device stores your readings. The monitor can store the past 99 readings.

Also, two patients can use it, because it has a dual-user mode. You can switch between two users to store measurements separately. So that you can compare the data and it is great for doctor visits. The monitor has a rather large monochromatic display.

It measures systolic pressure, diastolic pressure, pulse rate, according to the date, time, and user. Besides the screen with a large font, it has the voice broadcast. The voice broadcast supports voice reading and makes the measurement much easier. The clear and accurate data will be given to you in merely 30 seconds.

The monitor is much smaller and more portable than the one doctor use. You can use it easily and keep it in a portable manner. Just be ready that batteries are not included. Do not procrastinate! Purchase with confidence!

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2. XINHUANG Blood Pressure Monitor Fully Automatic Accurate Wrist

xihuang1This blood pressure monitor instantly and accurately measures blood pressure and heart rate. This is a high-quality product, which provides accurate measurements with a small and portable design. It powered by two AAA alkaline batteries (3V).

The monitor is very easy to use, just wear it on your wrist, and operates with a simple push of a button. The measurement process is completed automatically. The measuring mode is the oscillometric method of measurements. But provide the correct body position.

Measured results are displayed in large and clear fonts. Such a large, backlit LCD screen is perfect for older people who might have trouble seeing small fonts. On display, you will see results of high pressure, low pressure, and pulse. You can see the symbol “battery”, which indicates a low battery.

Also, the display can show the symbol “heart” “flickering to indicate arrhythmia. A blood pressure warning strip is used to indicate blood pressure and health status. It has memory for the last 99 readings. The device is FDA-approved and provides clinical accuracy.


The accuracy is ±3 mmHg/±0.4kPa for blood pressure and ±5 for pulse rate. The results of the measurement you will see in 45 seconds. The monitor has an adjustable cuff, it will be especially easy for old people to use. The monitor has an adjustable cuff, it will be especially easy for old people to use.

Some feature is that this blood pressure monitor has an automatic shutdown function. The automatic shutdown happens in one minute when there is no operation.

The lightweight and compact size of the device makes it an ideal travel companion. Highly recommend it to people needing a device for frequent measurements and tracking of heart-related vitals!

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3. Portable Automatic Blood Pressure Tracker Pyle Health

pyle1 Using of this blood pressure monitor requires no effort. You can start using this device as soon as you open the box. Features simple one-touch button operation makes it easy to get started.

You need just simply wrap your upper arm with the cuff and gently press the button for inflation. The size of the cuff is 6 inches x 18 inches, so it more suitable for elder people, not suitable for сhildren.

This automatic blood pressure monitor has a clear digital LCD display screen showing easy to read and accurate diastolic and systolic pressure and pulse rate. Also, it is equipped with a full date and time display settings.

The interesting features are that it is equipped with an alarm clock reminder, low battery indicator, auto turn off the power-saving feature, and irregular heartbeat detection. It has memory storage, and four users can store their data at the same time.

With this Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Low Energy technology you can connect the monitor and your smartphone. You should download the free “Pyle Health” Application and you will be able to wirelessly transfer your data.


The monitor allows you to view average daily, weekly, and monthly blood pressure readings. Also allows you to store and view up to 99 blood pressure readings per user. Pyle Health Blood Pressure Monitor can be called a smart device. The main feature of this device is that has Bluetooth.

You need to create a profile and use the integrated calendar to chart, graph and even retrieve your history of blood pressure readings. You can even choose to share your results via the Internet, for example with your doctor, family, or friends. Or you can create a password to protect your profile and keep the data confidential.

The application supports IOS and Android, it compatible works with Android 4.3 and late versions and IOS 6 and later. Requires Bluetooth 4.0.and up. This blood pressure monitor is clinically validated to give you a medically precise reading anytime, anywhere.

This monitor is one of the most accurate and portable blood pressure monitors available today. But it has not a special case for transportation. The device dimensions are 6.65 x 5.98 x 3.54 inches, the weight is 1.31 pounds. It is a very good variant among blood pressure monitors for use at home or on the go.

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4. Omron Wireless Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, 7 Series

Omron Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a portable device for the upper arm. The pre-formed cuff comfortably wraps, suitable for those who have an upper arm 9 inches to 17 inches in circumference. Iа you have a very tiny arm, you do not have to unravel the cuff, just slip right on.

omron1 The arms wrap is appropriate enough size and has a good secure velcro fastener. Power consumption is excellent, it required 4 batteries of AA type, which are included. Also, you can buy an additional AC adapter.

The device is very simple and has just three buttons. The monitor has a dual LCD screen that displays your last reading next to your current reading for convenient comparison.

The enhanced irregular heartbeat symbol alerts you to the number of irregular heartbeats (up to 3) during measurements, while the hypertension indicator displays if the systolic measurement is 130 mmHg or above, and/or diastolic measurement is 80 mmHg or above.

You need the free OMRON Connect app, it supports unlimited users and stores unlimited blood pressure readings. The data is presented in different variants – graphs or charts. You can share the results with your family, caregivers, or doctors, as needed.


The signals of the device are not too loud, nothing will irritate you. It stores 120 total blood pressure readings for two users (60 per user). But you can connect the device with your smartphone via Bluetooth. You just wait a few seconds and then the readings get sent to the App.

The OMRON free Connect app works with IOS and Android devices, as well as Amazon Alexa enabled devices using the OMRON Health Skill. This monitor has an exclusive heart health algorithm, advanced accuracy. It measures more data points and eliminates interference from movement for more precise, clinically accurate readings.

The product is compact, intuitive controls make it easy to set up and use. The dimensions are 7,51 х 4,13 х 3,11inches and the weight is 1.01 pounds.

But for safe transportation of the monitor or store the device when not in use, the manufacture does not provide your protective cover. But be sure, the manufacture promises high quality and stable working.

Omron is the №1 recommended home blood pressure monitor brand by doctors and pharmacists for clinically accurate home monitoring, and the №1 selling manufacturer of home blood pressure monitors for over 40 years!

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5. MaTao Wireless Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor Cuff Upper Arm Machine

matao1 This wireless blood pressure monitor is designed for upper arm measurements. The device is very simple and looks almost like a traditional blood pressure monitor, just it has not a wire. In contrast to the products presented above, this monitor can not connect with your smartphone, has not a special app for presenting more visual results.

The arm circumference that can be measured is about 22cm-32cm, which is suitable for men and women. It uses an oscillographic method to check blood pressure and heart rate with a semiconductor sensor. Semiconductor pressure sensors quickly detect your blood pressure and heart rate.

This is an arm type automatic electronic sphygmomanometer with an LCD display. The LCD display uses three color combinations, green for normal blood pressure, orange for moderate hypertension, red for severe hypertension.
The main feature that makes it stand out from other devices has a voice broadcast function!


The voice broadcast gives your data information in the whole process, which is beneficial for the elderly to get their own data through voice prompt when it is inconvenient to see the LCD screen.

When your heart rate is irregular, you will also give a voice prompt! So elderly people can use it at home by themselves, do not ask the help of relatives, and do not need to figure out a special app.

The product has a built-in chip measurement accuracy, collects clinical data of hypertensive patients, optimizes software algorithms, and the measurements are stable and accurate. The monitor has an intelligent power saving, after 120 seconds of non-use, it is an automatic shutdown.

The product uses four sections of the AAA battery. Using intelligent power saving mode, you make the battery life works longer. In the absence of a battery, it is possible to plug in the Android data cable directly.

The weight of this device is 1.17 pounds and it comes with a fabric cover-bag, combined with simplicity and high accuracy, it makes the monitor a good idea to take it away with you if you are going away from home!

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FAQ for portable blood pressure monitors buyers:

1. Are the blood pressure monitors as accurate as traditional blood pressure machines?

Modern blood pressure monitors are highly accurate devices, does not matter traditional they are or have compact portable design and wireless connection. If someone’s blood pressure is very high or very low, most electronic BP cuffs will not read. They may say “error” or just appear to not be working.

If that happens, do some simple troubleshooting, and if you still can not get a reading, go get it checked elsewhere! But these situations happen very seldom. The manufactures answer for the stability of their monitors and accurate clinical measurements.

2. Does every family member who needs a blood pressure measurement need a device?

Modern blood pressure monitors are universal and several people can use them at the same time. Most devices work in conjunction with the app, where each patient can create their own account and track their progress.

The devices are also capable of recording a large number of readings. Cuffs with a wide range of adjustments are suitable for both men and women.

3. Does it matter which wrist or upper arm you use?

You can use either wrist/upper arm, but better to use the left wrist or left upper arm as it is closer to the heart!

4. Can you use the portable blood pressure monitor while on a treadmill?

It does not recommend using portable blood monitors on a treadmill because the unit is designed for use in a sitting position. It is great, if you take a measurement in a calm state, make a breathing cycle.

However, you can take your blood pressure before the start of your session, and once you have completed your set, and then take your blood pressure after you have finished. This will give you a good indicator of what level of blood pressure that changed as a result of your workout.

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