How to Attach Small Propane Tank to Portable Grill

A very large number of people have a grill installed in their backyard, but only some people simplify their lives by using propane cylinders instead of kindling coal for cooking. Such cylinders are sold separately and require a direct connection to the grill. In this following article, we will tell you how to attach a small propane tank to a portable grill.

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Propane cylinders are a really convenient replacement for coal, which can be used for grilling in the backyard. Such cylinders are sold in the public domain, they can be purchased in large supermarkets, or in hardware stores.

Propane cylinders easily replace coal because:

  • Just press the button on the balloon and then in a minute you will be able to start cooking
  • No need to get dirty on coal once again and melt it for several tens of minutes.

However, it should be understood that improper use and negligent attitude to a propane cylinder can lead to risky situations, so all users need to adhere to safety precautions:

  • Do not leave the propane tank open after using it
  • Check for leaks or damage on the cylinder
  • Check all hoses and regulators before using the propane tank.

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Next, we will tell you detailed instructions on how to attach a propane cylinder to a portable grill:

Step one: Check the propane tank and grill for damage, and make sure the regulators are turned off.

How to Attach Small Propane Tank to Portable Grill1

Step two: Take vaseline and lubricate the thread of the propane cylinder with it so that it is easier to twist it.

How to Attach Small Propane Tank to Portable Grill2

Step three: Put the propane cylinder on the end of the regulator and twist it clockwise until it is firmly attached to the hands.

How to Attach Small Propane Tank to Portable Grill3

Step four: Stir the soap and water in the container, and then lubricate the connection point of the cylinder with the end of the regulator with this mixture. This is necessary in order to additionally check for damage and leaks.

How to Attach Small Propane Tank to Portable Grill4

Step five: After an additional check, rinse off the soap solution, wipe the propane cylinder and the connection point dry, and then you can start the cylinder.

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If you notice cracks or leaks at any of the stages of attaching the cylinder, immediately stop the process of attaching and contact customer service.

How to Attach Small Propane Tank to Portable Grill5

In general, manufacturers of propane cylinders issue instructions for attaching these cylinders to different types of grills. If there is no such instruction in the package, then you can type the model of your grill and propane tank into the Internet search bar and you can find the instructions there.

Also, many manufacturers publish special videos with visual instructions for attaching a propane cylinder to a specific type of grill. Such instructions can also be found by making a request on the Internet for a model of a grill and a propane cylinder.

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It is extremely important to install the propane cylinder exactly as it is written in the instructions for a specific grill model since improper installation can lead to overheating of the cylinder or grill, as well as gas leakage.

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