9 Best Portable Tire Inflators (Comparison & Reviews)

Properly inflated tires are one of the most important aspects of safe driving. The under or over-inflation of tires create hazards both for drivers and passengers.

Therefore, it is crucial to check your vehicle’s tire pressure for safety and to keep it running optimally, as properly inflated tires wear out slower and lengthen the lifespan of suspension components. And therefore, it is strongly recommended to have a tire inflator, along with a portable air compressor, in the car for emergency situations.

Best Portable Tire Inflators Under $80

ItemDimensionsWeightWattage/Battery TypeInflation


14.76 x 10.75 x 7.56 inches5.78 poundsAC/DC0 to 35psi within 4minSee Best Price



10.4 x 3.5 x 3.1 inches3.42 pounds2200 mAh Lithium Battery

Not Specified

See Best Price



9.88 x 4.26 x 8.26 inches7.63 pounds5M extension hose and high quality battery clamp

maximum pressure 150PSI

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1. Oasser Air Compressor handheld pump

Rechargeable and portable, this Oasser air compressor can be rapidly turned on to inflate cars, bicycles, motorbikes, balls, and inflatable toys very quickly. The pump with LED light is uniquely pistol-shaped to be more convenient for use in the daytime or night time.

oasser1With a power display, the desired pressure for the tires can be pre-set in three kinds of unit values (PSI, BAR, kg/cm2).

Oasser offers excellent performance and great durability as the maximum inflatable pressure is 130 PSI which is perfect for bicycles, motorcycles, and small or medium-sized cars (sport utility vehicles included), however, it is not suitable to be used for large truck tires.

The inflator has an automatic power off setting which will automatically shut down in ninety seconds without any operation. It comes with a range of abundant accessories such as 12V power base, storage bag, two air hoses (13.78 inches and 4.72 inches), and quick coupling and tooling gloves (to prevent heat).

A large rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery capacity can inflate four car tires, ten motorcycle tires, or 25 bicycle tires. The battery can be charged via the home wall charger The various nozzles allow it to be used for a range of applications.

The Air hose is for the car and bicycle tires, presta valve connects to the air hose to inflate the road mountain bike tire, a toy nozzle is for inflatable toys and swimming rings, while the ball needle is for various balls and the toys.

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2. TACKLIFE tire inflator

Tacklife tire pump features not only a DC interface but also an AC interface and AC power cord. Therefore, it can be connected to both the car cigarette lighter plug and the household 120V wall outlet, which may be more convenient to use in some cases.

tacklife1The maximum pressure of the air pump is 150 PSI that enables to inflate of the P195/65R15 cat tire from 0 to 35 PSI within only four minutes. The air pressure has a built-in pressure gauge and the LCD screen reading is very convenient, with an automatic shut down after reaching the pre-set pressure for extra safety.

TACKLIFE tire inflator is equipped with eight pcs white LED with flashing light SOS which can be used as an emergency lighting. The product has a variety of pressure display modes from PSI, BAR, and KPA to kg/cm2.

It comes with an AC power cord, extension nozzle, 15A backup fuse, ball needle, Schrader-Presta valve adaptor, nozzle, and hose adaptor. Such a variety of nozzles supplement air for inflatable boats, bicycle tires, and balls.

It is also equipped with a blower allowing you not only inflate but also deflate when needed. A high quality water-resistant, nylon braided inflatable tube provides high-temperature resistance and antifreeze properties.

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3. Tirewell Tire Inflator

Tirewell double cylinder air compressor can quickly inflate the car tires using a high-quality direct-drive motor. The direct-drive motor drives the sturdy metal double cylinder in low rotating speed but a high-efficiency manner, offering a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. A powerful airflow can inflate a standard vehicle tire in just two minutes.

tirewell1The fuselage with four-rod design prevents the vibration and noise, while the rubber feet ensure a stable position of the pump during inflation, making the air compressor more powerful.

It is suitable for a wide range of machinery from sport utility vehicles to trucks, vans, recreational vehicles, crossovers, MPVs, campers, trailers, minivans, motorcycles, golf carts, bicycles, and many more.

The pump has a high-quality cigarette lighter with a built-in 15A fuse, over ten feet cigarette lighter power cord, 1.8 feet inflation tube, and a high-quality screw connector that allows the pump to be tightly connected to the tire gas mouth. It is recommended to start the vehicle engine to increase power and extend product life.

The tire inflator is equipped with a five-meter extension hose, a high-quality battery clamp, and three adapters for bicycles, balls, pool toys, and sporting equipment. The length of the extension hose meets the needs of the long-wheelbase vehicles.

The battery clamp connects directly to the vehicle battery, power tire inflator, and other 12V devices such as vacuum, coffee maker, and more. Weighing just over eight pounds and space-saving size makes the Tirewell inflator is perfect for storing in the car to use when needed.

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Best Portable Tire Inflators Under $60

ItemDimensionsWeightWattage/Battery TypeInflation


12.52 x 9.21 x 3.62 inches3.3 pounds1 Lithium ion batteries required.140PSI powerful pressureSee Best Price



11.8 x 4.3 x 6.7 inches4.03 pounds120 KW

up to 120psi

See Best Price



9.25 x 7.09 x 2.76 inches2.99 poundsAC/DC

Up to 150 PSI

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9.76 x 5.79 x 2.44 inches1.76 pounds2 Lithium ion batteries required

0-32 PSI in 5-6 minutes

See Best Price

4. Kensun AC/DC tire inflator

With KENSUN multi-purpose tire inflator, you can inflate tires of cars, bikes, sedan, and midsize sport utility vehicles. Featuring a maximum pressure of 120 PSI, it provides speed as well as a great average air flow rate of 19L/ min, depending on the power source.

kensun1The continuous working time of the pump is 30 minutes at 35 PSI. This air pump is designed with a clear, classic pressure gauge, and allows to use of kPa, BAR, or PSI pressure measurement units depending on the needs.

The air hose is designed with a screw-on type connector for tight-fitting making car tire inflation easy and simple as never before. It has a unique KENSUN AC/DC switching that allows power via a 12V car cigarette lighter plug or 110V wall plug for a home outlet.

Together with a suitable cable length of over ten feet for DC and over three feet for AC makes the inflator functional anywhere. The dual solid metal motors provide superb power that makes the tire inflation extra fast and easy, as well as offering high quality, durable construction that has been tested rigorously.

It includes a set of accessory nozzles for balls and inflatables which in addition to the unique AC/DC switching feature makes it useful in any situation. The lightweight of over four pounds, compact design, and a zipped carry bag for comfortable storage allows it to be a great power and multifunctional tire inflator.

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5. AUTDER tore inflator

AUTDER tire inflator can inflate the 195/55/R15 car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in just five minutes being more powerful and faster than conventional vehicle tire pumps. This is reached via 140 PSI of powerful pressure with an airflow of 35L/ min. The air pump is made of extremely durable material and a sturdy hose to resist high pressures.

audter1An upgrade tire pressure monitoring system ensures an automatic air compressor shut off when the pressure is reached. Pressure unit change between PSI, kPa, kg/ cm, and BAR can be simply done in just one click.

The inflator works via a 12V car power adaptor or alternatively, a 2600 mAh rechargeable lithium battery can be used that provides wider functionality.

The power cord is over ten feet, therefore making the pumping of the rear tire easier. AUTDER tire pump provides pressure ranges from 3 to 140 PSI, therefore being suitable for an easy bike, motorcycle, and midsize sport-utility vehicle inflation as well as providing the perfect performance of basketballs, balloons, and more.

However, it is not suitable for large truck tires, motorboats, or floating crafts. The package includes a portable zipper bag, one lithium-ion battery pack, a 12V car power adaptor, a USB charging cable, four inflatable nozzles, four-tire caps, and an air hose.

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6. Teromas tire inflator

Featuring up to 150 PSI of maximum pressure, this three-pound Teromas tire inflator can inflate the P195/65R15 car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in less than four minutes, therefore making inflating tires in an emergency easier and more convenient.

teromas1Simply pre-set the required pressure value, and turn the pump on as it automatically shuts off when reaches the set pressure. This prevents situations with over-inflation or low tire pressure, making one less headache for you.

The portable size that takes minimum possible space with a carrying bag allows it to be kept in the automobile or stored at home. Thomas tire inflator features a unique AC/DC with 12V car cigarette lighter plug as well as a 110/120V wall plug for a home outlet, making it more functional as it can be used anywhere.

Coming with three additional adaptors make it perfect to be used for cars, motorcycles, RV, bike tires, air mattresses, inflatable boats, balls, and many other inflatables. The bright long-lasting LED lights and bright backlight LCD display, allow it to be used at night as well as being light enough to be seen under strong sunlight.

For the user’s convenience, the pump gauge displays the pressure in PSI, BAR, or kg/cm2. The package includes a zipped carry bag to protect the pump from dirt and dust, three nozzle adapters, a sixty inch AC cable for home use, 126 inch DC cable for the cigarette lighter, and one replaceable fuse.

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7. Craftesmark Air Compressor Tire Inflator

craftersmark1 This multi-purpose electric tire pump comes with a built-in powerful and quiet motor. It can easily inflate a car tire from 0 to 32 PSI just in five to six minutes, delivering a maximum pressure of 120 PSI. Featuring three additional nozzles, this portable air compressor is perfect to inflate car tire, motorcycle, bicycle, balls, air mattresses, and more.

It is important to note that the pump is not suitable for large truck tires. The pump has four available pressure units (PSI, BAR, KPA, and kg/cm3) and an LCD screen design where you can pre-set the target pressure. The screen also shows the battery power and the current pressure value.

The tire pump will automatically shut off when reached the target pressure that provides additional safety. With the built-in 2000mah rechargeable lithium battery, you will never come around with a problem of short reach as this Craftesmark cordless tire pump is convenient to inflate all the car tires and be used outdoors.


The full charged battery can last for inflation of five car tires, ten motorcycle tires, twenty bicycle tires, or forty basketballs, while the charging time is just three to four hours. The tire inflator can be charged with a USB cable connected to a 110V power adapter or with a power bank (also via USB cable).

The multifunctional design makes this tire inflator function not only as an air compressor but also as a portable power bank for travel. Being small enough to put in the car, space-saving storage, and a portable storage bag, the pump can be taken with you for use at any time.

The Craftesmark tire inflator comes with an air hose, three nozzles for multifunctional application, a USB cord, and a portable storage bag.

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Best Portable Tire Inflators Under $30

ItemDimensionsWeightWattage/Battery TypeInflation


7 x 7 x 2 inches1.54 pounds120 watts4-5 minutes to inflated from 0 to 35psiSee Best Price



8.4 x 6.8 x 3.9 inches2.2 pounds120 watts

up to 250PSI

See Best Price

There is a wide variety of air compressors on the market, the functionality of which doesn’t limit tires but can be used for a range of applications. Here are the nine best tire inflators, each being chosen for its combination of quality, functionality, and price.

8. Astroal Portable Air compressor Tire inflator

astroai1 Astroal tire inflator is fast inflation and advanced accuracy. High-quality materials were sourced for this tire inflator as it can pump up your car’s tires with 35 L per minute. It can inflate the car tire from 0 to 35 PSI in just about five minutes or from 0 to 26 PSI in just two minutes or less, offering a maximum pressure of 100 PSI.

In addition, it is professionally calibrated to always return a reading with 1.5% of the pressure of your tire. The air compressor features programmable inflation which means that all you need to do is to set the desired pressure and the air compressor will automatically shut off when the pre-set pressure is reached.

Astroal inflator has a wide range of applications, it can inflate any Schrader valve on cars, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), motorcycles, and bicycles. To enable quick inflation of balls, air pillows, cushions, and mattresses, suitable accessories are included with the product.


However, it is important to note, that the pump is not designed for use with high pressure or large volume applications such as pools or inflatable canoe. The product features a one-click change of pressure units between PSI, KPA, BAR, and kg/cm.

This portable car tire inflator is only compatible with 12V, 10 amper vehicle-mounted cigarette lighter, it has a ten feet power cord to allow distance use.

A large white backlight LCD makes it easy to read even in the dark, together with the integrated LED flashlight with dependent switch control makes the inflator use comfortable at night time and emergency use. A ten feet long heavy-duty car cigarette lighter cord also makes the compressor convenient to use.

The weight and dimensions of the inflator allow it to be easily stowed away in the car or garage and will be ready to use at a moment’s notice. The package includes one replacement fuse, three nozzle adapters, a valve extender, a quick connector with a flexible hose, and a screw rotation attach.

There are two ways to attach a pump to the air nozzle for your convenience: via a quick connector or screw rotation, according to the situation, It also comes with a three-year warranty. For a better operation of the air pump, it is recommended to take a short rest after a long time of work.

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9. Aoboco Tire Inflator

Featuring fast inflation and auto shut off, this Aoboco tire inflator takes just from four to five minutes to inflate a car tire from 0 to 35 PSI. After it reaches the pre-set pressure, the pump will automatically shut off. In addition to that, the air pump can work continuously for 30 minutes without any damage or overheat.

aoboco1The three modes LED lights can convert between flashlights, warning lights, SOS enabling you to handle any emergency situation even in darkness. The high-quality glass fiber cylinder provides high-temperature resistance, low heat generation, great anti-oxidation, low decibel noise, and extended service life.

The portable air pump is equipped with a 3.4 x 3.8 inch highly sensitive large LED touch screen that displays the tire pressure while connected to the tire and can display any of the pressure measurements from PSI and BAR to kg/cm2.

The ten feet extended power cord and 2.2 feet inflated hose are sufficient to reach the valves of all tires of the car, while the upgraded air nozzle with buckle design is more time saving and airtight than the bolt type.

Aoboco pump comes with three different nozzle adaptors perfect for a wide range of applications such as cars, sport utility vehicles, mountain bikes, inflatable cushions, kayaks, balls, and toys.

Important to note that the car tire inflator cannot pump the truck tire and other large-size cars’ tires, and the maximum output current can’t exceed 10A. The ultra-compact design allows you to carry the auto air tire inflator anywhere with you.

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FAQ for portable tire inflator buyers

1. What is the average use/break time for tire inflators?

The standard inflation time is 10 to 15 minutes, after which it is strongly recommended to give at least a 10-minute break.

2. Which is better: a screw cap or a quick connector hose tire inflator?

The two options can be looked at from different perspectives. In terms of time and ease, a quick connector provides both and still offers good attachment to the tire. However, some users prefer a screw cap for its tight connection to the tire gas mouth.

3. Can I use a standard tire inflator for truck tires and motorboats?

In most cases, the portable tire inflators are not suitable for large truck tires, motorboats, or floating crafts. Therefore a preliminary check of manufacturer instructions should be done. However, such use of portable air pumps is not recommended for safety reasons.