11 Best Portable Paint Booths (Under $100, $150, $300)

A paint booth provides a contained environment equipped with exhaust fans and filters to make commercial or hobby spray painting safer and cleaner. It improves results by changing air pressure to blow toxins out of the booth and minimize overspray from the paint sprayers. To keep the air fresh, you may also use a portable air conditioner.

As it does this, new, clean air is driven into the container. One of the most important components of the paint booth is an exhaust fan, while other features such as turntables and LED lights are added and made for convenience and comfort in use.

Best Portable Paint Booths Under $100

ItemDimensionsWeightSet UpLights


37” W x 38” D x 39” H1 pound

Pop Up

NoSee Best Price


9’ W x 6’ D x 5’5” H6.45 poundsCollapsible Tent Poles


See Best Price


0.75 x 12 x 14 inches1.47 poundstent-like design for set-up in minutes


See Best Price

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Paint booths have multiple benefits, as it improves results, abides by regulations, and reduce costs. The list presents spray booths from different manufacturers with a variety of additional features and therefore provides a wide price range from $20 to $200 and higher.

1. PLANTIONAL Portable Paint Tent

This portable tent is designed to keep the floor and walls clean during art. It is used while spraying paint from a special apparatus.

Thanks to the presence of mats, the floor remains clean and neat, even with heavy spraying. Inside the tent, there are pockets where you can put all the tools for work and creativity.

The weight of the product does not exceed 1 kg, so it can be easily carried and taken with you on trips. Setting up the tent takes a couple of minutes, and it can be assembled by one person without any extra help.

You can paint inside it and leave the finished product until it is completely dry. The tent has special ventilation holes, thanks to which anything will dry evenly and quickly, even with a large layer of coverage.

There are also accessories for fixing and setting up, as well as a bag for storing the tent and its convenient transportation. The assembled tent can be placed on the floor and any other surface, depending on user preference.

The tent is spacious and roomy enough, so you can put any stand, table, or chair in it. The tent and mats are easy to clean from paint, so they can be used an unlimited number of times.

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2. HomeRight Large Spray Shelter

The portable creativity tent will keep your surroundings completely clean. It is designed for painting large items from a special sprayer.

The diffuser will spread the paint evenly over the object inside the tent without touching the walls and floor.

This tent can be placed indoors and outdoors. It is easy to set up, so it can be unfolded even by one person.

All devices and parts for this purpose are included. The tent is not heavy, so you can travel with it and carry it to any place you need.

The tent protects the walls and floors from stubborn paint, so it is used to paint furniture, interior details, and other products. Paint is easily washed off the interior walls and covering the tent, so it can be kept clean and tidy at all times.

You can leave items inside the tent until they are completely dry. It has a special fabric door with ventilation holes. Thanks to this, the product dries quickly and evenly, while not getting dirty and not spoiled by external influences, insects, or bugs.

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3. SPRAYRITE 2 – Paint Spray Shelter

In order that while painting some large and small parts the whole space does not get dirty from the paint, there is such a tent made of a special fabric and an inner coating.

Thanks to it inside the tent you can spray paint from a special apparatus or apply it to parts with brushes. In any case, the walls and floors will remain clean, as all the residues of the product will fall on the inner walls of the tent.

It protects the room from persistent paint substances so that even large-sized furniture can be painted at home.

Also, the tent does not take up much space when folded and weighs really little. This allows you to carry the creativity tent anywhere, including outdoors. Installation takes a few minutes, and everything you need for it comes with the tent.

Thanks to a special interior coating, the tent is easy to clean from paint, preserving its appearance and performance.

You can use the tent for painting products of different sizes because it is quite spacious and tall. Inside for extra convenience, you can put a table, chair, and other items as a stand for objects for painting.

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Best Portable Paint Booths Under $150

ItemDimensionsWeightSet UpLights

Ningbo Haosheng HS-E420DCK

16 x 13 x 15 inches7 pounds


NoSee Best Price

Airbrush Spray Booth Kit

18 x 16 x 14 inches11.64 poundsAssembly

LED lights

See Best Price

Portable Airbrush Paint Spray Booth

18 x 16 x 14 inches11 poundsFoldable

LED Lights

See Best Price

4. Ningbo Haosheng HS-E420DCK

This portable camera for painting things and products allows you to protect your surroundings from paint substances. Thanks to its small size and compact dimensions, the product dyeing booth can be taken with you on trips, in the studio, or outdoors.

Inside the camera, there is a special stand for the product. Thanks to this, a person can place any item or fake of small size in it and evenly cover it with paint.

The chamber is quickly and easily unfolded. There is no need to use any extra tools or devices. Everything you need to use the camera comes with it.

The camera visually resembles a box, which is covered with a special cloth. It is also equipped with an extractor that allows you to use it for painting even strong-smelling substances.

It works with electricity. Thus, the camera should be placed near a socket or extension cord. If the camera is used outdoors, the hood can not be connected. The finished painted product can be left inside the chamber to dry completely and evenly.

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5. Airbrush Spray Booth Kit

An airbrush is often used to paint small items. To make the painting process even easier and faster, you can buy an airbrush and camera kit.

The chamber box allows you to place a small size item inside and paint it evenly and quickly with a special machine.

The advantage of the airbrush in painting is its easy spraying of the paint substance, which provides a thin coating layer.

The chamber contains an installed extractor, which is powered by electricity. It allows the rapid elimination of toxic substances contained in the paint. Besides, it provides an uninterrupted flow of air, allowing the product to dry quickly and evenly.

It also protects the walls and the stand from paint splatter from the special machine. The camera folds up quickly and easily so it can be used at home, in the studio, outdoors, and elsewhere.

The compact paint box and airbrush will allow you to get quality painted products with an even layer of paint.

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6. Portable Airbrush Paint Spray Booth

To keep your table, walls, and floor clean after painting your products, you need to use this crate box.

It is equipped with thick walls and lights. This allows you to see all the unpainted areas of the product during the creative process.

There is also a special hood in the chamber, which provides a light flow of air. It serves to evaporate the toxic substances contained in the paint, as well as to evenly dry the product.

The chamber has a stand for the item to be painted. This allows the paint to be applied evenly to all areas.

This box can be used for airbrush and brush painting. In either case, the box will ensure uniform painting and quick drying. Besides, it will keep the entire surrounding area perfectly clean, because all paint splashes will stay on the inner walls of the chamber.

It is easy to clean with a rag, so it will stay clean after every use. The chamber should be placed close to a source of electricity, as the hood should be connected with a wire.

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Best Portable Paint Booths Under $300

ItemDimensionsWeightSet UpLights

Master Airbrush

16.5 x 19 x 13.5 inches10.58 pounds


LED LightsSee Best Price

Master Airbrush Extra Large

16.5 x 19 x 13.5 inches11 poundsNot Specified

LED Lights

See Best Price

Master Airbrush

18.5 x 13.35 x 10.75 inches10.43 poundsAssembly

LED Lighting

See Best Price

Portable Hobby Airbrush

16 x 6 x 9 inches30.7 poundsNot Specified

LED Lights

See Best Price

Spray Booth For Airbrushing

18.50 x 13.78 x 11.02 inches10.19 poundsNot Specified


See Best Price

7. Master Airbrush Brand Lighted Portable Spray Booth

This creative kit will allow you to paint any parts and products without harming the surroundings. The extraction chamber will make the coloring process much more convenient and safe.

You can put things as well as products, such as cakes, in it. It is possible to paint various objects both with brushes and with an airbrush.

The fiberglass inner walls of the camera will collect all the splashes of paint while protecting the walls, floor, and stand for the camera.

A special hood installed in the headboard of the cell will provide a constant flow of air. It protects against toxic emissions and also allows the product to dry faster from the paint. There is also a cord to connect the hood.

The kit includes a high-quality bright light. With its help, a person will be able to paint the product down to the smallest details.

This drawer camera is convenient not only in application but also in operation. It easily folds into a suitcase shape, so it can be taken with you on trips and to studios for work.

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8. Master Airbrush Extra Large Dual Fan Lighted Portable Spray Booth

To make the creative process even more enjoyable and convenient, you can use a special chamber for coloring products. It can hold small objects, decor details, crafts, and even pastries.

The camera has a special backlight that allows you to see all unpainted areas and draw even small details. The camera is designed for painting things both with brushes and with a special airbrush.

Thanks to the walls and the stand, the camera will protect the walls and other parts of the room from getting painted on them. The box is easy to clean with handy tools, so it’s not hard to keep it clean all the time.

The drawer also has a built-in hood that eliminates toxic substances that are released from the paint. The hood also helps the product dry quickly and evenly. The hood is connected with a wire. Thus, it is better to place the hood close to the power outlets.

Bright and LED backlighting simplifies the process of creation, as you do not need to pull the product out of the box to trace small details and fill unpainted areas. Everything will be visible thanks to the uniform light inside the box itself.

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9. Master Airbrush Dual Unit Spray Booth

masterairbr1This Master Airbrush spray booth is not similar to alternatives as it has dual units with a powerful 25 watts with a four cubic meter per minute fan extraction rate.

The package includes a two to six-foot exhaust extension to reach the closest window or door.

It is portable and compact, has lightweight construction of just 8.5 pounds, and easily folds into a suitcase shape case with a handle for carrying or storing. The three LED lighting lights up the workspace for convenience and even spraying.

A booth filter is made of two-layer high-density fiberglass with a replacement filter available. Spray booth operates at 12V DC using a direct plug-in 110V AC adapter and is 1.3 feet wide, 1.6 feet deep, and 1 foot high. The revolving turntable provides an opportunity to reach all areas of the project. Both units fold into two carrying cases with a handle.

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10. Portable Hobby Airbrush Paint Spray Booth Kit

To keep your room safe from paint during the creative process, people use this box with a light and hood. It is designed to be used to paint small items in it. Besides, it can be used to cover confectionery with an airbrush.

The box has a uniform LED light, which allows you to see all the subtleties of the painted item, draw out small details and fill in the areas that are not covered with paint.

The drawer also has a hood that ensures a safe dyeing process. It eliminates any toxic substances in the paint. It should also be plugged in to ensure that the product is painted evenly on all sides.

A gentle flow of air will ensure that there are no bubbles or undried areas. The paint box is easy enough to clean, so it should be wiped down after each use. Thanks to its compact size, the box can be taken with you to create wherever you like.

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11. Spray Booth For Airbrushing

The object spray booth ensures a comfortable, safe and accurate creative process. It protects your surroundings from paint splashes that fly in all directions when you paint things with the airbrush.

This handy box also contains a hood. It should be connected with a wire and plug. It provides a constant flow of air that protects people from the release of toxic paint components and also helps the painted item to dry faster.

A special chamber can also serve to cover cakes as well as other confectionary products with an airbrush machine. All paint residues sprayed by the diffuser fall on the inner walls of the box.

Thanks to the special coating, they are easy to clean even with a normal cloth. LED built-in lighting allows you to see all the inaccuracies of painting during the creative process. It also allows you to paint hard-to-reach areas and small details.

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FAQ for portable paint booths

1. Can I use paint booths for other uses?

Although some manufacturers offer an exhaust port, it is very important to not to use the spray booth with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials.

2. How to extend the workspace of the paint booth?

Two spray booths can be combined together to extend the workspace for larger crafts spraying. However, not every paint booth provides this feature.

3. How to assemble and install a paint booth?

Paint booths are easy to install and comes with instructions in the package, some are pop tents that pop out by itself. However, there are few metal spray booths, assembling of which might require more time.