11 Best Portable Paint Booths (Under $100, $150, $300)

A paint booth provides a contained environment equipped with exhaust fans and filters to make commercial or hobby spray painting safer and cleaner. It improves results by changing air pressure to blow toxins out of the booth and minimize overspray from the paint sprayers. To keep the air fresh, you may also use a portable air conditioner.

As it does this, new, clean air is driven into the container. One of the most important components of the paint booth is an exhaust fan, while other features such as turntables and LED lights are added and made for convenience and comfort in use.

Best Portable Paint Booths Under $100

ItemDimensionsWeightSet UpLights


35” W x 30” D x 39” H2.7 pounds

Pop Up

LampsSee Best Price

HomeRight Shelter C900038

9’ W x 6’ D x 5’5” H6.45 poundsCollapsible Tent Poles


See Best Price

Wagner Studio

25.5 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches6.93 poundstwo-pole, tent-like design for set-up in minutes.


See Best Price


27 x 5 x 5 inches2.87 PoundsPop up


See Best Price

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Paint booths have multiple benefits, as it improves results, abides by regulations, and reduce costs. The list presents spray booths from different manufacturers with a variety of additional features and therefore provides a wide price range from $20 to $200 and higher.

1. Homeright Small Spray Shelter

homeright1Homeright spray shelter is a tent-like structure that provides a safe area to spray paint or stain and protect the surrounding area from overspray drift and can be used with aerosol cans, airless paint sprayers, or HVLP sprayers such as finish max or super finish max.

The paint booth is portable and lightweight to easily position on a tabletop, floor, or workbench, therefore allowing it to be used anywhere. It can also be assembled and used indoors due to its dimensions (3 x 2.5 x 3.3 feet). The spray booth has a pop-up construction that pops in seconds and can be folded up into a mini bag for easy storage (storage bag included).

The spray tent is multifunctional in terms of fitting a variety of projects: just quickly set up this paint booth to spray small to medium projects such as lamps, wood crates, model figurines, and other home décor accessories.

The curved, three-sided design like in Wagner spray tents and a built-in bottom for minimum overspray drift with rear vent enable ultimate overspray control and flow regulation.

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2. HomeRight Large Spray Shelter C900038

homeright2HomeRight Large Spray Shelter C900038 offers a tent-like structure paint booth that provides a large, and safe area to spray paint or stain, while also protecting the surrounding area from overspray drift. The spray tent is the perfect size for spraying medium to large-sized items as the dimensions of the booth are 9 feet in width x 6 feet deep x 5.5 feet in height.

The curved three-sided spray shelter design helps to direct the paint and stain spray airflow directly to the ground (floor cloth not included).

The design enables an excess airflow to freely escape due to the exhaust vents located along the bottom perimeter of the spray shelter, while making the airborne paint particles to fall to the A newly added mesh screen helps to protect the freshly painted items and projects from wind, leaves, and bugs, but also allow for natural drying of the paint.

The protective mesh can be rolled up and tied at the top of the opening when not required. the Homeright spray booth has a lightweight design that makes it easy to position around the painting or staining project.

It can be easily set up and taken down in minutes and folded into a small bag for easy storage and transport. The storage bag and stakes to secure shelter to the yard are provided.

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3. Wagner Studio Spray Tent

wagner1This studio spray tent provides a protected, enclosed area for spraying furniture and crafts with a paint sprayer or aerosol cans. In comparison to Wagner C900038, this model has an included liquid-resistant floor.

The curved spray paint tent features a built-in floor that completely captures paint overspray and therefore keeps your workspace clean, while liquid-resistant bottom allows a quick clean-up. It also features a paint overspray that is ideal for upcycling furniture projects.

A two-pole design enables simplified set-up in your garage, driveway, lawn and even indoors, it also included stakes to secure the tent to the ground.

The paint booth is lightweight and folds down to a compact size for easy storage, and the dimensions of the booth (6.8 x 4.4 x 5 feet) offer an ideal space for painting or staining medium to large-sized projects. Although it features a standard three-sided design, it is much smaller in size.

It is a perfect size for applying almost any paint or stain coating on dressers, doors, chairs, tables, and lamps and provides protection from wind, leaves, bugs, and dirt due to its three-sided design. The tent comes with a storage bag that fits everything from the package including the stakes.

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4. Nordstand Spray Paint Booth

norstand1The Nordstrand spray booth is designed as a tent and protects furniture, walls, and other close items from overspray, and reduces mess and clean up time. With an assembled size of 8.5 x 6 feet and 5.5 feet in height, this paint booth is large enough to hold a chest of drawers, chairs, a bench, or a TV cabinet, and is also one of the biggest paint booths in this list.

The paint booth is designed for maximum convenience in use and is easy and quick to assemble. This spray paint tent can be used as a garage shield to prevent marks on the walls or an airbrush spray booth for hobby projects outdoors. It will also prevent dust, dirt, and bugs from reaching the finished project as it dries.

The spray shelter has a zip-close door that can be quickly sealed up, therefore being ideal for hobby projects, DIY, and garage work. The shelter is made of polyester that lets a lot of light into the workspace, and also folds down into a compact bundle for storage or transport.

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Best Portable Paint Booths Under $150

ItemDimensionsWeightSet UpLights

AW Portable

18.3 x 13.5 x 10.7 inches11.63 pounds


NoSee Best Price

Master Airbrush

13.3 x 10.9 x 18.3 inches10.48 poundsAssembly

LED lights

See Best Price


16.5 x 8 x 6 inches10.83 poundsFoldable

LED Lights

See Best Price

5. AW Airbrush Paint Spray Booth

awportable1This Airbrush spray booth kit comes with a powerful fan, fiberglass filter sponges, removable turntable, and a set of hose.

A durable revolving turntable allows us to spray the objects all around conveniently, so there is no need to move the objects directly with hands, it is also removable which is not featured in Master Airbrush and TOGUSH spray booth. Two removable fiberglass filter sponges and the fan help to remove larger particles and fog effectively.

The thick white filter sponge is preassembled in the spray booth, and the thin blue filter sponge allows for free use, while the thinner sponge makes less resistance and has stronger suction for fog.

AW paint booth is easy to use with an on/off switch, while the free bend hose can help you to draw the harmful gas out of the door or window, and make the air in the studio cleaner. After simple installation, the hose can be extended to over sixty-inch long, and a long flat exhaust outlet can be pressed from both sides of the 25 mm window or door gap.

The design of this spray booth is made for convenience and ease in use due to skidproof rubber feet for maximum stability, and easy carrying handle. AW offers to save space with the retractable electric wire by drawing it out by hand and pushing the wire button to take it back automatically.

The package includes a plastic sleeve, softer screw sleeve, and a hose clamp. For larger crafts spraying, AW spray booth allows combining two spray booths to extend the workspace without tools.

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6. Master Airbrush Spray Booth

master1Master Airbrush offers a powerful 25 watts with a four cubic meters per min fan extraction rate and an LED lighting to light your work surface.

The powerful high volume fan extracts overspray and reduces the fumes from the airbrush and spray gun materials, and a flexible hose extends up to 5.6 feet to reach the closest door gap or window and therefore keep particles and vapors away from your work environment.

The booth filter has two-layer high-density fiberglass with replacement filters available. DC motor operates at 12V DC using a direct plug-in 110V AC adapter, and the three LED light tubes are built into the top of the booth area to ensure great painting vision which is essential for even spray application.

Although it has many additional features than other alternatives, the dimensions of the spray booth are very small: 1 foot high, 1.6 feet deep, and 1.3 feet wide, and may not be suitable for large projects. A revolving turntable allow you to reach all the areas to be painted easy and fast, the diameter of a turntable is 7.5 inches.

The spray booth easily folds into a suitcase shape with a handle for carrying or storing and weighs just over eight pounds. Master Airbrush spray shelter is great to use when spraying models, small parts, ceramics, and radio control models.

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7. OPHIR Airbrush Spray Booth

ophir1OPHIR airbrush spray booth with LED lighting and a powerful fan provides the best conditions for spraying and painting. It easily folds into a suitcase with a handle for carrying or storing and weighs just ten pounds for ease in transportation. Dimensions of a spray booth are 1.3 feet wide, 1.6 feet deep, and 1 foot high.

A flexible hose extends up to a standard length of 5.6 feet and helps to keep particles and vapors away from the work environment as the exhaust hose outlet is thin enough to fit between a small window or a door gap. The fan extraction rate is 25 Watts with four cubic meters per min and operates at a low noise level of 47 dB.

It comes with a two-layer high-density fiberglass booth filter with replacement filters available. 7.5-inch diameter revolving turntable featured also in Master Airbrush, AW airbrush and TOGUSH spray booths allow all areas to be painted.

The booth also has rubber feet for stability, a lighted on/off switch, and surface protection for a workspace. DC motor operates at 12V DC using a direct plug-in 110V AC adapter.

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Best Portable Paint Booths Under $300

ItemDimensionsWeightSet UpLights

Master Airbrush

24 x 15 x 13.1 inches11 pounds


LED LightsSee Best Price


21.65 x 18.82 x 14.09 inches13.92 poundsNot Specified


See Best Price

Master Airbrush

22.7 x 19.1 x 14.1 inches22 poundsAssembly

LED Lighting

See Best Price

Paasche Airbrush

24 x 23 x 8 inches30.7 poundsNot Specified


See Best Price

8. Master Airbrush Extra Large Dual Spray Booth

masterair1This portable hobby airbrush spray booth kit with exhaust extension hose can extend up to 5.6 feet and is easy to set-up and use. The high volume dual fans extract overspray and reduce the fumes from the airbrush and spray gun materials. A dual-fan has a power of four cubic meters per minute fan extraction rate and operated at 12v DC.

7/8 inch thick two-layer high-density fiberglass booth filter effectively removes large paint particles and ensure clean operation. A portable and compact design with a lightweight construction of just 8.5 pounds allows to easily fold and can be carried with an integrated handle. It is ideal to use when spraying models, small parts, and ceramics.

A great painting vision is ensured by three LED light tubes that are built into the top of the booth area, and a 7.5-inch diameter revolving turntable allows you to reach all the areas to be painted. Master Airbrush spray booth comes with six feet exhaust extension hose which is easy to attach to the window, and an AC adapter.

This airbrush paint booth is 1.5 feet high, 1.1 feet deep, and 1.8 feet wide when assembled. Dimensions are extra-large for the Master Airbrush series, however, concede to other large spray shelters such as Wagner Spraytech or Nordstand. The design of a booth allows you to combine two spray booths to double the size.

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9. TOGUSH Airbrush Spray Booth

togush1TOGUSH spray booth features an embedded LED and exhaust extension hose as Master Airbrush spray paint shelter. Designed to be easily deployed and carried around it has a lightweight design of just over six pounds and easily folds into a suitcase with a handle for carrying or storage.

The removable accessories such as the workbench part allow proper cleaning and replacement, while the oil-free design is beneficial for the environment. It requires AC 100-240V for an airflow of nine cubic meters per min that makes very low noise while working.

The flexible exhaust hose extends up to 5.6 feet, similar to Master Airbrush, to keep particles and vapors away from the work environment, therefore allowing it to be placed between a small window or door gap.

Revolving turntable (7.5-inch diameter) allows you to reach all areas of your project, and 12W LED light ensures the best visibility. It comes with an airbrush spray booth kit and allows to double working space if two of the machines are assembled.

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10. Master Airbrush Dual Unit Spray Booth

masterairbr1This Master Airbrush spray booth is not similar to alternatives as it has dual units with a powerful 25 watts with a four cubic meter per minute fan extraction rate. The package includes a two to six-foot exhaust extension to reach the closest window or door.

It is portable and compact, has lightweight construction of just 8.5 pounds, and easily folds into a suitcase shape case with a handle for carrying or storing. The three LED lighting lights up the workspace for convenience and even spraying.

A booth filter is made of two-layer high-density fiberglass with a replacement filter available. Spray booth operates at 12V DC using a direct plug-in 110V AC adapter and is 1.3 feet wide, 1.6 feet deep, and 1 foot high. The revolving turntable provides an opportunity to reach all areas of the project. Both units fold into two carrying cases with a handle.

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11. Paasche Airbrush Spray Booth

paase1Paasche airbrush spray booth has an all-metal construction, this portable booth features galvanized metal panels for easy cleaning and durability. The booth is also equipped with a volt fan as a Master Airbrush spray booth but has a power of 115 volts, and has a noise level of 47 decibels.

Dual filtration with a paint and carbon filter allows for minimum pollution and comes with exhaust hook up and a duct adapter (need four-inch dryer duct for exhausting). The paint filter captures paint particulate and the carbon filter fill assists with fumes and odor removal, both filters are easily replaced.

However, the metal booth is not intended for use with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials. The product comes in different sizes (16, 22, and 30 inches), particularly this model is 22 inches and weighs just over thirty pounds.

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FAQ for portable paint booths

1. Can I use paint booths for other uses?

Although some manufacturers offer an exhaust port, it is very important to not to use the spray booth with hazardous materials, flammable or explosive paints or materials.

2. How to extend the workspace of the paint booth?

Two spray booths can be combined together to extend the workspace for larger crafts spraying. However, not every paint booth provides this feature.

3. How to assemble and install a paint booth?

Paint booths are easy to install and comes with instructions in the package, some are pop tents that pop out by itself. However, there are few metal spray booths, assembling of which might require more time.

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