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Keepitportable.com is happy to consider publishing content that is specifically related to the portable industry and found to be of value to our readers who are seeking news and information about portable things that are extremely useful in everyday life. Our team will review all submissions to determine if they are a good fit and meet our guidelines.

Content Submission Guidelines


  1. All content should be directly related to portable goods.
  2. All articles submitted should be original and factually correct.
  3. Please note that we prefer not to link to gambling, loan, casino, pharma, vape, adult related, or money transfer sites (or any links that we deem damaging to our brand or domain authority).
  4. We reserve the right to edit and/or fact-check all submissions.
  5. Content should be considered permanent however, we reserve all rights to archive, republish on other platforms, edit, repackage or revise submissions as needed.
  6. Articles with supporting images should be emailed to writeforus@keepitportable.com.


  1. Articles should be a minimum of 800 words.
  2. All submissions should include a minimum of one supporting image with photo credit.
  3. Content categories include: portable electronics, pocket gadgets, smart home & garden solutions, portable auto goods, portable personal care, and and other portable things useful in everyday life.
  4. Content should be in a ready-to-publish format. While we review each post and may adjust formatting as needed, posts requiring heavy editing will be rejected.
  5. No advertising, please. Advertorial content will be rejected.
  6. We allow only onw do-follow link in the body of the article.
  7. Links must naturally fit into the context of the article and provide value to the reader.
  8. Submissions containing what we view as an unreasonable number of links will be edited or rejected.
  9. Submissions containing what we view as irrelevant links will be edited or rejected.
  10. Submissions containing keyword stuffing will be rejected.


Driving traffic to your published article is a crucial role that you can play in making your own articles more prominent on the web. We encourage you to share your articles through your own social media profiles, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., and email links to your network of contacts.