7 Best Portable Audio Recorders (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Audio Recorders

Any smartphone or camera strive for picture quality. But, with higher demands on the visual range, our demands on sound are also increasing. In a video or podcast, quality, clear audio is especially important. This is where audio recorders come in to help. Also, to make them sound more clear, you may use a portable … Read more

7 Best Portable Audio Interfaces (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Audio Interfaces

The audio interface is a necessary purchase when you move from midi-parties to recording vocals and live instruments. When you choose a card, decide how many inputs and outputs you need to work with. For a high-quality demo recording of a band, you need from two XLR-connectors for vocals, four-line connectors, and ADAT-connection. Think about … Read more

7 Best Portable Cassette Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Cassette Player

There is an opinion that the era of listening to film cassettes is long gone. Cassette players have been replaced by portable music players with a wide range of possibilities. But despite this, cassette players have not lost their popularity. Moreover, many manufacturers again produce a range of audio players for cassette players. When choosing … Read more

9 Best Portable DVD Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable DVD Player

A DVD player is a simple and convenient device for watching movies at home, but taking it with you is extremely difficult. The developers have solved this problem by creating portable DVD players with screens. This device combines the functions of the DVD and music player. It can work independently and does not require complicated … Read more