9 Best Portable Music Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Music Players

Despite the high popularity of smartphones, there is always a request for the best sound quality, as well as a separate device with its own battery and other benefits. Players do not disappear but continue to evolve and change in parallel with the entire audio market, get support for wireless technology, streaming, and so on. … Read more

7 Best Portable Audio Mixers (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Audio Mixers

Audio mixers, along with audio interfaces, are indispensable devices if you create your own music or play music as a DJ. Many modern audio mixers have a built-in USB port. This allows you to play music directly from a flash drive or your computer. Some models even have Bluetooth, making this process completely wireless. These … Read more

11 Best Portable FLAC Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable FLAC Players

FLAC file is an audio file, which was compressed without loss of quality in sound. The file format with the extension .flac is considered to be lower than MP3 in terms of compression ratio, but the FLAC format clearly shows the best results in sound quality. That’s why it became widespread and popular among audiophiles. … Read more

11 Best Compact Binoculars (Comparison & Reviews)

Compact Binoculars

The binoculars allow a detailed examination of objects that are far away from the observer. When selecting, attention is paid to magnification, lens diameter, prism type, and output pupil value. They are a great tool for camping, fishing, or hunting. When making the rating of the best compact binoculars, we took into account not only … Read more

7 Best Portable Audio Interfaces (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Audio Interfaces

The audio interface is a necessary purchase when you move from midi-parties to recording vocals and live instruments. When you choose a card, decide how many inputs and outputs you need to work with. For a high-quality demo recording of a band, you need from two XLR-connectors for vocals, four-line connectors, and ADAT-connection. Think about … Read more

7 Best Portable Cassette Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Cassette Player

There is an opinion that the era of listening to film cassettes is long gone. Cassette players have been replaced by portable music players with a wide range of possibilities. But despite this, cassette players have not lost their popularity. Moreover, many manufacturers again produce a range of audio players for cassette players. When choosing … Read more

11 Best Portable DVD Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable DVD Player

A DVD player is a simple and convenient device for watching movies at home, but taking it with you is extremely difficult. The developers have solved this problem by creating portable DVD players with screens. This device combines the functions of the DVD and music player. It can work independently and does not require complicated … Read more