10 Best LED Lights for Photography (Under $100)


Do you need quality illumination for working, photography, or videography? Buying a portable LED light is the best option. This device consumes little energy and provides bright light. A LED panel offers different color temperature options, makes it easy to set up proper lighting, and allows seeing the smallest nuances. Portable LED lights can be … Read more

10 Best Portable Bass Amplifiers (Under $500)


Bass amps, along with audio mixers, play an important role in the music industry: they boost a line-level signal and increase the amplitude of a signal applied to the input terminal. Some allow tone adjustment and have additional features to deliver clean and preferable sound on the outcome. The market offers a range of different … Read more

11 Best Portable Paint Booths (Under $100, $150, $300)


A paint booth provides a contained environment equipped with exhaust fans and filters to make commercial or hobby spray painting safer and cleaner. It improves results by changing air pressure to blow toxins out of the booth and minimize overspray from the paint sprayers. To keep the air fresh, you may also use a portable … Read more

6 Best Portable WiFi Hotspots (Under $100, $150)


It’s no secret that the Internet is a real necessity in our time. If you always want to be online, be able to work on the Internet and relax, watching movies, and listening to music wherever you are, you definitely need to purchase a portable WIFI hotspot. By the way, portable music players will also … Read more

11 Best Portable Drawing Tablets (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Drawing Tablets

We have studied the most important functions when using graphics tablets. Based on them we have chosen the best portable drawing tablet for you. If you prefer more traditional means of artwork, you can try portable art tables. Portable Drawing Tablets Under $100 The products in this category belong to the basic drawing tables, which … Read more

9 Best Portable Scanners (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Scanners

The need to digitize documents, one way or another, affects every person. For example, it may be copies of personal documents or digitization of printed texts and photos. When the volume of such operations exceeds the allowable limits, there is a question of choosing a scanner. Also, you may digitalize even a picture that you … Read more