9 Best Portable Nebulizers (Comparison & Reviews)

Respiratory conditions like asthma, cystic fibrosis, or COPD often restrict you to your home to take the required breathing treatment. These problems tend to aggravate during the spring season. But the use of portable nebulizers sets you free from these respiratory restrictions. Portable nebulizers are hand-held devices that provide aerosol treatment when you are out at work, enjoying the beach, or exploring a new country.

They are especially helpful for people who have an active lifestyle and cannot rush home every time they need a nebulizing treatment. To help you integrate one of these amazing devices into your routine, let’s take a look at some of the best portable nebulizers. Besides, a portable blood pressure monitor will also help you to look after your health properly.

The best option:

Our Top Pick
Hann Facial Steamer + Acne Removal Kit

Hann Facial Steamer

This is a professional sinus steam inhaler sauna Spa steamer, it can effectively clear blackhead, deep moisturizing, easy remover and whitening skin. The face mask is made of silica gel, soft and in order to protect the skin.

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The list of the other great portable nebulizers with a comparison of the main characteristics:

ItemDimensionsWeightAge Range Noise
Hann Facial Steamer + Acne Removal Kit

Hann Facial Steamer

9.65 x 5.91 x 5.59 inches1.6 pounds


25dBSee Best Price
Trek S Battery Operated Piston Compressor

Trek S Piston Compressor

1 x 3 x 4 inches 2.25 poundsversatile-See Best Price
Personal Compressor System

Personal Compressor System

8.67 x 6.46 x 6.19 inches3.27 pounds


-See Best Price

Nebulizer Machine for Kids Adults Babies Albuterol

Nebulizer Machine

8.66 x 5.51 x 9.84 inches3.53 pounds

kids, adults, babies

58dBSee Best Price

Portable Nebuliser Handheld Mesh Atomizer Machine

Portable Nebuliser Handheld

5.82 x 5.7 x 2.79 inches1 pound


25dBSee Best Price

MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer

MAYLUCK Mesh Nebulizer

3.94 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches1 pound

adult, kids

25dBSee Best Price

King Finger Quiet Mini Portable Sprayer

King Finger Portable Sprayer

5.47 x 4.45 x 2.05 inches1 pound


50dBSee Best Price

BeC Portable Mist Generating Compressor

BeC Portable Compressor

11.65 x 7.28 x 5.66 inches3.79 pounds


-See Best Price

MGLIFMLY Mini Handheld Nebuliser

MGLIFMLY Handheld Nebuliser

5.55 x 4.5 x 2.7 inches1 pound

kids, adults, elderly

65dBSee Best Price

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Hann Facial Steamer + Acne Removal Kit

Hann Facial Steamer + Acne Removal KitIt is a plastic body product but is an affordable choice for those who want effective therapy but still do not want to spend much money.

This nebulizer is a steam inhaler and hence is great to offer relief from numerous respiratory ailments like the common cold, cough, sore throat, flu, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and laryngitis.

With an adjustable filter-free steam control mechanism, using this nebulizer is extremely easy and offers you complete control over the amount of steam the vaporizer produces. This enhances the overall experience of nebulizing.

It is an excellent natural expectorant, which increases the levels of clear secretions. It comes with all the needed accessories and delivers noise-free operation.

So, if you are looking for a handy, noise-free, effective, and high-performing solution then this nebulizer is an ideal choice for the users.

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Trek S Battery Operated Piston Compressor

Trek S Battery Operated Piston CompressorThe Pari Trek S is an exceptional portable compressor and nebulizer. This powerful little nebulizer weighs less than one pound, yet it delivers as much therapeutic vapor as tabletop units three times its size and four times its price.

The Pari Trek S has an innovative, lightweight design that allows users to use it as either a desktop or portable nebulizer.

It comes standard with three power source options: AC compatibility (for 100 to 240 volts for international travel), a 12-volt DC auto-charging adapter, and a rechargeable battery with a 50-minute lifespan. The battery recharges in less than two hours.

The Pari Trek S provides fast treatment options. The compressor can deliver your aerosol breathing therapy in as little as 5 – 6 minutes.

Based on nearly five hundred reviews, customers found the Pari Trek S to be extraordinarily quiet, compact, and portable. They routinely gave it five stars for its ability to be visually low-key, small, and easy to use. Many customers shared they used their Pari Trek S in the car when on the go.

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Personal Compressor System

Personal Compressor SystemThe Traveler Portable Compressor Nebulizer weighs less than a pound but conveys a consistent concentration of vapor to penetrate the user’s lungs and deliver medication most expeditiously.

This powerful, portable nebulizer has a long-lasting, 45-minute battery life, ensuring it can be used for 250 charges/discharge cycles.

The battery display light provides constantly updated battery usage, including the remaining battery-life status. The Traveler is easy to use and features a one-touch operating system, making it perfect for active adults and convenient to use in any setting.

Customers consistently rate the Traveler Portable Nebulizer very highly. They say the small size – it is around the size of a standard postcard – was a very important factor in making their choice. Users agree it is a very powerful nebulizer, and many say it creates a finer mist than larger portable nebulizers.

Many customers were delighted to discover the Traveler has a backup battery option. A customer in Kansas said she does not worry as much about electricity outages because her Traveler has a backup battery, and she knows she can receive her emphysema medicine even when her power goes out.

The Traveler System set includes two nebulizers: one is disposable, and the other is reusable. The disposable nebulizer can administer vapor at a 45-degree angle, allowing users to recline. When properly cleaned and maintained, the reusable nebulizer will last for years.

The kit also provides the compressor, filters, masks, AC/car adapters, and a travel case. For customers who travel abroad, the Traveler Portable is 110-220 compatible, meaning it can be used outside the United States. This innovative nebulizer system is mid-priced. Customers report the standard accessories kit elevates the Traveler above more expensive nebulizer systems.

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Nebulizer Machine for Kids Adults Babies Albuterol

Nebulizer Machine for Kids Adults Babies AlbuterolThe InnoSpire system is designed to provide fast, effective treatment. Like the other two options on the list, it’s a lightweight and compact nebulizer that weighs less than a pound in total.

With the combination of convenience and portability, you can bring this nebulizer on all of your adventures. It’s compatible with the most common aerosol medications in use, and it weighs just 0.93 pounds when the battery isn’t included.

The nebulizer comes with a number of built-in technological features to make dispensing medication easier and more convenient. The reusable design incorporates Sidestream Plus technology to enhance breathability.

You also get access to an inspiratory valve, which can be easily opened to boost medication delivery. When you exhale, the valve closes, which helps keep the medication from being wasted.

One of the great things about the valve mechanism is that it doesn’t take much pressure to open. If you’re someone who breathes weakly, to begin with, breath-controlled valves don’t always work. But elderly people, small children, and people having bad asthma attacks can all benefit from the increased medication intake.

You have the option of purchasing a rechargeable battery. It’s capable of providing ninety minutes of life between charges, which is significantly more than the majority of other batteries on the market. A full charge only takes about six hours.

Thanks to an included 12-volt DC car adapter, you can power the compressor in RVs, boats, trucks, and cars. In addition, you can power the compressor with a traditional wall outlet. It meets all the necessary compliance guidelines for use in flight as well, so if you’re planning on air travel, this might be the right choice for you.

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Portable Nebuliser Handheld Mesh Atomizer Machine

Portable Nebuliser Handheld Mesh Atomizer MachineThis is a great option for people who need something they can use on the go. It is a handheld nebulizer that can fit into your jacket pocket, so you can always have it at the ready. This nebulizer has two power supply options, which is pretty awesome.

You can plug it into a standard USB wall adapter to use it at home, but it also works with AA batteries for ultimate portability. This makes it a great nebulizer to use off the grid, especially for people who don’t let any respiratory condition stop them from exploring the great outdoors.

On top of that, this nebulizer is also very small and lightweight at just under 10 ounces. It will fit into any bag and you’ll barely feel it in there, so it’s awesome for travel. But, perhaps the best thing about it is that it’s practically silent as it produces less than 25dB. If you’re tired of those loud, bulky nebulizers, this will certainly be a nice change of pace.

The mesh nebulizer has two indicators near the power button. One lets you know when the batteries are low, so you’ll know exactly when it’s time to get some new batteries. The other indicator lets you know about the level of liquids left in the nebulizer. If the light flashes orange, it’s time to add some more medicine to the device.

Additionally, this portable nebulizer has a self-cleaning function. The angular design of the cup does reduce the amount of residue that collects on the mesh, but it’s something you’ll have to deal with anyway.

That’s also the main reason why it’s not recommended to use steroids with portable nebulizers since they create quite a lot of residue. It’s recommended to use water or vinegar for the self-cleaning mode since those liquids are the most efficient at removing residue.

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MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer Nebulizer

MAYLUCK Handheld Mesh Atomizer NebulizerIf you want a fully portable and cordless nebulizer, the Remeden machine is a great option.

It has a built-in battery that you can plug into any USB adapter to charge. It will work with your power bank, laptop, and just a standard wall adapter for ultimate convenience.

The Mayluck nebulizer has three operating modes, so it can suit different users.

Whether you need just a small dose of medicine or a heavy one, the nebulizer adjusts to your personal needs. But you still have to clean it after every use, and it’s recommended that you just rinse it with tap water to get rid of any medicine residue.

The device has an approximate battery life of some 60 minutes, and it automatically shuts off after 20 minutes in order to preserve the battery.

You can get quite a lot of use on a single charge, especially if you suffer from a mild condition and only need to use this a couple of minutes at a time. You get masks for both kids and adults with this nebulizer, as well as a mouthpiece so you can use it however you find the most comfortable.

As for the portability aspect of this nebulizer, it weighs just a little over 7 ounces. The machine is small, lightweight and made from durable ABS plastic, so it’s not just compact and portable, but also tough and durable.

The one downside is that there’s not really an indicator that lets you know the battery is low. If the light on the button flashes red, it means that the battery is empty and you need to charge it before you can use it again.

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King Finger Quiet Mini Portable Sprayer

King Finger Quiet Mini Portable Sprayer If you’re on a tight budget and need something affordable, the King Finger mini nebulizer is a good option. It retails for a little under $30, so it’s easily the cheapest nebulizer out of the bunch. And it has some pretty good options for such an affordable machine.

This nebulizer has a self-cleaning function, which can make your life a lot easier. You don’t have to rinse it after every use – just add some water or vinegar to the medicine cup and turn on the self-cleaning option, and the nebulizer will do all the work for you.

On top of that, this tiny device detects when the medicine cup is empty and shuts off immediately to preserve battery life.

It runs on AA batteries, but it can also work when it’s powered by a USB cable. You can plug it into your computer, phone power bank, or just a standard smartphone charger and it will work without any issues.

If you’re using it just on AA batteries, you’re going to get only about 60 minutes of battery life. That’s not so great – if you plan on putting AA batteries in this machine, you should probably look into getting rechargeable ones, so you don’t end up spending a fortune on the batteries along.

This mini nebulizer operates at a noise level of <30 dB. It’s quiet, but not as silent as a mini nebulizer can be. But honestly considering just how low is the price, 5 dB isn’t that much of a compromise.

Especially since the maximum capacity of the medicine cup on this machine is 10 milliliters. That is amazing considering the size of this nebulizer and the fact that you get the same capacity on a machine that’s at least five times bigger than this one.

It’s not the sturdiest or most durable portable nebulizer you can get your hands on, but as long as you don’t throw it around and avoid placing it next to really heavy items, it should serve its purpose for quite some time.

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BeC Portable Mist Generating Compressor

BeC Portable Mist Generating CompressorThe BeC portable nebulizer is great if you want a stationary machine for use at home. It has a convenient handle so it’s quite easy to carry it when you’re traveling, but it won’t work if it’s not plugged into an outlet, so you can’t use it when on the move.

This is great for use at work, hotel rooms, and even cafes or restaurants, as long as you have access to a power outlet.

The medicine cup can hold anywhere from 2 to 10 milliliters, which is great. It has a larger capacity than the handheld options, so you might be able to use it on a single cup for longer. But that will ultimately depend on how often you use the nebulizer and how long you keep it on at a time.

Additionally, you get 20 filters with this machine as opposed to the five that you get with most other stationery nebulizers. This is excellent if you’re worried about cutting costs, especially since this machine is actually cheaper than most other handheld nebulizers.

The main downside of this machine is the noise level. It’s not specified exactly how much noise it makes, but based on what we know about similar machines, it’s safe to assume that it’s anywhere between 50 and 70 dB. That’s much louder than a portable handheld nebulizer, so keep that in mind.

Apart from the generous number of filters, you also get quite a few accessories along with this machine. Masks for both kids and adults are included, as well as a mouthpiece, an air tube, and a removable medicine cup. The individual pieces are all easy to clean thanks to the silicone construction.

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MGLIFMLY Mini Handheld Nebuliser

MGLIFMLY Mini Handheld NebuliserThe MGFLIMLY portable nebulizer is a good option if you want something simple and portable.

It does not have a built-in battery so you must use AA batteries in it if you want the ability to use the device anywhere you want. And you can also power it with a USB cable that you can plug into a wall adapter, a car adapter, or even a power bank for excellent portability.

This is one of the quieter portable nebulizers – the average noise level it creates is about 25dB, which is almost silent. And it is super easy to use with intuitive button functions.

The medicine cup is at the top of the nebulizer, and you just have to press a button to get it out, which will let you thoroughly clean it.

The capacity of the medicine cup is about 8 milliliters, which is actually the average for these smaller portable nebulizers. And the nebulization ratio is about 0.2 ml per minute, so you can get about 4 uses of 10 minutes at a time from just the one cup.

On average, there are only about 0.1 ml of residue after a single-use, so it is quite easy to clean. However, this portable nebulizer doesn’t have a convenient self-cleaning option and you will need to properly rinse it instead.

On top of that, this nebulizer comes with two masks and a mouthpiece, so it’s pretty easy to find a way to use it that’s super comfortable for you. One of the masks is suitable for adults, while the other one is smaller and designed for children, which is very convenient. You could share this with your child without any issues, making it a great option for family trips.

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FAQ for portable nebulizers buyers:

How long do nebulizer machines last?

Generally speaking, with proper cleaning and care, a reusable jet nebulizer will last approximately 6 months and a disposable jet nebulizer will last approximately 2 weeks.

Do pharmacies carry nebulizers?

You can get a nebulizer in most retail pharmacies. You can also find nebulizers through the most durable medical equipment (DME) suppliers. Your local pharmacist or DME representative can help answer any questions you might have and help you find a nebulizer system that best suits your needs.

Is a portable nebulizer safe?

Portable nebulizers are ideal for infants and children because they are lightweight and can be carried around, unlike tabletop nebulizers. They can be a good choice, especially for children as they don’t have to be restrained inside their homes for their medication requirements.

What is not allowed in checked baggage?

Solid food items (not liquids or gels) can be transported in either your carry-on or checked bags. Liquid or gel food items larger than 3.4 oz are not allowed in carry-on bags and should be placed in your checked bags if possible.

Will nebulizer work without a filter?

Nebulizer treatments require a mask or mouthpiece. Make sure to purchase a filter that’s compatible with your nebulizer. Using your nebulizer without the proper, clean air filter will cause normal air particles and contaminates to ruin your compressor.

How often should I clean my nebulizer?

Your nebulizer will also need a thorough cleaning once a week. Soak the mouthpiece or mask, top piece, and medicine cup in a white vinegar and water solution for 30 minutes, or as recommended by your device manufacturer. After 30 minutes, rinse and air-dry in a cool, dry place.

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