9 Best Portable Massage Chairs For Any Budget

What do you want about a portable massage chair? Massive working capacity? Easily adjustable and removable components? Sturdy frame made out of a stanch material, easy to set up? Cushions that will stand up to many uses and won’t get out of shape?

And, of course, it should be lightweight and highly foldable, because we have to carry it around. By the way, a carry case would be very helpful. Ideally, the chair should have wheels. And the case should have them too. With all this, it is also desirable that the purchase does not make a hole in the budget, right?

Portable massage chairs will let you relax after a hard-working day. For that purpose, you may also use a portable hot tub.

Best Portable Massage Chairs Under $150

ItemDimensionsWeightMaximum WeightMaterial


31” X18”(L XW)20 Lbs

500 Pounds

Faux LeatherSee Best Price

Royal Massage

20.5 x 10.2 x 39 inches24.55 Pounds


waterproof synthetic LeatherSee Best Price


Not Specified23 Pounds

300 Pounds

MetalSee Best Price

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Which of the portable massage chairs on the current market best meets the listed requirements? Let’s figure it out right now.

1. FDS Portable Travel Massage Chair

puleather1The versatile chair is made with a durable aluminum powder-coated frame. Each of the components – the seat chest pad, face cradle, armrest and are ultra-soft and pretty adjustable in terms of height changing as well as tilt. Therefore, the FDS Portable Travel Massage Chair is suitable for various types of figures and poses.

The faux leather pillows are filled with thick dense small-cell foam. Take this compactly designed chair with you wherever you need – it only weighs twenty pounds. And its working capacity is up to 500 pounds. The included carry bag will come in handy when you transport it.

You may not be afraid to spill liquid or oil on the upholstery, since it is polyurethane, and of practical black color too.
Although the most significant advantage of the FDS Portable Massage Chair is its low price, the client’s comfort in it is ensured at a quite decent level.

The comfort of the specialist is neither forgotten – this chair is quick to assemble, easy to set up, and effortlessly to care for and to handle. The chair is useful not only for a massage but for a spa and tattoo as well.

All in all, the FDS Massage Chair will be a convenient choice for those who want to avoid significant expenses, but still, get acceptable product quality.

See Best Price

2. Royal Massage Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Folding Massage Chair

ataraxia1The Ataraxia Deluxe Portable Massage Chair is another example of a very affordable device. The chair is made based on a solid steel frame. The synthetic leather cover is waterproof and oil resistant. The elements of the chair are adjustable in height and tilt, so the chair is suitable for people of different heights and constitutions.

The chair comes in two colors: black and bright blue. A carrying case is also included. You won’t have any hassle of assembling and installing this chair. The 24.5 pounds weight makes The Ataraxia Portable Massage Chair easy to transport the chair from location to location when folded.

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3. Xlpace Portable Tattoo Spa Massage Chair

xplace1Here’s a good example of how an inexpensive device can have quite decent specs. The Xlpace Portable Tattoo Massage Chair is designed with a metal frame that is strong enough to hold the weight of a person weighing up to 300 pounds. The chair is easy to assemble within a few minutes, and you don’t need any tools for that.

Its weight of 23 pounds makes it fairly possible to move around. You can use this massage chair in your office. The Xlpace Portable Massage Chair frame is not only heavy-duty, but also covered with a special layer that protects the surface from damage, and thus extends the aesthetics of the device.

And the cushions are protected from early getting out of shape by the high density of the foam, which also provides luxury comfort for clients. The cushion upholstery is made of polyurethane, a high-grade polymer with the structure of genuine leather. It resists tensile and compressive forces well.

Moreover, it’s water and oil resistant, which makes it very easy to clean. The chair’s components are adjustable in height and tilt, and in general, the device has a flat and foldable design.

Wait, there is something else, and that is a durable nylon carrying case. All in all, the Xlpace Massage Chair is excellent not only for therapeutic massage but for spa and tattoo as well.

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Best Portable Massage Chairs Under $500

ItemDimensionsWeightMaximum WeightMaterial

Master Massage

11" Width x 14" Length x 39" Height18lbs


Multi-Layer Small Cell foamSee Best Price

Custom Craftworks

Not Specified18 lbs

300 lbs

Not SpecifiedSee Best Price

Master Massage

22 x 18 x 37 inches39.7 Pounds


Aircraft-grade aluminum frame with fibre-glass reinforced nylon partsSee Best Price

4. Master Massage Bedford Portable Massage Chair

mastermassage1Guess the riddle: what hangs on a back in a case, but not a cello? Right, this is the Bedford Portable Massage Chair from Master Massage brand in its ingenious carry case. This chair is made of high quality and durable materials.
You can use it in the office as well as at home.

This chair can work with weight up to 500 pounds with its stanch aircraft quality steel, coated with a powder layer to prevent corruption and scratches. This chair itself only weighs 18 pounds so it can be moved around from room to room. It has no wheels, though.

The interesting feature of the Bedford Portable Massage Chair is that the face cradle can be adjusted in a six-way direction. And the support cushion is very comfortable.

The brand uses its exclusive cushioning system made of multi-layer fine-mesh foam, which is much denser than regular foam. Not only this ensures the comfort of the client, but the durability of the device as well. The chair has a polyurethane covering that is water and oil resistant too.

Unfortunately, unlike most other models, this coffee-brown portable massage chair has a design that looks a little dated (it’s a matter of taste though). It does not fold as compactly as the others, being almost forty inches high when folded. So, as you can see, this chair lacks some advantages over its closest competitors.

So, there must be something to compensate for? And the thing is its super affordable price. The Bedford Massage Chair costs about three times less than some of a bit more elegant and compact models, so it is definitely worthy of being considered.

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5. Custom Craftworks Solutions Melody Portable Massage Chair

custom1The Custom Craftworks Portable Massage Chair weighs only 18 pounds, which is one of the lightest available. At the same time, its work capacity is 300 pounds, which is a pretty good weight.  The headrest is tilt-adjustable, and the seat and armrests are both tilt and height-adjustable. The chest pillow is removable.

The device is easy to set up in seconds, and its foldability allows you to transport it if necessary. The frame of the device is sturdy and reliable.  Your clients will greatly enjoy relaxing on this bright lilac Custom Craftworks Massage Chair with comfortable cushions.

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6. Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair – Royal Blue

mastermas2Another noteworthy portable massage chair that can take a heavyweight up to 600 pounds on board is the Master Massage Rio. With its weight of 24 pounds, it owes this quality to the impressively sturdy frame of aircraft-grade aluminum and fiberglass-reinforced nylon.

And all this does not prevent the chair from being highly foldable, which means, very travel-friendly. All the elements – the face, arms, knee, or bottom pillows are easily adjustable or removable for higher customization.
The small cell foam makes the upholstery cushioning system exclusive.

What more could you want? Oh yes, of course – the luggage-style wheeled carrying case, making transporting and storage as easy as possible – the Master Massage Rio Portable Massage Chair comes with it.

And let’s not forget that this innovative ergonomic chair is backed by a lifetime warranty. Being designed especially for professionals, the Rio Massage Chair takes care of superior comfort.

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Best Portable Massage Chairs Under $700

ItemDimensionsWeightMaximum WeightMaterial

Master Massage

37 x 18.3 x 22.5 inches28lbs


AluminumSee Best Price


Fits people from 4’ 6” to 6’ 6”19 lbs

600 lbs

NylonSee Best Price

7. Master Massage Gymlane Portable Massage Chair

mastermas3 Now it’s time for the newest item from the Master Massage brand to be considered, and frankly, the first thing that catches your eye on a cursory glance at his features is its weight of 28 pounds.

This, honestly, is not light in comparison with other models in this price segment. So what options does the Gymlane Portable Massage Chair offer an advantage? First of all, the model is highly foldable, and in that state takes only 31 x 19 x 15 inches. Second, a comfort carrying case in the form of a suitcase with wheels is included.

This makes the chair transporting effortless despite its weight. Third, – a trifle, but nice: an aroma container is built into the armchair body for pouring essential oil. Having filled this container, you will create additional relaxation for your client during the procedure, and make your work process more pleasant for yourself.


The Gymlane Portable Massage Chair Aircraft-grade aluminum frame is designed to be easy to set up. The chair is capable of working with clients weighing up to 450 pounds. Telescoping legs are adjustable to your height. How to fit the device to the parameters of the client’s body?

To do this, you lower or raise the supports of the face cushion, armrest, and chest cushion. You can change the height of the seat while tilting it. The knee pillows are removable.

All the cushions are of discreet dark blue color. The elegance, the ergonomics, the materials used, the design, – everything about the Gymlane Portable Massage Chair speaks of its quality and thoughtfulness of creation.

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8. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II

This is the chair that Stronglite built, and it is confidently included in the top list due to its many different features and adjustable options. This very portable chair can suit well for people of almost any height, limiting from 4’6” to 6’6”. It provides plenty of different client positions and can be used for people with disabilities as well.

stronglite1It is also very easily portable because of its wheels and easily foldable design that fits in a carrying bag.
The chair comes in black and eggplant purple color options, it weighs only 24 pounds, and it can work with up to 600 pounds of clients’ weight.

Some of the customers aren’t satisfied with how puffy the face cushion is but that’s rather nit-picking. Aside from that, everyone seems satisfied with the high quality of the Stronglite Ergo Pro II chair, and with all the extra attachments and customization options.

The question that haunts the meticulous buyer: what is the warranty period? With the Stronglight armchair lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, you can relax in every sense. Even though some of the users find, the chair can be a little squeaky, especially for heavy people.

The Stronglite Portable Massage Chair comes with a removable face pillow and a carry case, protecting the massage chair from scratches. You can lift the chair easily enough, as it weighs just 19 pounds. Want it even easier? The attached wheels allow you to move it around with no effort.

Raised it, lower it, or tilted it – with its telescopic legs you can adjust it however you like. Overall, Ergo Pro II is a very quality and strong portable massage chair designed to make users very comfortable.

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Best Portable Massage Chair Under $3000

ItemDimensionsWeightMaximum WeightMaterial


107*70*58-73cmNot Specified

Not Specified

Heavy-duty metal frame, gloss powder-coated finish, PU leatherSee Best Price

9. AILY Portable Massage Bed Chair

ally1The AILY Portable Massage Bed Chair is standing apart in the row of similar products. Since this is not just a chair, but a chair-bed, its architecture is rather massive. It is made on the basis of extremely durable steel with a protective coating, and the bearing capacity is large.

The armchair is highly adjustable, even versatile and, when unfolded to the state of a bed, is suitable for a person up to six feet in height. The hydraulic gas rod adjusts the height of the seat/couch with no shaking. The AILY Portable Massage Chair can rotate 360 degrees on its base.

The environmentally friendly PU leather upholstery is water and oil proof and very easy to clean. As if that’s not enough, special high-density foam is used in cushions. Despite its massiveness, the chair is easy to move from room to room, due to the wheels of the front pillar.

As for moving between locations, the chair is not as portable as the other models presented in this review. Being designed for professionals, the AILY Massage Chair is equally well suited for office and home use. The price of this chair is quite impressive. However, the luxury comfort of your clients in this superb chair will be just as impressive.

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FAQ for portable massage chairs buyers

1. How reliable a portable massage chair is?

Unfortunately, there are more and more low-quality devices offered in online stores lately. Such products do not comply with the declared certificates and, in addition, they can fail at any time.

There are two main factors to watch out for, and if you do follow these, then you can be sure that the device will serve you for many years. The factors are the warranty period of the chair and the reputation of the manufacturer. The longer the portable massage chair warranty period, offered by the manufacturer, is – the more confident you can be in the quality of the product.

2. How easy it is to fix a broken chair.

Even the best models of the highest quality massage chairs can break. When purchasing, make sure the unit is built using a modular design. Most modern chairs are designed this way, and that is why they can be easily restored after a breakdown. In addition, users have the opportunity to fix minor breakdowns by themselves, without sending the portable massage chair to the manufacturer for repair.

3. How to care for your chair?

As a rule, instructions have a detailed description. But in fact, taking care of any chair is simple: wipe it with a soft cloth with a non-abrasive neutral detergent, and protect it from dust and moisture in the mechanisms.

4. What are the contraindications to the use of portable massage chairs?

  • during pregnancy;
  • when having internal organs injuries;
  • at high temperatures;
  • having tumors;
  • with sudden acute pain, the cause of which is not clear;
  • if manual massage is prohibited by a doctor

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