4 Best Portable Dance Poles (Comparison & Reviews)

Pole dance is beneficial for health, especially in terms of tone and conditioning. The use of poles at home as a workout is becoming a popular phenomenon. Buying your own dance pole is a great idea. This device will really improve your progress. By the way, if you are a part of such a kind of sport, you need to keep your physical abilities. Portable treadmills will help you to maintain them anywhere.

To choose the best option, check our review of the best portable dance poles.

This item has the best feedback:

Our Top Pick
Dance Pole Static Steel

Dance Pole Static Steel

It’s designed for most moves and strength training and is a great pole for beginners who want to start working out at home.

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The other excellent portable dance poles with a comparison of their main characteristics:

ItemHeight WeightOptions
Dance Pole Static Steel

Dance Pole Static Steel

from 87 13/16 to 108 7/10 inches44 poundsstaticSee Best Price

rongzhan 45mm Dancing Pole Kit

rongzhan 45mm Dancing Pole Kit

from 76 to 78 inches28.2 poundsstatic and spinningSee Best Price

amzdeal Stripper Pole Spinning Static Dance Pole

amzdeal Stripper Pole Spinning Static Dance Pole

from 90.5 to 110.6 inches40 poundsspinning or staticSee Best Price
Pink Secret Dancer Pole

Pink Secret Dancer Pole

from 84 feet to 108 feet45 poundsstaticSee Best Price

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We recommend you to check this video on how to set up a portable dance pole:

Dance Pole Static Steel

Dance Pole Static Steel This is a collapsible, transportable dance pole for installation at any height without drilling the floor and ceiling. The attachment and rotation systems are fully reliable.

It is on a stainless steel pipe with special mirror polish. This is a stainless steel tube with a special polish. This allows for good adhesion.

Strong pipe walls increase stiffness and reliability. The connectors are of high strength steel. This allows for the largest precision in connections. It makes the assembled dance pole stronger.

The system of instant transfer of statics and dynamics is realized here. Conversion into statics or rotation is done in one motion. Switching is several times faster than with a screw. In contrast to the screw lock, this system has a very long service life.

The change screw is 40% stronger and has a short stroke. This makes it possible to install a pylon with the largest useful pipe height. The release screw is completely concealed by the ornamental sleeve.

The release screw is closed by a decorative element and does not interfere with the exercise. The decorative element is very tightly fixed to the pipe so that in case of contact with it, you do not break down. The optimal diameter of the lower support gives extra reliability to the dance pole.

The dance pole has a convenient packaging, in which you can store it. Carry it with you in the car and in the plane and not afraid for its safety.

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rongzhan 45mm Dancing Pole Kit

rongzhan 45mm Dancing Pole Kit This dance pole is on a stainless steel tube with a titanium coating.

The connectors are of high strength stainless steel. This allows for the largest precision in connections. Thus, the assembled pylon is much stronger.

Also, it significantly increases the service life of the dance pole. Moreover, it completely eliminates the possibility of dance pole assemblies.

The supports here are all-metal. The pylon meets all professional requirements for permissible loads and characteristics. Pipes have special polishing.

The lower mount is fixed to the pole stationary, the upper mount floating Due to this you can cut the pole yourself. Change of the upper mount allows you to select irregularities in the ceiling and measurements.

The largest reliability is ensured by a professional approach to installing the dance pole. The dance pole is on special, reinforced anchor fasteners and a thick-walled stainless steel pipe with special polishing. It is possible to install the pole for dancing on stage under the sewn ceiling. The pole is aesthetic, has no extra elements, and fits perfectly into any interior.

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amzdeal Stripper Pole Spinning Static Dance Pole

amzdeal Stripper Pole Spinning Static Dance PoleThis dance pole is for high professional loads. But it is very easy to install and remove thanks to the combined dance pole mount.

The upper support of the dance pole is fixed to the ceiling of the room. The lower support is held by the spacing force. Distance force is created by the principle of the jack.

The more you twist, the greater the force of dissension. This is where you can use the unclamping mechanism.

At the bottom, under the lower support, there is a gasket made of porous structured rubber with a higher friction coefficient.

This modern material leaves no trace, after removing the dance pole, the floor and ceiling remain clean. The gasket provides the largest adhesion to any surface.

In general, the installation of this dance pole is suitable for any strong surface without subsidence. The swivel mechanism of the double-mode dance pole consists of 6 radial and thrust bearings with a huge load reserve. This gives enough rigidity for heavy-duty applications.

The bearings are filled with high-quality grease. They need no maintenance throughout their entire life. This mechanism has a large safety margin and is for 4.5 years of continuous rotation. Thus, years later, this dance pole will rotate as smoothly and evenly as it did on the first day.

The special design of the stopper securely locks the pylon. Thus, in static mode, the pylon does not play, knock, or scroll. And the most important thing is that with time it practically does not wear out.

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Pink Secret Dancer Pole

Pink Secret Dancer PoleThis is a pink single-mode dance pole (statics) with built-in mounts, which provide high reliability. This model is of high-strength stainless steel.

The one-piece tube has a perfectly smooth, mirror-like surface. This is due to the use of special processing technology and equipment.

This dance pole is of top quality steel with a reliable coating. This coating perfectly protects the dance pole from corrosion.

Thus, even after a long lifetime, the dance pole will delight you with its bright color and incredible shine.

This portable dance pole consists of individual tubes that can be easily inserted into each other. The connection points of the tubes will not leave any leads even on silk.

It is fully detachable, detachable, and portable. During transport, the model fits in the trunk of a passenger car. For ease of transportation, there is a special high-quality bag.

Stainless steel with slightly matt polished finish ensures optimal grip on the dance pole surface. Moreover, it provides excellent resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel is also nonallergenic. Thus, this model cannot cause allergies in sensitive people.

This model has soft silicone gaskets at the points of contact with the ceiling and floor, which prevents their damage. It is installed and dismantled in 5-10 minutes in any room with hard floor and ceiling. All keys required for dance pole installation are already included.

The fastening and setting of this dance pole for dancing are in the lower part of the dance pole.

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FAQ for portable dance poles buyers:

Can you put a pole on the carpet?

Using a pole on a carpet is fine, but remember that when you tighten the pole, the carpet will compress anywhere from 1/2-2 inches, so please be aware of this when measuring your ceiling and after the initial set-up, you may need to re-tighten.

Will a pole ruin my ceiling?

The pole should leave no damage to a floor or ceiling, as long as it is used and maintained correctly! Please watch our installation video when your pole arrives, and the instruction manual has tips on how to maintain your pole.

What size pole is best for beginners?

Skinnier poles (38-40mm) are the opposite. They are easier to grip with hands for the beginner but will make sitting and leg trick harder to learn. This is why 45 mm seems to have been chosen as the “happy medium” standard for the industry.

Can you spin on a static pole?

Static pole gives you thousands of opportunities and unlimited scope for creativity. It may sound odd, but you need a static pole to spin on it. Proper use of spin momentum and the ability to put your body into the correct trajectory and movement amplitude can make miracles.

How do you disassemble a dance pole?

Place the pole on the floor. Use a hex key to undo the two hex screws in the X-joint, which is the middle unit that connects the A-pole and B-pole. Turn the screws counterclockwise until you feel pressure against the hex key. Remove both the A-pole and B-pole from the X-joint, disassembling the pole.