How to Use a Portable Bidet

A portable bidet is a convenient and compact device designed to maintain your cleanliness and hygiene. This portable device differs from the usual bidet in its compactness and ease of use (as well as saving your space). You can install a bidet on your regular toilet or a portable toilet.

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How to Use a Portable Bidet1

There are two main types of bidets – one of them is a mechanical autonomous system built into the toilet lid, and the second is a manual mechanism that does not require any installation.

Before you start using a portable bidet, which is built into your toilet, you need to install it, which is extremely simple:

This type of portable bidet is built under the lid of your toilet and activated by pressing a separate button, or by flushing the toilet barrel (depending on the model you choose)

Unpack the device, check the integrity of the entire mechanism and the presence of all parts.

For further installation of the bidet, it is necessary to remove the lid (along with the seat) of the toilet. Take it off and put it aside for a while, you will need it soon Install the bidet body on the toilet and secure it with special holders (or with a special adhesive mechanism – it all depends on which model you purchased)

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Turn off the water in the bathroom – now you have to work with the pipes, the water must be blocked.

There is a hole in the body of the bidet to which the hose should be connected – connect the hose to this hole and the pipe through which you supply water (or to the tank of your toilet. We remind you that it all depends on which model of portable bidet you have purchased.)

How to Use a Portable Bidet2

Check the reliability of the mechanism – all pipes must be securely fixed, in order to avoid leakage or water breakthrough.

There is another connector in the main body of the bidet – for installing a faucet through which water will be directly supplied. Install the faucet in this hole and fix it securely.

Carefully check the hose connections again before testing and using the system.

Done. Now that you have installed the bidet, you can return on the place.

There are also interesting models of portable bidets that are already built into toilet covers. However, such a model is not always convenient – because it may not be suitable specifically for your toilet or portable toilet.

Now consider the second type of portable bidet with manual control:

How to Use a Portable Bidet3

Unlike the previous type, this version of the bidet does not require any installation and it is much easier to use it. You can take it anywhere – even with you on a trip or a long road.

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Externally, such a bidet is a water tank and a not particularly long hose nozzle through which water is supplied.

First you need to thoroughly wash the water tank and the bidet nozzle. But remember! Do not use aggressive chemicals – they can damage the surface of the device

Fill the tank with water. The main thing is that the water temperature should not be higher than forty–five degrees Celsius. Since most often such a tank is made of soft plastic or silicone, hotter water will simply melt it.

Screw the nozzle to the water tank. Ready!

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To use the device, you need to tilt it slightly to the bottom and squeeze the water tank – water will start flowing out of the nozzle. Depending on the pressure on the tank, the power of the jet will change.

F.A.Q. about the portable bidets

What are the bidet sprayers?

This is the other name for the portable bidets.

Who uses a portable bidet?

They are popular in public places in East Asia and Muslim countries. In Europe, the portable bidet is known as a Bum Gun. The sprayer can reduce the usage of toilet paper from 80 to 100 percent.

Are portable bidets safe for the body?

Speaking shortly, yes they are.

Do portable bidet use cold water?

It can be any type of water depending on your choice, but in most cases this is correct, they use cold water.

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