How to Make a Wii Portable

That is quite possible to make your favorite game console small and compact. It is also possible to put it in your pocket or bag. Just follow these instructions on how to make Wii portable.

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Step 1

You need to be prepared for the fact that you will be cutting the Wii motherboard. So get the necessary tools and be patient.

Take a highlighter and mark the area on the motherboard that you will cut out. All the most important elements must be present in the selected area. It is not necessary to leave Bluetooth and such details in your new portable Wii.

How to Make a Wii Portable1

Use a special small saw to cut out the area with the necessary elements of the motherboard.

Blow the board with compressed air, wipe it with ethanol and polish the edges.

Remove the U10 element from the remaining part of the motherboard using a soldering iron or a hot air machine.

How to Make a Wii Portable2

Now you need to remove the U10 from the cut-out part of the board to replace this part with the one you extracted from another part.

Then take the smallest wire you have and fix it on both sides of the board. It should pass through U10 and make the system complete.

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Step 2

Take the plastic case of the future portable Wii and install the back launch buttons.

How to Make a Wii Portable3

Install the USB port and power port, as well as the power button. These parts can be bought or printed on a 3D printer.

Take a board with power hardware. This is very important for the normal functioning of the portable Wii. This board should be fixed directly behind the back buttons.

There are two special slots for batteries in the plastic case. You need to attach clips for them. Connect the battery clips with wires and the power hardware.

How to Make a Wii Portable4

The next thing you have to do is set up the fan. It should be located next to the USB port. The plastic case has special slots so the fan can cool the console system during play.

The fan and USB port also needs to be connected with two wires to the power hardware. Now all the wiring is ready.

To check if the system is working, you can put the batteries in. If the fan is working, then you are going to do everything right.

How to Make a Wii Portable5

Now you will need the second part of the plastic box, where the display and the main control buttons are placed. Install the display board at the top of the plastic case. Then connect this board to the power hardware.

In addition to the fan, a copper shim will help to cool the central and graphics processor simultaneously. Place it next to the fan and heatsink.

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Step 3

Have you forgotten about that motherboard we cut out yet? It is time for it. Connect the wires of the cut-out board with the hardware and with a GPU.

How to Make a Wii Portable6

All you have to do is install the soundbar on the same concept by connecting it with wires.

Add buttons for the front panel of the plastic box and then link the two parts of the console.

How to Make a Wii Portable7

Finally, you have a portable Wii and you can run your favorite games and play them anytime, anywhere.

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We know that such a complicated thing as collecting your own portable Wii is difficult to explain by text. That’s why we attach a video down below.

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