How to Make a Portable Air Conditioner Work Better

Portable air conditioners are quite a convenient thing that can always save you at the right moment, for example, if you feel stuffy indoors or outdoors, you can always start a portable air conditioner and it will become easier for you.

Often people using this device are interested in how to make the work of this device even better. In this guide, we have collected several ways that will make a portable air conditioner much more efficient. Read the following guide on how to make a portable air conditioner work better.

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1. Cleaning filters

Any air conditioners, especially portable ones, can often become polluted due to dirty air entering them on the street or indoors. Owners of portable air conditioners should try to clean the filters more often since portable devices of this kind are less powerful than conventional ones, which means they tend to get dirty faster.

To clean, you will need to:

  • remove the filter from the device
  • rinse it under warm water using a small amount of detergent
  • After washing, the filters should be completely dried so as not to cause a short circuit, which may occur due to the use of a wet filter.

Do this procedure once a week and in this case, your portable air conditioner will work much more efficiently.

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2. Turn on the air conditioner a little earlier than you really need it

The fact is that often people start the air conditioner only when the room they are in becomes like a preheated oven. When you are in a room and realize that it becomes stuffy in it and there is no way to check it in any other way – immediately start a portable air conditioner.

In this case, you can prevent the room from turning into a heated oven and make the operation of a portable air conditioner more efficient.

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3. Close windows and doors

It would seem that this is too obvious a recommendation, but few follow it, mistakenly believing that open doors and windows do not affect the ventilation of the room.

Open windows and doors can cause some problems with room cooling, for example:

  • Ingress of warm air into the room
  • Cold air outlet from the room
  • If the windows and doors are open, then the area that needs to be cooled becomes much larger
  • If the cooling area becomes larger, respectively, the time and power of using a portable air conditioner increases

Also, if you have the opportunity to close the windows with curtains or blinds – by all means use them. Getting sunlight on any equipment can be disastrous because in this case, it will start to heat up. in this case, the efficiency of the portable air conditioner will not be fully effective.

4. The correct installation location of the air conditioner

The fact is that the installation location of a portable air conditioner directly affects its effectiveness. Below are some tips on choosing the right location for this device:

  • Do not put a portable air conditioner behind some furniture that overlaps it. The fact is that the overlapping elements of the furniture also block the incoming cold air, which is why cooling the room can greatly slow down
  • It is advisable not to use an extension cord, but to connect a portable air conditioner directly to an outlet: in this case, electricity will flow more, and accordingly, the device will work faster.
  • Also, do not forget that a portable air conditioner should not be placed next to other technical devices that utter heat. The optimal distance will be two to three meters.

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Portable air conditioners are a very convenient thing, however, it is worth following some rules so that their work has become more efficient.

F.A.Q. about the maintenance of the portable air conditioners

Do portable air conditioners need to be vented?

Yes, they do. It can be vented through a window, door, ceiling, and walls.

What happens to the water that is collected?

Some units have self-evaporating technology, and other units collect water and must be emptied manually. Connection your portable AC to a latent condensate pump will be the easiest decision and you won’t have to constantly empty it.

What kind of power outlet is needed?

Usually, it is a standard power outlet.

What kind of maintenance is needed?

  • You need to regularly clean and replace the filters.
  • Don’t forget to regularly wipe down the exterior casing with a damp cloth. Try not to use chemicals or detergents.
  • Inspect the condenser coils as regularly as you can, because they can become dirty with a build-up of grease and grime.
  • Try to keep the exhaust hose as straight as possible.

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