5 Best Portable Blood Pressure Monitors (Comparison & Reviews)


For people with heart problems who need to constantly monitor their parameters, like diastolic and systolic pressure, pulse rate, and irregular heartbeat detection, it is very important to find a high-quality and high-precision device. Also, a blood pressure monitor is an important tool for runners. If you are a part of this activity, use a … Read more

13 Best Portable Water Ionizers (Under $100, $200, $400)

Portable Water Ionizers

As people grow more concerned about what they put into their bodies, they are turning to alkaline water ionizers to purify their water. But, these machines, pitchers, and bottles do more than remove impurities from water. They make tap water rich with antioxidants that help boost the immune system, fight the aging process, and make … Read more

5 Best Portable Jukeboxes (Comparison & Reviews)


Jukeboxes are known and loved for its design and classic 50’s style. It will be a perfect gift for your sophisticated music lover friend, or yourself, while also being an exceptional addition to home interior. Jukeboxes featured in this list combine the best of old, and the new by providing a range of wireless options … Read more

9 Best Portable Outdoor Screens For Any Budget


A projection screen is an installation consisting of a surface and a support structure used for displaying a projected image for the view of an audience. Projection screens may be permanently installed, as in a movie theater, painted on the wall; or portable with a tripod, or floor rising models as in a conference room … Read more

9 Best Portable XM Radios (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable XM Radios

Making a daily commute doesn’t have to be boring. The best satellite radio allows you endless entertainment while you’re on the road. For that purpose, you may also use a portable music player. With hundreds of channels and programs to choose from, most of which are commercial-free, you’ll never be bored while driving. It’s difficult … Read more

9 Best Portable Garden Hose Reels (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Garden Hose Reels

You could be proud of your wonderful home and the awesome garden which catches the attention of passersby. The greenery, the trees, plants, and flowers in your garden could be simply awe-inspiring. However, the challenge is to keep the garden in good shape and ensure that the grass, plants, and trees are watered regularly. This … Read more

9 Best Portable Hydrogen Water Bottles (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Hydrogen Water Bottles

Hydrogen water aids in maintaining good gut health and promotes blood circulation in the body. As there are many such benefits of drinking hydrogen water, there are many brands that came up with hydrogen water bottles. These bottles are equipped with membranes that can produce hydrogen in the water. One can get these hydrogen water … Read more

9 Best Tripod Deer Stands (Comparison & Reviews)


Getting the right outlook is essential for a successful hunt. Deer hunting goes with long preparation and patience. Packing up the gear, one should not emit the most important piece of it. The one that is crucial for taking aim: a portable deer stand or a portable duck blind. At some point, traditional ways of … Read more