9 Best Portable Digital Pianos (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Digital Pianos

High-quality and affordable hardware synthesizers are the most popular segment of electronic tools. Over the past few years, a lot of available analog devices have appeared on the market. However, the segment of digital synthesizers should not be ignored either. In some cases, you will not even have to worry about your choice – there … Read more

9 Best Portable Dehumidifiers (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Dehumidifiers

An optimal microclimate in the living room prevents diseases, fungus, and viruses. To ensure this microclimate, it is enough to install a dehumidifier, which will maintain an optimal level of humidity in a wide range, taking into account your living conditions. Such a device will maintain an optimal microclimate in the living space, which will … Read more

9 Best Portable Vacuums for Car (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Vacuums for Car

One of the most important components of a comfortable stay in the car is the cleanliness of its interior. Dirt in the car interior not only spoils the appearance of the interior but also can have negative consequences for health. To maintain cleanliness in vehicles, it is advisable to use car vacuum cleaners. They are … Read more

11 Best Portable Air Purifiers for Smokers (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Air Purifiers for Smokers

According to the research, household dust consists of 30% of external particles and 70% of dead skin cells. And the remaining smoke from smoking makes non-smokers in the house to become passive smokers, which is very harmful to health. To improve cleanliness inside the room and protect themselves from allergic reactions and various diseases, use … Read more

7 Best Portable Dual Fuel Generators (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Dual Fuel Generators

Gasoline is a standard type of fuel for generators, but it has certain shortcomings – it is more expensive. Diesel generators are often cheaper, which reduces operating costs, it can be stored indefinitely and it even reduces the noise level. Considering the peculiarities of these types of fuel, the optimal solution is to use a … Read more

9 Best Portable Music Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Music Players

Despite the high popularity of smartphones, there is always a request for the best sound quality, as well as a separate device with its own battery and other benefits. Players do not disappear but continue to evolve and change in parallel with the entire audio market, get support for wireless technology, streaming, and so on. … Read more

9 Best Portable Dishwashers (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Dishwashers

The dishwasher does not have to take up much space in the kitchen. The class of portable dishwashers is not a narrow machine, as for some reason it is considered, but a separate type of device, which is similar in size to a microwave oven. We have chosen the most successful models of portable dishwashers, … Read more

9 Best Portable Vacuum Cleaners (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

Portable vacuums are very popular due to their compact size and lightweight. They are ideal for car interior cleaning, upholstered furniture, or dust removal in hard-to-reach places. Also, if you have a carpet, you may use special cleaners for that. Manufacturers of compact handheld vacuum cleaners pay attention to the simplicity of design and user … Read more

7 Best Portable Audio Mixers (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable Audio Mixers

Audio mixers, along with audio interfaces, are indispensable devices if you create your own music or play music as a DJ. Many modern audio mixers have a built-in USB port. This allows you to play music directly from a flash drive or your computer. Some models even have Bluetooth, making this process completely wireless. These … Read more

9 Best Portable FLAC Players (Comparison & Reviews)

Portable FLAC Players

FLAC file is an audio file, which was compressed without loss of quality in sound. The file format with the extension .flac is considered to be lower than MP3 in terms of compression ratio, but the FLAC format clearly shows the best results in sound quality. That’s why it became widespread and popular among audiophiles. … Read more